It the home stretch of the 2010 season as we only have three games left.  Only one team has clinched a playoff spot and that’s the red-hot New England Patriots.  As for me I went 10-6 last week to bring my season total to 130-78.  Here are my week 15 picks.

49ers (5-8) vs. Chargers (7-6) –San Diego shut out KC in a huge division win for them, of course no Matt Cassel helped the Chargers cause.  San Fran also had a great performance but it was against a bad Seattle team.  San Diego needs to keep winning to have any chance at the playoffs, this one wont be tough for them.  PREDICTION—CHARGERS

Browns (5-8) vs. Bengals (2-11) –The Battle of Ohio will have a reversal of fortunes this time around.  Usually the Bengals are the better of the two teams but that’s not the case this year.  Cleveland is the better team only if Jake Delhomme is not the QB.  Even if he is this week I still like the Browns.  PREDICTION—BROWNS

Redskins (5-8) vs. Cowboys (4-9) –I don’t things get any worse in the Nations Capital.  There was even talk of starting Rex Grossman over McNabb, words can’t describe how idiotic that is.  For Dallas even in losses they have looked like a better team under Jason Garrett.  This game wont be close.  PREDICTION—COWBOYS

Texans (5-8) vs. Titans (5-8) –Houston has the worst luck in the NFL.  Four times they have been down by 14 in the fourth quarter and have come back to tie or lead and then still lose the game.  Tennessee’s season has completley fallen apart and Randy Moss continues to be a ghost in their game plan.  Houston has the better offense so ill take them.  PREDICTION—TEXANS

Jaguars (8-5) vs. Colts (7-6) –Indianapolis finally looked like their old selves in a big win over Tennessee last week.  Jacksonville hung tough and beat a scrappy Oakland team in a shootout.  I feel like the Jags are a better team but the extra rest for Peyton Manning has to benefit the Colts.  PREDICTION—COLTS

Chiefs (8-5) vs. Rams (6-7) –You can’t give St. Louis enough credit for how they have played this year especially with the lack of weapons on that team.  Kansas City found out last week how important Matt Cassel is to their success.  Unlike most people i still have faith in the Chiefs, they need this game.  PREDICTION—CHIEFS

Bills (3-10) vs. Dolphins (7-6) –Miami is coming off a huge win over division rival New York and still have slim hope at the postseason.  Buffalo got a win at least last week but their season is still lost and traveling down to a Miami team after their big win doesnt bode well.  PREDICTION—DOLPHINS

Lions (3-10) vs. Buccaneers (8-5) –Detroit is well Detroit they are having another dismal season but they did have a bright spot last week in defeating Green Bay.  Tampa continues is season of being undefeated against losing teams and winless against winning teams, Detroit has a losing record.  PREDICTION—BUCCANEERS

Cardinals (4-9) vs. Panthers (1-12) –Arizona out of nowhere destroyed Denver last week at home.  There is not much good to say about Carolina’s season at all.  In fact there isn’t anything good, Arizona is a bad road team but Carolina is just plain bad.  PREDICTION—CARDINALS

Saints (10-3) vs. Ravens (9-4) –The Saints are maybe playing their best football coming into week 15.  The Ravens showed on national television that they have some closing issues.  I like the fact the Ravens are home but if Matt Schaub can throw for 393 yards, I shudder to think what Drew Brees can do.  PREDICTION—SAINTS

Eagles (9-4) vs. Giants (9-4) –All week leading into this game I was leaning towards the Giants for them being home and the outstanding running game they have.  Steve Smith is done for the year for the Giants, that’s huge.  Mike Vick continues to have an MVP type season and the Eagles will need that type of performance Sunday.  PREDICTION—EAGLES

Falcons (11-2) vs. Seahawks (6-7) –Even with their losing record the Seahawks are still in the playoff hunt and could still win the west.  Atlanta continues to roll and stake claim to being the best in the NFC.  This game wont be easy for the Falcons but one they should definetly win.  PREDICTION—FALCONS

Jets (9-4) vs. Steelers (10-3) –Is any team falling faster or harder than the New York Jets right now?  In a word no.  The Jets have not scored a TD in their last two games and now they travel to Pittsburgh.  As a Ravens fan I would love to see Pittsburgh lose but the way the Jets are playing I don’t see it happening.  PREDICTION—STEELERS

Broncos (3-10) vs. Raiders (6-7) –Darren McFadden had a career day for the Raiders last week and it still wasnt enough for them to win.  Denver’s season has been over for a while and you have to wonder how long until we see Tim Tebow getting some serious action.  Tebow or no Tebow nothing will help the Broncos this week.  PREDICTION—RAIDERS

Packers (8-5) vs. Patriots (11-2) –New England and more specifically Tom Brady are playing out of their minds right now.  As if the Packers havent had enough injury problems now Aaron Rodgers is questionable with the concussion he suffered the last week.  Even if Rodgers does play I don’t think anything can stop the Pats.  PREDICTION—PATRIOTS

Bears (9-4) vs. Vikings (5-8) –Well because of the Metrodome roof collapsing this game will be played outdoors in the bone chilling cold.  The only thing colder than the temperature is the Vikings.  The Bears could use a big win here and whether of not Favre plays Chicago should get it.  PREDICTION—BEARS

Andy Snakovsky – 1057 The Fan staff writer

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Comments (5)
  1. FeistyCV4#83 says:

    YES YES YES I’m loving your predictions for my Patriots!!! THEY ARE ON FIRE!! Thank you. BTW Born and raised in Cape Cod, Mass no band wagon fan here!!

  2. cyrus says:

    As you say Raven have no chance

  3. Andy Snakovsky says:

    @ Cyrus I wouldnt say the Ravens have no chance but you cant like their chances the way the got torched against Houston.

  4. Escuela de Poker says:

    holla amigos mi nombre es Fernanda y creo que su pagina web es muy trabajado, buen espacio hay gustad mucho!:)
    excusa mi mal espanol!Sólo te falta un botón de traducción el resto tudo ok!

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