BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New MARC train statistics show what many passengers already know: some trains run on time a lot more than others.

Derek Valcourt has a breakdown on which trains tend to run late and which ones don’t.

Good news here is that some trains have seen marked improvements in their promptness

But getting to you destination on time could depend on which train you decide to take.

For example, take train 850 on the Camden line— in November, it was on schedule only 53 percent of the time. But train 857 on the same line was almost never late in November. Train 852 scored on time only 55 percent that month, but train 854 on time a lot more at 89 percent.

“Late trains are absolutely frustrating,” said Steve Chan. “If it’s just a few minutes, it isn’t bad.”

 Chan is a member of the MARC rider’s advisory council, which meets once a month to discuss passengers concerns.

“Anytime you get less than 85-90 percent it’s not acceptable, and this is where we start to focus our attention,” Chan said.

When the MARC riders advisory council voiced their concerns over major delays on the Brunswick lines, things got better.

 Take train 873, which was rarely on time in October rarely on time – only 35 percent. After the advisory council complained to train service providers, November brought huge improvements–on time almost always.

“We want people to know how we are performing and when there are problems so they know what happened,” said Terry Owens, MTA spokesman.

An MTA spokesman says their website’s on-time statistics are helpful way to focus on concerns and improvements overall. This year trains on the Brunswick line pull into the station when they’re supposed to 82 percent of the time–slightly better for the Camden line at 88 percent and the Penn line at 89 percent.

The MTA says it’ll be working with its service providers on schedule changes to try to address delays on some of their afternoon trains.

The MTA says track work being done by CSX on the Camden line contributed to delays on that line in November.  That track work is over and the MTA expects improved performance on the Camden line in December.


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