MOUNT AIRY, Md. (AP) — After a Mount Airy resident’s pet cat was killed by a steel trap in a neighbor’s yard, two residents went to the Town Council to get the devices banned. 

Inhumane animal traps were identified as a public nuisance and were barred effective Dec. 6. 

Mount Airy Mayor Pat Rockinberg says clamp and jaw-type animal traps will not be allowed in town. He said his concern was children who might accidentally get caught in a trap. 

Anyone who violates the ordinance could be fined up to $250. 

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Comments (2)
  1. Doug says:

    We’ll refer to this,as the cats’ tenth life. His last.

  2. Sher says:

    First of all I’m a cat owner. In Maryland we have leash laws for dogs, so why not for cats? A good pet owner would not allow their pets to roam. There is such a disease that is transmitted through cat feces called Toxoplasmosis. So meanwhile these good pet owners are allowing their cats to roam in yards. Then the cats use the gardens and kid’s sand boxes as litter boxes. So maybe these good cat owners should be fined up to $250.00. As for the children, as good parents we need to teach our children not to wonder onto property that is not theirs. That’s called teaching your children respect for other people, something that our society is lacking.

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