WJZ viewers share their thoughts about how drunk driving affected their lives.

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  1. Janet says:

    It was my former husband who was drinking at a party Christmas Eve and on the way home he hit a car and broke a woman’s leg, he was arrested and I have a baby at home and our whole holiday was bad because I felt so very sorry for the poor woman and family. The drinking ended our 14 year, 3 sons, marriage. I hate to see anyone drink, even a few drinks, it hurts me inside all over again.

  2. Mila Bowman says:

    In 2005 my brother was riding his motorcycle on Main st, in Reisterstown at 2:00 in the morning after drinking with his friends. He was speeding, and took his eyes off the road for a second. In that second, a dumpster truck was backing out of a commercial driveway, and my brother hit the back corner of the stuck. He broke his neck, and died instantly. The impact broke the buckle on his helmet, sending it flying, and he flew off the bike, and landed on the curb, busting his skull. He was 20.
    Most people share stories on how others who drive drunk cause accidents. This stories is to show that the family of the drunk driver, can not only hurt other people, but their families as well.

  3. Brandi says:

    In June of this year, My father was riding his motorcycle after dropping a friend off. A man who had been drinking backed out of a bar parking lot and ran over my father. He broke his foot to the point that bones were poking out and had some broken ribs. Now my father is disabled and has already had 2 surgeries to improve his walking. He can’t work anymore and struggles to pay his bills. All of this because some guy wanted to have a few drinks and thought he was ok to drive.

  4. Debbie Austin says:

    A drunk driver took the life of my husband 33 yrs ago and left me with a 8 month old and 3 yr old….we did not have the laws then to protect us and the fool got off scott free…and he even claimed bank ruptsy and left us with all of the hospital bills because he did not have insurance and we had bare min uninsured motorist insurance that did not cover 10 days in shock trama…..We had a very difficult time and we did without a lot but we made it…..but ot be honest we are still paying for things and my credit stinks because of all of the bills that we had and could never pay……I hate drunk drivers…..they need the book thrown at them

  5. Penny says:

    In September of this year myself and two g/f’s were on our way home from a daycare class and a drunk driver hit us…We all had minor injurys went to the hospital and released thank God it could have been worse. But now Im so afraid of being a passenger i only feel comfortable if im in the drivers seat… i was a passenger in this accident so I think thats why I still have such a fear of driving. Just because someone thought they could drive DRUNK.

  6. Dave says:

    My Father’s Day, 2009 started at 0530 in the morning with our lab barking at the door. We woke up and my wife went to open the door (thinking it was our daughter). She was greeted by 2 Maryland state troopers and quickly came and got me. They had come to tell me that my oldest daughter was killed a few hours earlier by a drunk driver on I-70. Mary-Kathryn was 21 years old when her life was taken from her. She didn’t have a chance to graduate college, to get married, to start a career, or to have children.

    If you choose to drink and drive and cause an accident, please realize you are not only changing the course of your life, but the lives of several people around you. I miss Mary-Kathryn very much but know she’s in good hands with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    No parent should have to go through what we have gone through. No parent should have to bury a child.

  7. sarah says:

    Nobody died as a result of my story but it still had devastaing effects on the lives of my brother and I. Both of our parents were drunks.When I was two ,Lucas was one my father was pulled over for drinking and driving.Lucas and I both under two had no restraints ,no seat belts, nothing.When we were 6 and seven after shawn had left us my mother got caught drinking and driving,we were in school . she went to jail that afternoon. We came home to an empty house and noone knew we were there alone until the next day. lucas isdisabled and He was flipping out the entire time. My grandmother came for us and took us in ,but mom was in jail for 4 years. I still have abandonment issues as an adult. i have trouble making friends or getting a job because i cant trust people and because as a result of her drinking i often didn’t go to school. drunk driving has an impact that can last a lifetime,and for the children of drunk drivers it can have an impact that nobody realizes is there until its too late to do any good and people will deny what they cant see.nobody has to die or be injured for lives to be ruined

  8. Robert Taylor Jr. says:

    Well in the beginning of 2009 My mother was driving down I-97 merging onto I-695 Outer loop. The car in front of her stopped short. My mother was relieved to see that she didn’t hit the girl in front of her. She then looked into her rearview mirror and saw a pickup truck in the distance coming at full speed. She then heard the screeching sound of brakes behind her. She gripped the wheel and started to pray. She was hit by a drunk driver while stopped on the interstate. His collision caused my mother to hit the person in front of her causing damage to both of their cars. To this day a year later she is absolutely paranoid to drive. Infact if there is bad weather such as rain going on she refuses to drive. I’m not sure what his BAC level was but we has arrested at the scene and charge. Still my mother lives in fear when she drives that she’ll be hit again.

    Please folks don’t drink and drive. It will not only ruin your life but the lives of the people you affect!

  9. Leslie Shepley says:

    In 2004 my mother-in-law was killed by a 19-yr-old drunk driver. It devastated our family. I read one of the victim impact statements at the murderer’s trial. It was probably one of the hardest things I had ever done. I have had to watch my husband suffer from losing his mother in this awful way. He would go to stores and have to leave because a woman there would look like his mom. He would see a car like her’s and just be in anguish. It is now 2010, and he still grieves, but it is not as intense as it was. This is the first time in 7 years we have a real Christmas tree, because Mom used to go and cut one down for us. I am not a going to be a hypocrite and say I have never drank and drove, but since the day I heard my husband’s voice crying, “She’s dead, she’s dead” I have not drank and drove again. PLEASE, if you drink, have a designated driver, take a cab, bus or walk home. Do not destroy another family and your own, just for alcohol or drugs.

  10. Bert and Sharon Robertson says:

    A drunk driver killed our eight year old son many years ago (1981) but the memories are vivid and still painful. We have been trying to make a difference by speaking to anyone that will listen and were around for the early days of MADD. Jerry Turner (WJZ News Anchor) came to our home for a series of reports about drunk driving. Drunk driving was an issue then and it still is. I am attaching a link with his reports. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXUpHH1do2s
    The Canadian film board also made a short movie (13 minutes) about drunk driving and our son. Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5Ldx1xXlIQ Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37QJkPQQHFY Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w3x9kroT2Y

    1. Linda Turner says:

      Hi Bert! So nice that a news media is doing this isn’t it? I’m glad to see you posted as well. All those years of us doing Victim Impact Panels…. wish we didn’t have to!

      The public needs to be aware of this every single day!
      Linda Turner

  11. Cassie says:

    On July 21, 2009, my husband (than boyfriend) left his uncle’s house on his motorcycle and headed to work at 9 in the morning. Not even a block away from his uncle’s house, he was hit by an SUV going an estimated 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. The man driving the SUV did not even attempt to hit his breaks, and once contact was made with the motorcycle he continued to accelerate and the motorcycle and the SUV smashed into a utility pole. Meanwhile my husband was thrown off of his motorcycle, and into another SUV, where a teenager had done the responsible thing and pulled over to look for a CD before continuing on his way ( I actually feel sorry for the kid…can you imagine trying to explain that to your parents?). My husband’s uncle heard the accident and ran to see what had happened. After calling the paramedics, he looked around to see if there was anyone else who could confirm what had happened and there was only the kid in the SUV who was stopped, the man in the SUV who had caused the accident, and my husband. Now mind you my husband is a very vigilant motorcyclist, he is aware of his surroundings at all times, and if he says that his light was green and he had the right of way, I truly believe he’s right. By the time the cops had taken the man to the police station he blew a .08 which is considered to be illegal. So imagine what is blood alcohol level was when the accident occurred. My husband, thankfully, only received a fractured pelvic bone, fractured calcaneus’s, and minor abrasions. This man was only charged with DWI and DUI, not attempted manslaughter. My husband being a recovering alcoholic had asked that this man not receive jail time but have mandatory counseling. Because of this accident my husband was in physical therapy for at least 9 months and he was passed over a promotion that he was next in line for. Also we have an insane amount of medical bills, because the cops went back and found a “witness” that claimed that the SUV had the right of way. This “witness” was not present when my husband’s uncle had arrived on the scene moments after the accident occurred. This “witness” even though subpoenaed for the criminal case did not make an appearance. Because of how Maryland law is written, and there is the slightest chance my husband was at fault he can not go after this man civically to recuperate expenses. Also another wonderful detail, in a civil case in the state of Maryland, you can not mention that a person was intoxicated in order to prove wrong doing. Out of this horrible situation some wonderful things have occurred though, a man who needs help will receive it, we made some wonderful new friends, and we have a beautiful 6 month old son! But please, if you have had even a little bit of alcohol do not drink and drive!

  12. Paula says:

    My husband had a drink with guys he used to work with at 11am, then walked home. At 7pm he was pulled over. The officer said he was doing 79mph when they were both at a red light and since it was 7pm in december and he was in shorts he could not walk a straight line. My husband has spent 8 weekends in jail, 5k in legal fees, 10k in court fees, 3k in so called theropy and $120 a month for a mechine for his car. Even drinking one and driving within a day will cost you alot of money and your future.

  13. Lorraine Kaehler says:

    My girlfr

  14. Lorraine Kaehler says:

    My girlfriend, a legal social worker, working on becoming a law activist and lawyer for women’s right was helping me to fight profoundly cruel abusive and political relationships in my life. She gave me moral empathy and assrtive skills where I had none before. She was killed by a drunk driver in a head-on collision in Kanuary 22, 1995, No legal action was taken against the drunk dirver. She was also a mother of two girls. I miss her dearly and have not been able to find any friendships with the kind of moral social values or empathy we shared together —the legal support she offered since her death

  15. Sean says:

    buzzed driving is drunk driving I think

  16. April says:

    While my husband was at work he was hit by a drunk driver in his patrol car while he was transporting a person to the hospital. He was forced to retire since he could not perform his everyday duties at work due to his injuries. He has taken a pay cut and has a lot of health problems now from the accident.

  17. Linda Turner says:

    My husband was killed by David Carouge a drunk driver 11 years ago in Easton MD. He was driving the wrong way down Rte 50 and hit my husband head on. David was a .21 almost 3 xs the legal limit. He walked away without a scratch and then only served 10 months in jail wiith work release every day! On top of that, he never even lost his license! Not even for a day!

    My husband was only 28. He was a decorated Marine and awarded community volunteer. My son was just an infant and I was the youngest widow at 31.

    David Carouge robbed me and my son of a wonderful husband and father. My son WILL NEVER HAVE A DAD!!! That is NOT FAIR! WE have suffered every single day since the death and will suffer our entire life! Life has not been worth living without Kurt, but some how we have survived.

    The worst thing is that this can happen to anyone who’s on the roads! NO ONE IS IMMUNE! I never thought this would happen to me and it did. If you drive on our roads, beware! You can be the next victim! And yet our MD politians that pass the laws DO NOT CARE! They continue to shoot down tougher legislation that myself and groups like MADD work on every year. Unfortuantely, until it happens to them, they will continue to turn their backs on us past and future victims.

    1. Bert and Sharon Robertson says:

      Linda is a courageous young lady that we know from her speaking at victim impact panels. To be so young and so much to look forward to, in the blink of an eye, having her son and her entire future changed by a thoughtless man should be unthinkable. But it continues to happen every day. Even through our own loss and pain we still wonder how this marvelous lady copes every day. Before you decide to drink and drive (and it is your decision) please think of Linda and not be the one to cause another tragedy such as this.

  18. Elaine says:

    My husband’s best man was killed by a drunk driver while sitting at a traffic light on Bel Air Road.

    What a loss to the world, the Baltimore City Fire Dept, and our lives.

  19. Frank J. Buchacz says:

    Frank J. Buchacz
    Home City: Baltimore, MD
    Age: 26
    Crash Anniversary: July 9, 2003

    Frank’s life tragically ended, our lives forever shattered, our hearts ripped apart and filled with pain when our son was tragically killed by a driver who knowingly, willfully and negligently chose to drive a vehicle while impaired by alcohol and drugs.

    He chose to turn left into the path of Frank’s vehicle hitting Frank head on killing him instantly.

    Frank was our first child, a special gift from God. Now he is a precious memory of special times. The offender was sentenced to only three (3) years. Frank and his family were given a life sentence.

    We pray that no other family needs to suffer this painful but preventable loss of life although we know it is all too common for someone who is impaired to feel is acceptable to drink and drive.

    Please don’t drink and drive.

    1. karen says:

      I understand your pain. On October 3rd , my 19 year old grandson was killed by a drunk driver. It is something you will never get over. The laws need to be changed to fit the crime.It is just like putting a loaded gun to someones head , if you drink and drive.This will be our 1st Christmas without him, i dont know how we will get through it

  20. brittany says:

    On September 5th 2005, I lost a friend named Zachary David Ondrish. He was like a big brother to me. His sister, christiana was one of my best friends. He was a passenger out of five people. Another boy died as well and the others were seriously injured. As a young woman, seeing what Zacharys family went through and his friends I learned you dont need to drink to have fun. And if you do drink please be responsible for the sake of innocent people who could easily become victims. I will always remember Zachary and hope our young.generation will learn from these tragedies.

  21. Michael Kakalec says:

    On April 26 1985 at 12:06 am my brother had turn twenty one 2 weeks before, had applied to Baltimore county police and was awaiting the reply. He was giving a friend a ride home and they were sitting at the traffic light at Ingelside ave and Security Blvd. The individual came off of Rt 70 speeding hit the medium flipped over hit my brother car and knocked it 30 feet back.. My brother was killed instantly, his passenger was a vegetable for many years and lost a leg, never the same again. The criminal received a slap on the wrist because the Judge didn’t want to ruin his life. My family has never been the same, especially my mother she to this day doesn’t allow drinking in her house and gets upset when any of my brothers or sister has a drink. While the pain can fade, it never goes away, we still miss him especially around Christmas and Easter. The individual was killed in a drug deal 10 years after the accident.

    1. Linda Rostkowski Turner says:


      The Judge Horne in Talbot County told me exactly this when he was sentancing David Carouge, “I don’t want to ruin two lives out of this”… meaning that he didn’t want to ruin David Carouges life so he gave him the light sentance that he did… Disgusting isn’t it?? Why not ruin his life? He took my husband’s life and pretty much mine and my son’s life too!!!


  22. Diane says:

    In November 2009, our good friends were killed by a drunk driver. They were headed out hunting early in the morning and were hit head on. It wasn’t the guys first offense. The 3 people that were killed were parents and grandparents. Many hearts were broken that day. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them. Hopefully the judge in Harford County will put an end to his drinking a driving.

  23. Dj says:

    11/2010 i got in the car with a drunk driver and slammed into a steel/concrete beam going around 45 mph, it could be compared to a dummy crash test, it was tramatizing and didnt need happen, i was sober, but when some people are drunk they lie and insist they can drive, iam glad i had my seatbelt on. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE PLEASE it is not cool.

  24. Karen says:

    My husband was hit by a drunk driver (while he was walking on the sidewalk) over 50 years ago prior to the days of multi-million dollar law suits; when DWI was not a big deal in our society. He has dealt with the pain, ridicule (due to the way he walks) and innumerable hospital/doctor visits. God has kept him out of the wheelchair (was told he would be in one at age 11) and given him many other gifts. Unfortunately due to the significant medical visits he would no longer be able to hold down a full-time job. But he still remains an asset to society in many ways, including speaking and teaching engagements and by being self-employed. I can’t even imagine what he could have contributed to society had he not been disabled as a young child. PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE !

  25. Lynn says:

    On october 3 2003, My mother hit and killed a 15 year old girl. It totally runined her families life and mine. I was a asenior in high school and had to drop out because of threats againist my life. Its been almost 8 years and still there are alot of hard feeling towards my mother for what shes done and towards me over something that I cannot control. If anything has come from this other than tragedy, it’s that I know I will never make the same mistake as her

  26. Rosa Maria Smith says:

    My big sister was killed on Thanksgiving Day 2007by a drunk driver. He was from another country and after he was treated at Shock Trauma , he left the U.S.and was never arrested. I had just wrote a play 3 months earlier about drunk driving and got to see most of my story come true in my own life.

  27. eric says:

    on dec 15 th 2010 my loving daughter and 8 mo old unborn son were killed by a driver going the wronway on a 2 lane didved highway in mechanisburg pa she touched so many lives and left a lasting impresssion. on aug 22nd i walked her down the isle and 4 mos lateer im kisinng her and her casket to the day i hope in my heart for all the families invlolved something good a silver lining if u will comes out of all this for all

  28. Christine Bowen Stran says:

    My son’s friend was killed by a drunk driver while she was walking down the street. She was on the side of the road, not in the middle. She was only 19. He called police and said he thought he “ran over something”, but couldn’t find anything. He was charged with drunk driving, nothing more.

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