(WJZ) Baltimore Orioles outfielder Luke Scott wasn’t only talking baseball at the winter meetings on Tuesday. He questioned President Barack Obama’s birthplace and claimed he did not represent the United States.

“Obama does not represent America. Nor does he represent anything what our forefathers stood for,” Scott said in an interview with David Brown of Yahoo’s Big League Stew.

The 32-year-old went on to say Obama has no legal documentation.

“He was not born here. That’s my belief. I was born here,” Scott said. “If someone accuses me of not being born here, I can go — within 10 minutes — to my filing cabinet and I can pick up my real birth certificate and I can go, ‘See? Look! Here it is. Here it is.’ The man has dodged everything. He dodges questions, he doesn’t answer anything. And why? Because he’s hiding something.”

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  1. Isaiah Cheeks says:

    It’s alright BUBBLEHEAD, I question your ABILITY and EFFECTIVENESS as a player after a LOSING season MLB season

    1. Arthur King says:

      Um, Luke, don’t give up your night job. On second thought, maybe you should sell bull manure. You certainly shovel enough of it.

  2. Clayton says:

    I agree with Luke Scott. More people who are Christians need to speak up for Him and for themselves. If the president doesnt like it, he can go celebrate Ramadan in Turkey where he said that America is not a Christian nation. He also had a cross covered up before a speech in D.C. You didnt hear these opinions from him before the election though did you? Oh no, he was a Christian who goes to church every Sunday. The man is a liar who doesnt represent what our country was founded on and stands for.

    1. Mark says:

      Racism is apparently still thriving on the Baltimore Orioles!!!

      1. JV says:

        how are his comments racist?

      2. BobG says:

        Racism? Am I missing something? Or are you seeing something that isn’t there?

      3. RicoC says:

        Not one thing about his comments were ‘racist’. Let me guess, Al Sharpton’s your hero?

      4. Zebra says:

        hes AKA as the magic negro

      5. Bocephus says:

        Any white person that says something negative about Obama is automatically a Racist ?

      6. Robert says:

        Bocephus, your comment IS RACIST.

      7. RufusVonDufus says:


      8. Criag says:

        Where is there racism in his comments idiot?

      9. mike says:

        Race baiting is still apparently thriving on the liberal left!

      10. diane says:

        How did racism come into the discussion? And you shouldn’t shoot the messenger: putting aside the birth certificate issue, has President Obama produced a report card? College grades? College thesis? ACT, SAT or LSAT score? A single article from the law school review? Biden provided all of that. Ted Kennedy did. Bush(s). Clinton(s). Pelosi. Rangel. These are records that virtually anyone else in public office made available from the get-go. “because theman is hiding something” is right.

      11. BarrySimmino says:

        You’re an idiot, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review & do you hoenstly thinkg our US SUpreme court chock full o’rigth wing conservatives would not bight on this if there was any meat, no meet, just bull sheeet….non-issue & he likely will be gone in 2012, & what does this guy know, he plays for the O’s the worst team in baseball!!

      12. moi says:

        You better check on who makes up the Supreme Court. They are not all right wingers. You are brain dead and make decisions based on sweeping assumptions and by looking at people. You also think winning percentage has something to do with the verity of what you speak? Care to elaborate on that one?

      13. P twitter says:

        And you’d think as editor of the Harvard law review we could find some articles written by him. Hmmmm!

      14. TxnByBrth says:

        They’re all part of the same game…in the same league, of which we (the common person) will never be invited. The short answer is yes…and the fact he was editor of the Harvard Law Review makes it even more likely he wasn’t born where he says he was…

      15. Darryl W Douglass says:

        Mark, are you that stupid to understand what the term racism is? When you get a solid reasonable way to debate what Mr Scott is stating, come back, but for now, you have shown how dumb you are.

      16. LisaLee says:

        Please explain to me how his comments are racist…be specific please.

      17. don says:

        Yes, please explain…. You can’t because your ignorance is in the way of your brain.

    2. AWP says:

      More people who are Christian need to look at things objectively without hatred in their heart.

      1. Chris Harrelson says:

        And what Christians exactly have this “hatred in their heart”? I thought Christians were the people who donate part of their income to their church, give of their time, money & sweat to help those in need (both at home and abroad), promote that we are not separated by our skin or ability but are all children of God, believe in treating others as you would like to be treated…Apparently I’ve been missing something.

  3. jean says:

    Luke Scott and those like him are idiots!

    1. Al says:

      You must be an Obama lover

    2. Krissy says:

      Jean- You must be an Obama fan.

    3. Lupus says:

      And people like you and Obama are treasonous, socialist pigs.

    4. Darryl W Douglass says:

      Because Mr. Scott request proof of birth, he is a racist, an idiot, and has hate in is heart… what a bunch of buffoons you are.

  4. jt says:

    He’s right. Nobody has ever seen Obama’s actual birth certificate, which is signed by parents and attending physicians. What they produced, the “certification of live birth,” anyone could get by just stating they were born there.

    1. AWP says:

      I do not have my original signed birth certificate either. But I was born in MD.

      1. Jon says:

        AWP- you’re a moron. You can get one from the GOVT of MD.

      2. michael sampson says:


      3. janeA says:

        you need only to contact the Bureau of Records in the State in which you were born to request a Notarized copy of your birth certificate. It will be accepted as an “original” and will cost about $4.

  5. Moderate Vet says:

    Birthers, get a life! I would like each and every one of you to immediately provide your original SIGNED birth certificate. Otherwise you are NOT American and need to leave now!
    Most of us do not have our original signed birth certificate. We have the one issued by our city of birth, which is not signed. So get over 2008! And admit what is really bothering you – you don’t like a black man being President.

    1. sh says:

      Most of us are not the President of America

    2. mik3 says:


    3. Cribster says:

      Why is race the first thing that comes to your mind? Who’s the racist?

    4. BobG. says:

      What does wanting to see a Birth Certificate have to with Obama’s being black? And why is he spending millions to avoid having to show it? These are reasonable questions for any president to answer, whether he or she is black, white, or green.

    5. Lupus says:

      Can you pathetic libs please come up with a new line? Why don’t you racists stop obsessing on the fact that the guy is black, and admit that there are dozens of reasons to not like him, long before you ever get to his skin color.

      Every time you try to criticize the president for doing a poor job, the libs have to come in and cry racism. If he was purple, he’d still suck as president, so the whole black thing is old. Pathetic libs.

    6. jeff says:

      Black has nothing to do with it. My mother is married to a black man and we love him as a man not a black man. Facts are, Obama and his legal team have spent well over 1 million dollars keeping his background information hidden. Now why would someone do this? Waste money to hide school records and the original birth certificate? There are ways to show the original copy vs what he has done up until this point. Do I know he was not born in USA…no I do not. But common sense tells me if you have nothing to hide..and you are being accused of something wrong, you would not attempt to hide the facts in the matter.

  6. Batl21212 says:

    He’s entitled to his opinions. I’m entitled to think he’s a moron.

  7. Cranston Snord says:

    Luke. Luke, Luke! I love you as an Oriole, but keep your mouth shut. You have a right to your opinions, but sharing them can be disruptive.

  8. Mark says:

    No one said being a baseball player made you smart.
    Obama was born in the U.S. Even if he wasn’t (which isn’t true), his mother is a U.S. Citizen so Obama would be a U.S. Citizen by birth no matter where he was born. Learn the law and get your facts straight, idiots.
    Try out snopes. It’s a website that debunks all types of rumors, including stupid ones like this.

    1. lee says:

      Mark, just because your mother is an American, does not make you an American if you are born on foreign soil. There are exceptions, armed forces, visiting a foreign country and born in an American Embassy.
      I suggest you learn the law

      1. John Marshall says:

        Dummy, when a US Citizen has a child overseas, it is a US Citizen, what are they gopng to deport me if I was born in New Zealand & my mom was born in Philadelphia, PA, US of A???? Anyway he has produced his birth ammouncment, & Hawai certicate of live birth (duuuhh his BIRTH CERTIFICATE)_ did he fly in a SR71 to HI the next morning…this is going nowhere, like them O’s…he has enough real issue that to even bring this up shows you to be a fool or Tea Bag licker, tea bagging is more then a political belief, its your orintation…like balllz on the cheek…

    2. James says:

      Um Mark, the constitution says you have to be born in the us to be president

    3. Chris says:

      Regardless of whether Luke Scott is correct or not, you are the one who needs to wise up. Read the Constitution. To be President, you must not only be a citizen, but be a natural citizen (which means born in the United States). You telling people to learn the law… what a joke.

      1. Chris says:

        Looks like some other people beat me to it. That’s encouraging.

    4. Chris Harrelson says:

      Actually, Mark, at the time of Obama’s birth his mother was not yet of age to confer full citizenship status upon Barack Jr. Barack Sr. was a Kenyan national, which meant that he was a subject of Britain. Barack Sr. held British citizenship, and as such, Barack Jr. held dual citizenship at birth. And this is exactly what prompted the framers to add the “natural born” clause to the Constitution; they wanted to prevent someone rising to the presidency who held dual citizenship and possible allegiances to other nations.

    5. michael sampson says:

      Snopes is biased and you are wrong. His citizenship if born outside the U.S has to
      conform to the law According to the U.S. Dept. of State
      For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a person is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true
      One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citizen when the person in question was born
      The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child’s birth;
      A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent’s 14th birthday.
      So she cannot transfer citizenship automatically if he was born abroad as she was 18 when Obama was born. So it leaves only the option of him being born on american soil . The so called birth certificate is not. It is a certification of live birth
      which does not prove he was born in Hawaii. It can easily be obtained by going to the Dept. of Health in Hawaii by just saying he was born in Hawaii. More
      eye opening info atwww.wnd.com

  9. Tom says:

    Read the entire interveiw and you will learn Luke Scott has more brains than any of you that has commented negatively about one part of the interveiw. That is my challenge to you ‘know it all’ liberals.

  10. Free2speak2 says:

    Concentrate on winning & stop worrying about where the president was born.

    1. Tom says:

      and you have the heart to call yourself free2speak???

      1. jon says:

        hahaha. Tom- AGREED.

  11. Free2speak2 says:

    BTW, I don’t think you will be getting a invite to the Whitehouse to have a beer with your PRESIDENT OBAMA.

  12. Pat says:

    I don’t know why people even care what Luke thinks

  13. Jay says:

    Everytime you useless liberals hear a comment about your king, you say people are being racist. He has no idea what he is doing and he is so full of bull, he has a hard time remembering what he lies he tells. If he worried what was good for the country, and not what was good for his personal gain, we would all be better off. Oh, and I am black in case you were wondering.

    1. Robb111 says:

      The truth is the truth. If it smells like a duck, a trailor park duck, and look like a trailor park duck, and sound like a trailor park duck then it is a trailor park duck.

  14. Mona says:

    What an blowhard. Shut up and play baseball.

    1. Chris Harrelson says:

      Why don’t you shut up and go do whatever it is you do. Or if you need something to do I could give you a few ideas…

  15. Joe says:

    Luke Scott is now my favorite MLB player. Oh, it is his opinion people. Cut your liberal BS and let him say what he has to say. The fact is that almost everyone questions Obama’s birth place. No one knows for sure. If someone asked about my birth the hospital and doctor and nurses would all say I was born there. A little amazing that with so much attention none of that has happened. But it is because he was born in some house, some where, and maybe in the US.

    1. Robb111 says:

      All you trailor park hicks keep saying the same thing. I see you all are dumber than I thought.

  16. yourpalsteve says:

    This man is brave. Sports is a huge bastion of liberalism. Listen to talk radio talk bad on anything conservative or republican. This man is my new hero. And – I am dittoing everything he said!


    Luke Scott is my MVP!!

  18. Rick says:

    So baseball players who have political opinions are idiots, but actors with opinions are brilliant. Right. Got it.

  19. Chet says:

    One can oppose the policies of Obama without resorting to such “birther” nonsense. On the other hand, accusing Luke Scott of racism because he doesn’t believe Obama is a citizen is scurrilous and shameful.

  20. jakartaman says:

    Why is it the first thing out of anyone saying something negative about our 1st black president is racist?
    I am no birther but you could ask why he has not put this basic question to rest?

    1. dmzrn says:

      Because if he does he’s toast.

    2. Veteranof20years says:

      Who said anything about race? You

    3. zoroastrian beastmaster says:

      Gee do you think so? WOW you ARE inquistive AND thoughtful!

    4. nightwriter says:

      Why is it you have to interpret anything questioning this communist as racist. A communist is a communist and that’s why we hate him. If he loved this country and it’s people then we would be a lot more tolerant, but he’s shown over and over that not only does he hate the USA, he hates us to. We are just hating him back… He could be green and I would feel the same way!!!

    5. Buck Akie says:

      I say we send Obama some poop from http://www.PACKAGEOFPOOP.com!


    U$A: THIRD WORLD RISING – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  22. Doug says:

    I hating arseholes now considered racist? Bringing in race to the picture is a last ditch attempt by the ignorant, to get the last word in. People don’t hate him because of the color of his skin, they hate him for what he’s doing to the country.

    1. Doug says:

      Furthermore, it’s not a question of his birthplace, it’s does he have dual citizenship, did he renounce his citizenship to attend school in indonesia, why was his SS# issued in connecticut and not Hawaii? Natural born citizen mean both parents are also citizens, which they are not, and why did he spend 2 million dollars to seal his records. People with nothing to hid just don’t do that.

  23. Eric says:

    Too funny. All the liberals on here have no proof of his birthplace, and yet, they continue to drone on like the good little dummy liberals that they are…..

  24. Pab-0 says:

    Actually, you are wrong. For example, I have a good friend whose mother is a US citizen, and he was born in a German hospital as the military physician was unavailable. He is, in fact, not allowed to run for president.

    Regardless of your mother’s citizenship, you must be born on US soil.

    1. Ron Reale says:

      John McCain was born in Panama.

  25. Beau says:

    Finally, someone who makes sense and not scared to say it. I like this guy.

  26. Christopher Garrett Grimes says:

    I am hoping the military feels the same way and is prepared to act,

  27. Dennis C. Dempsey says:

    Luke is on track, I have to show my proof of birth in the U.S.A. even to renew my drivers license so how in the world is it racist to expect the same proof to run the country, and by the way this clown is running it into a deep hole so it makes sense to question his right to the job. And for all those who question Luke’s right to make these comments what about all those entertainment fools yacking still about G.W. Bush?

  28. Eric says:

    I take a massive dump on all liberals faces…..

  29. RHS says:

    This comment is coming from a Conservative – – Obama is an UNITED STATES CITIZEN!! Born in the UNITED STATES.

    I’m not a fan of the man but comments like the ones on this post make the Tea Party and Conservative movement look like morons.

    As far as this baseball player is considered, he is entitled to his OPINION but I would hope in the future, he looks at the FACTS before he opens his mouth.

    1. Right Cross says:

      Your the one without the facts. Obama hasn’t produce a long form birth certificate. You are the ignorant one.

    2. Allen says:

      What proof do you offer or has Obama offer to prove that he is born in that United States and is currently a US Citizen? None!!! You are the moron that keep repeating the press garbage.

    3. Greg Miller says:

      Well then all he has to do is PROVE IT

    4. Ron Realer says:

      Cool,show me the facts you are so sure of, I’m willing to believe the truth, if I can find it!
      His grandmother STILL insists he was born in Kenya, that is pretty strong evidence.
      The Certificate of Birth he showed was given to people not born in the US, he has not released his long-form certificate, the one we all have, that shows his DR, Hospital and time of birth.
      Getting the facts put would certainly clear the air, until then, I don’t believe either side.

  30. Dennis says:

    Luke, I’m with you. Show us the birth certificate, Mr. Obama. You can clear all this up by showing it to us. What are you afraid of, Mr. Obama? And, I’m NOT a racist! I’m a citizen of the United States………with a birth certificate. I hope more Americans speak out about this.

  31. janet says:

    He speaks the TRUTH. Nothing controversial at all about what he said. God Bless him.

  32. Orihole says:

    Here’s how it’s racist, for those who deny it: for the first time ever, we have a person of color as President…and, surprise!, a bunch of white americans become obsessed with the fact that he’s not a “real” american, and must have been born on a foreign continent and/or in a foreign religion. This is pure derangement, and can only happen if a white person has been driven crazy by the fact that they will no longer be the dominant race in our nation, and might have to salute non-white people.


  33. rightmom says:

    How much money has Obama spent to protect his REAL birth certificate from going public? Millions. What is it that he is hiding? Is it his birthplace, or, maybe it states that his religion is Muslum.

  34. john says:

    For a small fee and a postage stamp, he could go online and request a certified copy of his Hawaii birth certificate. It is fast and it is easy. I know, I’ve done it and state have birth certificates going back to the 1920’s.
    Obama is either very lazy or he weas not born in the U.S. Take your pick; either way he won’t be president after January 2012, so the issue is moot.

  35. janeen says:

    How much money has Obama spent to protect his REAL birth certificate from going public? Millions. What is it that he is hiding? Is it his birthplace, or, maybe it states that his religion is Muslum.

  36. BT says:

    Not to mention he reportedly has spent millions keeping these documents secret. Evidently the new standard for racism is asking legitimate questions about out stealth president.

  37. HMichaelH says:

    Could anyone please explain why the Orioles cares one way or the other what one of its players think about the President’s place of birth? On this one, the Orioles should STFU!

  38. Fred Flint says:

    My new favorite player !

  39. don says:

    Calling someone a racist for requiring documentation for who you are is not even an arguement. What does being black have to do with having a driver’s license or a birth certificate to prove who you are. When it is documented that he has spent thousands of dollars blocking the information to get out it kind of puts a hole in his theory of being transparent, doesn’t it? Moderate Veteran I was in the military and I remember showing my papers, driver’s license, birth certificate several times in my duty. Why should he be exempt? You are an itellectually anemic in your statement

  40. Mike says:

    Honesty is not allowed anymore. Mr. Obama is so far over his head it is embarrassing.

  41. Teddy Kennedy's SEARCH+RESCUE says:

    Our Founder said it DID NOT matter, because Obama is “THE ONE” – http://www.FATBOY.cc

    1. Doug says:

      The one what is the question.

  42. John Fairplay says:

    I have always wondered why the President doesn’t do exactly as Mr. Scott suggests he could do with his own birth certificate. The President could literally put this entire issue to rest – and make his critics look like fools – in 30 seconds by simply producing his original birth certificate from Hawaii. It’s so simple, it’s weird he doesn’t do it.

  43. Mystery Tramp says:

    Because John McCain wasn’t born in this country either and nobody thought twice about him running for president

    1. Steve says:

      “Mystery”. The issue of John McCain’s citizenship was addressed in the US Congress and a resolution saying he is an US citizen was passed.

    2. Bill Browning says:

      Actually they did. You can Google John McCain’s birth certificate and see that it was challenged and ultimately proven to be valid.

    3. pompey says:

      …he was born on a military base………..but nice try lefty.

    4. Check Your Facts says:

      Actually he was born on US soil at a Naval Base in Panama.

    5. Bart says:

      But, McCain was a citizen at birth, children born on US military bases are included. No one knows where Obama was born because he refuses to produce documentation.

    6. William Post says:

      He was born on a USilitary Base making him a citizen. You should try knowing what you’re talking about before you talk. Now that that’s settled where’s Barry”s birth Certificate

      1. wurmbrand says:

        Plus, both of his parents had U.S. Citizenship, unlike Mr. Obama, whose father
        was British.

    7. Bill Wayne says:

      Mystery you need to read the Constitution and understand “natural born citzen” before opeing your mouth and proving your lack of knowledge

    8. ReConUSMC says:

      Your Lying . The Senate held hearing on McCain’s birth place .
      He had to Prove he was and American born even with two American parents not with One like Obama .

    9. Jamie says:

      Both of McCain’s parents were Americans. Obama”s father was NOT.

    10. Ylem says:

      Oh, please! Do you even know what the circumstances were? NO, you don’t–instead you just parrot what the liberals say. Why don’t you do some research.

    11. Skylar Hartman says:

      He’s a dual citizen. 😉 He was born on a U.S. base

      1. king tooter says:

        he was born in a manger you idiot

    12. larry sheppard says:

      Duh, he was born to parents stationed outside the usa whiile his father was in military service you mensa member. .

  44. JB says:

    I wonder how many of these same people who are bashing Luke Scott would be doing so had he said something about . . . . Palin? Limbaugh? Beck? These same people probably applauded the out of touch with reality celebrities who would take any opportunity to take a swipe at President Bush. If you read the article, David Brown specifically asked about the president TWICE. There was no hate or racism in his answers.

  45. Delmar Jackson says:

    Forget birth certificate, why no one investigate Obama flooding iowa caucus with ineligible out of state supporters to fraudulently win Iowa caucus and beat hillary?

  46. brady says:

    Obama’s birth announcement in 1964 was in both newspapers in Hawaii. End of story. Was Luke Scott upset that John McCain wasn’t born in the United States? McCain was born in the Canal Zone, next to Panama.

    1. JOHN GALT says:


    2. Bill Wayne says:

      Hey Brady do u believe everthing you read in the papers? Secondly, his Dad was not a US citzen..thirdly Obama was a briitish subject..Fourhtly under the Constitution both of these disqualify him to serve as president

    3. Dutch76 says:

      our son was born in WISCONSIN and has a sealed birth certificate so his birthfather cannot harm him. his birth is NOT listed in WISCONSIN at all. his FLORIDA grandmother put his birth announcement in HER newspaper down there in FLORIDA. obama’s white grandparents wanted their little african grandson’s birth to be recognized, period.

      (you can always tell a democrat, but you sure can’t tell them anything. )

    4. MANN says:

      ANYBODY could mail in a birth announcement to the newspapers. A family had lived at the address from which the announcement was sent for over 30 years; THEY did not send the announcement. YOU NEED TO “READ” THE FACTS BEFORE COMMENTING.

    5. ReConUSMC says:

      Obama also has two birth certificates from two different Hawaiian hospitals ? Unique huh ?
      On his app. to get a Roads Scholarship in California he listed himself as and Foreign exchange student .
      To date we have no records of Obama college scores , IQ Yet we know everything there is to know about Bush’s life .
      Frankly Obama hate white people and America Rev…… and his anti American long time friend and Communist mentor list frightens most Americans more than his birth place or education .
      Hense all of his 037 anti American speeches world wide

      1. apodoca says:

        Where’s your evidence of the two different certificates from two different Hawaiian hospitals? Where’s your evidence of the Rhodes Scholarship in CA app? What’s your source?

    6. apodoca says:

      Example: Let’s say I was born in another country. Yet, if my mother had been born in a different country than the one in which I was born, she could have posted an ad in the paper announcing my birth. That would not have meant I was born in her country; it merely means she’s saying: I have a baby boy.

    7. Jeremy Sadler says:

      With a father and mother who are American citizens serving in the military abroad u idiot. Show a copy of your birth announcement when you apply for a job. See if that qualifies you for employment. Oh that’s right you are supposed to have a birth certificate. I will gladly show you mine. I am proud of mine

    8. apodoca says:

      What is Petraeus’s wife gave birth to a child in Afghanistan? Would that make her child an Afghani? Even if it was born on a U.S. base? You don’t understand the principle of U.S. territory on foreign soil, do you? You must be a Democrat (that will suffice for ‘moron’.)

    9. ghostofxmasfuture says:

      Wrong. Birth announcements say a birth took place.. okay, where? LOL

      McCain was born outside Canal Zone on foreign soil, ineligible as well.

    10. maureen says:

      Try reading up on the whole story on the certificate and then you can argue the subject

  47. HANOI JOHN KERRY says:


  48. Justin Case says:

    Every morning I create a new liberal, wipe my butt and flush the toilet to take that liberal to the sewer where is belongs

  49. V says:

    Luke Scott, my new favorite baseball player. He is 100% right, I can produce my birth certificate just like many of you who have nothing to hide

  50. Obama Lies says:

    I’m now an Orioles fan.

    1. apodoca says:

      Right on! Right on! Right on!

  51. Jack Ryan says:

    As MIke Huckabee opined the other day, if BO really wants to prevent any Wikileak file dump of our nation’s diplomatic and military secrets, then he ought to consider keeping them in the same place that he’s been keeping his FULL medical file, as well as his college and law school transcripts and theses … just like his LIVE birth certificate, he’s never released those either!

    1. Banjo says:

      @ Jack Ryan:
      LOL. That’s a good one. I wish I hadn’t missed that.

  52. Clay Brown says:

    The Wiki leakes could easily be handled. Just put all that information in the place Obuma keeps his birth certificate, college records, grades, papers, and everything else. The secrets will NEVER be found.

  53. G Money says:

    Obama is a wonderful man trying to do the best he can with what he has.

    1. apodoca says:

      Then he’s trying to do nothing

    2. Robert DeBeaux says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. I do offer my condolences when you realize your support when to a con man.

    3. Ricky says:

      Obama is a piece of garbage.

  54. John McCains Lineage are admirals. Obamas are drunks, old hippies and people living in huts.

  55. Dutch76 says:

    wow, great interview, a great American, and not afraid of Speaking with Boldness. our AMERICAN Florida, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska birth certificates and all of our children’s birth certificates look nothing like that watered down fake joke of obama’s. Ours have our parents and their ages and occupations, etc. dems paid for that, bought that. and one of our children with a sealed birth certificate was born in WI but his only birth announcement was in a FL newspoaper thanks to Grandma. obama has NO excuses. why seal his. his is FAKE.

  56. Derek Jeter says:

    My team mates and agree with Luke Scott. Obama’s a disgrace to Presidential History & the American people. Now, I’m gonna go have sex on a bed of money with Minka. Peace!

  57. jim fitz says:

    Thanks Luke for speaking up! obama is a muslim and not born in the US.! These freaking idiots that back obama are fools.

  58. Keep the Change says:

    The only thing Obama has shown is a Hawaiin “proof of birth” This is different than a US birth certificate. There is a law that states he can pick and choose what documents he want to produce to show his birth status. The one he provided proves nothing of his legality as a US born citizen.
    Why the Congress has not pursued this is beyond me. Maybe its all the Libs in there and the media is in his back pocket…as they have never reported on any of this.
    My personal gut feeling is he is an illegal alien.

    1. ritpg says:

      Hey, Keep the Change, try this for a theory. Members of Congress know there is an issue here but they do NOT want it to surface until after a Republican is in the White House so his Supreme Courst appointments and treasonous actionss can be reversed.

    2. ed says:

      And an enemy combatant.

      1. bonhoeffer says:

        Good one, ed.

  59. FREE THE ND 88 says:


  60. jon says:

    What a nutjob. He must have been hit in the head a few times.

    1. Maureen says:

      Obviously you have no clue as to what the real issue is here. Real constructive criticism. Get educated and then try again

  61. ike says:

    Luke, the force is with you. I wish more public figures had the guts to tell it like it is. Thanks!!! (BTW, I’m not white)

  62. ARCHIE says:

    Everything I’ve read about Obama and whether or not he’s a US citizen leaves me feeling queezy in my stomach because I’ve found articles, interviews, etc. over the years where they refer to Obama being born in Kenya and he never denied it. Something stinks about this and the liberal media has done all they can to attack anyone who really questions his citizenship.

  63. Bill Wayne says:

    obama is half white…saying that make me a racist? we could talk about why he has rejected his white heritage…but that is for another discussion

    He is not qualifed to serve as President..he is not a natural born citzen…plus he is an idiot…

  64. Stonemeister says:

    It’s pathetic that “Natural born citizen” has to be defined for even lefties to understand. It means “born of citizens”, meaning the natural parents who bore the child are citizens in good standing. That’s why Barry’s been spending $2 million (so far) to keep the actual birth certificate from the light of day.

    1. Gary says:

      B.O.’s dad was not a U.S. citizen, only his mother was.

    2. ARCHIE says:

      Stonemeister – it is so frustrating talking to liberals because their knowledge is very limited. That might explain why they vote Democrat.

  65. mark says:

    you fools who point the the newspaper article need to realize that obamas parent never lived at those addresses.

    end of story his parents never rented or resided at those addresses.

    how about his social security number being from Connecticut?

    can you tell us why?

    obama should be impeached and thrown in jail.

  66. MN says:

    MLB and Orioles should discipline this traitor. Go to #howstupidisLukeScott

    1. Robert Griswold says:

      What for “Freedom of Speech, You Nazi

    2. Hugh says:

      The only potential traitor here is BO

    3. brad says:

      I’m sure someone has seen his actual birth certificate signed by the attending physician… I’ll report back when I find something on google. Uh… couldn’t find anything.

    4. ARCHIE says:

      Traitor? Traitor to what? So now let me get this straight… If you criticize Obama, making valid points, you are not only a racist but you’re also a traitor. Liberals are mentally sick and stupid!!

  67. pilot57 says:

    My band has a video for Obama called politician!
    Dotto`s Luke!!

  68. Mike says:

    It will be so fun to watch the left when the impostor is revealed. barry is no citizen.

  69. Tom H says:

    I had to show my 15-year old son’s birth certificate just to get him a driver’s permit yesterday. And Barack Obama doesn’t have to show his birth certificate to get elected to the highest office in the land? There’s some murkiness here and I hope it comes out during 2012, during the runup to his re-election. Can’t wait to see what happens when the Supreme Court invalidates Obamacare and all his other legislation; can’t wait to see the haggard, pale faces of the pundits on the left; can’t wait to drag Nancy Pelosi into court and listen to her testimony about her certification that he was eligible; can’t wait to watch the riots in inner cities when the illegitimate President is run out of office on a rail.

  70. Derek Jeter says:

    Talk about prejudice; I had 2 posts vanish on me.

    What, guy playin for NY can’t comment? I’m half black, this is racist!

  71. lego says:

    People think comments like this are racist because there is no logic behind them, therefore there has to be another reason the issue is created… race…

    Do you really think the Democrats would spend the money and time investing in someone without checking out the background of the candidate? Even better, do you think the Republicans didn’t research this and expose him during the election?

    1. Finley says:

      lego – why would you think the Democrats would investigate Obama? All they give a damn about is votes, winning and how much money they can redistribute from my pocketbook into their pockets. Also, you obviously don’t follow the news very closely or you would realize why Republicans are not exposing him. You seem very naive.

  72. truthseeds says:

    Luke…you are asking questions…and that is not allowed in our time.

    Good job.

  73. Brendan says:

    I agree with Scott 110%. I’ve believed the birth certificate would topple Obama two years ago, and I still believe it today. The institutions protecting him are a house of cards. Unfortunately for him, he’s built it to new heights and it could topple down at the drop of a hat.

  74. Glenn Koons, LB, Ca. says:

    Good for this OF. He should be questioning BHO’s competence to be a domestic CEO and a CIC.He should question his socialist baloney. Instead of the lemmings of the Left, the Entertainment and some sports elites, this guy knows something about an issue which is still divisive. We will never know about this naif in the WH because the Journo-Lists did not vet this dunce. So, most of us have to deal with the policies which are harming domestic Americans and international allies.

  75. Jeremy says:

    95% of a group of people voting for someone based on color is the definition of racism. Racism accusations against anyone disagreeing with him is old already. By the way he is half white/half black…biracial, not black.

  76. methodius says:

    Huckabee said it best: If we want to keep secrets in our government, why not put them with Obama’s long-form birth certificate, Obama’s passport when he traveled to Pakistan, Obama’s college records, Obama’s personal files.

  77. donttreadonme says:

    What idiot do you suppose told Obama that our national motto was “e pluribus unum”? Will this nitwit of a president read anything presented to him on the teleprompter? I love it when a high profile personality speaks their mind about our lightweight leader. I totally agree with Luke Scott. And Go Orioles!!!

  78. Chris says:

    In his first week in office Obama signed EO 13489, sealing all his personal records including his birth certificate. The one you see on the news is not an actual birth certificate, it’s a verification of birth produced several decades later.

    Imagine if Bush had sealed all his records via EO, Micheal Moore would have made a whole movie about it!

  79. SusieQ says:

    Luke Scott, I have never seen you play a single game… but you are now my hero!

    To all the race baiters out there: YOU ARE THE REAL RACISTS OF TODAY! If Mr. Obama can’t handle the heat, he better get out of the People’s kitchen!

  80. Brad says:

    Did you notice the editor’s note on Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth — it directs you to Snoops.com. Why should I believe anything from Snoops.com? Liberals set up these sites so they can tell you that something isn’t or is true and hope you believe them. A certificate of live birth is b.s. I have my real birth certificate like most Americans. I also know that the liberals will beg, borrow, lie and steal to get what they want and I believe this Live Birt Certificate is just something they created. Google all the articles about Obama, if they haven’t taken them down, where they talk of him as being born in Kenya.

  81. YES WE CON! says:

    “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” http://www.AmericanPatrol.com


  82. yourpalsteve says:

    Yeah – the removed my post too. I said nothing racial … nothing rude … just nothing they wanted to hear about our “lawfully serving” president.

  83. smokehouse56 says:

    Over 95% of the blacks voted for Obama. Now who are the racists? Colin Powell is a black Republican (RINO) and admits he voted for Obama.

  84. tired170 says:

    Obama could end this in 2 minutes by showing his birth certificate. He could forever put an end to the controversy but chooses to stay quiet.

    The man is hiding something

    1. RAndy says:

      No wonder Scott’s with the Orioles – he’s a bird brain!

      1. Donnie Baker says:

        Shut Up, RAndy!

  85. gh says:

    maybe the secret cables from the st dept should be kept in the same place as his birth certificate

    1. Roger Kell says:

      Luke Scott is my hero. Thanks for calling Obama out, he is a weasel, a liar.

  86. Henry Purser says:

    Replace Barry Soetoro with a responsible Black Man that loves the USA and has proven himself as a good and faithful leader of men and women. I nominate Allen West, the U.S. Senator from Florida.

  87. hugh says:

    I am still waiting with bated breath for one intelligent answer to this question:
    If there is nothing to hide, why spend seven figures on lawyers to obscure his background. Just one, please, all you bright liberals who call anyone who questions him “Birthers”.

    1. Dave says:

      We all are Henry. In the meantime, spend some time with a dictionary. The word is “abaited”.

      1. Dave says:

        Oops….typo versus moron, sorry.

        Abated. Ceased or interrupted.

  88. Gordon Corey says:

    Scott for pres.


    We know Barry was born in Mombasa, modern day Kenya (at the time, Zanzibar).

    We know he has admitted as such as Senator (as has those around him with said knowledge), with witnesses who signed affidavits presented in court;

    We know from a registered birth certificate copy fitting the time line as provenance issued for the Obama Sr./Stanley Ann Dunham divorce record in 1964;

    We know from past and current statements made by Kenyan officials in Parliament:

    We know from witness accounts of 2 missionaries who verified and remembered a young pregnant white girl named Stanley (unique name) Ann Dunham in Kenya 1961 being denied boarding an international flight back home (one said missionary and director were then killed 2007 after being told to contact FBI);

    We know that Barry’s posted online short form is a forgery by responses from Hawaii Dept of Health concerning receipts/invoices, which confirmed Obama’s long form birth certificate was amended in 2006, with no such amendment stated on his online short form forgery;

    We know that Barry’s posted online short form is a forgery by comparisons to other birth certificates filed with Barry’s having an impossible as date filed and/or certificate number falsified as his short form has a later number than other BC’s found;

    We know Barry’s posted online short form is a forgery by not being presented in court with an evidentiary affidavit as proof, instead paying millions in lawyer fees on nearly 70 cases concerning his eligibility;

    We know Hawaii Dept of Health has confirmed no UIPA requests of Obama’s birth record by Nancy Pelosi or many other Hawaiian officials from Jan 2008 to Feb 2010, and that Pelosi perjured herself certifying Barry is eligible;

    We know Barry’s stooge former CIA John Brennan firm scrubbed his passport record, accessing John/Hillary’s to muddy tracks, no doubt also scrubbing Obama Sr./Dunham divorce papers with page 11 scrubbed from microfiche, likewise Lt. Quarles Harris working with Feds with info on Brennan’s firm killed.

    We know FOIA requests for Stanley Ann passport history reveal no disclosures pre-1965. yet State Department’s own admission that records required to be permanently retained and in an affidavit saying most of 125 million passport records were destroyed – there is no required paper trail in the retention schedule

    1. jon says:

      And now we know you’re a gullible zombie who will believe any wacky conspiracy as long as it fits your narrative.

      1. Dave says:

        And have yet more evidence that whatever a frothing Lib accuses the Right of is usually guilty of it themselves.

        Hoof in mouth, stfu.

  90. Think about it says:

    Has the term “natural born citizen” ever been defined? Not by us, because most agree it means to be born from 2 Americans. Has it ever been defined in a court of law? This would be the first time that it had to be defined, but lets be real; this is never going before a court. Left or right in charge, it doesn’t matter. Nothing positive has been going on for the last 10 years. Bush, Obama, nothing has changed. Obamacare would have passed regardless of who was the prez. The right wing talks big, but in the end, everyone gives in so they can get their little piece. Don’t we all realize here as we’re arguing, that we have all been sold out; left and right alike?

    1. Dave says:

      We don’t need to define your term, we have a Constitutional MANDATE defining the eligibility of any individual to be POTUS and it’s clear as day.

  91. John West says:

    And why are his university transcripts and papers top secret. Did this fool even write a thesis? How about an essay? And why not show us his full length legal Birth Certificate?

    I with the doubters … he is hiding something and even Wikileaks hasn’t found that stuff.


    Amnesty for millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS being passed right now by the democRATS! See it LIVE – http://www.Numbersusa.tv

  93. n. ravitch says:

    Good for him1

    Obama will derstroy this country.

  94. John Smith says:

    The Constitution tells us much more about what it intends by the natural born citizen requirement than we are currently willing to admit. Look at the terms under which the Constitution EXEMPTS some US-born people (such as president Zachary Taylor) from having to satisfy the natural born citizen requirement. What was the flaw of birth of these US-born people that the Constitution found lacking, and thereby provided the EXEMPTION. The flaw of birth is that, despite their birth in the United States, they were born with allegiance and jurisdiction of a government that was NOT the Constitution. Zachary Taylor was born in Virginia in the Untied States in 1784. He was born in the jurisdictino and allegiance of the Articles of Confederation. He was not a natural born citizen as intended by the Constitution.

    The Constitution tests the president’s exclusive loyalty to the government which it created. It tests this exclusive loyalty twice; once at inauguration and once at birth.

    When Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu in the State of Hawaii in the USA, through his Kenyan father, he too was born Kenyan. Just like Zachary Taylor, Obama was born in the US but within the jurisdiction and allegiance of other governments. Unlike Zachary Taylor, Obama was not a citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, and is NOT exempt from the natural born citizen requirement.


    Normally the DNC does not certify the Constitutional eligibility of their candidate because they say that is the responsibility of the state party. The DNC claims to certify the national candidate in each of the individual states based on that state allowing the candidate to be on the ballot, which is supposed to mean that the state has verified that the person is eligible for the job.

    But they ran into a problem with Hawaii because the HDP refused to certify Obama’s Constitutional eligibility. According to the DNC protocols that should have meant that the DNC wouldn’t certify Obama as their candidate in Hawaii, if at all. Instead, they made an exception and Nancy Pelosi signed the certification of eligibility without having done ANY verification at all. She knew she was perjuring herself by claiming to know he was eligible. And she had to have some idea why the HDP refused to certify eligibility. Fraud by Pelosi and DNC Attorney Joseph Sandler, who had the special certificate drawn up.

    The attorney who has represented the HDP the past 15 years is one William H Gilardy, Jr. — The very same attorney who represented Obama’s mother in her divorce from Lolo Soetoro. Think he’s seen Zero’s real birth certificate?! LOL
    Where do you think place of birth was?

  96. Glenn Warren says:

    Common sense American stating the obvious. It is A’s like BarrySimmio who can present a viable arguement, so they resort to O’b-ama -fiscation.

  97. Linda B says:

    LOVE YOU LUKE!!!!!!!! AND, MOST AMERICANS AGREE WITH YOU!!! It’s the liberals that refuse to look at the truth.obama is an illegal president, and WILL BE PUT ON TRIAL FOR IT…MARK MY WORDS! He will be spending his life in an 8×10 PRISON CELL!! ALONG WITH HIS WIFE!

    All of you that are in denial about obama NOT being a US Citizen…need to PULL YOUR HEAD OUT before you suffocate!! He’s NOT an AMERICAN CITIZEN! PERIOD !!

  98. JustJP says:

    Show us your college records while your at it Barry. I would bet those would show foreign student loans

  99. NOT from Baltimore says:

    wow, I knew Baltimore was full of ignorant morons, but you guys are even dumber than I ever imagined. Enjoy your cesspool.

  100. steve ross says:

    am still waiting with bated breath for one intelligent answer to this question:
    If there is nothing to hide, why spend seven figures on lawyers to obscure his background. Just one, please, all you bright liberals who call anyone who questions him “Birthers”.


    HE hasnt spent 7 figures on lawyers……………Problem is that the country is filled with 75% idiots! 25-30% of which occasionally are smart enough to vote democrat, the rest call themselves PATRIOTS, and push fake stories like this.

  101. sinbad2010 says:

    Looky here Luke….and watch the ball dude not Sarah’s Lain;s TV show!


  102. John Smith says:

    Forget about his birth certificate, folks! Enough information already exists in the public domain to prove that he’s ineligible:

    The Constitution tells us much more about what it intends by the natural born citizen requirement than we are currently willing to admit. Look at the terms under which the Constitution EXEMPTS some US-born people (such as president Zachary Taylor) from having to satisfy the natural born citizen requirement. What was the flaw of birth of these US-born people that the Constitution found lacking, and thereby provided the EXEMPTION. The flaw of birth is that, despite their birth in the United States, they were born with allegiance and jurisdiction of a government that was NOT the Constitution. Zachary Taylor was born in Virginia in the Untied States in 1784. He was born in the jurisdictino and allegiance of the Articles of Confederation. He was not a natural born citizen as intended by the Constitution.
    The Constitution tests the president’s exclusive loyalty to the government which it created. It tests this exclusive loyalty twice; once at inauguration and once at birth.
    When Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu in the State of Hawaii in the USA, through his Kenyan father, he too was born Kenyan. Just like Zachary Taylor, Obama was born in the US but within the jurisdiction and allegiance of other governments. Unlike Zachary Taylor, Obama was not a citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, and is NOT exempt from the natural born citizen requirement.

  103. Conrad says:

    I am now an Orioles fan. Liberals can’t refute what he said or make an intelligent argument against it, all they can do is name call, but nice try liberals!!!

  104. mbm says:

    He’s saying exactly what the rest of us have been thinking!

  105. Eltun says:


  106. Dave says:

    Hawaii is basically still a third world country and has been kept that way by the democrat rule there since it’s statehood. If you wanted to hide something there is NO more corrupt, inept backwater on the planet.

    1. Son of Liberty says:

      I lived in Hawaii for 3-years – no truer words have been written about Hawaii in the entire history of civilization.

  107. Smoke Ranch says:

    Go Luke go. The truth hurts and Obama knows it.

  108. NewLukeScottFan says:

    He will definitely be gone in 2012. Several states have recently enacted legislation requiring proof of US citizenship as a requirement to be put on the presidential ballot, and they did it just for little Barry.

  109. Dave says:

    At least someone of importance and position has finally said what all the little people have been saying all along. The only thing better would have been if some Hollywood icon had said it. Finally! Maybe there’ll be investigations now that a truly respectable American has brought the question to light.

    Once we get this out of the way can we work on WHO GETS THE RESPECT in this country and shift it from the inmates back to the administration of the asylum?

  110. dave says:

    baltimore voted for barry so suck it

  111. cherie says:

    All he has to do is produce the birth certificate; that’s all…. not a lot to ask for. He has yet to do this.

  112. FOR THE CHILDREN says:

    Yes We Can Build a http://www.NewNation.org


  113. Moi says:

    Luke Scott for President!

  114. dallas rick says:

    Zero’s Mother also was questionable as to her living in America for the required time period before his birth. Zippy is a plant by Soros and Podesta.

  115. paul says:

    The best thing about obama being found a fraud is that EVER piece of legislation, every appointment, everything he signed or invoked executive privledge on will be erased! hahahahahaha. I believe if severaql states do require proof of birth/eligability, he will not run, but just use some excuse as to why he isnt seeking the nomination. If he is proven a fraud, I hope he and everyone involved in the fraud is led out of the white house is handcuffs and sent away for a long time.

  116. VancouverAndy says:

    Long form differs from form provided to us rubes.
    Lot’s of people in Hawaii, DC, and Massachusetts are hiding just one individuals, somethin somethin. Tick tock, tick tock…time WILL tell the truth, as it always does.

  117. ladysforest says:

    Do you all know that as the new HI Gov. was sworn in the top staff in the Dept. of Health in Honolulu was relieved of their positions? The Director, Dr. C. Fukino was the “authority” that gave the press releases about obama’s BC. Very carefully parsed press releases. She never went so far as to commit actual perjury.
    The new Director may be more willing to put their neck on the line.



    U$A: THIRD WORLD RISING – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  119. Molly Pitcher says:

    BarrySimmino wrote:
    “You’re an idiot, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review.”
    Barry-the position of EDITOR is an ELECTED position. Popularity contest or given to the one with the most votes. He published NO PAPAERS as the editor which is strange.
    That being said, his mother was an American citizen and I believe that makes him eligible to claim American citizenship no matter where he is born. This has not been tested in a court of law and it SHOULD BE before this happens again. I believe our Founding Fathers intended it to mean you must physically be born in this country or on a Military Base that belongs to the USA. It needs to be defined before we really get someone in the Whitehouse that is not from this country.

  120. RobbieK says:

    Well Luke, I’m glad to see you think the same way 80% of Americans think about Obama! Who knows if Obama was even at Harvard, Columbia, and even Occidental College. No one knows because he hasn’t released any records. And if Obama Sr. was his actual Father, Obama Sr. was a British Subject at the time of Obama Jr.’s birth, hence making Obama a Foreign National at Birth. And his residency in Indonesia would have forfeited his American citizenship anyway beings Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship in order to live there. Obama lucked out and dumb morons voted for him, hence he came in under the wire.

  121. na says:


    See above for explanation of Obama’s citizenship

  122. BUBBA says:


  123. Bankroller says:

    Dinglebarry Soetoro has spent over $2 million in legal fees keeping his records sealed. In addition to his long form birth certificate, his college transcripts, passport history and medical records remain hidden. Why, just what is he hiding?

  124. RufusVonDufus says:

    Luke, you are a miserable racist, but a truthful one!

  125. levotb says:

    If I didn’t know this was a Sports page, I’d swear it was my fb page! Awesome comments, folks!

    Yes, he’s a usurper AND an illegal alien. He did not properly return to the U.S. from Indonesia where he had become an Indonesian citizen as a boy under his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. His entire family is in Kenya with the exception of his illegal alien aunt in Boston.

    And there’s a Constitutional crisis brewing. The SCOTUS decision not to hear the Apuzzo Case was unfortunate. But there are other cases and at some ppoint, the truth will come out.

  126. Where's your College Transcripts? says:


  127. Yankee Fan says:

    I may become an Oriole fan.

  128. RM Edaps says:

    Too bad GOP “leaders” don’t speak as honestly and plainly as Luke……but that would take some principles and courage.

  129. Barry says:

    Great job Luke for speaking out and speaking from the heart. I commend you! Liberals do not understand that the many Americans do not trust or respect the impostor in the white house.
    If you support Soetero/Obama without just cause then YOU are RACIST

  130. Yankee Fan says:

    I saw on Fox a couple of days ago that in a speach overseas he stated that the US motto is e pluriibus unum. In fact it is, In God We Trust.

    If he negotiates as well with our enemies as he did the Republicans we are in deep deep trouble.

  131. SEIDY68 says:


  132. just me says:

    I am now an Orioles fan!

  133. DenSea says:

    Just because Barack Hussein Obama aka: Barry Sotelo sealed all of his school records before he ran for the presidency, doesn’t mean he’s trying to hide something. We all know he’s the brightest guy in the room because the media said so! His college grades were better then G.W.’s, wait a minute, we don’t know what his college grades were, or what he put down when he applied to get into college. If you ask questions you’re a racist.

  134. Fact Check says:

    It is an undisputed fact that Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen – therefore, it doesn’t matter where he was born – he is not, and never can be a ‘natural born citizen’. The Law of Nations, which our founders consulted when drafting the Constitution, clearly defines a ‘natural born’ citizen to be a child born to TWO citizen parents. If our founders only required the President to be a citizen they would have used the term ‘citizen’ instead of the more exclusive term ‘natural born citizen’

    Obama is a foriegn usurper and everyone involved with putting him in the White House is guilty of treason.

  135. Jimmy Fox says:

    How can I be racist if I question his citizenship? His white half is also illegal.

  136. JES3 says:

    The pressure to suppress discussion of Obama’s citizenship is political correctness at it’s worst.

  137. President Jerryrigged Dipswitch says:

    This Luke Scott deserves a standing ovation after the National Anthem at each and every game .

  138. ladysforest says:

    And for those of you out there that have read the claim made by HI OFFICIALS, that the long form birth certificates ARE NO LONGER ISSUED >>>>>it’s pure bull. We caught a woman placing an order for her long form birth certificate in July of this year, at the Honolulu Dept. of Heath. It’s the same place where obama could order his from. We have it on video up on YouTube. Here is the link to the blog post that has the story and the video. Another “long from birth certificate” lie exposed.


  139. Txn says:

    To heck with the Astros and the Rangers…I just became an Oriole fan!!

  140. Anthony Bruno says:

    Whether one believes President Obama met the requirements to become the president is not worthy of discussion.

    The majority of the American elected him. So, lets more forward and evaluate his performance, and determine he is deserving of being re-elected.

    One thought, in the future..the FEC should certify the legitimacy of every candidate meeting the requirements for all Federal offices.

  141. paski says:

    Robert, Jesse Jackson = racist, Al Sharpton = racist, you = STFU.

  142. OrneryEagle says:

    Right on Scott, tell it like it is!
    I’m not a baseball fan but this guy is great; he plays balls and has the balls to speak the truth in what he observes.

    1. Hugh Jabbut says:

      Wow. And Scott’s a Lefty!.

    2. Jeez says:

      The truth in what he observes? What does that even mean? So if I “observed” that the sky was pink, would that be the truth, then?
      This is insanity.

  143. Sore Left Hand says:

    He is guaranteed to be strip searched and deep probed by the TSA from now on.

  144. OrneryEagle says:

    ‘”That’s right, you cowardly idiots out there got your favorite comeback; THAT’S RACIST!. You’ve worn it out, give it up, sloopy!!

  145. vip says:

    I just found my favorite pro baseball player. Going to purchase Luke Scotts sports shirts, etc.

    1. Pamela Barnett says:

      I don’t like baseball but I’ll purchase a Logan jersey anyway as long as he does not make a retraction in the coming week.

  146. David Steven Cochran says:

    I’m a huge Atlanta Braves fan. If we ever play a team Luke Scott is on, and he gets a hit off of us, I’ll stand up and clap for the guy.

  147. Facts says:


    Obama admits not being born in Hawaii –

    stated he was born in Kenya.

    He made this statement to “citizens” of this country…

    before he learned that he had to be a natural born citizen

    to be elected and serve as President in this country…

    1. ben says:

      please, tell me you are smart enough to understand that the youtube video you post is OBVIOUSLY a fake…. I know all you “real Americans” out there are appalled by a non-whitey in the White House (what me racist???), but…. get over it already. Move onto your other favorite issue to talk about, like Obama’s teleprompter or his wife’s arms. You know, important stuff. Leave the burden of governing to smart people (i.e., people who can read).

      1. James says:

        I was going to respond to your inane comment but I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

      2. 18square says:

        He’s not ‘a non-whitey!’ He’s the White Trash in the White House.

        Mother: 50% socialist white trash Irish + father: 6% African Negro + 44% African Arab.

      3. Pamela Barnett says:

        obama is NOT a legal President under the Constitution. end of story. it just depends if Congress has the balls to do the right thing because SCOTUS hasn’t. the entire country is being held hostage by this illegal president. he may not even be a legal citizen. obama aka soebarkah aka soetoro – indonesian citizen is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. he may be native born if he was actually born in Hawaii but he was born british through his foreign father… and don’t forget that obama is mostly white, then arab, then african.

      4. Jeez says:

        What a bunch of nutjobs.
        If, in fact, it is nothing more that one person w. multiple personalities.

  148. SolidFPlus says:

    And Mark at 8:24pm can stick to making sure the heads at the doll factory are on straight.

  149. Ray M. says:

    I’m wondering what his agents thinking. Damn, there goes the malt liquor account.

  150. Charlie Goodwife says:

    The most likely facts…
    1. He was born in Hawaii.
    2. His mother was American
    3. He is being secretive about his real birth certificate
    The most reasonable conclusion:
    He is a US citizen, so he can serve as president, but his father is likely not Barack Obama, Sr. Evidence strongly suggests noted Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, is.

    1. Pon Kee Bai says:

      Silly silly silly… What ALL agree on is that his mother was pregnant and living in Kenya. SHE says she flew back to Hawaii so her child would be born in the USA. Others claim she was not allowed to fly because she waited too long. Solution… Eventually it will come out that she WAS in Kenya when she gave birth, but her marriage was illegal and she was under 19. Therefore her offspring is a legal citizen. Unfortunately, the SCOTUS will not rule until they hear the actual case… they don’t do “what if” cases.

      1. Jeez says:

        Really? I’d like to see quoted proof of that. His mother was a college-educated woman. She would have known that if your MOTHER is a US citizen, no matter where you are born, you are a US citizen, as well. She would not have had to fly back to the US just to have him.
        Who are these “others”?
        All so vague and thereby, most likely untrue.


      !. There is not proof whatsoever Zero was born in HI. All the evidence points to a birth in what is today modern day Kenya.
      2. There is no proof Obama is an America. He has not possessed an American passport until his Diplomatic passport as Senator. He lost his citizenship most likely from his time in Indonesia and his adoption by Lolo Soetoro.
      3.If Obama wanted to hide something on his birth certificate he could have asked for an official verification of just his birth place and parentage. Or he could have presented his birth records to a judge to have the judge determine the relevant facts of the case based on the quality of the evidence. Irrelevant facts would not have had to be made public.

      Of course the issue of parentage is still questionable, Zero won’t submit proof of anything.

      1. KK says:

        Christmas of Ghost future

      2. Jeez says:

        Uh. There is a birth certificate issued by the HI gov’t and a birth announcement in the newspaper. There is certainly proof.
        This President was vetted by both parties and found elligible so just suck it up and accept that he IS, in fact, a citizen AND your President.

  151. Bai Pon Kee says:

    How DARE somebody suggest that President Obama produce his birth certificate. My kids couldn’t play YMCA Basketball and I can’t get a replacement driver’s license, but how DARE you suggest he produce one. Oh, on that drivers license? They told me the paper I had been using my entire life wasn’t a”real birth certificate”…. just a receipt for a certificate. This was hilarious because it most definitely WAS my BC. You see I was born before 1970 so it had my parents occupations and RELIGIONS. They stopped doing that later.

  152. Dennis K says:

    Mark, if you do not agree with Obama, one is a right wing nut job and an idiot? How intellectual are you? This ball player criticizes Obama and you attack him as a ball player, yet you probably slobber when some druggy rock singer or actor supports Obama.

    You sound like an Obama support, no substance, name calling and feelings, without facts.

  153. Steve says:

    Amen, Luke. It’s pretty sad that we know zero about this cat and he spends millions keeping it that way. No one from his college days even remembers him….no one. He is clearly hiding something but it will come out someday and the Real American public will feel pretty stupid being taken for a ride like this.

  154. 5point56 says:

    Luke Scott speaks truth.

    What’s funny is Yahoo’s ironically named ‘Answer Man’ thinks posting that ridiculous COLB proves a Hawaiian birth.

    Hey Answer Man – Google ‘Sun Yat-Sen Hawaiian Birth Certificate’.

  155. George Taylor says:

    This one baseball player speaks up – how many other sports figures feel the same – I betcha you would be surprised. If they stop and think – most of them are millionaires – and our leftist (communistic) government officials dispise anyone who are considered wealthy.

  156. Sarah says:

    I too believe he is a fake !! what can we do ?

    1. Ed Darrell says:

      Call the commissioner of baseball. If Luke Scott’s a fake, authority’s must be informed, no?

    2. Jeez says:

      Get a brain, maybe?
      See a Shrink?
      There’s that, for a start.
      Also, might want to just plain get over your delusions.

  157. Tom says:

    “On June 13, 2008, Obama’s campaign finally released a copy, while launching a fact-check Web site of its own, Fightthesmears.com. The site is a direct response to allegations about Obama that won’t go away: He’s Muslim. He took the oath of office on a Koran. He refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. PolitiFact has researched all of these accusations and none of them are true.”


    1. James says:

      That is not even valid to play high school sports much less be POTUS. That is a certificate of live birth, not a birth certificate. There is no attending Physician signature. Anyone who swears the info they provide is true can get a certificate of live birth. No one checks to see if it is the truth. You can lie your ass off and no one would be the wiser. That is what Obama did. Lie his ass off. But, we are the wiser. You are a lefist troll.

    2. Bruce McClarron says:

      That’s a BS doctored POS certificate…I want to see the REAL “long Form” paper….Just produce it – Arizona is gonna make him produce it to get on the 2012 vote…NO certificate – then NO Obummer on the ticket!!! Pay-back time!!! The guys a FRAUD – A FAKE!!!

  158. Texas Voter says:

    You da MAN, Luke!

    Notice that BHO’s alleged birth cert. features a seal that does not match the offiical seal of the Hawaii Dept. of Health. It should be raised, not impressed, and its design is wrong.

    How do the Obots explain THAT?

  159. Jeff says:

    Woweee… being a fan of cricket, I never liked baseball. I thought baseball was for wimps.

    But listening to Luke.. apparently some real men play baseball too !! Right on my man, right on !

  160. Mel Anosis says:

    It seems ironic that he plays left field. Maybe they’ll move him to right field
    now that he has questioned the messiah.

  161. rv says:

    anyone have kids. My kids have to produce a birth certificate to play in their respective sports. Original in many cases but copies will do. SO the president does not?

  162. Gman says:

    Keep telling it like it is, Luke! When the PC police ask you to apologize, tell ’em to go to hell. The silenced majority is fully behind you, man!!!

    1. Robert says:

      Agree with you “Gman,” and the call for this proof may grow stronger next summer when gas prices again approach 5$ per gallon because we cannot drill in the US. Yes, tell the press to go to HELL, and that you said what you said!

  163. American Patriot says:

    I agree with the ball player. Obama is a fraud and a liar. He should step down as President. The Dems should be ashamed of themselves. They were so excited about getting the first Black President elected as a Dem that they didn’t even check his background. What a bunch of fools.

  164. chuck says:

    Luke Scott should shut up and focus on trying to hit left-handed pitching so he can be more than a platoon player and a buffoon.

    1. Robert says:

      What? If he was born in the US legally, we would have proof by now. The man is a total wicker-man, propped up to bring Socialism to the United States. Someone in public view needs to say this daily!

      1. chuck says:

        He’s produced his birth certificate already. He was born in Hawaii. Legally. Loosen the tin foil hat.


      2. Robert says:

        Typical Liberal stance, ther Chuck. There is no proof, but that isn’t really the point is it? It’s what we call a “syptom of deceit.” The damn birth certificate shouldn’t have to be searched for onlin, and some pseudo- representation there-of propped up as “proof.” The man should have laid this to rest from the outset of the first question about it. The fact that he didn’t is the problem. What he is doing to this country is the real problem.

      3. Irene says:

        to Chuck Scopes or snopes whatever is such a left wing and wrong in it information so do not trust it for good trustworthy information. and if this is what good ole chuckie is relying on OMG chick you need so much help. The man haasnt even given out his kindergarden grades or teachers names . He is a lyers and some how this is the greatest coverup in history of the uNTIED STATES. HOW OBAMA GOT AWAY WITH THIS I DO NOT KNOW BUT IT WILL SOMEDAY BE FOUND OUT AND THEN ALL OF YOU WILL HAVE EGG ON YOUR FACES. HAHAHAH

    2. jeff says:

      chuck, go to your room and write the “one” another love letter. It seems that you are the buffoon!

      1. chuck says:

        Love letter? I didn’t even vote for Obama.

    3. john says:

      chuck…..you are a SHMUCK!

      1. chuck says:

        John, you’re stuck in some name-calling period of arrested development.

      2. john says:

        no chuckie….i just call a loser……uh….wait for it…..A LOSER!

    4. john says:

      chuck…that is a copy! the county in which he was born would have the original….you really are an idiot!

      1. bill says:

        way to go john…..we need to start telling it like it is to save our country!

    5. irene says:

      hey chuck it would have to be a chuck to start the BS on Luke. Why cant you support him or at best give luke the benefit of doubt regarding the notion that he can prove he is born in America where as Obama has not been forthcoing with any informaton about his past. So yeah I do not blame Luke and I am just as frustrated as Luke as so many Americans who do not belive he was born here and not legally allow to be President. there is a huge coverup being done time will tell about this coverup.

    6. Jamie N says:

      Now Chuck I know you like to sound smart by replying with ignorant and lame links but if in fact you knew anything about our president, who is not our first black president because he is half white, you would stop while your behind. Nobama states he was born in Hawaii but then why is his SS# issued from the state of Connecticut, a state in which he nor any of his family members ever resided. Do your homework bro!

  165. Charlie Read says:

    Thanks for speaking the truth, Luke … don’t back down. It is so true that you could produce your birth certificate and school transcripts … surely the president should be required to do the same.

  166. Isis Akkebala says:

    The 1836 Websters Dictionary clearly describes “American” as a Copper-Complexioned Wooly-Haired Aboriginal which is the ORIGINAL HUE-Man on this Continent.

  167. Woofie says:

    Luke Scott for President!

  168. MsDeb says:

    I may have my facts wrong, but wasn’t there an article around the time of the election that the Bilderburg (sp?) group put him in office, and swept away all of his legal status questions. I too, can produce my original birth certificate. Why can’t he? Something to think about.

  169. Hans Hansson says:

    Right on Tony thanks for having to guts to speak your mind.

  170. Perplexed Agnostic says:

    Can’t say for sure one way or another whether or not the President is legally qualified to serve.

    Can say with 100% certainty he’s acting like a man with something to hide, not like someone with nothing to hide who could silence the debate and make those questioning his qualifications look like fools…by simply producing a legal birth certificate.

    All the yelling and screaming and ad hominem attacks are irrelevant and distract from the question the Old Media never asks: “Why does a man with nothing to hide spend to much time, energy and money on lawyers to avoid having to prove he’s got nothing to hide?”

    Time to put up or step down, Mr. President.

  171. r smith says:

    Give UP America There is NOTHING You Can Do Barak Obama will be Taking Over This Country!

    Get use to Seeing a Black Face As Your LEADER!

    We are STRONGER FASTER and Now Thanks to Affirmative Action SMARTER!

    Dont Worry Obama wont seem so Bad once President Kanye West gets IN!

    1. James says:

      Thanks for the Belly laugh!

    2. black power says:

      why are his lips purple?

    3. Jamie N says:

      WOW!! Ignorance at it’s finest. And it’s comments and people like this that make me think that this country needs to administer an IQ test to all and euthanize all those that score below a certain level. I’m almost certain r smith would be one of the first to go. At least try and make a half way educated comment because the only thing you are doing now is showing the stupidity and ignorance of most of those that support our half white, half black president.

    4. Irene says:


  172. noseitall says:


    If you read the “full article”, you will see the author’s bias by him publishing the “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii.

    Unfortunately, he could not come up with Obama’s Birth Certificate.

    Big surprise.


  173. Black Prince says:

    It’s about time somebody said this because the news media will not. And R. Smith, if you don’t get the point, you are obviously a socialist democrat. But even THEY got the point in the last elections and that was just the beginning.

  174. Oh Groverz says:

    Obama has only shown a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH…..you can’t even use that to join LIttle League. WHERE’S the Birth Certificate?

  175. Proof Negative says:

    Well said Mr Scott!
    Dr Orly Taitz gave a lot of good info when she was on Freedomizer Radio last time (http://www.freedomizerradio.com ).

  176. moonmaid says:

    I agree with Luke Scott. Where is the real, raised stamp and all, birth certificate just like I needed at the DMV and sent away for. Can’t Obama send away for one?

  177. Yankee Fan says:

    Tom, Jesse Jackson = racist, Al Sharpton = racist, you = STFU

  178. James says:

    It’s too bad that Dave Brown, who interviewed Luke, saw fit to perpetuate the myth that the short form Birth Certificate is a real Birth Certificate. It is not. Obama had spent millions hiding his college transcripts, his Real Valid Birth Certificate or anything else that would show him for the Fraud he is. Luke, Dave spit on you and your interview. I would avoid him in the future.

  179. Leebert says:

    I have seen with my own eyes a record no longer available on a state of California web site that states that Barry Soetoro applied in the late 70s
    for a (CA) foreign scholarship to go to Occidental College in So. Cal. This
    eplains why Yale, Harvard and Occidental will NOT open their records
    regarding this fraud.

    Surprised this story was published in a VERY liberal town and state like
    Baltimore, Maryland (the home of Nancy Pelosi’s father – who once was
    mayor there…)

  180. RickDC says:

    Obama is a miracle baby, he was born on 4 different hospitals in Hawaii and in Kenya (according to his grandmother) as well!!!

    1. dannyvabchva says:

      To settle this way doesn’t someone find out what his mothers passport says. She was either in the country or not.

      1. Buck says:

        It’s likely locked up with the other stuff he hides so zealously.

  181. Robbie Burns says:

    Luke is right on. He hit this one out of the park!

    1. John Frost says:

      If We don’t UNSEAT Obama now. We won’t have any country left and the Zimbawe Style Black Dictatorship will capture power.
      97% of Federal Employees are Black
      90% of the State Department are Blacks
      USA all Black employees
      Education Dept 89% Black
      US Secret Service 90% Black all white agents fired by Obama.
      I say the Black Dictatorship is well underway
      and we must rise up and reverse it. Boycott NBA, NFL and all Black stuff.

      1. Matt Bauer says:

        Are you a moron in real life, or is this some sort of sarcasm too difficult to catch in print? Black? Who cares about melanin concentration… really man! Give me all black leaders… just so long as they’re honest and good for the country they’re representing.

  182. Chroni says:

    This is not relevant now. We can only fix the future. Let’s vote all libs out till they can carpool in a VW to work.

    1. Carl says:

      NO if the supreme court would stop being such a coward and take the case it would show him to be an illegal and all the laws that were passed would be void!! NO need to repeal in 2 years after the damage

    2. Norman56 says:

      Actually, no, it is relevant now. If he is not qualified for the Presidency, then every thing he has signed is invalid. We can remove him AND Biden since they are elected together, then hold a special election to fill out the term, or elevate the Speaker to his office.

      1. Buck says:

        Speaker Boenhner has a nice ring to it.

  183. cb6352 says:

    ant one who spends millions of dollars to not only hide the birth certificate and his hrvard record. has got to be hiding something. something is definitetly rotten in denmark. lol

  184. Donna says:

    Barack Obama is clearly hiding something. Luke, GMAN is right. The silenced majority is behind you. Keep talking the plain truth.

  185. tdvann says:

    Did anyone ever stop to think that if Barrack Insane Obama is removed from the office then Joe Biden would be President? So the question is do we want someone who does not meet the basic qualification to be President , who hates loathes and despises America. Or do we want someone who has had a portion of his brain removed (true chheck it out) and probably has an IQ of 70?

    1. Christopher Garrett Grimes says:

      No. The whole administration and all appointments are void. There would be a Constitutional crisis which would be preferable to what we have going on now.

    2. doug says:

      I’ll take Biden any day. He doesn’t have the personality to sway anyone. Obamas ability to BS is the only thing he has going for him.

    3. Buck says:

      There is some theory out there that Bite me and speaker Pelosie are subject to some degree of wrong doing in knowing he was not qualified. That is another interesting aspect of this fraud.

  186. DeeDee says:

    I’m White..”Jimmy my Boy” ! Welfare Queen..Reagan speaks… Still LMAO.

  187. Jack says:

    Gonna be interesting to see how Pelosi’s Baltimore Mafia “handles” Luke’s future in “Charm City.”

  188. Chris says:

    The baseball player is absolutely correct. Nonetheless, and more to the point, who cares what he thinks?

    1. Brian says:

      RIGHT ON!!!!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  189. Randy says:

    I don’t like Obama either and I did not vote for him. But he does have a real birth certificate in Hawaii. It even made the news that the HI legislature was wanting to pass a bill to exempt the State from having to deal with the thousands of requests for copies of the Birth Certificates.

    1. Eramthgin says:

      Sorry Randy your are so wrong. All the state had to do was post a copy on line and send copies to the major news outlets. When Public Records become private records somebody is hiding something.

  190. cow rie says:

    the force is strong with luke…..

  191. SueK says:

    The birth certificate is only part of the equation. Remember, his father was a Kenyan citizen and never an American citizen. TWO citizen parents and the child born in the U.S. is a Natural Born Citizen. Obama ain’t.

    He has dual British/American citizenship and that fact alone disqualifies him from being POTUS.

    And DeeDee, knock it off with the racist garbage; I , and many others, voted for Alan Keyes.

  192. SLzRebel says:

    Why would Obama spend $1.5 million in legal fees to protect the showing of his real birth certificate rather than just producing it? Sounds like something to hide.

  193. Smitty says:

    Recently, on TV news, it said that America ranked 24th in international standardized tests on education. Still chasing Obama as being not an American, a Muslim, the reincarnation of the Devil and so on seems to confirm this!

    1. Norman56 says:

      Actually, that so many voted for Obummer, and still support him, is proof of the American Educational Systems failure.

    2. Norman56 says:

      I have to show a Birth Certificate to get a passport; I had to show one in 1972 to get my drivers license. Why doesn’t Obummer have to show us his? The only reason that fits the facts, is that he has no legitimate Birth Certificate that shows he was born in the USA.

  194. George says:

    Could the Kenyan’s birth certificate be in the next round of Wikileaks?

  195. chris says:

    Too late to the party. The damage is done and it does not matter if it was this illegal or the POW. US is controlled by big banks, corp. and special interests like AIPAC(which gives its allegiance to Israel) Until we have a say in our Gov’t…WHO CARES

  196. Jim says:

    To all of you America Haters all I can say is, “America, love it or leave it”. If you don’t like the President “We the People” elected, then move to Canada…HURRY!!

  197. Dr. Aki Bola says:

    Any legal US citizen can produce their birth certificate, except for one person? It really does need to be produced, and no, I don’t mean the Hawaii short form certificate that anyone can get. Produce a real birth certificate. My suspicion is that the Harvard entrance papers have a check mark in the non US citizen box, and/or, if a religion is indicated, it will be Muslim. Eventually the truth will come out.

  198. LongDongSilver says:

    Barry Soetoro is only 1/16 black, 7/16 arab/ and 1/2 white if facts be known. Racism is an irrelevant argument here.

  199. James Danforth says:

    If it is proven that Obama or Sortero is not qualified to be President then the election reverts to McCain/Palin. That’s the law.

    It can not go to Biden because the entire ticket would be ineligible.

  200. PEB says:

    What does proving your birth certificate have to do with people being racists? If the man had a go-nads and wanted to lay this matter to rest, he would show real proof of where he was born. Obama is just another of George Soros puppets anyways!

    1. Homer says:

      One is constantly amazed at the ignorance of this country.

      I guess a supreme court ruling is insufficient for those supporting this viewpoint.

      click below and comment

      1. cottoneyed says:

        Hey, Simpson, all he has to do is show HIS ORIGINAL BC, the long form, not that fakey thing he’s shown previously(which was produced on a computer, before there were computers in the 60s). He could have put all this to rest a year ago by doing so. That’s what someone would do if they had nothing to hide. But really this supremely under qualified individual will go down as not only this country’s worst president but also it’s most despised. If it weren’t for a 98% approval rating in the black community, his overall approval rating would be in the 20s. He has made Jimmah Carter look like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln put together, as he has set a new standard for incompetence.

  201. QuaisiQuirky says:

    Please, posters, if all you can add to the discourse is a proclamation that another poster is an “uninformed fool” or “you are an idiot” or “you can’t think for yourself”… well, please know you contributions are lacking and reconsider hitting the submit comment button.

    1. Robert says:

      They’re hyper-focused on destroying the country…sorry they can’t provide that info!

  202. Roger (vacuum cleaner nose) Clinton says:

    Don’t worry folks. As soon as Hillary announces her candidacy, my 3-legged brother will make an issue of the birth certificate, and then the press will finally run with it.

  203. chuckles says:

    All he has to do is produce the original BC, not a COLB. My child has to have an ORIGINAL BC to get into school, play little league, get a job, and almost anything else. How do you get this far without having to produce a real BC? Produce it and we will go away.

  204. DeeDee says:

    You folks wrapped in these flags and co-signing this argument about our President’s legitimacy to the office is sheer ideological lunacy!! LMAO

    1. Dorothy says:

      Where’s the birth certificate? Then we can believe you!!!

    2. 64bolts says:

      You are absolutely right! We should be focused on his poor policies, ineptness to lead, and lying to the public.

  205. eramthgin says:

    The birth certificate is a so so deal. What is not in despute and is such a rub is that in his youth he traveled on a Indonesian passport. That is an automatic forfeit of citizenship. You can restore you citizenship but there is no record that Barry ever did that.

  206. Mel Lingerman says:


  207. erik says:

    you guys are all right, there is no doubt that the birth certificate with the raised seal and signatures are obvious fakes! And the article in Honolulu Advertiser on Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961 with Obama’s birth announcement? That doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure the day he was born his parents planted the article from Kenya knowing their mixed child name Barack would one day run for president. I’m with all of you!

    1. loverofcal says:

      I’m sure the day he was born his parents planted the article from Kenya knowing their mixed child name Barack would one day run for president

      Erik that is not why they would have done this. It would have been because Barrys mother called them from Kenya and said to do it so Barry would be a citizen of the United States and all of the benefits that come with that. Sure she was a communist and an atheist but hey, she’s wasn’t stupid!

  208. Savannah Guy says:

    If everyone who opposes Obama is a racist, don’t you wonder how he ever got elected in the first place? Even if every black person, and every Hispanic, and every other ‘person of color’ had voted for The Chosen One, he still would not have had enough votes to be elected. The truth is, people were fed up with the Republicans and voted for “Change.” Unfortunately, they don’t like the change they got — it is corrupt, it is bankrupting the country, and why are we apologizing to our enemies all over the world? Those are legitimate complaints, not racist rants.

  209. Maureen says:

    The forefathers would have tried him for treason.
    Good to hear some intelligence from a sports figure!

  210. GC says:

    If Obama were ineligible for the Presidency, we would have known by now, Obama is a citizen, and there are so many other things about him to criticize, this is not one of them

    1. john S says:

      Than why has he spent over $2 million dollars with a private law firm to keep all his records secret. No Occidental college records, passport records, Connecticut social security number, etc. These facts are disturbing!

  211. fenwick says:

    No need to show anything……..we know who he is…..he can take him and his birth cert. back to chicago in 2012.

  212. Ed says:

    everything is racist if you give the Prez some smack unless his name is BUSH. Seems like a lot of Dems are now racists because they seem to be turning on the so called Savior.

  213. chris says:

    for the first time in a long time im proud to be a orioles fan. go lllluuuukkkkkeeee

  214. Chaz says:

    Luke for POTUS!!!!!

  215. SJP says:

    The President has proven this over and over and he really doesn’t have to prove this to every individual;that wants to use this mindless argument as a smoke screen for their true hatred.
    You dishonor your team, your profession, and your country by showing such disrespect to the President. I pity your non-white teammates that have to work with you and share space with you; you probably don’t think they belong either since they don’t look the same way you do; I hope you someday are able to let all this hatred go

  216. K. Gurner says:

    Hmm, birth certificate from Hawaii, social security number from the east. I smell something fishy, and it ain’t fish!!

  217. John says:

    I have heard his social security number was issued in the state of Connecticut. That should help figure this all out.

  218. demsaretraitors says:

    Exactly right. Now watch all the traitors who sold out America all because they believed in affirmitive action , come to his rescue.

  219. DeeDee says:

    64Bolts…President Bush is no longer the President! still LMAO

  220. Mike says:

    Waste of time to print. Someone always stirs the pot, do we want to listen and comment. It is a true waste of interview time and time to type it up. Be original and pick something that is worthwhile of print. According to the polls you can get this opinion 6 of 10 times no big effort here

  221. bob says:

    Frank Marshall Davis was BO’s bio-daddy. Hide the BC, hide the daddy.

  222. kev says:

    now that the Republicans controle the House of Reps and .they have subpoena power, they should use iti to force NObama to show his birth certificate. Game Over and Checkmate! we can stop all the socialist nonsense once and for all. But you can’t put all your faith in conservatives. They dont have the balls and just want to be liked by the media.

  223. JR says:

    Celebrate that man’s freedom of expression and his courage to say what he thinks regarless of the “flack” he will receive for his comments. Let us all vow to preserve the right of freedom of political speech.

  224. Omega2 says:

    If you want to see Obama’s birth certificate just go to Kenya to the hospital in Mombasa and see it. Even his paternal Granfmother claims he was born there.

  225. Howard Filler says:

    Obama does not represent America, he hates America. It is just that simple.

  226. joe crandall says:

    Way to go, Luke!

  227. Tom Heinrich says:

    You need a birth certificate for obtaining a passport. Obama has a passport. Where is the birth certificate?

    1. George Adams says:

      You are an idiot, the president’s birth certificate has been produced many many many times, no matter what you and your 2 digit IQ buddies think. You can even see his original birth announcement in the main Hawaii newspaper from the 1960’s. I guess his mother was already plotting to get him in the white house 46 years ago. I bet anything in the world you don’t even know what socialism is beyond the incorrect definition you have heard from Rush (drug addict) Limbaugh, and Glenn (alcoholic) Beck told you, you moron. what a joke.

  228. Morgan says:

    As much as don’t like the guy it doesn’t matter if he was born on the moon, his mother was a natural born US citizen, that AUTOMATICALLY makes him a US citizen regardless of place of birth or not having a certificate IDIOTS!!

    1. Bob says:

      Place of birth does matter, if you were not born in the United States, you can not be the president. Obama may or may not have been born in the USA, I really don’t know. I do know that he is doing all he can to destroy this country.

  229. Aaron says:

    Apparently the writer, Dan Brown, does not know the difference between a Certificate for Live Birth and a ‘Birth Certificate’. Look it up buddy…Obama has never provided a BC…

  230. jose says:

    Obama is an ahole

  231. jose says:

    Looking for a Palin 2012 win.

    Two Thousand Names. I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.

    William F. Buckley Jr.

  232. Bob says:

    This guy is great. I now have a new favorite non Red Sox player.

  233. Superpower says:

    Clearly, this is George W. Bush’s fault.

  234. Justice Is Coming says:

    FACT – The U.S. State Dept says BHO was British Born!
    Game Over – No British Citizen is eligible to be President or Vice President of the U.S.A.!

  235. phillysmart says:

    Luke is saying what many think…its not racist…the president can put it to rest…but his actions just fuels this thinking

  236. Charles says:

    Mr. Scott,

    You told the truth. I admire you.

  237. Dennis says:

    Right on Luke! If any other major political figure in the U.S. had people doubting their credibility like this they would immediately release their long-form birth certificate. But not Obama, because you know he’s so brilliant — such an intellectual — so intouch with the people, et al. LOL!

    Oh and if this were Bush or any other Republican politician our liberal media would be all over them asking what they’re trying to hide? But naturally, our transparancy-preaching president is above suspicion. Again — LOL!!

  238. BP says:

    The Truth Hurts! You PC liberal socialist know this all to well. The fish stinks from the head. Deal with it!

  239. Scott Free says:

    A racist is anyone who is winning an argument with a liberal.

    1. Andy says:

      Scott Free

      May I have permission to use that line. So perfectly worded.

    2. MDABE80 says:

      Funny!!!!! lolololol

  240. Rick says:

    Try registering your 5 year-old to play Little League without a birth certifcate! LOL….we live in a county were morons outnumber thinking people and they vote accordingly.

    1. Deborah Button says:

      thats a fact

  241. Phil O'Brien says:

    The “reporter” the “Answer Man,” was clearly baiting him and is clearly an Obama supporter. The original interview was fraught with cynicism. The reporter even goes to show Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth” which is NOT a birth certificate.

    I always sat on the fence about this issue but the media has made me lean towards the “Not a US citizen” side of the debate. The media should just shut up sometimes….

    1. elmelao says:

      1. Well, how would you know what Mr. Luke Scott said?
      2. You need the media to lean towards the “Not a US citizen”

  242. Zachariah Love says:

    I’ve seen his birth certificate, and I wasn’t even trying to find it. How is it that there are still so many geniuses out there that think Obama is avoiding the question? It’s been answered so many times now, it’s just stupid. Do you just repeat every moronic thing you hear Glenn Beck say?

    1. Glen Beck says:

      Those Fonts on Obama’s “Certificate of Live Birth” did not exist in 1961—Nor did the laser printer it was printed on.

    2. mrscsi says:

      Actually Zack either you have access that the American public does not OR you have seen what we have seen which is a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth not a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth which is considered a certified copy of ones “Birth Certificate” I tried to apply for Soc Security with a CERTIFICATION and was informed they only would accept a CERTIFIED COPY OF MY CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH which I had to obtain, so he could do the same and put this all to rest but he won’t and it’s because he is hiding something…

      What he is hiding is what’s everyone is guessing about but that he is hiding something isn’t in doubt anymore…

    3. Dano says:

      Zachariah Love

      “I’ve seen his birth certificate, and I wasn’t even trying to find it. How is it that there are still so many geniuses out there that think Obama is avoiding the question? It’s been answered so many times now, it’s just stupid. Do you just repeat every moronic thing you hear Glenn Beck say?”
      The copy you cite is the “certification of live birth” not an actual “birth certificate”. Which if you actually did some research you would learn that there is a big difference. They did not have laser printers in 1961. If you had a brain cell working that would be your most obvious clue that this is not on the up and up. Instead you will blame Glenn Beck for you lack of knowledge and proudly follow like the rest of the sheep. Do you hear them? They are calling for you “baaaa baaaa Zachariah”!

  243. lee says:

    Love it! Out of the mouth of Babes!

  244. John C says:

    I’ve got mine and can produce it within minutes. Why has Obama spent over $1 million dollars to block legal efforts to force him to produce his?

  245. Yephora says:

    Use the bat, Luke!

  246. AWS says:

    Go Go Luke Scott! You’re automatically on my Hallf of Fame ballot.

    Luke Scot in 2012, a 501c Organization

  247. NCMike says:

    God Bless Luke Scott for the courage of his convictions. God Bless America for guaranteeing his liberty to speak. . . God Bless Sarah Palin for her courage in standing up to the Planned Parenthood death lobby and championing unborn babies right to life.

    1. TOM says:

      Amen on all counts. The truth will be heard.

  248. Maureen says:

    Never thought I’d find a sports site to cover the real issue of the mystery on the birth. This guy rocks

  249. Oh Snap! says:

    a solution to wiki-leaks …..


  250. Jim Bygot says:

    My original birth certificate has a giant hole in it where the date should because I carried it folded in my jeans pocket as I staggered from bar to abr the year I turned 18. My birth certificate now is one of those civil reproductions. Guess I can stop paying my taxes! WooHoo!

  251. JIMMY says:

    God bless Luke Scott. Obama is a fraud and should be dragged out of office by his ears.

  252. Alan says:

    So that factcheck of a Birth Certificate of Barak Hussein Obama impresses you, when he was born Barry Soetorro and was registered in school under than name at age 5-6. I think you need to reconsider the facts! Anyone with enough money can conceal the truth, even on a fact website.


  253. The Truth says:

    Republicans hate America

    1. CAM says:

      You have that backwards – Democrates/Liberal hate America – they love Socialist Countries

  254. Kurt Steinberger says:

    Good for him! Has anyone else noticed that the same people who thought that anyone who spoke out against former President Bush was “courageous” or merely “exercising their First Amendment Rights” are the same people who think that anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist moron?

  255. RealityCheck says:

    What a bunch of morons posting on this topic. Get a life all of you cyber warriors!!!!!

  256. tyrone says:

    I’m going to have to watch the orioles more in 2011. Thank You Luke!!

  257. nickc1969 says:

    I don’t know if Obama was born in Hawaii or not, but here is a 1961 HI Certificate of Live Birth, commonly known as an “original birth certificate,” as opposed to a Certification of Live Birth:


    Now if Obama was born where and when he says he was, he should have a birth certificate somewhere that looks like that. Why won’t or can’t he show us that? I don’t know, but it’s sad when a professional athlete displays more intellectual curiosity than “journalists.”

    1. Ess Pie says:

      The seal he put on that forged colb is also forged, it’s inverted and doesn’t match the Hawaii Department of Health raised seal…
      so the COLB is a total forgery.

    2. Ed Darrell says:

      That’s funny! You offer testimony from a witness to Obama’s Hawaiian birth, but you offer it to suggest something’s wrong with his birth certificate. The fact that she was in the hospital at the same time establishes that Obama was born in Honolulu.

      Birthers don’t seem to grasp how evidence works in the law, nor in the real world, do they.

  258. Fact Check says:

    Factcheck revealed today that Obama was a Kenyan citizen until 1984.


    1. Ess Pie says:

      obama was born a british citizen because his father and grandfather were both british citizens by birth
      then he was adopted indonesian
      he returned to kenya in 1981 I suspect to reclaim his kenyan citizenship
      because that would have been just prior to that option expiring
      if he had not he would stilll be indonesian
      but also remember factcheck is run by annenberg, obama worked for annenberg for 8 years with terrorist billy ayers on the chicago annenberg challenge (how to brainwash kids into socialism)

  259. Charles says:

    I have a question for those of you who don’t believe Obama is a citizen:

    Do you believe Obama is the son of a lady named Ann Dunham, a United States Citizen?


    1. Hank says:

      I would be certain of it if there was a birth certificate that verified it.

    2. Charlie says:

      Duh. Of course. Still doesn’t mean he is a US citizen. Research. Try it, it’s educational.

      1. Ess Pie says:

        Presidents must be “natural born Citizens” meaning born with no ties to foreign nations.
        All naturalized citizens are statutory, and all have at least one tie by birthplace or parentage to a foreign nation.

      2. NUTN2SAY says:

        So what! It doesn’t matter if is mother was a citizen. The father was not a citizen and under article 2 section 1 constitutional law both the mother and the father are both to be U.S. citizens!

    3. S.King says:

      Doesn’t matter where his mother was born, it matters where Obama was born.

      1. Ess Pie says:

        it matters whether both his parents were US citizens and where he was born, that’s the definition of natural born Citizen, the article II requirement for president

        mere naturalized statutory citizens can be in congress, but not president

        but overall, since his COLB is a forgery with a forged seal, he is not a US Citizen at all so the legalese is moot
        he also failed the 20th amendment, therefore he is not a legal president at all

    4. skeeter says:

      Of course I agree that Stanley Ann Dunham gave birth to Barack Hussein Obama; but she wasn’t enough to confer citizenship to her son on August 4, 1961 when she agve birth to him.

      1. Ess Pie says:

        this is correct, and since his colb is forged he was not born in the USA so he was never a US citizen
        and since he never naturalized he’s still just an illegal alien

    5. Ess Pie says:

      Since his COLB is forged with a forged bogus seal, anything goes, we don’t know who he is, where he was born, when, nor who his parents are actually.
      Born overseas to a US minor in 1961 she did not transfer citizenship, and his forged COLB proves he was not born in Hawaii (forged seal too!)
      Obama has never once presented a court-vetted birth certificate anywhere at any time, which is why he failed the 20th amendment. Even McCain suffered the vetting process of the 20th amendment! Not Obama though, which means he is not even a legal president.
      Doubt it? Go read the constitution then!

    6. Ess Pie says:

      Charles: there are 2 types of citizens, naturalized (statutory) and natural born Citizens (nonstatutory)
      all natural born Citizens have no tie at birth to any foreign nation by parentage or birthplace
      all naturalized citizens are ineligible to be president, and all have at least 1 tie by birthplace or parentage to a foreign nation

      no matter the case, obama’s father was not a us citizen, so obama was born with “at least one tie to a foreign nation”

      beyond that, his COLB is a forged photoshop mess with a forged seal which does not match hawaii’s, it’s BACKWARDS and all wrong

  260. MR.Independent says:

    just like everyone who disagreed with Bush and his lies were unpatriotic right!!!

    I did not think you would respond….

    1. broccoliobama says:

      Hey, Mr apples and oranges……………what does the price of cheese in Denmark have to do with tea in China? ? ?


  261. Frank says:

    You lie, Obama! Wikileaks has found you out! Your lies will be revealed very shortly, now.

  262. Rachel says:

    Good for Scott! At least someone refuses to ignore the elephant in the room.

    Even IF Obama were born in Hawaii, which I highly doubt, he’s STILL not a natural born citizen because his father wasn’t an American citizen. Case closed. Why won’t the government DO something? They are all complicit in this fraud.

    1. Ess Pie says:

      Correct, Rachel, and correct yet again. This is a foreign coup, everyone knows Obama is a fraud, and they know we know… what we know about the forgery, fraud and usurpation will not change things easily, but it’s a start.

  263. sarac says:

    I think he was born here. But, he is just so arrogant he refuses to produce his birth certificate.

    1. Ess Pie says:

      he failed the 20th amendment, it was a requirement he be vetted
      he never was, congress admits this
      so he is not a legal president at all

  264. mike says:

    i think i’ve decided to like mlb again, especially the american league, especially the orioles… especially the outfield.

  265. steve_nh says:

    This just reminds us that most our MLBers are just uneducated morons.

    Mccain vs Obama, McCain was the one born on foreign soil, FACT

    1. twistin says:

      But McCain was born a Natural U.S. Citizen, cuz BOTH his parents were U.S. citizens. Moron.

    2. Richard Harper says:

      It is not foreign soil if it is a US military base!

  266. jewfromhell says:

    When the truth comes out the Demorats will be destroyed!

  267. FedUp! says:

    Luke Scott is absolutely spot on!!!! Why did obama spend millions to cover up his school records??!! Something just isn’t right!!!

  268. S.King says:

    Never really thought about baseball much, but Orioles have a new fan.

  269. twistin says:

    You can be a natural born U.S. citizen born abroad, like my kids, but at least ONE parent has to be a U.S. citizen, and have lived in the USA for at least 5 years after the age of 16. Obwana’s mother was 18 when she had him, so…..if he was born outside the USA, he is NOT a Natural Born U.S. Citizen.

    I’d kinda like to SEE that birth certificate. You gotta wonder why he’s spent millions keeping anyone from demanding it……….?

  270. tom says:

    i don’t know all of mr. scot’s views, but he is correct about mr. obama not displaying his legal birth certificate. his first act as president was to seal his personal records also and he has spent over one million dollars to keep his college transcripts, etc. out of public view. there is nothing unusually bad about mr. obama. he was put into his position by the same people who chose george bush as a front-man and who control most of congress, senate, media etc.. i hope mr. scot is saying these things as a patriotic american and not a deluded republican or racist. obama is not the problem, he is just a front man.

  271. Richard says:

    GOD bless Luke Scott. He’s a brave man for speaking out!

  272. Ess Pie says:

    Obama’s COLB is a forgery with a forged seal that in no way matches the official Hawaii DOH seal. This is why the Hawaii Attorney General refused to corroborate it.
    So he was not born in Hawaii, which means he’s not even a US citizen at all.

    And FYI a “natural born citizen” is nonstatutory and means born without any ties to any foreign nation. 2 US citizen parents, born on US soil.

  273. fctex150 says:

    i called the hawaii little league about the 3 forms of residency to play in the little league world series, they told me a certificate of live birth was not valid. my son had to have an original birth certificate and report cards from his school. but i guess you can run for prez

  274. Scrumptious_Lad says:

    Obama visited Luke Scott in a dream and told him how to live his life serving the community, but all that Luke Scott could remember was, how he played with his balls.

  275. VoxTango says:

    >>>@~>>I note with interest this Obama’s father’s race is listed as “African” on the short-form birth certificate that has been produced. Surely, in 1961, it would have been listed as “Negro?” What gives~?

  276. TwoThouTwelve says:

    Unless he’s got papers proving otherwise, he’s a Kenyan Muslim – Plain and simple…

  277. rick says:

    you may think this is ridiculous, but i can assure you it is legitimate and accurate.
    in the early 1980’s the nytimes reported that scientists were saying it was possible to extract recoverable dna from some egyptian mummies. don’t ask me for all the details for this story, it is too long here. however, you can certainly enjoy this video for it’s “entertainment” value and than go back to your cable tv and pizza.

  278. HUGO says:

    Luke Scott is very smart. I agree with him 110%.

  279. Ed Darrell says:

    Luke Scott is an alien. His birth certificate (which you will notice is not in evidence) is forged.

    At least, under Luke Scott’s rules, it’s false.

    1. Panochey says:

      Ahh heck Ed, you’ve outed us. Yep, Me and ol’ Luke are from the rings of Uranus.

  280. A different drummer says:

    I don’t necessarily believe Stanley Ann was his mother. I think the man who is in the office of the President, is a ringer, not necessarily even black. Just a tan guy working a scam, or worse, until he proffers a legitimate birth certificate.

  281. CT says:

    One thing for sure Obama is One Bis Ass Mistake America

  282. MEC says:

    My birth records are in a file in the file cabinet within arms reach. Over the years I have had to produce my birth records and have done so without hesitation and effort.

  283. Hotfinger says:

    It’s obviously a sham. But you’ve got to give his parents credit, somehow they knew he would be elected president and had the forsight to convince hospital officials to put birth announcments in 2 papers so it would appear that he was born here.

  284. dane says:

    Luke Scott must be a racist!!!!

    By the way, he forgot to mention that not only does the Obamessiah have something to hide, but he has spent well over $ 3 million in legal fees to prevent having to present his real birth certificate in civil lawauits.

    Wake up you dumbed down zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. saul says:

      Yes obama is a Illegal Alien from the planet kripton and you are a super hero now fly threw that window…..

      1. Karen Lundgren says:

        Saul….it’s spelled “through”. You must be an Obama supporter! LOL!

    2. Ed Darrell says:

      The idea that Obama spent huge fees to fight this in court was an April Fool’s stunt. Pretty telling that the best evidence birthers can produce is hoax material, no?

      Here’s the confession of the hoaxster:

  285. koholo says:

    Does anyone else find it funny that LS points out that Obama cannot produce a Birth Certificate, so yahoo news shows a picture of a Certificate of Live Birth. In Hawaii before 1970, a Certificate of Live Birth was given to parents who brought in a baby to a hospital that was born at home, and the parents provided birth information. As a news organization, shouldn’t they know the difference?

  286. tom says:

    jordan maxwell speaks to you. this is about obama and the whole thing.
    try it out. it’s only a few minutes. yes, i DID leave the US several years ago and part of my family came over in the mayflower and my dad fought in ww2. he lost a lot of his will after kennedy was assasinated by the same people who still run your country and media. he was kennedy’s campaign manager in missouri.
    god bless you if you deserve it.

  287. Lori Thorne says:

    Has anyone ever heard Obama address his audience as “My fellow Americans”?
    I know I haven’t!

  288. Joe says:


    copy and paste that link into your browser, brighten up your day,

    Whenever I see him on the news and get depressed I go to computer and look at that picture.

  289. Stone says:

    Thank you for having the guts to speak out against this guy called mr. president. unfortunately, you the american people have no say, you only believe you do because they still permit it… they, the hidden kings (whom are really in power) chose obama a long time ago…your vote is only an illusion to pacify the people and quell a rebellion. nothing you say matters anymore, its simply too late. One world order is coming very soon and with them the seed of satan will rule, then the worst 7 years in human history, then your Lord and God Jesus Christ is returning to the earth. Only faith in him will spare you from the coming wrath. Obama is merely a pawn and will be discarded quickly when his usefulness is over to the one who is really pulling the strings of lustful greedy men. for he has convinced so many he doesn’t even exist. Believe in the son of man, Jesus the Christ, and be spared from the wrath of God to come or witness it first hand, you decide. Enjoy the ride either way.

  290. The Purple Finger says:

    All we have to do is look at his college records to find some proof as to who Barack is. Chaz, could you post a link to those?

  291. Paul says:

    Michelle O herself said Kenya is is home country. What proof do you need?

  292. Bruce says:

    obama has spent 2 Million bucks hiding all of his past records…isn’t this normal?

  293. Paul says:

    Kenya is the “home country in Kenya” says Michelle at around :42 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLDHDfPNBME&feature=player_embedded

  294. matt butler says:

    i feel like when the birth issue comes up somebody always posts the same thing. My birth certificate has a signature by the doctor in attendance at my birth. its an attestation to his presence at my birth in the hospital.

  295. Jason Jasper says:

    Right on Baby!

    Finish the job in 2012.

    Tea Party Rocks!


  296. Only one says:

    Luke scott should get a bullet in the head for being a racist pig and a clear and present danger. This idiot has the KKK tattoo on his body and pours his vile venom to the people.

    1. Karen Lundgren says:

      Hmmmm…when there is no argument, no facts or no common sense then resort to generalized racial-swine insults. Your post just reflects your limitations.

  297. Get Ready says:

    Can we get this guy to the DiamondBacks ?!?!?

  298. truth says:

    FactCheck is not non-partisan and is part of the Anneberg Challenge (so was Obama/Ayers)

    Also, that’s his Certification of Live Birth, not the more detailed Certificate of Live Birth.

    1. J. Gorman says:

      Look, it is my opinion that his long form Birth Record states under the caption religion “MUSLIM” his fathers religion. His campaign staff worried this would be a public relations problem before the election so they hid it. Now like anything else the cover-up is worse then the original problem.

      1. P. Barnett says:

        LTC Lakin court martial Dec. 14-15 at Fort Meade. No one could prove that obama aka soebarkah was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, so he refused to deploy again until it is proven his orders are lawful. Please attend and/or pass this information on. Also he has less rights then one of obama’s terrorists. Lakin was forbidden any access to evidence, witnesses or testimony. There are supposed to be protests in front of the gate at lease the 14h and 15th. saveourconstitution dot com for more info.

    2. Jgriff says:

      Are you kidding me? Who told you FactCheck was non-partisan? Anderson Cooper? Can you name one person at FactCheck? FactCheck is a joke.

    3. Jgriff says:

      Are you kidding me? Who told you FactCheck was non-partisan? Anderson Cooper? Can you name one person at FactCheck? FactCheck is a joke.

  299. P. Guerrero says:

    Let’s trade him to the Dodgers. We need more people like him in Los Angeles.

    1. NORMA J says:


  300. Jack Kennedy says:

    I see that the truth hurts the liberals and obama sycophants …………. glad someone is not afraid of the liberal hate America machine

  301. joe republic says:

    this guy rocks! finally a jock who says something worth noting! obama’s a muslim too!

  302. kenyaninthewh says:

    Right on Luke, tell it like it is! 98% of the people in this country agree with you! They need to stand up as well and demand to see the documents. Oh, that’s right, they don’t exist.

  303. Reginal Davis says:

    Obama is incompetent. We need real leadership, not pomp & circumstance. Someone that can answer a question without referring to a teleprompter.

  304. isittrue says:

    An opinion I read the other day said that the Republicans have informed Barack Obama that in January, they are willing to use their majority in the House of Representatives to subpoena Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii. And that Obama knows that will prove that he is not a natural-born citizen eligible to be president.

    He also stated that Obama has agreed to go along with the Republican agenda for the next 2 years in order to avoid a constitutional crisis over the presidency. Also, Obama had to agree not to run for a second term.

    Do you think that might be true, and that Obama caving on the tax increases on the rich is just the first step in trying to hide his ineligibility to be president?

    1. drprobus says:

      Very interesting comment! I’ll be curius to see if your remarks play out!!

  305. henrick says:

    Good for Luke. More people should be unafraid to speak their concerns on this issue. Obama’s fake presidency is the biggest hoax in U.S. history. The perils of political correctness.

    1. John Frost says:

      Luke for President!!
      Luke is a Constitutional Patriot!!
      Birthers Defend the US Constitution against the Fraud of the Century committed by Kenyan Born Obama aided by Liberals, Pelosi and Reid.

  306. EMEF says:

    To me Obama is a phony. The man has no character but he got elected and I am sure there’s a lot of people that would love to have their vote back. There’s nothing we can do at this moment except to hope and pray we only have two more years of this guy. What proud born American wouldn’t show his original birth certificate. It’s a shame we the American people have elected such phonies to over see this country. One thing about it folks they will have to someone higher than any of us here on earth.

    Vietnam Veteran Honorably Discharged
    Proof of service on file

  307. EMEJ says:

    To me Obama is a phony. The man has no character but he got elected and I am sure there’s a lot of people that would love to have their vote back. There’s nothing we can do at this moment except to hope and pray we only have two more years of this guy. What proud born American wouldn’t show his original birth certificate. It’s a shame we the American people have elected such phonies to over see this country. One thing about it folks they will have to answer to someone higher than any of us here on earth.

    Vietnam Veteran Honorably Discharged
    Proof of service on file

  308. John Svengali says:

    Well, it takes courage to express these feelings and beliefs. I’ve learned by being around liberals that when they run out of facts, they condescend, i.e, Bill Maher, Janine Garofalo, etc. So, this baseball player will face the onslaught of put-downs and be called stupid and other things, BUT, there are many fishy things about Obama. He hides and evades. His birthplace, actually being born a Muslim, his citizenship, activities and associations have all been shielded by the aegis of media, academics and popular white liberal guilt. Mention that you question any aspect of Obama’s birth, past citizenship, travels, academic records, and you have Anderson Cooper wheezing in fits trying to talk over you or be branded a “birther” or “tea-bagger” by the sodomite-mutants on MSNBC or at the NY Times.

    The truth is that Obama was not qualified for an entry-level management position in the private sector. He could not have obtained a security clearance if he was not president. His poor performance and lack of understanding amply demonstrate his lack of qualification for the office he holds. He’s ruining our nation and jeopardizing our security. Hooray for this gutsy ball player who isn’t afraid to say, “the emperor has no clothes.”

    Uncle Ruckus was correct about Obama.

    John Svengali

    1. Bruce McClarron says:

      @John Svengali……”BINGO” – “BINGO” – “BINGO”!!!!!!

    1. Pamela Barnett says:

      Both parents also need to be citizens to be natural born. if the founders meant “native” born they would have said “native” born. Native born means born in a country. Natural born includes place of birth as well as citizenship of both parents. To be an American Natural Born Citizen, Supreme Court ruling have verified the term to require being born to two American parents. It has never ruled that an NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is a person born to a foreign father – like obama was born a British citizen of Kenya through his father and then became an Indonesian citizen through his adopted father.

  309. roxiqualls says:

    I don’t know about BO’s place of birth, but I think he hit the nail on the head with the rest of his comments. By the way, I don’t like Obama’s white half, that makes it OK, right?

  310. Bob Hamilton says:

    He is your father, Luke.

  311. Bruce McClarron says:

    That muslim freak Obummer is a big ‘FRAUD’…He is in OUR W/House illegally – he should be arrested for fraud and forgery…He is getting away with crimes against the USA!!! There are also other people who are abetting this crime…because they are helping him hide ALL his history – he has NO paper trail…WHY??? So MANY questions…NO answers!!! What goes around, comes around!!!

  312. John Sheehan says:

    Yes, President Obama was born in the United States.

    What a bunch of veiled racist right-wing nonsense. I agree with the Right concerning some issues; but people like Luke Scott hurt the Right, by making people think only the “nut cases” have a Right wing view.

    What a shame. Why don’t you-all put the U.S.A. first in your hearts, instead of your veiled racist nonsense. Level headed constructive criticism is the American Way. Grow up, please!

    1. Robert DeBeaux says:

      Wow sure am glad you decided to respond with threats.and insults… go read FACTS not hearsay.
      We are true blooded Americans who are tired of the lies.
      The lies you are defending.
      Obama never was Constitutionally eligible for the Oval Office and he is making a mockery of it.

  313. John Frost says:

    Here is Obama confessing He was born in Kenya, Africa:
    Don’t believe pathological liar Obama? Ok, here is Michelle confirming the fact:

  314. Roger from Ohio says:

    Good for Luke Scott!

  315. June Bug says:

    What I can’t figure out is that if you have nothing to hide why would you spend millions of dollars to prevent people from knowing your background. And don’t give me this privacy excuse. When you are president nothing is private.

  316. JD says:

    You deserve a standing ovation when you come to Boston to play my Red Sox!!! If I am there, I will start it!!!

    1. John Frost says:

      His wife also confirms Obama is not American Born,

    2. S. G. Harrod I I I says:

      If we want to keep our nation’s secrets “SECRET” …

      store them where Obama stores his Birth Certificate and

      his College Transcripts

  317. Sfoxe says:

    He’s a professional athlete. I don’t get why a comment by and athlete or celebrity gets such publicity and public outcry. I agree with him, but so what, he’s paid to play baseball.

    1. chuck says:

      Do you whine liket that when a liberal movie star is discussing something that you agree with?

      1. John Frost says:

        Obama Confesses himself he’s a Kenyan man, not American Born:

  318. The fear in this thread is palpable. The world is changing and Anglo-Saxon American males are shaken to the core. How long are you going to hang on to these two hundred year old fears? Taxes, Healthcare, holding big business accountable, immigration… Are your positions all based on fear?

    The state of Hawaii has taken a public position on our Presidents birth. No one other than a black man would have to pass more scrutiny. Face it your greatest fear has come to pass, now let’s get about the job of fixing the imbalance Reagan and his big money backers started thirty years ago.

    It never ceases to amaze me that these white males (and some white women) will cut off their noses to spite their faces. What has the last thirty years done to improve your life? Yet you continue to vote for this agenda of fear!

    Absolutely pathetic!

    1. Scarface says:


    2. Mike says:

      Its come to this…it ALWAYS about race if you question him. You’re right…PATHETIC.

    3. BackwardsBoy says:

      What part of honesty do you have a problem with? You sound very racist to me.

    4. nequelquepart says:

      Do you think all white people are racists or just those who have a problem with Socialism?

    5. averageman says:

      my daughter was born in South Korea. She was issued a “:certificate of live biirth” from the state of new york..identical to Pres. Obama. Although I support the President, he has not submitted proof that he was born here ansd therefore has brought this upon himself. So dont lecture thoise of us that believe in the rule of law. Thank you very much.

    6. Texas Infidel says:

      John McCain had to produce his birth certificate, why is OB from Nairobi so special he is not required to do so??

  319. Really people, think about what you are saying and doing!

  320. Randall says:

    Never been an Orioles fan. I hate Angelos, but I am now a Luke Scott Fan!!! Go Luke!

  321. Jeff487 says:

    He’s dead on here. Good for him for speaking up. Obama most likely was born in Kenya. Don’t believe it ? Get a real birth certificate…you know the one that has the delivering doctor and hospital and father’s name and so forth. Then I’ll believe you. Obama’s own relatives say he was born in Kenya because they were there. I guess that’s why he leaves them living in huts over in Africa, eh?

  322. gommygoomy says:

    Let’s not forget the $ MILLIONS that little BARRY SOETORO has spent KEEPING his life story from prying eyes. Medical Records, Scholarship Papers.. College Entrance Paperwork.
    What is he hiding?
    Place of BIRTH?

  323. john smith says:

    I kinda think the “cat is out of the bag”……….. There will no getting him back in.

  324. Stasheck says:

    Hats off to you, Luke Scott, for speaking up on this subject that has been covered over by the media!
    As an aside, whatever happened to that woman, who, the day after Barry’s election, proclaimed, “NOW I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MY MORTGAGE OR PUT GAS IN MY TANK”? I just filled up and sent my mortgage check in; I AM STILL WORRIED.

    This clown president and his supporting cast of jokers, cannot leave soon enough. Oh, wait, he probably will leave soon for another “vacation”. What a joke!!

  325. Hank Warren says:

    One more step Luke, face the real truth. 9/11 and Israel, here:

  326. Slamdunk says:

    For you Bama birth place skeptics try googling “Michelle Obama Kenya home country.”

  327. jojo says:

    He ia just speaking the same hate he was taught as he grew up. Remember this continent that we call America was stolen. The forefathers of this country were the dreggs of Europe. Get over yourselves.

    1. KidChaos2 says:

      Hahaha! So, let’s simply kill off the white people, make them slaves and pay off all those people we raped pillaged and murdered. That will solve EVERYTHING.

      You are so ignorant. Get over YOURSELF.

  328. O.J. says:

    The Orioles should trade this guy to the Yankees!

  329. HAVENFARMROAD says:

    I love those who accuse those who disagree with ObaMao’s socialist policies as racists. This arguement will no longer intimidate people. We disagree with him unAmeriican policies – yes that’s what I said. Stick that in you craw and chew on it. Go Luke!! We still live in an American where you can still say what you believe – that is until ObaMao gets done trashing the Constitution!

  330. Charles Frederick says:

    Let’s get the real truth: Pres. Obama has done everything the corporations and conservative politicians have wanted to prove he is not some “black boogieman”. What more that Obama have to do assuage your irrational fear of non-whites in leadership positions ?

    Luke Scott’s comments are shameful. As a black parent, what to do tell our children about these clear racism? Even I knew white fear was present, but this is ridiculous, infuriating, and frightening.

    1. Joe says:

      oh please charles, get over it… a black man is president. a majority of white people voted for him. This has nothing to do with race. it has everything to do with his competence. The sooner you drop the race card, the sooner you will come to see that Obama is in way way over his harvard head.

    2. KidChaos2 says:

      Funny. Every time someone questions Obama or his policies, it all goes back to us being racist with you people. When will you realize that YOU are the ones pointing out his race? I’m color-blind in society, and I simply hate his policies, think he is a liar and feel he is trying to destroy this country. I’d feel this way if he was black, white, red, brown or yellow. WE are all the same, to me.

      Get over yourself, you racist. You are the one who is racist against white people. If you say that you can’t be racist, because you aren’t in a “position of power”, then you will ALWAYS be in the “minority” until YOU change your way of thinking.

  331. Mick says:

    While he has certainly not proven the place of his birth (a pic on a website is proof of nothing), he has already admitted the fact that makes him ineligible. His father was a Kenyan citizen, not american, when Barack Obama was born. His dual allegiance at birth prevents him from being a natural born Citizen. That is the requirement, natural born Citizen, or one born in the US of 2 US Citizen parents. He knows he is not eligible, and the BC issue hides that already known fact in a conspiracy theory.

  332. greg gaspari says:

    amen brother!! you hit it out of the park. thanks

    1. Tim says:

      The only thing Obama is trying to hide is that his father was a secret Orioles fan. It is an embarrassing family secret that needs to be hidden.

  333. Jenny says:

    Obama is blackmailed by the zionist and they can take him out and put him in jail for fraud any time they want. That is why the birther thing mattered. Obama has done everything the zionist bankers and Israel wanted. They are the enemy within that so many warned us about.

    1. KidChaos2 says:

      You are so ignorant, you racist.

  334. meangreen says:

    @finding my way

    Are you serious? During the Regan administration the US had one of it’s most prosperous times in history. Even most of you liberal dems praise Reagan for what he did for the country.

    I’m not one that has harped on the fact but, why is it so hard for him to show a birth certificate? EVERYONE that I know has theirs where they can get to it with no trouble. Even his wife, during one of her incoherent ramblings referred to Kenya as “his country”.

    I’m assuming from your post that you are black because of your reference to whites. The only reason that people such as yourself DID vote for him is because he is black. He had/has absolutely NO credentials that would make him a good leader. The man can’t even speak without a teleprompter. Have you ever seen him speak without one? Not pretty.

    What has he done since taking office? Spent more money in two years than Bush spent through both of his terms. His “I’ll get our men and women out of Iraq within the first year”, how has that worked out so far (two years in)? He is taking some out of Iraq but is he bringing them home? No! They are being sent to Afghanistan. Only difference is now they not only have to fight insurgents but they have to deal with an established government not to mention the fact that they no longer have clear direction. They don’t know what they are supposed to be doing. How is that whole bailout thing working for getting people jobs? I know a lot of people that have lost jobs since but not one that has started a job.

    Time for you libs to stop blaming Bush for Obama’s poor choices and lack of leadership.

  335. OutOfBalance says:

    I was labeled

  336. rhinomidget says:



    Time will prove him to be an epic failure and a fraud. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, an Independent or a Democrat. I know many, many people who voted for this guy…who fully supported him and now regret it. I know people of color who are ashamed that this man – Barack Obama – represents them in any way, shape or form. THESE are the TRUE HEROES…the people who are not afraid to speak the truth! GOD BLESS YOU LUKE SCOTT!

  337. Gentile Joe says:

    The inconvenient truth about racism is that is it true.

    – 70% of black births out of wedlock
    – 80% of violent crime on whites committed by blacks (DOJ stats)
    – 75% of black college-aged males somewhere in the justice system (incarcerated, paroled, etc.)

    The “bigoted racist” argument showstopper no longer holds water. Yep, I’m racist. Because it is the TRUTH that the white race doesn’t have the problems cited above.

  338. Charles Frederick says:

    “This has nothing to do with race. it has everything to do with his competence.”


    When does competence have to do with a birth certificate?

    The birth certificate is being mentioned only to label the President as foreign “not of us”. He looks me. My family has been here for 200 years.

    If its not about race, I don’t know what is.

    1. dave says:

      It is one of the first conditional steps to becoming eligible for that office…. to be an American.

      1. Frank says:

        To be a “natural born” American

    2. brookes25 says:

      Mr. Frederick, you clearly inject race where it is actually not present due to personal experiences and an ultra sensitive filter.

      Not disclosing information about private and public school is hiding something and Mr. Obama hides much. His formative years were in Indonesia and that may also be why he seems foreign to many Americans. My parents are his age and can name the physician that delivered them, show proof of live birth, show copies of birth certificates issued during their childhood, show hospital, medical bills and insurance info from that time. Both can also show items from their birth and have no problem with this if their ID was questioned. Also, it is just as valid to question whether Mr. Obama received special funding for college as a foreign student. He is hiding something and it isn’t his race.

      1. Ralphie says:

        The face of the matter is that he was sworn as President of the United States. Any attempts to remove him from office by CONSTITUTIONAL means would cause a constitutional crisis that could last for years. Like it or not, he is the President.

      2. Ralphie says:

        Last post should have said FACT….. sorry typo.

      3. Frank says:

        Not true Ralphie. Just because he repeated the words does not make him our President. Think not. Here repeat after me……………..Anyone can say the words but it doesn’t make them the President. So if it is proven that he wasn’t eligible then every law he’s signed, every appointment he’s made, everything unravels. That would create a crisis and I believe the collapse of our federal gov’t.

    3. Rlqretired says:

      Even the seal on Obama’s ao called birth certificate is a fake. See http://obamasgarden.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/somebody-please-blow-the-whistle-in-hawaii/


    CALL IN HAWAII FIVE-0!!! The Secretary of State of Hawaii refuses to allow the public to see its records concerning Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged birth certificate, citing privacy concerns!? Oh yeah, citizenship is just a CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIRMENT! Michelle refers to KEEN-YAH as “his home country.” Barry needs to come clean. Get Hawaii Five-0 involved and if he doesn’t cooperate, BOOK HIM DANNO!

  340. Garret Jordan says:

    Can’t hide em forever Barry, a reckoning draws nigh!!!!

  341. MarkD says:

    Just goes to show you don’t need to be smart to be a baseball player.

    1. brookes25 says:

      Nor do you need to be smart to be POTUS, all you need is a decent speaking voice, with a dose of smokers lungs and arrogance, plus the ability to read a speech verbatim that someone else wrote and an adoring press helps. Apparently, any journalism/communications major could do it and funny enough I believe that is Sarah Palin’s degree. It’s a sad world.

  342. Jesushong says:

    Ha ha look at all the Obama disciples scrambling to argue politics with a pro athlete. Intellectual equals, I suppose.

  343. Steven "B" says:

    Obama isn’t even qualified to be his on secret service agent considering his past associations with terrorists. To become a secret service agent you must go through tests like crazy. Most of those test are HUGELY based on past associations, character, and lack of criminal record. Under that, and that alone, Obama isn’t even qualified to be his own bodyguard, let alone the president of the United States. And this is all with or without the birth certificate. Obama is a complete joke!

  344. nomalmohere says:

    How dare Luke be critical of a perosn of color!

    Das ist verbotten!

    How dare we support profiling for terrorists at airport which may result in inconveniecing a person of color!

    Das ist verbotten!!

  345. OutOfBalance says:

    Obama is a manufactured politician. He has a certain look, a good speaking voice and a presence that makes him seem presidential. All of Obama’s skills were taught to him by others, he is trained to repeat words from a script. For those old enough to remember Barack Obama is nothing more than the Ted Baxter of the White House! He is more like Milli Vanilli or the Monkees where as they seemed like they had talent providing they were in a controlled studio setting. However if you put them on stage then their real lack of skills showed!
    Obama is our Howdy Doody president, but just follow his strings and you will see it’s somebody else who controls him!

  346. Marc says:

    In other news, Luke Scott is an overpaid, mediocre player. Nice photo of him striking out.

  347. Steven "B" says:

    As far as being racist…Um, what’s wrong with being racist if you want to be? I’m not, but so what if someone is? Big deal! Get over it! Last time I checked, there is no law whatsoever that says you CAN’T be racist. The word racist has been so overused that in today’s age, the word means absolutely nothing and truly has no relevance.

  348. Garry says:

    Wow, what happened to the videos where Obama admits he’s not an American? they were here and now they are gone.

  349. Charles Frederick says:

    Steven “B”,.

    Where is the limit with being racist? Denying job applications, home loans, emergency calls for loans, planting ridiculou, baseless charges with no matter what someone provides all you do is feed into it. If you don’t get caught, is it legal?

    Please if you see children, any children – stay away!

    I want my children to inherit a better world. And I’ll fight to the end.

  350. kat38 says:

    All Obamra has to do is produce a valid birth certificate and this argument would be over. Period

    1. Rich Shefferd says:

      Impeachment wouldmean an initial legality which He is not.
      Unseating this Kenyan Usurper is more proper!

  351. MyBCisSigned says:

    Laughable they put up the fake birth certificate at the end. and {sigh} comment by the writer was so sad. I can’t believe some intelligent writers spout this BS about Obama. A lot of CYA going on.

    1. Rich Shefferd says:

      The Black Caucus in Congress want to impose a Black Dictatorship in America. here the facts: employees
      –the US Government employees are 98% Black
      –State Department employees 90% Black
      –USDA.. 97% Black
      –Secret Service , 80 % Black, Obama has fired all White Agents.
      –Education Dept… 95% all Black employees.
      This is why we must UNSEAT obama as a foreign Usurper.
      —Obama must produce his LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE or quit.
      a LFBC will s

  352. Charles Frederick says:

    Please people,

    Stay away from my kids with your irrational hate! I’ll pray that God grants you peace of mind at last.

    1. Rich Shefferd says:

      See him confess to rge Fraud of the Century with his own blue lips:

    2. M Wrenn says:

      It isn’t irrational Hate. Hating Obama is completely rational, and those who don’t need to have their heads examined. He is corrupt. a Treasonous, and a terrorist. He is using the IRS as a weapon, and attempting to use his “power” to destroy the country from within so that the people who are actually telling him what to do can rebuild it in their own evil fashion.

  353. Jim says:


    Anyone claiming that they can prove they are a citizen by showing their “real” birth certificate (whatever that is) is subject to the same argument against Obama…prove the certificate is not a forgery.

    Problem is all the evidence in the world will not prove something to someone who refuses to believe it.

    1. James says:

      Jim, A certificate of LIVE BIRTH issued in 2001 is not the same as a Birth Certificate issued at the time of birth! It is not a forgery nor a birth certificate. No one will disagree that Obama was born alive!

      1. rammrodd says:

        James I would disagree. He is brain dead and was born that way…

    2. Rich Shefferd says:

      Snopes and Factheck.org are under Obama’s supporter the Annenberg Foundation a liberal organization that wants a Black Dictatorship in America.

  354. IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!! says:

    THE INVA$ION CONTINUES… http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  355. Jim says:

    Oh and BTW…who in the hell cares what an outfielder for a loser baseball team thinks?

  356. Joseppi Tanner says:

    Why do u just pity the non-white teammates?? You sound alot more racist than this guy. Think you need to talk with Mr. Allen West who just got elected to Congress courtesy of The Tea Party , first black man since reconstruction to have won that seat! Along with gentleman in S.C.

    Read Up, Wise Up , or shut up!

  357. Josie says:

    Impeach the Kenyan!!!

  358. Carl says:

    Please learn correct English before speaking,. It is still the national language. And do not speak for my forefathers who came to this country in 1730. Our forefathers were not left with the mess that Obama inherited and has tried to correct. He has made mistakes, I believe, but was there an alternative at election time. Give him time and a congress that will work with him and see what happens.

    1. Chris Brown says:

      this half white pres .not full black had an (dem) congress ,,im so sick an tired of people saying hes the first BLACK>SO WAKE UP PEOPLE ,,, call an ace an ace an spade a spade , this man is NOT A NEGRO

      1. Chris Brown says:

        wheres what i typed this is blacked out

  359. Mike says:

    How sad, keep bringing race into a valid debate. Where was the man born? It’s a simple question. If Arnold had produced a “valid” American birth certificate would all the liberals out there be keeping quite? Thought not. This is about the legality of this administration, period. Not race, not does he smoke, not even is he a Muslim. Is he American by birth? He refuses to answer the question. How can you trust a man like that?

  360. Cogito says:

    Democrats that disagree with Obama’s tax policies must also be racist.

  361. Stephen says:

    Open Letter To Congress

    When you take office as a public servant you swear an oath before God and man. This oath you take is a sacred trust. It is your word and your honor spoken in public for all to bear witness. Your adherence to your oath is the measure of your integrity.

    Your solemn oath of office is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. God has surely taken note of your oath and will judge you according to the integrity of your soul.

    As a natural born citizen of this great nation that I love, I request that you honor your word by protecting and defending Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution you swore before God that you would defend. The aforementioned article has come under attack from within. And as a result, the freedoms to which your oath applied are all at risk of disappearing, including the very Constitution you swore to protect.

    Millions of brave Americans gave their lives for the freedoms that our Constitutional rule of law has provided and has sustained us through the years as the greatest nation the world has ever seen. They also swore the same oath and their honor and integrity are intact without question. Let not their sacrifices be for naught.

    Our brave men and women of the Armed Forces today go into harms way without the assurance that the orders coming down the unified chain of command are legal and lawful because there are lingering questions as to the eligibility of the Commander In Chief to issue them. One brave soldier, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, has tried to get an answer through normal military channels without success. He finally made the distasteful choice to invite his own court martial in order to get an answer to the question to finally put an end to the doubts and concerns of his fellow soldiers in arms. In this action he is doing exactly as he was trained to do.

    Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is an 18 year highly decorated Bronze Star recipient who served tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan. He has the support of three Generals, Army Major General (Ret) Jerry Curry, U.S. Army Major General (Ret) Paul E. Vallaley and Air Force Lieutenant General (Ret) Thomas McInerney. General McInerney has submitted to the court an affidavit of support for discovery and a full hearing. In spite of the plea from Three Star Lt. General McInverney, Lakin is being denied due process by Judge Lind who has ruled that Lakin cannot defend himself in any way whatsoever because she will not “embarrass the President” to show his vital records, and prove his eligibility under Article 2 Section 1. As a result of that ruling Lt. Col. Terry Lakin faces years at hard labor because he might expose high treason against the people of the United States of America and the Constitution you swore to protect and defend.

    If ever there was a time for you to honor your oath with right action it is now. And there is an easy answer for your personal concerns about your oath and your integrity. If Obama is truly eligible to hold office and can prove it, your honor and integrity are intact, because you have done your duty to your word and your honor while performing a service to end the lingering doubts as to the lawfulness of orders coming down the unified chain of command. If on the other hand, Obama cannot produce proof of eligibility, then you have exposed and rescued the nation from acts of high treason, and your honor and your integrity will be intact. Either way you come out of it a hero and with your integrity intact. I ask you to be reminded of the courage and bravery of the millions who died to protect and defend our Constitution, and in that, find within yourself the courage to act with the same bravery and conviction of those who paved the way for the very freedoms you enjoy today.

    Remember, if due process can be denied Lt. Col Terry Lakin, it can be denied you also.


    A Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America

  362. peterwoohoo says:

    Well, IF Obama runs again for President………he can display ALL of his records including College! But he’s a coward & bully & hides behind the skirts of the Democrat Party.

  363. New OreiolesFan says:

    It’s true. The emperor has no clothes. It’s just now become ok to say it.

  364. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

    Go Luke! I believe the exact same thing as you on the Obama birth question. Unlike you though, I won’t have to face the liberal press but somehow I don’t think that you care so much. Ain’t free speech wonderful (lefties)?

    Congrats and Merry Christmas

  365. Lastat says:

    and the beast will arise (666) and he will pit brother agance brother man aagance man untill there is no man left

  366. jamadan says:

    Amazing to see all this reaction. How many celebrities made far worse comments and accusations about President Bush and no one in tne media batted an eyelash.

  367. M Wrenn says:

    He wasn’t born in America, and is guilty of treason to boot.

  368. Teddy Kennedy's SEARCH+RESCUE says:


    Of course, he was still drinking at the time.

  369. Michael says:

    This guy is a complete tool . Perfect example of someone who should probably keep his mouth shut so people can assume he’s smart instead of opening his mouth so everyone will know he’s stupid. Just another idiot that can’t handle the us having a black, president. The haters, racists, fundamentalists, and ignorants are ruining our great county.

  370. HANOI JOHN KERRY says:


    1. Uncle Mike says:

      Okay, where WAS Luke Scott born? Deleon Springs, Florida. Florida is the opposite of the rest of the country: The more south you go, the more North you get; the more north you go, the more redneck you get. Deleon Springs is closer to Jacksonville than to Tampa or Miami. Luke Scott, you’re a liar and a fool, both easily proven, and America has moved past people like you. And the only way you’ll ever see a World Series is if you pay your cable bill. (He was with the Astros in 2005, but he didn’t play in the LCS, much less the Series.)

      1. ProudAmerican says:

        Your a moron for even contributing something so unintelligent about someone voicing their opinion. We live in a country that allows us to do so. So all you can say is something bad about where he lives, rednecks being from the north, and that he is not going to win a world series? Grow up my friend. Use the time you have wasted looking up where Luke Scott was born and do something good for the country, like tell someone to vote. GEEZ!

  371. YES WE CON! says:

    Yes We Can Build a http://www.NewNation.org YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!

    1. SpfldJimbo says:

      We can….just not in the present fashion.

  372. KrazyBirther says:

    What cracks me up is not the fact he may be a citizen or not. Its the Left and all the Koolaid drinkers that made fun of all reasonable and rational Americans that doubted his citizenship. They labeled “us” crazy “birthers”. As if the official who hands out certificates is beyond impeachment, the only government official that cannot be corrupted or bought off. When family members talk about seeing the birth of their grandson in a foreign land, the fact that his mom is all but an expatriot with communist family, and a father who is a citizen of another country with drinking problems, all these facts allude the Koolaid drinkers. We are to believe that some lowly government official who hands out pieces of paper cannot be corrupted, that everything is “okay” you crazy “birthers”. LOL

    1. conservativemind says:

      That is their tried and true tactic-make fun of the opposition. The Daily Show made fun of Beck’s” buy Gold” and CNN followed with an interview with Soros that added “Gold is a solid hedge” and he was called a genius. I could go on and on, I think you understand and fortunately, America is beginning to understand. The masks are coming off and we see them for what they are – America blaming/hating liberals (sorry, I mean progressives, or progressive democrats or ???)

  373. Bert says:

    It’s amazing how many Idiots the United States has produced. If Barack Obama is not an American Born Citizen, you should’nt be upset at him, you should be upset with the U.S. government for allowing them to pull the wool over your eyes. The outfielder needs to shut up and stand in the outfield and get over paid for doing nothing. And at 32, it’s abvious he’s still has grown up yet. Idiot.

    1. Dewey D says:

      Be upset with “the U.S. government”? What are you talking about? Constitutional law?

  374. Dabblety Blabblety says:

    Why do Obama’s people claim they have his birth certificate, but yet they refuse Refuse REFUSE to allow anyone to see it? If it is available, why is it REFUSED? Simple question!

    1. Michael Ripp says:

      Maybe because it’s a fake.

  375. Wick says:

    Obama’s family came to Maryland in 1658. They fought Injuns, built Anglican churches, and fought in the Revolution. His GrandPappy fought in WW2. He attended Harvard, America’s oldest College.

    Just because you shoot animals and waive the American Flag it doesn’t make you more American than this guy. You are just from a different America.

    1. Buck says:

      What is that you are smokin’? His mothers/white side might be of whom you speak, but the fathers side is the questiionalbe part. The elephant in the room.

  376. blaine says:

    waiting for the negroes to rush to barry’s defence. Actually, if you dislike the excited states, barry is a great president.

    so there, Luke Scott.

  377. Corey says:

    Interestingly the birth certificate shown is a new style certificate. Why is that? Wouldn’t Hawaii have an older style on record if it was legit. Other than that I have no further comment except to say when the dollar crashes I will have my guns and ammo ready for the Great African Turkey Shoot?

  378. Khalid Al Mansour says:

    I’m a yankees fan from way back… Today my son and I will be hanging a poster sized picture of Luke Scott in his bedroom.

  379. lcky9 says:

    Come on people why the big deal.. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and to ask questions.. it’s HEALTHY.. only idiots beleive everything they are told.. it’s time SOMEONE has the backbone to question things.. however.. I do wish they would start with something more important.. like who’s propping up the stock market but we all have to start somewhere.. OBAMA LOVES all the attention this question gets him.. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have locked up all his school records too.. does that make him not a citizen..? No it makes him an attention seeker.. besides it makes a FINE diversion from what else is going on..

  380. Ben says:

    How come no one in Obama’s class in college remembers him? I think Obama came about through spontaneous generation.

  381. jsunrise says:

    does not matter where obama was born. the fact is the constitution says that BOTH parents MUST be US citizens, by obamo own admission his father was not. He is not eligible to be president period. (if you go by the Constitution.

  382. Pam G. says:

    What ever happened to Nationalism? This type of division will be be the death of our country.

    1. In Deed says:

      you mean the same kind of division that lasted during George Bush’s presidency? How is this division any more or less dangerous than the division that brought legislation to a standstill during the last presidency? How is one OK but not the other?

  383. Violet says:

    Luke just spoke what is on the minds of many Americans.
    The Democrats in their frantic rush to replace Bush with just anybody failed to vet Obama and have managed with the help of the media to block any knoweledge of who this guy is. Hope WIKI LEAKS, leaks this cover up. Wouldn’t that be FUN!

  384. theresa says:

    Simply put so even the most simple minded can understand. Thank you Mr. Scott, you are an American patriot.

  385. MARINE VET says:

    Not all Americans are STUPID SHEEPLE…

  386. Rich Shefferd says:

    We are tired of Obama lies and scams.
    Either produce your Long Form Birth Cerificate or quit kenyan boy

  387. Marine says:

    NO MARK, you are incorrect…

    He was NOT born in hawaii…

    Hawaii…certificate of live birth….

    Does NOT mean born in Hawaii….born of Hawain citizen maybe…

  388. Gunner says:

    Whether you like it or not, whether he is or he isn’t, it is too late now. President Obama is your president and will remain so. He is good to the poor and good for foreign relations.
    You just don’t like him because he is black.

  389. KrazyBirther says:

    What cracks me up is not the fact that he may be a foreign born son of an ex-patriot mother (with communist/leftist parents) and a non US citizen father. Its the fact that the Left Koolaid drinkers make fun of the rational and reasonable questioners of his birth place. They call us “birthers”, as if its impossible to corrupt a low lying government official who hands out certificates. When your grand mammy is proud of your Kenyan birth, it should raise doubts to most reasonable people. Then to play this legal game (i mean,really?) over whether or not to address this issue with all transparency, just smells of Clinton’s bent finger pointing address to ALL AMERICANS that “I did not have sex with that woman”.
    Obama hasn’t pointed his bent fingers, but his lips are always bending. 🙂

  390. S says:

    The underlying issue here is that we don’t like him.

    Nuff’ said. He does not represent me. I was embarrased by the Iraq war, but i’m 10x more embarrased that this con-man is president. Shame on us.

    1. J w. says:

      Shame on who? I didn’t vote for this Socialist Pig! I could see through his lies from the beginning. I agree with the Slugger from baltimore… ” He does not represent anything our forefathers stood for”

  391. patches12 says:

    Couldn’t agree more!!!

    Why not just produce the birth cirtificate Mr. President?

    1. flounder says:

      It would show that he wasn’t born in Hawaii or that hys father and Ann weren’t married….

  392. Jim Olson says:

    I don’t see the problem. I have to show my birth certificate to get a driver’s license, to join the military, to get a job and SS number. So what’s the big problem with him showing his birth certificate like the rest of us he so arrogantly looks down on? I would also like to see his college transcripts just like I had to, to my employers to prove I did attend and got the grades I claimed.

    I just don’t see the problem that we all deal with every day. What makes him special and what has he got to hide?

  393. mikey says:

    No one on this page has any proof of what they posted. It’s all conjecture, or we wouldn’t be arguing about it. Not an ounce of proof about Obama either way. Not an ounce of proof about Bush. Not an ounce of proof about WMD’s. Not an ounce of proof about who’s destroying America. You know why? Because you are not high level government operatives with top security clearances. I am sure there are people who know the answers to these things. But it ain’t you. You are just people typing your opinions on a comment board.

    1. hargen says:

      Actually there was one ounce of proof of WMDs. Ask the Kurds who were gassed. Ask the Iranians who were gassed. Secret recordings of Sadaam’s cabinet meetings (hidden microphones) heard Sadaam and his cabinet members discussing the use of WMDIs if the Americans attacked. Is that a shred of evidence that Iraq MAY have had WMDs?

    2. emmajeri1010 says:

      Duh. That’s why they’re called “comments.” BTW, obama doesn’t like us. I don’t care if he was born in Poughkeepsie….he’s not American.

  394. Big Mike E. Coon says:

    OweBaMao, only represents Fascism, like AmeriKa, hasn’t seen since FDR !!!

    $4 TRILLION of spending in his first 2 years created NO JOBS WHAT SO EVER !!!
    Look at Detroit, Chocago, L.A., Cleveland, etc., anywhere where Demonrats have had total control and, you will find the WORST, that government can do !

    Anyone who buys into government efficiency is as stupid as the most dissolute vomit eater imaginable !!

  395. Tim says:

    Luke is undeniable correct when he states…“Obama does not represent America. Nor does he represent anything what our forefathers stood for”.

    and when he says the prez is hiding something.

  396. t says:

    Morons and hypocrites, when a celebrity bashes anyone on the right well that is acceptable and actually very cool. But when any conservative bashes someone on the left, they are called everything under the sun including racists now.


  397. John Clark says:

    Well Mark…Now that’s just what we don’t know. Where is the actual birth certificate from Hawaii? Have you seen it? No one else has either.

  398. O's No! says:

    Can we trade Scott to the Yankees?

    Good luck with this clown, Buck!

  399. Craig says:

    A birth notice for Barack Obama was published in both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on August 13 and August 14, 1961, respectively, listing the home address of Obama’s parents as 6085 Kalanianaole Highway in Honolulu. On August 3, 2009, in response to the growing controversy, the Advertiser posted on its Web site a screenshot of the announcement taken from its microfilmed archives. Such notices were sent to newspapers routinely by the Hawaii Department of Health.

    In an editorial published on July 29, 2009, the Star-Bulletin pointed out that both newspapers’ vital-statistics columns are available on microfilm in the main state library. “Were the state Department of Health and Obama’s parents really in cahoots to give false information to the newspapers, perhaps intending to clear the way for the baby to someday be elected president of the United States?” the newspaper asked sarcastically.

    1. stevens says:

      and there’s no way a micro-fiche could be forged

    2. Trajan22 says:

      A birth notice is not A.) a Live-Birth Certificate signed by Delivery MD and Hospital Signing Authority and B.) A State Issued Birth Certificate verifying the Live-Birth Certificate. A Birth Notice is a list of births published in a Non-Governmental publication.

      The problem with this whole “Where was Obama-born” issue is the Constitution does not stipulate you “must” be born on U.S. soil. It stipulates that you must be the child of a “U.S. Citizen” Because his mother is a native born citizen, he automatically is considered a native born citizen under constitutional law.

      If it required you must be born on US Soil to be a citizen, children of diplomats, soldiers, etc … would be in big trouble. While I am no fan of Obama, he is a citizen.

    3. flounder says:

      The notice gives the address of Ann’;s parents. Does not give Dr, location of birth,etc.

  400. tom says:

    Who the hell Obama is :cold,calculate, cruel man

  401. G. Thomas says:

    My curiosity has to do with Obama’s , everything!
    I can’t get into Harvard’s website when I seek Obama’s school records.
    Was he Affirmative Action, if so or not what were his grades?
    Did he actually earn a diploma?
    Harvard is covering for this guy…..big time.

  402. Ron says:

    As a birther myself, I totally agree with what Scott says. However, as a public figure in the world of sports, I disagree with Scott’s decision to cover this subject as he did. He should stick to comments about sports, and baseball specifically. I find this no different than the Dixie Chicks twits or Linda Ronstadt twit slamming W from the performance stage.

    1. Falycia says:

      What do you do for a living? Do you feel you have the right to comment on this thread since you are not a politician? Everyone has the right to state their opinion whether they are a dentist or a professional baseball player.

  403. PeoplesrepublicofMD says:

    All I know is this. I was born in HI in ’63 and my birth certificate looks nothing like his…

    1. George says:

      Now THAT’S interesting. Can you tell us what is the difference between your birth certificate and Obama’s birth certificate?

      1. flounder says:

        If you google you can get more info. I found a long form birth certificate form Hawaii in that era someone had posted. It had far more info. Dr,. location of birth, etc

  404. Texas Frenchman says:

    If Wikileaks was worth its salt, they would find the birth certificate (and his college transcripts).
    Or is Wikileaks another link in his trying to ruin Americqa?

  405. Borysd says:

    Luke Scott is who?

    1. DJ REVEL says:

      Luke Scott is a sub par baseball player for a perennial losing franchise who just happen to voice his opinion where it didn’t belong

  406. TS says:

    Common sense. Prez Jughead is an arrogant jerk who needs to go back to Hawaii or Chicago or Hell.

  407. Rowdy Boots says:

    The Libs HATE PAPERWORK when it does not serve their purposes of defaming or ruining America.

    They LOVE PAPERWORK when it can take money out of our pockets and be given to others who do not earn it.


    ALSO. I do not care where Obama was born, I only care about where he will be in 2012–hopefully not in the White House.

    Rowdy Boots

  408. Tbaggin LIBS says:

    he buried the CONSTITUTION & BIRTH CERTIFICATE on his 1st trip to Hawaii,and his mother on the second.they can keep mom,we need to go get the 1st two!! RUSH RULES

  409. Virginia Deal Largent says:

    I am now Scott’s biggest fan!!!!! I’m gonna run out & buy his Jersey! Obama couldn’t even get into the CIA because of his past ties to BIll Ayers and other criminals. Why should we expect integrity from him? He’s from the 2nd most corrupt city in the US.Keep making comments Scott!!!!! We patriots love & support you!!!!!! GoO’s!

    1. James R. Edwards says:

      I don`t want to report this comment, I want to agree fully with this comment. I agree 100%.

  410. mip says:

    Luke Scott is a true American who has more courage than 99% of our elected officials. Please run for office Luke!

  411. Rev Dr E Buzz Caan says:

    The same lefties who were all angry about McCain’s supposedly not being born in the US, now don’t seem to care at all, and get all angry, about questions around Obama’s birthplace…and Obama is a guy with a foreign born father!

    You lefties are so ludicrous. All corruption in government can be traced back to a leftist, they are corrupt to the core, it is a core part of their philosophy to lie.

  412. joesd says:

    I agree with some of you here too!!! I am now a HUGE fan and will also buy his jersey!!!!!!!!

  413. barf says:

    mlb needs to sit this guy down and explain to him about the league rules. he should be suspended for the year without his mega salary….. the goobers of the red states will change their minds on how their GOP leaders lie to them, when they are all in the bread lines soon…..

    1. fmc says:

      Uh, those bread lines will be Obama’s doing. He’s been president for the last two years and instead of taking steps to fix the economy. he has (purposely, it seems) allowed it to get progressively worse. I used the word “progressively” for a reason.

    2. Larry on LI says:

      nothing wrong about his opinion.his logic is quite correct,show me!

    3. GMAN says:

      barf-off. He should be suspended for his opinion? Cuba awaits you and your kind.

    4. Red says:

      They already are in the bread line wus… thanks to Obama. That’s why people are abandoning your sinking ship as fast as they can

    5. Travis says:

      It’s called Freedom of Speech, brother. Learn to love it even when it hurts.

    6. S. Britchky says:

      Scott may be wrong, and he may be a goof, but he does have the right to express an opinion. Otherwise, barf, we could all get together and prevent you from ever speaking again.

    7. larrydntx says:

      mlb should do nothing to deny this guy’s ability to speak freely. I ive ia a red state and you’ll be standing in a bread line, along with your homies long before it affects here and it’ll be caused by Obie’s and the Dem’s policies. Maybe, just maybe we’ll share…nah!

    8. PConlon says:

      The comment by Barf is a tiny example as to WHY Lefties WANT Sarah Palin to be the 2012 GOP nominee.

    9. Mike says:

      Namecalling, is that all you’ve got?

    10. Sheesh says:

      Suspended for what, exercising his right of free speech? You are a tolerant “blue state goober”, aren’t you?

    11. barf blows says:

      Can you post those”league rules” he supposedly violated? I’d love to see them. Why do lefties hate people who earn big salaries? Jealous much?

  414. Jerrry says:

    Why do you take down comments exposing Limbaugh who is Al Qaeda’s best friend in America? Are you people DittoNutheads too?

    1. Larry on LI says:

      jerrry why do you stutter when typing your name?

  415. kpot says:

    Luke is right. Obama is hiding something. What? Find out by googling Frank Marshall Davis.

  416. michael beamer says:

    this guy is a true racist! surprised the league would allow someone of this nature to play in there league, i will not watch baseball no more, not that i did before but now the playoffs will be ignored.

    1. guardsix says:

      here we go again. anyone who disagrees with certain policies are racist. same old crutch.

    2. rc says:

      a racist? why?? how did you reach that conclusion ?? where do you see race injected into his comments??

    3. Rocketman says:

      Don’t think you’re in any danger of seeing our wOeful Orioles in the playoffs anytime soon. Oh, and how is what he said racist? Regardless of whether you agree with Luke’s thoughts, he has the right to express them.

    4. Tom says:

      That’s a far leap to call someone a racist just because they lash out at the half-breed illegally elected president.
      By the way, you may want to go back to elementary school and learn something about sentence structure and grammar. “i will not watch baseball no more,” Sheesh!

    5. John says:

      Wow. I’m not sure if you realize this but you do have to be born in the US to become president. And since he’s pointing out the fact that there is no proof that Obama has been born in the US he’s now a racist? It seems to me that you want the laws to be bent for him but not anyone else because he’s black. This would mean that YOUR the racist. Why don’t you think things through before you jumping to conclusions

    6. TrueConservative says:

      Michael, Now that you won’t be watching baseball and have a little more free time (when the season starts of course), perhaps you should attend an english / grammar class so you don’t misspell THEIR and say things like “I will not watch baseball no more”.

    7. Doug Betz says:

      Oh, so someone disagrees with or has negative commentary toward a liberal–Marxist–and suddenly he’s a racist. Great job, my lefty friend. You walk the liberal walk quite well and will be among the first to go when the REAL Marxists/socialists/communists come into power. Lockstep and let the powers-that-be think for you, comrade!

    8. jommy says:

      freedom of speech everytime anyone says anything about Obama you Jews scream racist………..I can say whatever I want so shut up jew people are tired of you peple




  418. Worbler says:

    Go Luke! The stop in Houston did you some good. After you retire you need to come back as every state in the NE will have bellied-up by then.

  419. Figureditout says:

    Obama must be foreign born because his name sounds funny. No, wait, maybe he is an alien. A Muslim, atheist alien from space who ruined our economy secretly when W. was president. That’s it.

    The birth certificate is online. Luke Scott is an idiot and not very good at his own job for that matter. 268 career batting average, maybe Luke should think of more batting practice and less time in the crazy corner of the interwebs.

    1. GMAN says:

      That thing on line is a COLB, NOT a birth certificate. AND it is void as shown by the very fact that it is altered and the form itself says ‘void if altered’. So that thing is useless. It proves nothing except that obama has NO real birth certificate.

      1. bdf says:

        Figureditout just got owned. Try to use a source besides C(rook)NN

    2. vet451 says:

      Obama’s Birth Certificate has NEVER been released. Only the Certificate of live birth was released. They are not the same. I have both of mine and they have DIFFERENT names in each one. And like Obama no one can see my Original Birth Certificate without my permission, So the Question remains why is he hiding his??


    And the INVA$ION continues – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  421. Peabody says:

    We must demand the new Congress, to ask to see Obama’s Birth Cert

  422. Cindy says:

    Now I feel silly! LOL!!!

  423. VORLON says:

    You Lefty IDIOTS!!! Just HOW STUPID and lacking in intellectual power are you?
    A “Certificate of Live Birth” just means somebody showed up with a baby and claims it was born here. Why should you Believe his radical father and pathetic mother? They have their own hideous track record. Was Barrys wife LYING when she stated on SEVERAL OCCASIONS that Barry was born elsewhere? Why trust any of any of his radical associates? If he WAS ACTUALLY BORN HERE…Where is the BIRTH Certificate?

    1. Mike K says:

      They don’t even need to show up with a baby. An affidavit will do. Obama’s COLB was filed in the 1990’s I believe, apparently to qualify him for his Senate run.

  424. Tom says:

    And since we’re on the Obama subject, I think his wife is ugly and has a big butt!
    Doesn’t make me a racist, just means that I don’t like homely women with big butts…

  425. Saul Alinsky says:

    Barry is a US citizen! He was born in Hawaii.
    He loves my teachings. In fact even said about my writing, “Best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School.”

    I brainwashed him and most of you in this country. Read my book Rules for radicals. Here is a quote from it.

    “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

  426. James McFarland says:

    Like what the man says.

  427. Tre Taylor says:

    Who erased my other comment about racist white people and Antoine’s? Yall hate when blacks come up in the world, guess we here to stay!!

  428. McWayne says:

    1) His mother gave up US citizenship when they moved to Indonesia
    2) Hawaii locked his ‘certificate’ in a vault during the campaign
    3) The hospital where he’s alledged to have been born refuses to discuss it
    4) His grandmother said he was born in Kenya
    5) His wife has called Kenya his ‘homeland’ several times on [video] tape
    6) The first Executive Order he signed locked away his college records which would indicate if he was receiving foreign financial aid
    7) Kenya erected a monument claiming it was O’Bomba’s birthplace


  429. the electrician says:

    its about time someone other than a average american says this, obama everthing around him is collapsing that what happens when you build a wall of lies you have to keep lying in order to cover other lies that is why he dodges certain questions because they have to prepare to come up with a response…

  430. Dutch76 says:

    we have all heard obama and michelle obama speaking, they are right there on video, slipping up and saying it clear as a bell: obama was born in africa. their words, their own words, NOT ours. are we AMERICANS all blind and deaf now TOO?

    1. Joe says:

      Stop lying. It’s a sin.

    2. pleaseverify says:

      Dutch76, sources?

  431. Jock Hater says:

    Shut up and play baseball, you overpaid jock! Nobody pays you to think.

    1. david says:

      you were probably one who could’nt play sports and is illegal so maybe you should really keep quiet

    2. irishalaman says:

      Gee makes you wonder what you say to all the
      Leftist Actors and actresses that LOVE OBAMA
      and CHAVEZ and CASTRO and KARL MARX.
      Do you tell them to SHOUTUP and make MOVIES?

    3. Mike says:

      Seriously.. typical answer from the blind side of the fence

  432. Mark Carlton says:

    When Scott is right, he’s right. It’s nice, for a change, to hear from a public figure who’s not some Hollyweird m0r0n.

    1. greg dull says:

      this is just stupid as it can be.

      1. beenaroundyaknow says:

        Hey Dull,

        Then why won’t O just show his birth certificate and get it over. He has not done it yet.

      2. A says:

        and so are you

  433. phil gartner says:

    Love ya Luke. I don’t follow baseball but I will follow your career. Good Luck and I hope you hit .400.

  434. Kevin O'Neill says:

    Where can I buy a Luke Scott or Orioles hat? Let it fly…

  435. irishalaman says:

    Obama is a disaster for all mankind.
    He has spread it around but it is not wealth it is
    intolerance, class hatred, racial hatred. these are the things
    Marxists always spread around. The sad part is, that so many americans decided
    to help Obama, spread it around. Our Country is in trouble.
    Palin is a short term answer. ending the DOEducation is a LONG TERM Answer.
    We must bring the Federal Government back down to size. NOW>>>>>

  436. Chase, VA says:

    Who cares what Luke Scott thinks? Luke, focus on playing baseball, and winning. I miss the Glory Days of the O’s. Stop running your mouth about something that’s in the past… He couldn’t be president if he wasn’t an American, so let it go.

    1. JudgeMental says:

      Chase, your comment is more appropriate for Hollywood leftists. Obama has spent money hiding his past. This is irrefutable. Scott for Congress!

  437. chuck says:

    Obama was not born here………everyone knows it………but few will say it………

  438. texanmama says:

    It is nice to see a baseball player not following the herd. Come to the Rangers, Luke. We’ll trade Michael Young. Regardless of whether or not you agree with him, he is risking a LOT to speak out. MLB, ESPN, etc etc are NOT kind to people who question the left.

  439. Stephen Boone says:

    Even though he was born in Kenya the SCOTUS wouldl declare him a citizen should it get to them. Here is why. His mother was under 19 and he was already married to a Kenyan woman. His “marriage” to Obama’s mother was in the USA and, since he was already married — an absolute undisputed fact — that marriage is invalid. As an 18 year old American unmarried out of the country temporarily ( she did not emigrate to Kenya and renounce her US citizenship etc — in fact, returned shortly thereafter to the US ) out of the country she is in the same legal position as any tourist that gives birth on vacation in Mexico or elsewhere. Her child inherits heer citizenship. For people that insist that only weirdo birthers even ask this question…. It was the DEMOCRAT CONGRESS that called BOTH McCain and Obama in to show their papers etc. McCain, born in the canal zone showed up. Obama did not.

    1. Curtis Quico Reed says:

      Yes and no. There is an obvious fact that counters your primary argument: Obama’s last name is his FATHER’s last name. That suggests that the marriage was recognized for all of his life. But there is another issue to consider.

      I am a US citizen married to a Venezuelan citizen (she is now a naturalized US citizen and proud of it). When our children were born, we were asked by the nurse filling out the birth certificate what the nationality of each parent was, and seeing that one was Venezuelan, asked us what nationality we intended to give the baby.
      In other words, even if Obama was born in the USA, it’s possible his mother could have selected Kenyan as his citizenship–and you’ll note that the Kenyans have repeatedly said he is a Kenyan citizen!

  440. the tn rebel says:

    Obama can end this.. I have to have a copy of my birth records when I get my CDl renewed Hey OBAMA show us the proof and quit acting like you got something to hide

  441. ColMatt says:

    Well said Luke! Glad you spoke your mind. At least a few people still do. Your comments reflect my feelings exactly.

  442. potvin says:

    If he’s not a citizen, why the hell is he still sitting in the White House?

  443. Higgs says:

    He will be labeled a racist and drummed out of baseball. Either that or he will retract his statement. The 1st amendment only applies when the people in charge agree with what you’re saying. If they don’t it’s hate speech.

  444. Former Sports Fan says:

    I spent most of my life disproving that “jocks” were dumb and ignorant.

    Now we get this Luke Scott guy who sets that back decades with his pronouncements based not on facts but opinions pulled out of someone’s wishful head.

    This has been investigated and probed for years and no one has ever proved it.

    If one doesn’t like President Obama and his policies, all you need to do is volunteer to work for the opposing candidate and donate to the opposing party. That is the real American way, not these ignorant tirades.

    1. Pam Scott says:

      I really would like to see a birth record.

    2. Krissy says:

      Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. When Bush was President everyone had bad things to say about him and it was ok. People say some bad about Obama and it’s the end of the world!!

    3. shempus says:

      and your opinion, fallacious as it may be, is also just that. Your (feeble and starstruck) opinion. Yo have to provide proof of citizenship even to work at McD’s. Not to be prez? Miscreant.

    4. Rick says:

      show us the proof

    5. R Martin says:

      Or simply come up with a Birth Certificate

    6. fluffykins7 says:

      I guess you were one of those ignoramuses who drove around during the Bush administration w/a bumper sticker declaring, “Question Authority”. Why is it that dissent is only reserved for liberals and democrats?

    7. TribeFan says:

      Sean Penn and Bono can have their opinions. Why can’t Luke Scott?

    8. RJ says:

      Just like the lefties with Bush? Got to wonder shy the guy doesn’t just walk out with the Birth Cert at a press conference and pass it around to end this.

    9. Emerson says:

      No, a guy who would spend time “most of my life” disproving that athletes are stupid is the one who is “dumb and ignorant.” Duh.

      In the meantime, what’s worse? That Obama WAS ineligible to be president or that he IS incompetent? Hey, wait! They’re both bad…and true.

    10. gary g says:

      OK – then why did Obama have his college transcripts and records sealed by the colleges>?
      Bravo Luke – tell it like it is.

      Obama is an empty suit – many of us knew this from the start. Now the world knows it

    11. I love America says:

      Tirades, ignorant or not, are absolutely part of the “real American way.” It’s called the First Amendment pal.

    12. Still A Fan says:

      Former Sports Fan: You can’t prove a negative. Obama has never provided a birth certificate proving that he was born in the US. If it has already been investigated why is there still a case regarding this matter pending in Federal Court? If you are as your moniker indicates a “FSF” because of one pro athlete voicing his opinion you could not have been much of a fan.

  445. ugh says:

    mother = citizen. obama = citizen.

    1. Rich Shefferd says:

      Natural Born Citizen:
      a.- Both parents US citizens
      b.- Born on US soil.
      Obama is neither.

      1. shempus says:

        thank you.

      2. Lori says:

        Well said!

    2. jack wimsatt says:

      not so…born in USA to two US citizens!!!! as per original meaning of “natural born” citizen

    3. ugh is stupid says:

      its a constitutional question ugh about being qualified to be president. Go ugh yourself-you don’t know what you are talking about.

    4. shempus says:

      rrrrrnt. not so, simpletoniugh

  446. SallyAl says:

    Oh for heavens sake people! Barry Soetoro/Barak Obama is a DUAL citizen as he freely admits and so does our own State Department! He CANNOT be eligible for POTUS as such because of the possibility of dual loyalties. If dual citizens could be presidents, then a child fathered by Osama Bin Ladin with an American mother born in the US would be eligible. Do you not see the logic here?

  447. Dennis says:

    Luke Scott is absolutely right. Even John McCain, a war hero who suffered greatly for his country, had to prove in court that he was an American citizen! Why doesn’t Obama? I do not consider him the legitimate President until he produces a long form certificate, not the short form one that can be obtained by anyone not actually born in Hawaii.

  448. ladylove says:

    He should be fired!!!! He is a shame and a disgrace to baseball, America’s favorite sport

    1. lyle says:

      He is a shame and a disgrace to baseball, America’s favorite sport

      And Kenya’s favorite game also. Baseball cannot tolerate free speech. Luke should go straigt to the dungeon.

    2. Mitch says:

      Oh, I thought you were going to say Obama should be fired. That makes a WHOLE lot more sense to me. OR we could just watch as the economy continues to spiral further out of control. Yeah, let’s do THAT.

    3. Jason says:

      What??!! Don’t be stupid.

      1. Jason says:

        I was referring to ladylove, not Luke Scott. This thread is not formatted very well…

    4. Tim says:

      Baseball is nowhere near America’s favorite sport. NASCAR and Football are both much more popular.

      Luke Scott is a gullible idiot, but being an idiot is also a fairly popular American sport. If this were grounds for dismissal, unemployment would hover around 65%.

  449. Brian Gomez says:

    Luke Scott…U Must be a REDneck!!!!!! LMAO

  450. Harry Richard says:

    And believe me many feel the same way. This will not go away, and his logic is just fine with me.

    Obama is a fraud. Now even the left knows it. I love watching them squirm as he makes any deal he needs to stay in power.

  451. birther101 says:

    God Bless Luke Scott

  452. opheliajjj says:

    I just don’t understand why, if he is a natural-born citizen, he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars itn fighting the simple obvious solution — just let them show your long-form birth certificate with the name of the delivery doctor and the name of the hospital on it. Further, why refuse to release your student records from university? For the past many years this has been done. What information in yours is it that, quite obviously, you don’t want seen? If you want all this talk and speculation to end, you could stop it very easily by releasing the information that all other candidate release when a question arises.

  453. James says:

    As important as his birthplace maybe, the most important fact is ‘WHERE DID HE GROW UP?’ That place is Indonesia, thats where he got his world views and religious beliefs.Where a person grows up and the culture he is raised in is MUCH more important then where he was born. The radical Islamic nation of Indonesia did a fine job raising this little Marxist- a fact the maistream media spent no time investigating

  454. dan says:

    All of WASHINGTON knows he’s a commie fraud only the blacks and the libs will vote for this creep

    1. SHOOTER12 says:

      Well, almost Dan…you forgot about the millions of illegal aliens he wants to give amnesty to. Talk about a built in voter base…whoaaaa

  455. jack wimsatt says:

    “natural born” citizen used to mean born in USA to two US citizens…the only thing we know for sure is that his dad was a Kenyan…proof of US birth not provided nor really needed knowing what we do know

  456. James says:

    As important as his birthplace maybe, the most important fact is ‘WHERE DID HE GROW UP?’ That place is Indonesia, thats where he got his world views and religious beliefs.Where a person grows up and the culture he is raised in is MUCH more important then where he was born. The radical Islamic nation of Indonesia did a fine job raising this little Marxist- a fact the maistream media spent no time investigating

  457. Jamess says:

    As important as his birthplace maybe, the most important fact is ‘WHERE DID HE GROW UP?’ That place is Indonesia, thats where he got his world views and religious beliefs.Where a person grows up and the culture he is raised in is MUCH more important then where he was born. The radical Islamic nation of Indonesia did a fine job raising this little Marxist- a fact the maistream media spent no time investigating

  458. Ernesto says:

    Scott had a better year than Obama…
    better than Obama’s economy, too –
    so he’s got a right to speak his mind.

    1. wordtypist says:

      I guess scott had a good year, if you think failing at your job almost 3 of every 4 attempts is good.

  459. ESH says:


  460. frank hackett says:

    The dumbest pople are the birthers it his color that bothers them,

  461. darryl says:

    Scott is way out in left field on this one. I wonder what Lukie-poo thinks about Jackie Robinson being a real American (in addition to All-American)..

  462. Bill Zimmer says:

    Yes, Luke Scott! Hooray!

    Barry Soetoro is anti-American and that is as plain as the nose on my face.

  463. Emerson says:

    Obama’s a citizen. We’re just not sure if it’s of Kenya or Indonesia.

    As to the U.S., people 50 years from now will look back and ask, how the heck did they elect this ineligible guy? My guess is two years from now it will come out…and we’ll spend 10 years fixing up the legislation, executive orders that were invalid because he was.

  464. Geezy says:

    He showed it, he published it, he had the state certify it as a legal and genuine. Rednecks can say whatever they want. Didnt know Baltimore still had a team. I had family die in the illegal oil chase of the Cheney administration. You may not like Obama, but he your didn’t children die for his lies. But ultimately, I dont agree with this guys statements or opinions, but I will die for his right to express them.

    1. RJ says:

      GEEZY, let us remember Iraq had WMD, it is proven, Hussien (not Barack Hussien but Sadam) committed genocide on the Kurds with them (gas bombs) killing 600k of them. because we did not find any more does not mean he did not have them, history proves he did. BTW the one Obama produced was a short form, not the original long form. I think when the other party takes over the house there may be an investigation, now that would be a drama.

  465. Mike says:

    You are entitled to your opinions, but not your facts. Obama as shown a real birth certificate than numerous media members have viewed and declared legitimate. Hawaii’s Department of Health also certified that Obama was born there. Now, can we talk about stuff that actually matters, like the debt, tax rates, the wars we’re fighting?

    1. Bob says:

      Hey stupid, can you tell me why he has spent over two million dollars to hide his real birth certificate and all his paperwork from his schools that he attended down through the years.

      1. Ed Darrell says:

        He didn’t spend $2 million to defend. That claim was an April Fool’s joke.

        Pretty bad when you get suckered in by an April Fool’s prank, and that’s your best argument.

        Here’s the website of the April Fooler:

    2. Omega2 says:

      For the true plce of OBUUUMA’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE is in the book of RECORDS in MORASA, KENYA. His PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER has stated it 2 years ago at which time she was told to CLAM UP. You want proof? Fly to Kenya and look at it.

      1. Lew says:

        There is a report where a Kenyan government official stated that Obama is a native Kenyan. I have read other reports of Kenyans saying that he was born in Kenya. This report is the first one I have seen by a Kenyan actually holding a high governmental position. Is the man a liar? No one in Kenya challenged his statement! http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=139481

      2. MYSTI says:


    3. BrendaLou says:

      Wrong, he has shown a generic HI birth certificate, not his official birth certificate. Get your facts straight.

    4. lew says:

      Two unanswered questions point to the conclusion that Obama is not a natural born citizen (1) Why didn’t this person prove his natural born citizen qualification before Senator Leahy’s Committee as was REQUIRED for John McCain? (2) Why were charges dropped against two military officers for refusing orders based on their position that he is not a natural born US citizen, thus not constitutionally our president.. Please refer to LTC. Lakin’s explanation at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/04/president_obama_needs_to_prove_1.html

    5. miguel torres says:

      Obama has never shown a real/legal birth certificate and it is important because if he was not born here, then everything he has done is illegal. Why he does not produce the real thing? Maybe because it does not exist. He has spent a lot of money trying to shut up people that do not believe he is natural born citizen, so as Mike says, something is not right here.