We officially dropped to 8 degrees this morning at BWI-Marshall.  Parts of northern Baltimore and Carroll Counties dropped to 0 overnight, and it even went down to -1 in York, PA.  That makes this the coldest morning so far this season.  We did recover to the upper 20s this afternoon, but that’s still 10-15 degrees below average.  This plays right into the month that we have been having.  Of the 24 days so far in January, 18 of them have been below average.  During this current Arctic invasion, we have only averaged a high of 29.8 degrees and an overnight low of 12.5 degrees.  The normal for this same time is 41 degrees for the high and 23 degrees for the low.  The worst of this cold snap ends today as warmer air moves our way. 

A weak storm will pass north of the state tonight through tomorrow.  The warm front part of the storm will bring some clouds and maybe a few flurries through overnight.  But it’s this same warm front that will bring in the warmer air.  We are only dropping to around 20 degrees tonight before temperatures start rising late tonight, and keep rising right up to the mid 40s tomorrow.  That weak northern storm will get out of here tomorrow with a second storm quickly moving in behind it Wednesday.  The Wednesday storm will be a much different story.

The Wednesday storm will be advancing along the Gulf Coast tomorrow, picking up a lot of moisture along the way.  Then, it will make the turn up the coast Tuesday night, arriving here early Wednesday morning.  With the true Arctic air gone, and this storm tracking close enough to Maryland that we will get in on the warmer air it’s drawing up with it, this storm is going to feature a little bit of everything across the state.  Like a lot of the last storms, what you get will really depend on where you are. 

For the Eastern Shore and southern Maryland, this will mainly be rain with possibly a burst of frozen preciptiation at the end of it Wednesday overnight.  Along I-95, this could start frozen before changing to rain and then changing back to snow before it comes to an end.  Farther northwest of the city, there will also be some mixing but the colder air will hang on longer at the beginning and come back quicker at the end – so there could be some accumulating snow.  We will fine tune those details tomorrow for you, so stay tuned. 

This storm will wrap up and get out of here early Thursday.  Dry weather will take over the rest of Thursday and Friday with highs in the 30s before a weaker storm comes in from the northwest over the weekend.  It looks like that one could bring a new round of cold air again next week.

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  1. Tyler says:

    the warmer air is being over hyped compared to the storm. Did you see the latest 18z gfs run? We have alot more cold air surging in tomorrow night from the little storm up north and its going to give us alot more snow then everyone thinks. I guess it truly depends on the 0z runs tonight but if that follow the same patern..im honestly betting on more or all snow for the 95 corrior from dc through baltimore. We wait and see 🙂

  2. Jose Nada says:

    The colder air is still here, nobody saying what could happen , because of the expected 45 degree day tomorrow. I say we get all snow and get pounded if snow continues into the A.M.

  3. bruce says:

    Someone PLEASE review the record high/lows. It seems for many years the years for H/L are usually 30-40 years ago. IF there is global warming, why don’t we see a lot of HIGHS for recent years?

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