GLEN ARM, Md. (WJZ) — An armed man who entered a home is dead, but did he die from the gunshots fired at him by the homeowner, or a shot he fired at himself?

Suzanne Collins has the bizarre story that played out Friday morning in Glen Arm.

An armored police car raced by, headed to the parking lot at Sanders Corner Restaurant in Glen Arm. In the rear parking lot, police saw a man in a black truck take an AK-47, put it to his chin and then fire. 

The drama began at a stone house on Glen Arm Road a few moments before as neighbors looked on.

“She saw a pickup truck and the gentleman got out in I think maybe camo gear and a mask, and they kind of saw him walking toward there, and next thing I know was, I think, the gunshots. And I guess the pickup truck peeled out of here,” said Mike Lance, spectator.

Police say they were called to the home at 9 a.m. Friday for an armed intruder who’d made his way to the bedroom door where the woman who owned the home took action.

“The homeowner at the location fired several rounds at the burglar at that location, at which time the burglar also had a weapon and fired at the victim,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore CountyPolice.

The victim was not hit, but the wounded suspect drove his truck to the nearby restaurant, which was about to open for the day.

“I saw a lot of lights and police cars and crime lab unit,” said Alice Teel, restaurant patron.

Restaurant patrons were surprised to hear that a woman shot an intruder and sent him fleeing.

“I wouldn’t want to kill anyone or shoot anyone, but I certainly would want to protect myself,” Teel said. “Everyone has the right to protect themselves.”

Will the homeowner be charged with shooting the intruder? The prosecutor must consider numerous factors, especially whether the female homeowner felt as though her life was in danger.

Police say nothing was taken from the home, and don’t know if the motive was burglary or something more sinister.    

Police say there have not been other burglaries in the Glen Arm area.

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  1. help me says:

    To all of those defending “Scooby”, if a man in a ski mask and WHO had an AK-47 entered YOUR mothers home and shot at her. WOULD YOU STILL CALL HIM A “GOOD GUY”???

  2. Safety first says:

    You know what I’m wondering? Exactly why has Baltimore County PD not released this guy’s real name. In any other crime they “solve” they rush right out with the info? Did the Scoob perhaps have an accomplice? Maybe some of these “freinds” posting here know more than they are letting on/

  3. patticake says:

    Looks like Channel 13 got scooped by a local paper.Scooby’s Real name is Robert Buss.

  4. rob says:

    U ignorant people need 2 get a life what if it was one of Ur family members who did it think about that he was a good person n yea he messed up but there are a lot of people goin crazy over this y don’t Yall think about his mom my granmom n his sisters my mom n aunt n his nice my sister n his son my cousin how u think there feeling reading this ignorant shi t u people are leaving on here y don’t Yall get a life n stay out of our business Yall ain’t got nothing better 2 do sounds like Yall need help 2 rip uncle scoob u will be missed by many

  5. Laughing with glee says:

    Maryland Judiciary Case Search sure shows a lot about Uncle Scooby.

    What a pos.

    Good riddance to bad trash

  6. Family friend says:

    First and foremost RIP Scooby!! My thoughts and prayers are with both his families. It is not for us to judge why Scooby did what he did. His family did reach out to him, but just like any one else in trouble be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex etc., people can only be helped if they really want help. No the typical person does not walk around with or have an AK-47, but most people in the US have at least one hand gun in their house for protection. There is crime everywhere no matter where you live. Scooby was a great person regardless of him taking his own life. The women never shot him and she may not live the inicent life people are assuming. We were not born perfect, if we were we would be God. People need to keep their ignorant comments to themselves and get a life. God is the only one to judge us and we will all have to stand before him one day. RIP Scooby, you will be missed!!

  7. Dylan says:

    Ok. Somebody who knows him, correct me if I’m wrong for clarification sake. Scooby was fired from this barber shop a while ago and now he was trying to kill the guy who fired him and started this downhill slope in his life? But the guy’s 60 year old wife was the only one home so she eluded the AK47 shots and was able to fire off shots of her own? Is this the final verdict?

    1. Laughing with glee says:

      Yes, but he was a nice guy.

  8. moon says:

    You can find more details about Scoob the Clown here:

    What a pathetic joke he was and his defenders are.

    1. Briggs says:

      Hey A-hole no one is defending his actions but the cruel remarks about this are crazy his family and friends are still here having to read all of this when someone promotes these A-holes to GOD let me know we will all be judge one day and yes these people will answer for their actions also just like scooby did for his and i’m sure you people are not on quite as high of a pedestal as you THINK you are GOD BLESS and we will all have to answer 1 day

  9. Elaine Southard says:

    SCOOBY,was my baby brother who took his life for a reason that i will never know.I will never get to tell him how much i loved him.He was my baby brother who was going threw hard times in his life and I wish i have known it,because i might have been able to help him.You will be by baby brother till the day i die. i love you and miss you so so much. WE WILL BE TOGTHER AGAIN AS A FAMILY. REST IN PEACE MY BABY BROTHER

  10. Jim Ripple says:

    Which brings us to the final question. What did Scooby Doo ?????

  11. Mustache Fred says:

    Scooby – We will all miss you. This woman should be held accountable. She could have capped in in the knee. Please note while cleaning an AK 47 please make sure the chamber in empty.



      So now we make the Victim responsible for ‘Scooby’s” actions?

      Are you effin’ kidding me? You are a sick individual.

      This is exactly what is wrong with people and why they will never have anything nice in life. They have to blame everyone else for their problems.



      BTW, thanks for the gun cleaning tip. Next time I commit a home invasion that will come in handy.

    2. Harry Callahan says:


      Yes, I agree, this lady should be held accountable for not having good trigger and aiming control. She should have taken this guy’s head off with that .357 magnum.

      You are among the idiots who watch too much TV. When a person is in a fight for their life, they don’t take the time to try and “kneecap” someone who is trying to kill them.

      1. Oooooh Harrrry says:

        Did not not shoot the punk in the leg and step on his wound to gather info Mr. Dirty Harry.

        A .357 can also shoot .38 dipstick.

        Yes it is me.

    3. his blood says:

      is this the fread I’m thinking of from holiabird

    4. shiskabob says:

      Yep…the homeowner (victim) should receive free time at the firing range so that she can improve her trigger control and aim. That way she’ll hit her target on the first shot. Ammo is expensive. She used more ammo than she should have.

  12. Friend nor foe says:

    “Let the first without sin cast the first stone.”
    None of us are “good” or “bad.” We are people in this world but not of it. We all make bad decisions but we are failing to realize is that there are consequences. This man took his own life because, I am sure, he knew what he did was wrong. He was most likely desperate in his life. This women did what she felt was necessary. If it were me, I don’t own a gun and therefore what he came for, he would have got and he would have had to live with that decision. No matter what, the outcome may have been the same or he would have paid for his decision in another way. We should use this horrible situation to come together as a community, not separate us. No one will ever know what was going through his mind. Just because he made a bad decision does not mean he was a bad person. Just because people are educated does not make them smart people, good people or kind people. It sounds like the women who shot had set off a warning shot first and was never asked to be put into this situation. She has already offered her condolences to his mother. Let it be her who forgives.
    I pray for all people involved (gunman and homeowner) and for those who feel they need to condemn with words of hatred and judgment. We will all be judged on judgment day. There is no need to start playing God in this post.
    As far as minding our own business, this happened in a community and people are scared. People have right to know what is going on. This man did not do something privately in his own home; he made it a public situation. People will ask questions and want to know if they are safe. The unfortunate part of this is that we will never know all the answers fully. Robert took that with him.
    If your Hero is human, watch them long enough, they will all make mistakes.
    Addiction is different from disease. There is a decision factor here. Don’t make them the same. BTW, not all cancers have a cure either. My niece has a very rare genetic disorder that will kill her one day. I have friend who is an addict and hurt for her as well. They are not the same. My friend is self-destructive; my niece doesn’t have a choice.
    To the family of Robert: None are without sin. You can tell this from all the words of hate in these comments. Use this time to remember the good times. Love the sinner; hate the sin. We need to separate the two of them. The devil is doing a good work in this room; don’t let him into your heart. Pray for those who cross you and move on. It will get you nowhere to address them. Anger only begets anger; hatred only begets hatred. Break the cycle. Remember that God suffered the death of his own son and understands your grief. Lean on him at this time to help you through your pain.
    I pray I do not offend anyone with this message. That is not my intent.

    1. child-hood friend of the deceased says:

      well said!! out of all of these comments this is the only 1 worth reading. i am sorry 2 hear about your niece. i have 2 tell you that drug addiction is a choice at first but it is a disease. the first time i heard this i didnt believe it but its very true. the reason 4 my comments were because some of these people were being rude not taking into consideration this person is some1s brother, son, father and husband. he did commit a heinous act and i dont think his family and friends were condoning what he did. he knew what he did was wrong and i believe this is why he took his own life. that woman did the right thing. there isnt 1 person that could say if in the same situation they wouldnt of did the same. everybody has their opinions and some will not have sympathy, i dont think they are on here asking for that. what you said ” love the sinner, hate the sin” was enough said. i hope every 1 that gets on here will read your post because the devil is in this room. i lost my fiance 2 a senseless murder. the man that killed him receieved 35 years but i dont hate him, i actually feel sorry 4 him that he has 2 sit in prison and realize the big mistake he made. i have 2 teach my son 2 forgive the man who murdered his father . experiencing his death was horrible and wouldnt wish it on any1 so i cant see how people could be so hateful. i cant express enough how sorry 2 hear about your niece and your friend. best wishes 2 u

      1. Friend nor Foe says:

        I pray that something I said can help anyone that reads it. We should all learn to use filters before speaking or writing.
        I understand what you are saying about addiction being a disease but you can physically take away those things that you are addicted to (drugs, alcohol, caffiene, sex..) and survive. Not an easy thing to deal with but life giving. My niece will always have what she has, with no cure, until the day she dies. No need to be sorry.
        See, I look at life a little different then most. You have to see the beauty in all things or life will be too difficult. She has brought my family, which was already close to begin with, even closer to each other and to our amazing Faith.
        God’s Grace and Peace be with everyone. A peace that can pass all human understanding.

    2. shiskabob says:

      No one is without sin. However, the right thing to do is to voice opinions. Voicing opinions is not nessesarily casting stones, so it would really be best not to pervert the Bible’s teaching , exploit, and twist things around as your comments seem to suggest you are doing. Also, people understandably get upset when a crime is commited against them, and yes…althought the crime was specifically against the homeowner it was also against the entire communiity, hense the rightful commentary of these people who you say are casting stones. Voicing opinions leads to contructive discussion, which can in turn be used to change the way we operate, change laws, and change the way we defend ourslves. His crime is a reminder of how impoortant it is for citizens to be able to defend themselves adn to be able to carry.

  13. silly scooby says:

    One thing fo sho, scooby ain’t gonna botha nobody no mo.

  14. uncle dave says:

    scooby you could of called me! ill always love you and never forget you.and when we talk alone ad share that silent tear.thats because
    im missing you again!love you always forget you uncle dave

  15. nan says:

    Who the heck walks around calling themselves “Scooby”?

    1. Crystal B. says:

      Someone who’s father called him that as a child

  16. People Care says:

    I can not believe you people would put his son’s information on here. Are you nuts? He has enough to deal with losing his father without you rude people being able to track him down and put nasty messages on his Facebook page. Whoever thought this was a good idea just to prove a point that you know who his son is, well it is not. You need to get them to remove his information. I can’t believe people would drag a child into this. Get it off here.

  17. Chris says:

    Clear example of why our right to bear arms should be highly defended by every American citizen. He was trespassing to start with, entered a home that didn’t belong to him, & ignored a warning shot. Everyone has the right to defend themselves in a situation such as this.

    1. shiskabob says:

      Exactly!! The constitution is our concealed weapon permit as Ted Nugent says. We do all have the right to carry. Gun control laws ONLY take guns away from honetst law abiding citizens. Gun control is like preventing sober people from drivign in order to control drunken driving. Everyone has a right to not only defend themselves but to carry concealed. Just do it legally.

  18. his blood says:

    How would u people feel if it where u these monster people are talking abought get a life people rip scooby ill never 4 get u

    1. Zorro says:

      You say that as if just anyone could suddenly find themselves breaking into another person’s home carrying an AK47

      As if that were just an accident

      You are a dolt

  19. Zorro says:

    Is he still dead?


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