GLEN ARM, Md. (WJZ) — An armed man who entered a home is dead, but did he die from the gunshots fired at him by the homeowner, or a shot he fired at himself?

Suzanne Collins has the bizarre story that played out Friday morning in Glen Arm.

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An armored police car raced by, headed to the parking lot at Sanders Corner Restaurant in Glen Arm. In the rear parking lot, police saw a man in a black truck take an AK-47, put it to his chin and then fire. 

The drama began at a stone house on Glen Arm Road a few moments before as neighbors looked on.

“She saw a pickup truck and the gentleman got out in I think maybe camo gear and a mask, and they kind of saw him walking toward there, and next thing I know was, I think, the gunshots. And I guess the pickup truck peeled out of here,” said Mike Lance, spectator.

Police say they were called to the home at 9 a.m. Friday for an armed intruder who’d made his way to the bedroom door where the woman who owned the home took action.

“The homeowner at the location fired several rounds at the burglar at that location, at which time the burglar also had a weapon and fired at the victim,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore CountyPolice.

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The victim was not hit, but the wounded suspect drove his truck to the nearby restaurant, which was about to open for the day.

“I saw a lot of lights and police cars and crime lab unit,” said Alice Teel, restaurant patron.

Restaurant patrons were surprised to hear that a woman shot an intruder and sent him fleeing.

“I wouldn’t want to kill anyone or shoot anyone, but I certainly would want to protect myself,” Teel said. “Everyone has the right to protect themselves.”

Will the homeowner be charged with shooting the intruder? The prosecutor must consider numerous factors, especially whether the female homeowner felt as though her life was in danger.

Police say nothing was taken from the home, and don’t know if the motive was burglary or something more sinister.    

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Police say there have not been other burglaries in the Glen Arm area.