ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — If wages go up, will the number of jobs go down?  That’s what business people say about an effort to raise Maryland’s minimum wage.

Suzanne Collins explains labor and religious leaders are asking for a change in that law.

Kitchen workers often make minimum wage.  So do housekeepers and store clerks.  That’s $7.25 an hour, but a bill in Annapolis would raise it to $8.25 this year, to $9.10 next year and in 2013 to $10 an hour.

“We believe a job should keep people out of poverty, not in it,” said Rev. Ken Brooker-Langston.

A plant farm owner joined religious and labor leaders to support paying workers more.

“I can count on those employees to look after the quality of products we make,” said John Shelply.

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce says if employers have to increase wages, where would that money come from?  They believe employers would cut back on benefits instead.

The Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce foresees other negative effects.

“Because they have to pay more, the prices of the actual products are going to have to go up,” said Keith Scott.

One construction worker says hard work results in raises.

“You gotta get in there and work hard and, of course, learn quick.  You’ll move up the scale,” said Danny Jameson.

But surviving on what equals $15,000 a year can be tough.

“When I moved to Baltimore, I didn’t get a lot of help from my parents and a lot of kids don’t get that either, so trying to live on minimum wage is very difficult,” said Zara Cadoux.

It’s hard to say if pay will be raised by lawmakers in an economic slump.

The group supporting an increase in minimum wage says waitresses and waiters should also get a raise.

Comments (5)
  1. crissy says:

    I agree minimum wage should go up but only if they also raise everyone elses wages to. Its only right. Think companies should have a cost of living raises if nothing else. Prices on everthing keeps going up but still making the same amount money. Something is wrong with that

    1. Nadav Ben-Ami says:

      In case you did not know, corporate run media doesn’t tell you the whole truth.. The SAD truth is the economy is NOT getting better.. prices are going up everywhere.. gas is going up… Job market is getting worse each day…

      Prepare for double-dip recession… don’t believe corporate run media when they say things are getting better… THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING of what will be a SEVERE economic depression, possible COLLAPSE in the coming months… and possibly in the near future… ITS NOT GETTING BETTER… ITS GETTING WORSE.. PREPARE FOR IT!

      The USA is 15 trillion in the red… EXPECT in the next few years close to 20 trillion.. ITS NOT GOING TO GET BETTER… I am telling you how it is.

      Jobs? What jobs?! The only jobs that are doing well are HEALTH CARE AND IT.. thats it.. all the others have been sold over seas to the Chinese.

    2. overtaxed says:

      Minimum wage is the biggest piece of political posturing out there. Like the construction worker said, get in there and learn and work hard, you will climb the ladder. Everyone’s wage will not go up accordingly when minimum wage is raised. Specific jobs are worth specific wages. Minimum wage caters to entitlement mentality. It is very bad economic policy.

  2. Nadav Ben-Ami says:

    Min wage should be 10 and hour all across the board.. PERIOD!

  3. angel1029 says:

    I think that minimum wage should definetly go up. I mean look at these grown men and women out here making $7.25 an hour. How we suppose to be able to pay rent, bge, all other necessitities with life on that kind of salary.