SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Police say Baltimore Orioles pitcher Alfredo Simon is the main suspect in the fatal shooting of a man in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican police said in a statement Sunday they believe Simon shot and killed Michel Castillo Almonte, 25, and wounded his 17-year-old brother during a New Year’s Eve dispute in the northeast coastal town of Luperon.

Police say they are searching for the pitcher in his Caribbean homeland. He was born in the northwest town of Santiago.

Orioles representative Felipe Alou Jr. says he has spoken with Simon and the relief pitcher insists he was not involved in the shootings.

Simon could face up to 30 years in prison if guilty.

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Comments (13)
  1. joe momma says:

    Get him Ray Lewis’ attorney…

  2. x says:

    Should have made that trade with Tampa Bay.

  3. Doug says:

    Joe. Agreed.
    Rich people can buy their freedom.
    As for us common folk,

    Step out of line, the man come and take you away

  4. oj says:

    “Orioles representative Felipe Alou Jr. says he has spoken with Simon and the relief pitcher insists he was not involved in the shootings. ”

    In other news most suspects say they are innocent.

  5. mp says:

    If Alou has spoken to Simon, why are the police still searching for him? If Simon is innocent, Alou should help him & police get together.

  6. Pine says:

    As a psychology graduate…I’ve always tried to understand the ignorance behind racist people. What do you hope to accomplish by hating your fellow human being (simply b/c of a difference in skin color). Animals don’t even behave this way…for a species that believe in an almighty lord (being) it kind of oxymoronic that we as human display this type of behavior. It’s a miracle we as a species have lasted this long with our self-destructive and hateful nature.

    1. Bryce Girardi says:

      Speak on it Pine

  7. pigeon says:

    SOB – this da-n site kicked me out again.
    Pine, you lost your needles. Nothing racist in any of the comments. You need therapy if you find racism in all remarks.
    OJ – you hit the nail on the head. In our land the law says innocent until proven guilty. Makes you wonder if the same holds true in the Dominican Republic.
    Don’t let him back in the USA until the matter is straightened out!

  8. Dave says:

    The way that Baltimore prides itself on having killers and murderers on it’s professional sports teams (Ray Lewis, Donte Stallworth), this guy will probably go from relief pitcher to manager or possibly even mayor….

  9. eric carter says:

    thats not good considering that the orioles are as bad as they r (though im a orioles fan)the last thing that the orioles need is for a good picher to slip away good thing that Derrek Lee (former chicago cub) signed a one year contract with the orioles…… thank the lord god almighty

  10. Dominicacan83 says:

    The press copy and paste and do not know or investigate anything. Alfredo Simon was to disperse a lawsuit is totally alien to him and the late lamented and wounded who fell very far from the place (there was no such discussion between them), Alfredo Simon is NOT a Criminal Offenders much less, if not all Conversely, a person who always helped his friends and townspeople. It is sensible to await the outcome of investigations. Peace to the soul of the deceased and comfort to their families.

  11. whatnow says:

    @Pine – you are the only one who mentioned race. @Dominicacan83 – huh? Who cares – baseball is dead.