BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Police raid a house for drugs and they find dogs in there, too.

 Gigi Barnett reports that police are deep into a dog fighting investigation.

 City officers burst through the door of a house in Northwest Baltimore on Friday evening looking for drugs. Instead they found six pit bull terriers. The tell-all sign of dog fighting marked the animal’s faces, legs and ears.

 “They’re all emaciated,” said Jennifer Brause, BARCS executive director. “You can see their spine, their ribs. Some of them have very fresh wounds. Their faces are swollen.”

 In addition to the dogs — which include a 3-month-old puppy–police also seized a treadmill and heavy chains. It’s the equipment used to make the dogs fierce.

 “Another thing that they had was something they call a bite ball that hangs from the ceiling where they actually lift the dog up, have them bite on the ball and leave the dog hanging so that is strengthens its jaw and its neck,” Brause said.

 A neighbor who doesn’t want to be identified says the house was always buzzing with activity and dogs.

 “They were barking real loud,” said the neighbor. “I peeped out the window, and I saw them trying to let them fight each other.”

 Now the dogs are recovering at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) shelter. Their dog fighting days are over. After an investigation, the shelters director hopes all of them will be rehabilitated.

“Overall, everyone’s doing pretty well,” Brause said. “They’re all very friendly animals.”

Police also recovered some drug paraphernalia. So far, officers have not yet released the names of suspects involved.

Donations to support veterinary treatment for these dogs, as well as other sick and injured shelter animals, can be made to the shelter’s Franky Fund.  Click here for more information.

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  1. Pam says:

    It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of pain and grief that people are able to so callously inflict on those smaller and weaker, be it animal or human. Those worthless pieces of garbage deserve a lot more than current laws will do to them. I only hope and pray that KARMA was watching.

  2. Lady Anne says:

    We have had two pit bulls, one of which was a fight ring rescue. Sweeter, nicer dogs are hard to imagine. They are good with our cats, let our grandchildren climb all over them, etc. Thisi s NOT a vicious breed, unlike the humans who frequently choose to own them. I really wish the law came down a LOT harder on people such as Michael Vick and his ilk.

  3. rdnkkkgrl says:

    yeah they wont let us have chicken fights y have dog fights and chickens dont kill and mutilate people and babies the dogs do

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