GLEN ARM, Md. (WJZ) — An armed man who entered a home is dead, but did he die from the gunshots fired at him by the homeowner, or a shot he fired at himself?

Suzanne Collins has the bizarre story that played out Friday morning in Glen Arm.

An armored police car raced by, headed to the parking lot at Sanders Corner Restaurant in Glen Arm. In the rear parking lot, police saw a man in a black truck take an AK-47, put it to his chin and then fire. 

The drama began at a stone house on Glen Arm Road a few moments before as neighbors looked on.

“She saw a pickup truck and the gentleman got out in I think maybe camo gear and a mask, and they kind of saw him walking toward there, and next thing I know was, I think, the gunshots. And I guess the pickup truck peeled out of here,” said Mike Lance, spectator.

Police say they were called to the home at 9 a.m. Friday for an armed intruder who’d made his way to the bedroom door where the woman who owned the home took action.

“The homeowner at the location fired several rounds at the burglar at that location, at which time the burglar also had a weapon and fired at the victim,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore CountyPolice.

The victim was not hit, but the wounded suspect drove his truck to the nearby restaurant, which was about to open for the day.

“I saw a lot of lights and police cars and crime lab unit,” said Alice Teel, restaurant patron.

Restaurant patrons were surprised to hear that a woman shot an intruder and sent him fleeing.

“I wouldn’t want to kill anyone or shoot anyone, but I certainly would want to protect myself,” Teel said. “Everyone has the right to protect themselves.”

Will the homeowner be charged with shooting the intruder? The prosecutor must consider numerous factors, especially whether the female homeowner felt as though her life was in danger.

Police say nothing was taken from the home, and don’t know if the motive was burglary or something more sinister.    

Police say there have not been other burglaries in the Glen Arm area.

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  1. fishy says:

    sounds fishy…she had a male come to her house..and then he fired at her..maybe its written wrong..but if not wheres the burglary?

    1. Bob says:

      If someone breaks into your home carrying an AK47, it’s obvious he’s not the cable guy, nor do you take the time to ask what you may do for them.

      1. omg1234 says:

        “She saw a pickup truck and the gentleman got out in I think maybe camo gear and a mask, and they kind of saw him walking toward there, and next thing I know was, I think, the gunshots. And I guess the pickup truck peeled out of here,” said Mike Lance, spectator….


    2. shishkabob says:

      Are you smolking crack? The hmoe owner rightfull stopped the CRIME before it escelated and cos tthe homeowner their life.

    3. bunder says:

      A person may not break and enter the dwelling of another with the intent to commit theft or a crime of violence

    4. omg1234 says:

      a gun is a gun…. he was a great guy going through hard times .. and no one knows the true story…. there for if you have no clue what happen or knew the guy you all need to shut up. scooby u will truley be missed we loved you so and … thoughts and prays to his family… hard time cause people to do crazy things

      1. shishkabob says:

        You just don’t get it. It doesn’t matter which type of gun he had, but it matters that he HAD a gun. He attacked someone. He was in their home. His motive or what he was going through does NOT change that or make what he did OK. What part of that don’t the simple minded people get? The rest of the story does NOT matter. While it is sad for everyone involved, even him, he got what would be expected for his actions. His relative adn family need to accept that and take responsibility. Sometimes peopel do crazy things which have bad results.

      2. boyscout says:

        I do not know of a single person that has gone through life without experiencing problems. However, breaking in to anothers home is a different story. I’m sorry to say I agree with the homeowner. She is a mom and knows how to protect her own. Come on people. Who in their right mind would put on camo gear and enter a house with an AK47…? Do we really need to be having this conversation?

    5. Kimmer Bella says:

      he was a local crackhead trying to rob her while her husband was at work…I know this dude grew up with him..he was a loser and whenever he did crack he lost control of his jaw however he devoloped a pill problem along the way…His dear frien noel mathews turned him on to the pills…

  2. joan says:

    Well they need to get more info on this because I live not to far from where this happened..

    1. shishkabob says:

      You ‘may’ (or may not) have a right to know what happened, but your statement “because I live not far…” suggests that you think you desrve special treatment or have more of a right to know that anyone else. There’s nothgihn special abotu you. Yep….shot himself. The home owner shot him as well and rightfully so. Just so happens he died from his self inflicted wound before he died of the one from the homeowner. I read all I need to read and know ALL abotu what happened. Sounds like you donlt though.

      1. Jo says:

        Gee Shishkabob could you be any more nasty? If I lived close to there I would want to know what was going on too… Geesh..

      2. joan says:

        That’s the problem with this world too many rude ass people. yea what if it was your mother that lived close or near you would want to know…

  3. YAY says:

    there have been a lot of burglaries in the area lately!! i’m glad she got him!

  4. Karen Lee says:


    1. Hmm says:

      And exactly how well do you know Scobby.. b/c I have known him for almost 20 years and I dont know ANYONE who would described him as being a “Good Guy”. The only person I feel for is his son!

      1. Family Friend says:

        First off if you knew him so well you would know that he did not have a son but a daughter. I knew Scooby my whole life and he may not have made the right decisions all the time but he had a good heart. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family.

      2. scoobys neice says:

        for the dumb ass who said he had a daughter your retarted because my uncle scoobys son is named robert stupid ass

      3. Truly says:

        Sounds like you know him oh so well! NOT. The man would give you the shirt off his back. Is it possible he was hunting and not in the house and the homeowner is now trying to cover her self since it says nothing about him being in the home at all? Please let me know where is son is, would love to meet the figment of your imagination

      4. Kerrie says:

        @Truly – if he was hunting and was not doing anything wrong, why would he then shoot himself in a restaurant parking lot instead of calling the police to report the woman who shot him while he was innocently hunting?? don’t think your idea matches with the outcome

      5. Crystal B. says:


      6. people care says:

        can not believe you people would put his son’s information on here. Are you nuts? He has enough to deal with losing his father without you rude people being able to track him down and put nasty messages on his Facebook page. Whoever thought this was a good idea just to prove a point that you know who his son is, well it is not. You need to get them to remove his information. I can’t believe people would drag a child into this. Get it off here.

      7. Patty- Momma says:

        For claiming to know him for 20 years you sure didnt know him well. Scooby was an amazing guy with a big heart. You have no right to judge him. You are not God. Until you have walked in his shoes you dont know what he was going through.

      8. Kimmer Bella says:

        tell me about it he is a thief he stole from friends and lied…he was an all out pig

    2. DISGUSTED says:


      1. DISGUSTED says:

        what the hell are you hunting with an AK47, you are a dumb ass!

  5. PS says:

    this really needs to be taken care of. its really scary that this is happening in glen arm because i live in glen arm. and its true there really has been more then 200 homes broken into in the glen arm area in the past 3 months. the cops lied.

  6. ken says:

    Close range. 12 gauge. No 2nd shot needed. Evidently the lady was using a pistola. Oh. The gentlema stepped out of his pick up. Give me a break. This guy shoots at you and you call him a gentleman. What do you call a guy with manners and not wishing to harm you.? Were wolf

  7. Karen says:

    He was a good person.He was a father, a son , a husband, and a friend to many. He will be greatly missed by many.RIP thoughts and prayers are with his family

    1. scoobys neice says:

      thank you so much for taking up for my uncle i cant belive he is gone i love him so much!

      1. rob says:

        Hey SIS I left my number on MySpace 4 u call me please love u

      2. GCF says:

        Just curious, but does your home have wheels?

    2. et says:

      He was not a good person. He broke inot a home with an AK47. If he had broken into my home he would not have made it to his truck. Good ridence to the dirtbag.and thank God that peopel can defend themselves against such evil.

    3. ezy says:

      This is why it is criticla for citizens to be able to arm themselves with legal concealed weapons. The criminals will always have guns no mater what the law is. He had an illegal assult gun, not the type of gun law abiding citizens own.

  8. hmmm says:

    if you were his friend he was good to you. god forgive you if you weren’t. he had changed though. he went down a much worse path then the one he was already on and no one was going to be able to save him. we all knew something bad was going to happen one day. i just wish the reports were more accurate. this was a drug deal gone bad and if you knew him, then you know it’s true.

    1. shishkabob says:

      Judging by your first sentence. It’s good that he is dead.

      1. scoobys neice says:

        it would be nice if u died dirt bag

      2. DISGUSTED says:

        you play you pay! He sounded like a burden on society! Maybe he kept all his drug dealin from his family but he was obvisouly guilty for something or he wouldn’t have shot himself, DUH!!!!!

  9. CSF2 says:

    response to PS: Yeah its crazy, the cops lied about this and so many cars and houses have been broken into in the glen arm area, and everyone that I talk to say the cops would not come to their houses to take a report but they would take a report over the phone. Its bull. And one person that I know had their house broken into and stuff was stolen and the cops took forever to come out to their home. Once the cop got their he said that he didn’t believe that their house was broken into, and just left and didn’t even take a report. They had jewelry and TVs and other stuff taken.

    1. shishkaqbob says:

      Cops may lie about other semi repated issues bt let’s keep the focus on this case. Forget the other burgleries. This guy broke into a home with an assult rifle. The homeowner defended their own life and proprty. The honme owner was withing the law and did the right thing. End of story.

  10. vinnie says:

    RIP scooby i know there is more to this story, hose who knew scooby knew he wanted for nothing in this life so he had no reason to rob somebodys house! he was there for a reason but i guess we will never know

    1. shishkabon says:

      regarless of his intent. He was in someone’s home and he was armed with an assult riffle. He was met with just fate.

  11. robbie says:

    He was my uncle I kno something is fishey even tho I really dident kno him that good rip uncle scoob big Rob

  12. CSF says:

    And the man who was shot knew the women because he used to work for her, but she later fired him. I know this because I know some of the firemen that responded to the house. And he came there with an AK-47 and started shooting at her so she shot back at him. Then he took his own life after he left in his truck. It is sad but the woman was only protecting herself.

    1. The Ionian says:

      Now this begins to make some sense! Burglars are not known to carry around something as blatantly obvious as an assault rifle. A real giveaway that all was not as it would seem there!

    2. Kimmer Bella says:

      it was his barbers wife…and from what i hear he kept alot of money in the house

  13. bip says:

    scoob u will be misssed if u didnt know him dont talk about him u dont know what happened

    1. partsman says:

      We know enough. He had an assult gun in someone elses home and fired at them. Nothign can justify that.

  14. vinnie says:

    ok well if hes trash then all these wasteoid bones that live off the system in this city must be the whole landfill!!! stop having kids and get a job u sparkley wiggles

  15. essex says:

    I know scoob he def went down the wrong path lost job his girl and was into drugs. As soon as I heard everyone I told that we hung wit the first four ppl said he was prob robing someone. He always had everything until drugs came into it. He was a good friend to alot of ppl and their is alot of ppl that is sadened by these events. He did know the victims and was lou the barbers wife that was there. He always said he would never go back to jail and meant it I guess. We will all miss him and I do feel for the familly. Please don’t judge it was a person who ran into some problems like any one can. Rip scoob and we will all mid you and ur crazy stunts on the jetskis and them long ass wheelys you could rid

    1. bip says:

      thats his buss why u got to say stuff only his close friends know

  16. scoobys neice nicole says:

    cause people are nosey & all up his ass & act like they know someone who didnt even kno their name soo..mind your buisness people!!…i love you uncle scooby & no matter what these haters say i kno you were the only person i wanted anything too do with out of the whole family i member i always wanted too see you & talk too glad you met your great neice before you passed but i wish that she would have got the chance too meet the coolest person in the world you where truely my idle & i wanna be just like you & race cars & ride jet skis & have nice things i love you uncle scooby & i hope i am where you are when i pass i love you

    1. partsman says:

      When someone attacks an honest law abiding citizen it becomes everyones business.

      1. KottaMan says:

        You bet is is!

    2. fisher` says:

      Would you still defend him if he had killed her instead of the way it shook out?

    3. help me says:

      Dear Scooby’s neice,

      Why on eartjh would you want to be just like your uncle? and you idolize someone that broke into someones home with an AK?

      Wow. This is what’s wrong with this country.

      1. scoobys neice says:

        ok that was not my uncle who did that you dont kno who my uncle really was nd yes i will idolize him for the rest of my life my uncle was more then someone who had a ak47 he was a 4wheeler a dirt bike rider a race car driver a father a uncle a son a brother a nepew he was much more then you will ever kno so i think you need too mind your buisness

    4. ccp says:

      Thank God he’s dead. Degenerate.

  17. Lauren says:

    Scooby was my sons godfather. May he rest in peace. May everyone making ignorant comments, please stop!

    1. Marshell says:

      And the rumors begin. Ms. Lauren D, when was the last time your son was with Scoob? That man is no longer here to confirm that the accusation’s that you have stated are True or False. But we do all know that he is not, nor was he ever your child’s godfather. Let that man Rest In Peace. Bless the Family and Friends that cared for and loved him. Also, everyone is entitled to an opinion weather it is Positive or Negative just as you have done!

    2. shishkabob says:

      who gives a rats ass if he was your sons gidfather.

  18. A Friend says:

    Ok, so now that we all are investigators and news reporters let’s leave the law up to the police..Sure everyone has an opinion but it doesnt need to be put out there this way..Yeah he has made some poor choices in his life just as you and I have, but thats life..Those who really knew him knew he was a great friend,father and husband..And no matter what happened today he will truly be missed by alot of people..The ones who are making him out to be a monster are pretty bad off considering he has a child that has to deal with hearing ur ignorance!! Some people have the nerve..

    1. shishkabob says:

      The right to defend against a thug with an assult rifle is not opinion but law.

  19. robbie says:

    Family friend u deff don’t kno him he had a son n its my cousin

  20. robbie says:

    Yall need 2 stop running your mouths if Yall don’t kno him there is deff sumtin wrong wit this love u uncle scooby wish I knew u better but one thing I do kno is u had 2 have a reason4 this

    1. Truth says:

      You write like a very educated person; one who’s capable of accurately determining someone’s motives and personality.

      1. The Ionian says:

        I’m glad you said that before I got a chance to. Have you noticed the blurbs from his …friends & relatives…?A really cool bunch there.
        Welcome to the dumbing down parade!

  21. KottaMan says:

    Hmm……”The prosecutor must consider numerous factors, especially whether the female homeowner felt as though her life was in danger.” A man inside your home with a firearm? Hah, he was merely going to ask to use the bathroom…. or put in a job application…. Give me a break!

    1. shishkabob says:

      yea….everyone breaks into houses with assult rifles to use the restroom. BOOM!!

  22. Just Me says:

    Regardless of the choices someone makes… they do not deserve to be spoken of this way… someone lost their life.. Remember that someone lost a son, and someone lost a father, and someone lost a husband, and many lost a friend. There is only one person that can judge any of us. I am almost positive that person is none of you…….

    1. shishkabob says:

      People are voiign their views and rightfulyl so. People need to do this and to stand up against thugs and crime in rder to end it. The concerned citizens are doing the right hitng.

    2. K says:


  23. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

    Wow to read these rude comments about some1’s death is very disturbing2 me especially of a person that I know n grew up with. Scooby’s (robert) life took a turn in life resulting into drug use. 4 the1s that dont know drug use is a disease that causes many lives daily. I know mr lou which is the husband of the woman. Mr lou is a very kind person and experienced a loss of his daughter years ago so I believe his will 4give scooby 4 his bad decision resulting in his death. I will pray 4 both families and it’s very heartbreaking 2 hear about this horrible story. Scooby starting working at a tow truck company since his teenage years and became a independent person and accomplished things in life. He recently took a wrong turn and lost a lot of things but the most valuable thing was his life.. I am not saying what scooby did was right because we all know that it was a very bad choice that he made but were not god and have no right 2 judge people. I can’t express enough how sad I feel 4 both of the families because they have experienced a lot of heartaches in life. At a young age scoobys father died and lost his girlfriend(gina) whom died in his arms . He survived all of that and found happiness again and got married, owned his own home so before 1 judges another just by bad choices, it’s a shame. Only god can judge not us! I will pray 4 mr lou’s wife because that had 2 be the scariest thing ever 2 find an intruder in her home and having 2 shoot some1 in fear of your life. My heart goes out 2 scooby’s mom and sister( tammy & elain) and hope in the future they will heal from this. Overall the whole situation is so very sad just so many lives are affected by this. RIP scooby you will be missed and 2 mr lou and his wife, hopefully time will heal. You all will be in my prayers.

    1. robbie says:

      Elaine my mom child hood there taking it really hard thanx 4 careing tho

      1. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

        could u tell them i feel so sorry 4 them. tell them i will be in contact will them or see them at the vewing. so sad

      2. rob says:

        Ok I will thanks man

      3. scoobys neice says:

        love you robbie…your my brother we needa stay in contact more

      4. rob says:

        Who is this

  24. Lauren says:

    To Marshell
    Your comment to me wasn’t appropriate or justified to what I put! I have paperwork stating so. Please get your FACTS straight before you criticize. If you know me personally, come find me to have further discussion as I personally will educate your ass! Thank you and and I will have you in my prayers for the week minded!

    1. Marshell says:

      Wow, Do you feel better Ms. Lauren D? None of this has anything to do with you, but for some reason you have made it all about you! All we ask is that you please dont make false statements regarding this Man thats it…. nothing more nothing less. God bless you and your child.

    2. Shishkabob says:

      What are you going to do to “Educate his ass”? Sounds like the type of threat that causes people to end up with the same fate as this scooby character. If I were you I;d be real careful of what you say to people.

  25. PhoenixResident says:

    Scary. AK-47. I feel no empathy for this man. But for his family, yes. Let the record show that if you mess with us “country folk”, be prepared for a shoot out. Most of us out here are locked and loaded. Lastly, there have been small robberies, as well, in the Phoenix/ Jacksonville area, that have gone unreported – statistically.

    1. Armed and Dangerous says:

      Same in Kingsville. Have been a bunch of robberies and home invasions lately. I own a home in a rural area and there have been a number of break-ins with one on my street in the last several weeks.

      While I feel sorry for those that lost Uncle Scooby, he would have met the same fate at my home: but the difference is that he would have never made it off my property alive.

      The folks in this area need to send a message to those that would plunder and rob our homes- break in with bad intent and you will die.

      1. StayOutOfOurHomesRednecks says:

        lol@Uncle Scooby.

  26. The voice of reason says:

    Ever wonder what the “problem” is in Baltimore? People defend the criminals and those who attempt to murder others (can you give me another reason why you would go to a house with an AK?) and claim they are “good people”. The children who see their parents calling these persons “good people” think that is the life they should live. Wonderful. 16 years from now another person will be arriving on a door step threatening a life because he wants to be a “good person”.

    1. shishkabob says:

      You are so right. One problem in Maryland is that the citizens are not alloowed…yet…to carry concealed. ONce they are permitted this right to carry….crimes will drop significantly adn the inocent peopel will begin to survive. The criminal will beconme closer to extinction.

  27. abc says:

    most of us all that live out here in glen arm all own guns. so if anyone wants to break in to ant houses around here, bring it on, you wont win. the glen arm area has had alot of home broken into lately

  28. bip; says:

    he was my hero i knew when he was he was a kid and grown up so shuit the f up

    1. shishkabob says:

      It becomes a problem when people shut up, and a worse problem when someone attempts to shut people up. Voices of honest good peopel need to be heard. Good citieens need to band together, arms themselves legally, and stomp out thugs. When someone does as this “Scooby” guy did, be prepared becasue people will be heard and you have no say so in it.

  29. ME says:

    Hey Shishkabob,
    Learn how to spell before you voice your worthless opinion to those in mourning! I think you even spelled your own name wrong at one point on here!!!

  30. Harry Callahan says:

    I am amazed by the barely-literate and nearly indeciperable responses by the family and friends of the dear, departed Mr. Scooby. It makes me wonder if any of them ever finished any formal schooling beyond the 3rd grade.

    In any event, the one Phoenix resident was correct about home owners arming themselves. I have, for the last 30 years, always answered the door at my home in Lutherville with a loaded firearm in my hand ready to take the life of anyone who approaches my home with bad intentions as Mr. Scooby obviously did.

    Ciminals beware! We are out here waiting for you to approach. Get ready to meet Jesus once you enter my home uninvited. Regardless of your age, race, sex, or “what a good person you are or were once you made a bad decision”, you will never leave my property alive.

    1. Reality Check says:

      Fake named (read: chickenpoop) Harry Callahan should probably use his “spell-check” button before accusing others of not finishing the 3rd grade.

      On topic:
      No sorrow here for druggies who die due to their habit. However, I can’t help but wonder what all these “friends” and “family” members did to actually help the man they all claim to know, who supposedly had major drug problems…If he was such a good guy, why didn’t any of you HELP him before he got this bad??? Maybe you all would be visiting him in a rehab, instead of at a funeral home. Just saying…..

      1. K says:

        Then may someone in your family go down that path oneday! as an addict you have to want help and it takes rock bottom before that usually happens. Remember that it might be of value to you someday!

  31. S. says:

    It is really sad to see how quick people are to judge. Especially since this man’s family can see all of the derogatory statements that you people are posting. Should a man’s life worth really be decided off of a single action? I am not saying that I condone his actions but who are you all to judge? Take a step back and put yourself in the family’s position and imagine the things that you are putting on the internet for them to see. It is pretty disgusting.
    I did not know Scooby but my sister did and from what I here he was a really good friend that was having an extremely hard time. It is really sad that his life had to come to an end this way. No matter how you look at it a man did lose his life yesterday and left behind a family and friends that will mourn him.
    RIP Scooby. Our God is a loving God who will forgive those that seek forgiveness.

    1. Fisher says:

      Would you have said the same thing if he had indeed killed the woman and maybe some kids that were in the school bus out front?

      Bringing an assault rifle into an occupied house is a lot more than a bad choice. It sounds like there were many more ‘single actions’ that led up to his decision.

      If this was indeed a random act by some meth head, then it had a pretty good ending as far as I am concerned.

      1. K says:

        Would you say that if it were your father or brother? Remember he had an assault riffle, if he was going to kill someone he could have. This was money motiavted, that dont make it right, but also dont make him a killer!

    2. Armed and Dangerous says:

      I am a Christian and I cannot believe the drivel that is parading here as compassion. Uncle Scooby will never again commit a crime. Sorry he was having a hard time- if he was connected to a church he could have gotten decent help and for free. He decided not to do that. I hope that before he put the gun to his chin and pulled the trigger that he got his account straightened out with Jesus. Imagine- “thou shalt no steal”, “thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor’s”, and “thou shalt not kill” (that also includes yourself) within a few minutes of meeting your maker. A staggering thought.

      If he was such a nice and compassionate person, why didn’t you relatives here help him out?

      1. rob says:

        thanks 4 taking up 4 my uncle ikno there is more 2 this story

    3. shishkabob says:

      No one is really judging so much as stating obervations and fact/

  32. george says:

    “Police say there have not been other burglaries in the Glen Arm area.”
    That’s funny, they keep sending my wife email mail alerts about all of the break ins in our area (Glen Arm).

  33. b.neth says:

    R.i.p SCOOB u will always be in my prayers… u were real good friend with my dad n u were a good guy….. i rememberd goin ridin at lafarge wen u lived acrros the street…. always loved n never forgottemn rip scoob……….

  34. child-hood friend of the deceased says:


    1. PhoenixResident says:

      First, he took an AK-47 assault rifle with him. You don’t use that caliber of weapon unless you plan to assault, kill, harm, force or do serious damage to someone. Second, you’re an idiot. Don’t insult the millions with cancer and compare cancer to a drug addiction. My mother died of cancer, you moron. How dare you compare the two?! Such a comment shows your low IQ. But that’s to be expected, I suppose. Look at who your hero is. No real education there! Hey – to the family and friends defending ole Scooby, please, go back to the Epcot plant you hail from! Stay away from our homes and our families here in Northern Baltimore County. We defend ourselves here. This incident only further awakens us to the reality of the trash living south of us…most of us are now more prepared to handle these types of violent intentions and incidents in the future.

      1. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

        ( @ phonenix resident) 1st of all you are the idiot, educate yourself fool because drug addiction is a disease as well as cancer but the 1 thing is some cancers can be cured but unlike drug addiction there isn’t a cure. I cant believe I am even on here stooping to your level but I love 2 educate the undereducated (you). I definitely have a very high IQ or I would not have several degrees. It’s obviously you are lacking in some education because drug addiction is a disease, do some research and find out for yourself. Here you go do a little research Just 2 let you know I never once said that any1 is my hero but if you want 2 know the only hero in life is god. I wasn’t on here 2 say what scooby did was right because it was wrong but I am not going to ignore the rude comments about some1 who was suffering from a drug addiction(disease) and made a very bad choice. Wow by losing your mother 2 cancer I would think you would feel empathy for whomever. My fiance died 2 a senseless murder and I would not wish that on any1 or even make the comment u did towards scooby’s family and friends. It’s 2 bad the death of your mother didn’t make your heart warmer and empathize with others pain from losing their loved 1s. The only trash here is your mouth. I will pray 4 your ignorance. God bless and sorry 2 hear about your mom

    2. outraged resident says:

      Clearly your ‘degrees” are not in English composition. There is NO EXCUSE for what he did. I hope the true victim here, the homeowner, will be OK as this is certainly traumatic for her. And keep yourself and the other low lifes you associate with out of our neighborhod.

      1. shishkabob says:

        I agree with y ou “Outraged Citizen”. People think that if they call these crimes a “Disease”, then it’s OK. Even if it were a disease (which it isn;t-it’s a choice), the homeowner has a right to defend themselves as they rightfully did.

      2. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

        clearly my degress’s are in english form because the root of the problem is drugs and its a disease. instead of trying to be heard on here and state your rude comments go to your local government and ask to help these people that commit crimes because of drugs. statistics show that most crimes are drug related and needs to be addressed. maybe if there were more resources for these drug addicted people 2 get help the crime rate will drop. hello!! thats the problem with people like you all you do is judge and run your mouth . you are true the victim here is mr lou’s wife.(the homeowner). so i am a low life because i know the guy, wow that shows your intelligence i also know the homeowner as well. whats that make me now. you are worthless to even waste my time commenting back to you. @ u shishkabob no 1 is saying just because the man had a disease it’s clearly ok UUMM u obviously do not know how to read and pick out the main idea of what some1 is trying to interpret. DRUGS make u do things you couldnt imagine of doing so if there were more resources for these people 2 get help well there wouldnt be as many crimes going on. i am done here, you illiterate rude people need 2 educate yourselves on things that go on in the community.

      3. not delusional says:

        I have been reading these comments because I used to live just down the road from where this took place. I clearly do not think this “Scooby” was a good person based upon his actions. No good person would do something like that. Working in the mental health field I have come across my fair share of drug addicts, many of them good people. I agree that it is a disease, but not one that would make a once rational person take an AK-47 into another persons house. Rip off prescription pads, nab 10 bucks out of their mother’s purse, not show up to work, sure. This was beyond a stupid mistake. To those of you defending him, I sincerely hope that you find the error in your ways and own up to the type of person you have been associating with – a monster.

      4. you are ridiculous says:

        @ child-hood (should be childhood) friend of the deceased

        It is hard to take you seriously when your grammar and typing skills are so atrocious (that means bad) and nearly incomprehensible (that means we can barely understand what you are saying). I noted 15 inaccuracies in your simple paragraph ranging from making things possessive when they should be plural to using incorrect tenses, syntax (that means word order), and semantics (that means word meaning). For example, interpret is used incorrectly in your paragraph – the reader interprets, not the writer. Anyone can understand a few typos, but this goes way beyond that.

        Next time you are trying to make a point, instead of talking about your (fake?) degrees, take the time to do some editing – if you are capable. On another note, if your degrees are real, please do tell from where you received them – I would LOVE to talk to that dean of admissions!

    3. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

      @ ridiculous<<<<<<
      wow i didnt think i was at school trying 2 earn credits 4 english class. if you can't understand what i was saying(typing) wow maybe you need to take an english course. my degrees are very real. i am not on here trying to earn a degree so there is no need to correct me nor do i need 2 worry about typos, plurals etc…………. clearly you are trying 2 involve yourself, go ahead but go back and read what it's about. NOT ENGLISH CLASS!!!!!!!!

      1. you are ridiculous says:

        You are right, this is not English class. Al I am saying is when you conduct yourself in the manner that you are, reasonable people will not listen. You lose all credibility when you can barely type a coherent sentence. Pull yourself together.

    4. Kerrie says:

      you’re seriously comparing drug addiction to cancer? wow. people choose to take drugs. People don’t choose to get cancer.

      A drug addict who refuses help and puts other people’s lives at risk for their dangerous behavior gets little sympathy from me. A person with cancer who refuses help only puts their own lives at risk.

      Regardless of what this man’s back story was like, you should at least understand why people would feel threatened and upset at the idea of someone coming to their home with an AK-47.

  35. Smathers the Horse says:

    Soccby Dooby Dead!

    1. K says:

      wow you should be proud of yourself, with luck maybe his grieving son and family will not read this, such an AS—-

  36. A Friend says:

    This is absolutely amazing…Y doesn’t everyone just let it be? What are you accomplishing here? The world has come to Judge or Be Judged!! Horrible..I like others on here came from the same place Scoob did also..I have know him for over 20 years.Please just stop all of this..His wife nor Son needs to deal with all of this..

    1. PhoenixResident says:

      Umm, I think we have the right to judge, at this point. Mmmkay?

      1. GARY says:

        Phoenix Resident you have the right to judge?………… y? are you GOD, it’s fine that you all have your opinions but to be so cruel about it is ridiculous

    2. shishkabob says:

      It becomes a problem when people do “let it be”. Otherwise crimes continue.

  37. CINDY&SCOTT says:


    1. help me says:

      He may have been a great friend or father but he was a HORRIBLE neighbor.

  38. CINDY&SCOTT says:

    scobby was a great guy and we all all in deep sorrow

  39. Scoobys friend says:

    I used to know a guy named Scooby but I moved away…..his first name was Robert. Does anyone know this guys last name? I hope it wasnt my buddy Scooby.

    1. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

      yes i know his last name but not gonna put it on here by the way who r u?

      1. Elaine Southard says:

        this his robert buss little sister if this is a friend this is his last name.

    2. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

      yes i know scooby’s last name but not gonna put it on here. who r u?

      1. Elaine Southard says:

        I’m not doing so good.I still can’t belive my only brother is gone

  40. Kevin Pugh says:

    A man lost his life! people are so ignorant. Scooby was an amazing man and friend to everyone that knew him, Im praying for both families. Mr Lou im very sorry this happend to you and your wife as well.

  41. Friend of both families says:

    why doesnt everyone just mind there own lives and leave the families of this sad event alone. Who are yous to judge. Some people are strong and make it in life and there are some who are dealt a bad hand. Worry about yourself and your Family and leave Scoobys and Mr. Lous alone. I knew both parties may god be with both families at this time. Everyone else get a life.

  42. Linda says:

    Currently my Facebook page is loaded with people who are crying that they miss him and he was a good guy. What would they be saying about him, if he were not dead? If he had succeeded in robbing that house, and possibly killing someone. If he were in jail, would they be saying they miss him and that he was a good guy?

    Scooby walked into the right house, I say the right house because it ended as it should. Stop teaching our children that bad guys are good guys that go down the wrong path. Bad is Bad!

  43. Someone who knew him says:

    He deserved it

    1. rob says:

      no body deserves 2 die u f in doosh bag how would u feel if it where one of Ur family members who died how would u feel

      1. Good riddance says:

        Nobody deserves to die?

        How do you feel about the guy in Arizona who shot the 9 year old girl in the head?
        How about Timothy McVeigh? Feel sorry for him? Maybe he was a nice guy who made a mistake

        It wouldn’t be one of my family, because nobody in my family is an idiot who would break into someone’s home with an AK-47

        “Scooby” was the “f in doosh bag” and got just what he needed. Too bad he didn’t do it before he left home and spared that lady the trauma she had to go through.

        He put himself out of society’s misery — I guess he did do one thing right

  44. Someone who knew him says:

    Boohoo- he was a liar, a cheat and a drug dealer. He went from having a beatuiful wife and house, no doubt how he got that, to being a crack head. He knew that this would carry a life sentence that’s why he shot himsdelf. So don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. And if all these people thought he was so great and wonderful then maybe when he started going down hill you all should have been there helping him and maybe he would still be here today!

    1. Dylan says:

      Preaching to the choir.

  45. Dutch says:

    “… Will the homeowner be charged with shooting the intruder? The prosecutor must consider numerous factors, especially whether the female homeowner felt as though her life was in danger.”

    Are you people back East that nuts??? Here in Wyoming, if such a thing ever happened (it doesn’t, because everyone is armed), the lady would get “citizen of the month” award.

    1. shishkabob says:

      I agree. There is nothing to consider or to review. The homeowner did the right thing and that’s that. As far as I am concerned she is a hero for stnding up for honest good peop;e….such as herself.

  46. GLORY says:


  47. Scoob was wrong, wrong, wrong says:

    Thank You Marshell

  48. help me says:

    A “good person” doesn’t commit a major felony like this.

    A “good person” doesn’t enter someone’s home with an AK-47 looking for revenge and shoot at the homeowner.

    If this “good person” had struck and killed the homeowner would all of you STILL be calling this guy a “good person”?

    What time did this happen? 9am?

    Who does a robbery at 9am?

    Sounds to me like this “good person” was there to do something worse than a robbery. Who robs a home with just an AK-47?

    I feel sorry for the homeowner. I do feel sorry for the family and friends but “good people” don’t go out like this.

  49. Stewie says:

    I can’t believe that some of you who mourn Scooby can sit back and make excuses for such a heinous act. Imagine someone standing in your home in a SKI MASK (I’ve yet to see anyone mention this) with a loaded assault rifle. What would you do? I’m sorry to say but he deserved what he got. I saw someone write that he mentioned that he did not want to go back to jail, so if that were the case, then maybe he should have stayed home that morning. If there had not been a 2 hour school delay that morning, the outcome of this would have been UNIMAGINABLE.

  50. Armed and Dangerous says:

    @help me: If someone comes into my house with a firearm, I am assuming that they are going to do bodily harm not to exclude killing me. That means that I am going to try to kill them first. In this area, it takes 5-10 minutes to get the police here- which means that I have the responsibility of taking care of myself and my family for the first several minutes.

    Responsible citizens do not don camo and a mask and go to someone’s home with an assault rifle. Period.

    The victim (the female homeowner) probably saved us Maryland taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in defense attorneys and incarceration expense. “You go girl!” To those that knew this fellow- why didn’t you try to intervene if you loved him so much?

    Also- I am appreciative of those here that take the time to use proper grammar and spelling.

  51. Marla Lou says:

    There is no acceptable excuse for what this man did. He broke a moral code and for that he deserves no applause or forgiveness. The irrational comments from the modestly literate family makes me think that these people are using drugs to alter their perception of reality and find excuses for not treating this person as a threat to society. We are safer with him gone and his child will not have his poor example for a parent to ruin their future any further. Perhaps the child will now have chance to lead a civil law abiding life. Perhaps a family intervention by all those now in defense of the beloved Scooby would have allowed them to change his life and spared the victim from the horror she has to live with. He made his own bed and he is dead in it.We are momentarily safer for his brave decision to kill himself. He wanted to avoid prison again……..again is the operative word. He should have been there in the first place and we would not even be discussing him.

  52. sam 37 says:

    First I don’t know this guy and don’t care, but it’s sad that someone had to die this way. Maybe he was a good person to some and e maybe not. Everyone is good in someone ‘s eyes. let’s not get into a shouting match. A life is gone. He like all will be Judged by the all knowing

  53. GMC says:

    Homeowner: 1 Scooby: 0

  54. GoRavens says:

    Phoenix resident is right. you don’t just get a drug habit. it starts with your choice to do drugs. people just get cancer it’s not their choice

  55. scoobys neice says:

    missin you more nd more everyday…your the only uncle i ever had nd the only 1 i ever knew ill miss you until i am with you..all my love too my uncle scooby

  56. people care says:

    I have known Scooby for quite a few years, and his sister and most of his friends. While everyone takes different paths. Before you judge someone. Please remember he was a father, a brother, a son, a husband and a friend to many. There are alot of you on here that have very harsh views. I agree with some of them. What he did was wrong. Being a mother and (legal) hand gun owner I can’t say that I would have done anything different than Mr. Lou’s wife. You have a right to protect your home, premise and children. However for those of you who just think he was some thug robbing people, here is a little background. Scooby was a childhood name his father gave hin, he lost his father when he was very young (this does have an impact on a child’s life like it or not). The whole going BACK to jail. He was pretty much a kid when he went the first time. He was in jail got clean and then did something with his life. He got out got married a couple years ago had a house, a job etc. and he was a good person, caring husband, loving father, He was a good functioning part of society. However there are MISTAKES people make as kids that come back to haunt you. Everyone has demons to deal with and skeletons in their closet, his are out in the open now. Are yours? Sit on your pedastal and act like you have never done things wrong it is fine. But please remember no child deserves to grow up without a father which is now his son’s situation. When he gets here for the funeral I am going to hug him and kiss him and let him know how much he is loved. Because at the end of the dayhe does not deserve this happening to him. He is a good kid who none the less loved his father and does not want to repeat the same path. Please keep his family in your thoughts and I am glad Mr. Lou’s wife did not make a fatal shot. That is a horrible thing she would have to live with for the rest of her life. Until you actually shoot someone, dont think it is easy to take someone’s life, in self defense or not. Please keep her in your prayers as well.

  57. Where are you? says:

    He might have gotten away with it if not for those meddling kids

  58. Crystal B. says:

    RIP SCOOBY, you will always be remembered. Those who knew the ‘father’ and ‘friend’ he was know the good heart he had and how much he loved his son Robbie Jr (who just so happens to be my god son). He is going to have a hard time dealing with this and I pray he dont have to read a word on here. He is an amazing kids that does not deserves to have the good memories of his father tarnished. My prayers are with his son, sister, mother xoxo Crystal

  59. concerned says:

    You know,I feel sorry for his family,but NOT for him. He didn’t think of his family when he grabbed the gun,and fired it on some one.He didn’t think twice about what a persons life was worth,so why should anyone think what his could have been worth.Just because he missed the lady,doesn’t mean he didn’t intend to kill her.When you fire a gun of any kind,at someone,you intend to do bodily harm.He meant to do her harm,didn’t think about how his actions would effect his family.Sadly,they are left to deal with the after math of his actions.I feel sorry for his child,and mother.They don’t deserve what they will have to deal with,but they have to realize what he did was intentional,and have to understand why people are reacting the way they are.If the situation was reversed,they would be the ones posting the negative comments.Sorry,but there is nothing good to say about a person who thinks so little of the ones that love him,or another human being.

  60. help me says:

    To all of those defending “Scooby”, if a man in a ski mask and WHO had an AK-47 entered YOUR mothers home and shot at her. WOULD YOU STILL CALL HIM A “GOOD GUY”???

  61. Safety first says:

    You know what I’m wondering? Exactly why has Baltimore County PD not released this guy’s real name. In any other crime they “solve” they rush right out with the info? Did the Scoob perhaps have an accomplice? Maybe some of these “freinds” posting here know more than they are letting on/

  62. patticake says:

    Looks like Channel 13 got scooped by a local paper.Scooby’s Real name is Robert Buss.

  63. rob says:

    U ignorant people need 2 get a life what if it was one of Ur family members who did it think about that he was a good person n yea he messed up but there are a lot of people goin crazy over this y don’t Yall think about his mom my granmom n his sisters my mom n aunt n his nice my sister n his son my cousin how u think there feeling reading this ignorant shi t u people are leaving on here y don’t Yall get a life n stay out of our business Yall ain’t got nothing better 2 do sounds like Yall need help 2 rip uncle scoob u will be missed by many

  64. Laughing with glee says:

    Maryland Judiciary Case Search sure shows a lot about Uncle Scooby.

    What a pos.

    Good riddance to bad trash

  65. Family friend says:

    First and foremost RIP Scooby!! My thoughts and prayers are with both his families. It is not for us to judge why Scooby did what he did. His family did reach out to him, but just like any one else in trouble be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex etc., people can only be helped if they really want help. No the typical person does not walk around with or have an AK-47, but most people in the US have at least one hand gun in their house for protection. There is crime everywhere no matter where you live. Scooby was a great person regardless of him taking his own life. The women never shot him and she may not live the inicent life people are assuming. We were not born perfect, if we were we would be God. People need to keep their ignorant comments to themselves and get a life. God is the only one to judge us and we will all have to stand before him one day. RIP Scooby, you will be missed!!

  66. Dylan says:

    Ok. Somebody who knows him, correct me if I’m wrong for clarification sake. Scooby was fired from this barber shop a while ago and now he was trying to kill the guy who fired him and started this downhill slope in his life? But the guy’s 60 year old wife was the only one home so she eluded the AK47 shots and was able to fire off shots of her own? Is this the final verdict?

    1. Laughing with glee says:

      Yes, but he was a nice guy.

  67. moon says:

    You can find more details about Scoob the Clown here:

    What a pathetic joke he was and his defenders are.

    1. Briggs says:

      Hey A-hole no one is defending his actions but the cruel remarks about this are crazy his family and friends are still here having to read all of this when someone promotes these A-holes to GOD let me know we will all be judge one day and yes these people will answer for their actions also just like scooby did for his and i’m sure you people are not on quite as high of a pedestal as you THINK you are GOD BLESS and we will all have to answer 1 day

  68. Elaine Southard says:

    SCOOBY,was my baby brother who took his life for a reason that i will never know.I will never get to tell him how much i loved him.He was my baby brother who was going threw hard times in his life and I wish i have known it,because i might have been able to help him.You will be by baby brother till the day i die. i love you and miss you so so much. WE WILL BE TOGTHER AGAIN AS A FAMILY. REST IN PEACE MY BABY BROTHER

  69. Jim Ripple says:

    Which brings us to the final question. What did Scooby Doo ?????

  70. Mustache Fred says:

    Scooby – We will all miss you. This woman should be held accountable. She could have capped in in the knee. Please note while cleaning an AK 47 please make sure the chamber in empty.



      So now we make the Victim responsible for ‘Scooby’s” actions?

      Are you effin’ kidding me? You are a sick individual.

      This is exactly what is wrong with people and why they will never have anything nice in life. They have to blame everyone else for their problems.



      BTW, thanks for the gun cleaning tip. Next time I commit a home invasion that will come in handy.

    2. Harry Callahan says:


      Yes, I agree, this lady should be held accountable for not having good trigger and aiming control. She should have taken this guy’s head off with that .357 magnum.

      You are among the idiots who watch too much TV. When a person is in a fight for their life, they don’t take the time to try and “kneecap” someone who is trying to kill them.

      1. Oooooh Harrrry says:

        Did not not shoot the punk in the leg and step on his wound to gather info Mr. Dirty Harry.

        A .357 can also shoot .38 dipstick.

        Yes it is me.

    3. his blood says:

      is this the fread I’m thinking of from holiabird

    4. shiskabob says:

      Yep…the homeowner (victim) should receive free time at the firing range so that she can improve her trigger control and aim. That way she’ll hit her target on the first shot. Ammo is expensive. She used more ammo than she should have.

  71. Friend nor foe says:

    “Let the first without sin cast the first stone.”
    None of us are “good” or “bad.” We are people in this world but not of it. We all make bad decisions but we are failing to realize is that there are consequences. This man took his own life because, I am sure, he knew what he did was wrong. He was most likely desperate in his life. This women did what she felt was necessary. If it were me, I don’t own a gun and therefore what he came for, he would have got and he would have had to live with that decision. No matter what, the outcome may have been the same or he would have paid for his decision in another way. We should use this horrible situation to come together as a community, not separate us. No one will ever know what was going through his mind. Just because he made a bad decision does not mean he was a bad person. Just because people are educated does not make them smart people, good people or kind people. It sounds like the women who shot had set off a warning shot first and was never asked to be put into this situation. She has already offered her condolences to his mother. Let it be her who forgives.
    I pray for all people involved (gunman and homeowner) and for those who feel they need to condemn with words of hatred and judgment. We will all be judged on judgment day. There is no need to start playing God in this post.
    As far as minding our own business, this happened in a community and people are scared. People have right to know what is going on. This man did not do something privately in his own home; he made it a public situation. People will ask questions and want to know if they are safe. The unfortunate part of this is that we will never know all the answers fully. Robert took that with him.
    If your Hero is human, watch them long enough, they will all make mistakes.
    Addiction is different from disease. There is a decision factor here. Don’t make them the same. BTW, not all cancers have a cure either. My niece has a very rare genetic disorder that will kill her one day. I have friend who is an addict and hurt for her as well. They are not the same. My friend is self-destructive; my niece doesn’t have a choice.
    To the family of Robert: None are without sin. You can tell this from all the words of hate in these comments. Use this time to remember the good times. Love the sinner; hate the sin. We need to separate the two of them. The devil is doing a good work in this room; don’t let him into your heart. Pray for those who cross you and move on. It will get you nowhere to address them. Anger only begets anger; hatred only begets hatred. Break the cycle. Remember that God suffered the death of his own son and understands your grief. Lean on him at this time to help you through your pain.
    I pray I do not offend anyone with this message. That is not my intent.

    1. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

      well said!! out of all of these comments this is the only 1 worth reading. i am sorry 2 hear about your niece. i have 2 tell you that drug addiction is a choice at first but it is a disease. the first time i heard this i didnt believe it but its very true. the reason 4 my comments were because some of these people were being rude not taking into consideration this person is some1s brother, son, father and husband. he did commit a heinous act and i dont think his family and friends were condoning what he did. he knew what he did was wrong and i believe this is why he took his own life. that woman did the right thing. there isnt 1 person that could say if in the same situation they wouldnt of did the same. everybody has their opinions and some will not have sympathy, i dont think they are on here asking for that. what you said ” love the sinner, hate the sin” was enough said. i hope every 1 that gets on here will read your post because the devil is in this room. i lost my fiance 2 a senseless murder. the man that killed him receieved 35 years but i dont hate him, i actually feel sorry 4 him that he has 2 sit in prison and realize the big mistake he made. i have 2 teach my son 2 forgive the man who murdered his father . experiencing his death was horrible and wouldnt wish it on any1 so i cant see how people could be so hateful. i cant express enough how sorry 2 hear about your niece and your friend. best wishes 2 u

      1. Friend nor Foe says:

        I pray that something I said can help anyone that reads it. We should all learn to use filters before speaking or writing.
        I understand what you are saying about addiction being a disease but you can physically take away those things that you are addicted to (drugs, alcohol, caffiene, sex..) and survive. Not an easy thing to deal with but life giving. My niece will always have what she has, with no cure, until the day she dies. No need to be sorry.
        See, I look at life a little different then most. You have to see the beauty in all things or life will be too difficult. She has brought my family, which was already close to begin with, even closer to each other and to our amazing Faith.
        God’s Grace and Peace be with everyone. A peace that can pass all human understanding.

    2. shiskabob says:

      No one is without sin. However, the right thing to do is to voice opinions. Voicing opinions is not nessesarily casting stones, so it would really be best not to pervert the Bible’s teaching , exploit, and twist things around as your comments seem to suggest you are doing. Also, people understandably get upset when a crime is commited against them, and yes…althought the crime was specifically against the homeowner it was also against the entire communiity, hense the rightful commentary of these people who you say are casting stones. Voicing opinions leads to contructive discussion, which can in turn be used to change the way we operate, change laws, and change the way we defend ourslves. His crime is a reminder of how impoortant it is for citizens to be able to defend themselves adn to be able to carry.

  72. silly scooby says:

    One thing fo sho, scooby ain’t gonna botha nobody no mo.

  73. uncle dave says:

    scooby you could of called me! ill always love you and never forget you.and when we talk alone ad share that silent tear.thats because
    im missing you again!love you always forget you uncle dave

  74. nan says:

    Who the heck walks around calling themselves “Scooby”?

    1. Crystal B. says:

      Someone who’s father called him that as a child

  75. People Care says:

    I can not believe you people would put his son’s information on here. Are you nuts? He has enough to deal with losing his father without you rude people being able to track him down and put nasty messages on his Facebook page. Whoever thought this was a good idea just to prove a point that you know who his son is, well it is not. You need to get them to remove his information. I can’t believe people would drag a child into this. Get it off here.

  76. Chris says:

    Clear example of why our right to bear arms should be highly defended by every American citizen. He was trespassing to start with, entered a home that didn’t belong to him, & ignored a warning shot. Everyone has the right to defend themselves in a situation such as this.

    1. shiskabob says:

      Exactly!! The constitution is our concealed weapon permit as Ted Nugent says. We do all have the right to carry. Gun control laws ONLY take guns away from honetst law abiding citizens. Gun control is like preventing sober people from drivign in order to control drunken driving. Everyone has a right to not only defend themselves but to carry concealed. Just do it legally.

  77. his blood says:

    How would u people feel if it where u these monster people are talking abought get a life people rip scooby ill never 4 get u

    1. Zorro says:

      You say that as if just anyone could suddenly find themselves breaking into another person’s home carrying an AK47

      As if that were just an accident

      You are a dolt

  78. Zorro says:

    Is he still dead?


  79. GoRavens says:

    Hmmm. someone said that scoob was going through hard times because his brother died however his sister eileen on here saying that scooby was her only brother. something is fishy

    1. lisa miller says:

      It was not his brother. It was his wife’s uncle. T McC. Niether one of them were good guys. Drug users, drug dealers, people abusers. Niether would let family help. Niether cared about the outcome of their actions. It is a disgrace for the pain both families are enduring. Both should have focused on the right way to live instead of their own selfishness. Both had children involved that did not have good influences to remember. Both are gone, time to move on, happier days are ahead.

  80. repoman says:

    scooby was a great guy he just had a sickness and just remember god allows u turns and he is the only one that can judge any body!!!!!!

    1. Zorro says:


      So God judged him and found him guilty of all his past convictions??

      How did he look in his black robe?

  81. zesty says:

    To “ban all guns” person. Then crimes such as this increase as proven time and tiem again. Bad guys will ALWAYS have guns no matter what. Good guys must be able to defend themselves. This post shows how stupiod you are and what an unrealistic fantasy world you llive in.