BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Barely in office a month and there’s already criticism being thrown at Baltimore City’s new state’s attorney.  Controversy is growing over the case of two Jewish men accused of attacking an African-American teenager. 

Kai Jackson explains why dozens protested the city state’s attorney’s office Monday.

The case involving a member of the activist group Shomrim isn’t over, but there are people in the community clearly not satisfied with the way the city state’s attorney is handling it.

Protesters marched outside the office of city state’s attorney Gregg Bernstein, furious over his decision not to charge Eli Werdesheim, 23, and his brother Avi with a felony.

“If he’s going to be a no-comment type of state prosecutor, then I think it’s going to be a rough and rocky road for the next couple of years,” said Hasan Giordano, Black Media Group.

Werdesheim and his brother are accused of breaking the wrist of a 15-year-old African-American teen in the Park Heights section of Baltimore in November 2010.  The brothers are part of a Jewish watchdog group called Shomrim and said the teen was acting suspiciously.

Community activists have argued the brothers should have been charged with a hate crime.

“This attack and how it has been handled is an absolute outrage and shame.  Shomrim must be disbanded,” said Sharon Black.

Bernstein released a statement saying, “No factors behind the facts and the law were considered, nor will any factors outside the facts and the law be considered in making charging decisions in any future cases.”

The defense attorney praised the state prosecutor.

“I think it’s shameful that Mr. Bernstein in the beginning of his job is being attacked for doing his job.  This isn’t a hate crime,” said Andrew Alperstein.

Werdesheim is scheduled to see a judge Feb. 16.

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  1. Owings Mills says:

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah……

    What about the poor girl on the MTA bus that got her face busted up by a gang of black teenagers?

    Where was your outrage then black folks? Guess that was ok huh?

    1. mike says:

      i agree with u. its raceiest against them but not when they do about racest look at naacp

      1. lars says:

        I have dear black friends. I have been robbed at gunpoint twice in my life here in Bmore, both times by African Americans..don’t blame me. Not racism! Conditioning.

    2. BOO says:


      1. Jaszmine Smith says:

        Stop being a coward and use your first and last name. Right is right and wrong is wrong, the incident with the girl on the MTA is a crime and the people who committed it should be locked up. Also the two brothers from the Jewish group Shomrim should be charged with a felony since that is what they commited. I don’t care if you are red, blue, purple, yellow or brown if you commit a crime you should be punished accordinly. This is a fifteen year old little boy we are talking about who had is wrist broken because he was, “acting suspiciously” take your white sheet off your head for a mintue to see the truth. Looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. brenda walsh says:

        “This is a fifteen year old little boy we are talking about”

        Jaszmine, the “little boys” in my neighborhood throw rocks at cars and lay in the street trying to get people to hit them for fun…the 15 year old boys sell crack, steal cars, break into homes, and rob people.
        Get a f-ing grip, dude. Do you even LIVE in the city?

      1. RRR says:

        That is so true…what Qwings Mills said I mean

  2. troy says:

    its funny how every single time a black person is harmed by anyone who isnt black its a hate crime, but when a black person harms someone who isnt black, its not a hate crime

    a little consistancy please

  3. wayne says:

    It’s essential to first know how “consistency” is spelled before any further misapprehesion of its correct spelling; then, it’s essential to recognize that an opportunity presented itself to nearly disfigure someone who did not culturally mirror another cutlural-member; and, while it’s true that any time someone is injured, regardless of race at the foolish mercy of another or others, there ought to outrage in alll facets, especially through the NAACP regarding Black on Black crime; if not a hate-crime, last checks recall disfurement being a felony. It’s interesting how this offense was reduced to a misdemeanor.

    1. Frank White says:

      Please forgive my ignorance, but what does “disfurement” mean?

    2. Big Bertha says:

      We will learn how to spell “consistency,” if you stop creating run-on sentences.

    3. Pete says:

      Oh Lord, Wayne. Please learn to spell and use words correctly before critiquing others.

  4. william Jones says:

    Since all these people are coming out about the new states attorney believe me Ms. Jessmy would not have given it a fair investigation. Looks like she still has her little distractors still hanging around city hall. When the people of this city stop looking a the color of the skin of an individual and look at the crime then we will get justice. Stop letting crooked organizations make you carry signs for their incompetence and laziness over the year, when they don’t even know the whole truth of the incident OR THE LAW regarding the incident. By the way where was the justice for the young jewish youth that was beaten before that incident. This is not a tick for tack game of payback.

    1. aaaaa says:

      I completely agree. We as a society must stop looking at life in terms of race. We are all capable of the same crimes and those that commit them are just sick. We need some serious consistency in our courts. The punishment should fit the crime, not the race.

  5. wayne says:

    “disfigurement”–lol…tongue-twister, sometimes…

  6. Felix says:

    It’s only racism if black person gets victimized. When it’s a white person, it’s “suits him or her right, damn white cracker”. I’ve never seen so much racism from black people, as I saw here in Baltimore. Just today on the light rail, young white couple with a little baby and a stroller wanted to get out on Lexington market and asked operator to open front door and let them out on the ramp, he didn’t ever respond. Oh yah, operator was a black guy. I take light rail every day and see it very often. Couple of times, black operators shut the door right in front of me too. So, racism does exist and there are no less black racists in this city, than white ones. It will never go away. Deal with it. Live with it.

    1. Truth says:

      MTA workers are just incompetent period…that’s not racism.

      1. whatnow says:

        Yes some of them are incompetent. Some are very competent. But quite a few of them do show their racism. I have watched a train sit and wait while a black person buys a ticket and gets on then slam the door shut in front of the white person 2 feet behind them. And as for the riders, don’t look up, keep to yourself or you are fair game for a rant about what a cracker you are.

      2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        MTA workers are hired from the defect sperm bank….Coons.

      3. BOO BOO DUH says:

        OF COURSE….THEY’RE the only ones who get the jobs making the butts…if not…that would be discrimination also !!!! whatever they do not get…its discrimination…and they still want want and want…….thye have ruined every neighborhood in BALTIMORE CITY AND COUNTY !!!!

  7. Sean C says:

    Yes! I agree. But not all of us blacks are stupid. Sensible ones like me also see the hypocrisy. Why didn’t Black female former City States Attorney, Pat Jessamy charge the several blacks youths on the MTA Baltimore City bus with a hate crime when they viciously beat that white woman and yelled white B–ch at her? I see double standards fellow black people! You mean to tell me that blacks beating on whites just for their race isn’t a hate crime? Why is only a white beeating on a black person only seen as a hate crime. However, it’s someone who is Jewish beating a black in this case.

  8. Truth says:

    Wow…there really are some racists judging by these comments.
    Here we are in 2011 and it saddens me deeply for myself, my children and your children, that comments like some of yours are still being posted.

    I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know what the qualifications are for a felony assault, but I do know that this would fall under the lynching law in the state of SC, which is a felony. The law does not apply to race, but to more than one person assaulting an individual.

    The problem here is that everyone only sees the noise being made by the NAACP. I do think they are jumping the gun on this one. I would’ve liked to see an explanation of why the charges were reduced. And “acting suspiciously”, does that mean being black in a white neighborhood?

    The people of Baltimore need to come together as one community to battle crime in general. Black on black, black on white, white on black, black on hispanic, etc…There is some false sense that is acceptable or normal that this is just a violent city.

    1. whatnow says:

      The “acting suspiciously” was the fact that he was seen on people’s porches looking in their windows, someone called the community group and that is why they went out. In Edgewater right now, the latest crime is going into townhouse communities during the day, peeking in a window then doing a smash and grab. Considering this “victim” has an arrest record for theft, I think we can connect the dots. This said, he should have been detained and the cops called but I guess when he swung and the Jewish guy with a board with a nail in it, they decided against detaining and protected themselves.

    2. ghj says:

      Straight from the Annotated Code of MD

      § 3-202. Assault in the first degree.

      (a) Prohibited.-

      (1) A person may not intentionally cause or attempt to cause serious physical injury to another.

      (2) A person may not commit an assault with a firearm, including:

      (i) a handgun, antique firearm, rifle, shotgun, short-barreled shotgun, or short-barreled rifle, as those terms are defined in § 4-201 of this article;

      (ii) an assault pistol, as defined in § 4-301 of this article;

      (iii) a machine gun, as defined in § 4-401 of this article; and

      (iv) a regulated firearm, as defined in § 5-101 of the Public Safety Article.

      (b) Penalty.- A person who violates this section is guilty of the felony of assault in the first degree and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 25 years.

      1. DEEZUL says:

        AllAll of them need to be shipped off for being plain stupid.

    3. ghj says:

      …..Ok truth this is straight from the Annotated Code of MD. As you can see, the only clear cut first degree assault is when an individual is assaulted with a gun, otherwise the term serious physical injury is applied if no firearm is present. That is a very broad description. People have very different ideas what serious physical injury is. From my experience, a 1st Degree Assault charge is only pursued when the injury was so severe that it could cause death. For example, a stabbing. In the Baltimore City Courts, 1st Degree Assault is even harder to obtain, unless of course a gun is used. With that being said, it is not a surprise, nor is it a bad decision to drop the felony 1st Degree Assault charge in this case. If this were any other case not involving race, it would have been downgraded with no questions asked.

      1. Owings Mills says:

        Thank you for looking this up. This makes sense. However, for the illiterate on here, charges were only dropped because of race, and there is nothing that will ever convince them otherwise…..not even the law.

      2. Rudy2D says:

        (a) 1–Would include brass knuckles, baseball-bats, boards w/nails, etc.–but not in self-defense, which this clearly was. Historically–all ethnic groups in this country have “stuck-together” at one time or another. But blacks have been playing the race-card now for 150 years–and with government-assistance. It needs to end–but I suspect that it will not end well..

  9. Dixieland Baltimore says:

    Any Black youth seen in my neighborhood is probably up to no good as over in this secton of Eastern Avenue, blacks and whites live next to each other. But all the crimes are committed by the black teenagers. Shootings, robberies, etc. Mostly backs–99%! Yes, if you are a you’r a young black man–you’re looked at as being a criminal. Statistics speak!!!!!

    1. old14spice says:

      Like Ive said before, You cant dispute facts! When I posted factual statistics of crimes in baltimore,Majority were commited by blacks, I was called a racist. Truthfully, In my area you wouldnt normally see a black person walking down the street.In the rare case that you do, you can believe he is being watched.thats just the way it is.Live and learn.We have all learned that “most” (not all) crimes are commited by blacks. I guess thats declaired “racial profiling”

  10. insider says:

    The mta is a racist work program. You got black panther types and klan sympathizers all under one union. Lots of big mouths,small minds and even less competence.

  11. Ging Prestof says:

    I was shocked to see SO MUCH HATRED coming from blacks over this case.
    It is as if it hate is seething inside them. They won’t be happy until they take over everything. Watch out!

  12. blackyblackblak says:

    well well well.. looks who’s racist now.

    Go back to shooting each other and spreading std’s
    so my property values can go back up in a decade or so

  13. William Noble says:

    CBS needs to stop allowing these ignorant,racist comments to be posted.Period!Stop giving these cowards voices if they can’t say it in person.Some of these people work with you smiling and grinning but too scared to tell you in your face.You’d be surprise!

    1. Joe says:

      Maybe they’re too scared because they’d be charged with a hate crime?

    2. TANHOU says:


    3. Boiles says:

      Exactly! They talk a good one when they can hide behind a computer! How many actually have the sack to say it in front of peoples face!

    4. CRACKER says:


    5. Owings Mills says:

      How about they don’t stop these posts because that is why we have the 1st Amendment. The 1st Amendment is there so that I can say what I want regardless of your feelings about it.

      1. Christopher Cruise says:

        Owings Mills: You don’t know what you’re talking about. The First Amendment applies to the GOVERNMENT. It prohibits the GOVERNMENT from abridging your freedom of speech. It does NOT apply to CBS or any other non-governmental entity, which CAN abridge your freedom of speech.

    6. swen says:

      If you’re working then you’re not part of the problem.

  14. old14spice says:

    Theres that race card once again! its sad how this all plays out. Racism does its finest work against white people. AND its used when something does not go the way the blacks want it to go. This time it was race and religion! Maybe the next step is to get Jesse Jackson to spout off about how blacks never get a fair shake. Ironically its Jesse Jackson that puts down his own race by telling them they cant get anywhere due to color. Or maybe those black panthers will carry baseball bats and threaten people. Theres always the naacp if all else fails.You can bet this wont be the end of this story. It never rests until they get what they want. If you ask any black person about racism, the response you get would make you think it was still the 1960’s.Nothing is ever good enough.

  15. Disenchanted Marylander says:

    How quickly the African Americans forget about the white woman who was brutally assaulted and nearly beaten to death on the MTA last year by the group of African American teens. African Americans seem to have such a short term memory when it suits their needs. Every time something doesn’t go their way they claim its racism or a hate crime. You got to love it. Simply hilarious.

  16. john says:

    Obviously theres a double standard, however the 2 Jewish men should be charged with felony’s. It seems like the only time people want to bring up the idea of a double standard is when there is a high amount of tension in the air. People need to bring this up when there is less negativity in the air and have an open and honest discussion about the facts of white and black crime. Until we abolish these double standards, tensions and racism will continue during times like these.

  17. Nick says:

    Ok the signs calling Bernstein a racist were INAPPROPRIATE. 2 have been charged and if anymore so be it But let it go thru the legal process. He was elected because EVERYONE was tired of the repeat OFFENDERS being release. His term has started with 2 very difficult cases but if cool heads stick together we will all get the JUSTICE. Perception wise the case was initially not quite right when only 1 was charged and he was allowed to go to Israel. But he is back, and the Maryland legal process is in place.

  18. diggity says:

    it was outrage there as well
    but the jews cant get away with torture and violence this is not Israel

  19. Jon says:

    I find it interesting how many are upset at the outrage towards Bernstein. I say that because many of those same people are alright with the hate and outrage towards our president by the tea party. I think Bernstein is catering to his community because they vote and contribute to his campaign. That being said we in the black community need to do a better job of getting involved. All we do is complain and then we sit back and hope things change. We need to do a better job of expressing our views through organization and voting. I just to you all of you upset. Stop the hate speech and vote. That is how we can make a difference.

    1. squaregrouper says:

      Jon, I agree with your comments with one clarifier… The Tea party is outraged with big government in general. There is no specific hatred towards Obama. The out of control spending and lack of responsibility being shown by the democrats and republicans is why the Tea party exists. Remember how polarized the media is as well- Watch ABC, CBS or NBC (liberal) then watch Fox (conservative) they will have total different reporting on the same story.

  20. nik says:

    the first people to bring race into account are racist themselves. Ignorent people trying to cause an uproar. It is an isolated incedent and you can’t blame others for 2 peoples actions, what ever their intentions were. Lets use this as a learning experience and grow from it.

  21. squaregrouper says:

    I am upset that so many in the black community has such racist double standards. Bernstein (a Jew) not wanting to “throw the book” at other Jew is racist, but Jessamy (black) not prosecuting other blacks is OK. Someone please explain this to me. I don’t want to hear from racists- black or white!!!

    1. freedom says:

      its not OK..the law is the law and should be followed equally by all..unfortunately, it is not and that is what keeps racial tensions boiling..its just like when Rodney King was blatantly abused with video tapped proof and the perps were let go..then comes OJ and in order to keep the peace he was found not guilty..maybe if the Rodney King situation was handled fairly then the OJ case could have been handled fairly..Its unfortunate that the history of the United States and Jim Crow laws have indented itself on the way the US laws are rendered now. Its very shameful that racism and discrimination still exist. Because the truth is it does and until people can really understand that we all bleed the same color blood underneath your skin color, ethnicity, culture, and religion then it will continue to be a problem. Its unfortunate that the ideology of a few Nutjob forefathers has so horrifically tainted the times that we are existing in now. I would love to see a world that exists where all people understand, tolerate, and accept everyone as they are. Just like many generations before me were grateful to see a minority male elected President. This world is making strides to educate and change its views, but boy do we still have a long way to go. not only because of the afore mentioned article, but also because of the girl who was beaten on the MTA, Jenna Six, and the two sisters who were giving life sentences for an $11.00 armed robbery..Its just very sad and disheartening.

    2. Nick says:

      Patty was VOTED out by all races who were tired of repeat offenders being released. It may have save the city money nby not having to keep them in prison but no one felt safe. Agree, there were to many cases not prosecuted

  22. Donna Martin says:

    This is why the world is like it is always racist comment I dont think what happen is right but why is it always racist when it come to white and black let it go make the world a better place to live

  23. Boiles says:

    Clearly because Baltimore has a population of majority Black, all the stats are going to point to mostly Blacks committing crimes and anything else. I’m sure if you go to a city or state with a majority White population, you will get the Whites doing the same thing. The rule of law should apply in all cases, Black, White or otherwise. I believe if this guy was charged with the felony in the first place, there must have been some rule of law that applied and a jury should have been given the chance to see if he was guilty or not. To drop specifically that felony charge just makes it look bad in people’s mind that something is fishy being as Mr. Bernstein is Jewish. On the same token, the former State’s Attorney was Black in a majority Black city. When she reduced charges, was there so much outrage. We can go back and forth on cases like the recent one where two Black people killed the White guy Pitcarn (spelling) from Johns Hopkins. The two were heard bragging about robbing a “white boy”. No hate crime charge but people were in such an uproar about the killing. It made news for weeks. They held a rally and everybody from the Mayor, police chief, and members of the city council came out to protest the killing. Even Mr. Bernstein. He was complaining about the former State’s Attorney’s time in office from mismanagement down to reducing charges the same of which he just did in this case instead of letting the process take it’s course. The rule of law is what should ALWAYS apply!!

    1. jack says:

      Boiles. Most majority white communities are safe. Most majority black communities are full of crime and are not safe. period

  24. Jim says:

    Why I this country so divided? The answer: Groups like the NAACP, Black America contests, United Negro College Fund, Black History Month, Etc. It supposedly being OK for black people to use the N-word to be buddy buddy with each other. Not trying to conform to the rest of society when it comes to dressing like normal human beings. Segregation is being caused by the race of people who are complaining about it! Equality my butt! Black people want their own set of rules! If everybody else would stop giving in to these stupid ways of life and racial biased programs and earn your way on hard work and effort we may have equality one day. Come on everybody lets just get along! Live by the same rules! Enough of these programs based on race! Lets live as one! I don’t really believe this is what our great past & present leaders fought & are fighting for. Stop the divided! God Bless The USA! We need it!
    Thank you

    1. freedom says:

      I understand your sentiment and some of what you say is very valid. But unfortunately if some of those systems were not in play to regulate and make sure that minorities aren’t locked out of the many opportunites that are afforded to White America, then we would be worse off then we already are. I don’t know if I have recieved any of my positions solely based on Affirmative Action, I would like to believe that I have recieved them solely based on my qualifications, but unfortunately its the world we live in. I think that history is repeating its self because it is being brushed under the rug and not being taught. In my opinion, I think that being educated and aware of the past is the only way to make a better future. I understand that slavery, lynching, and the Jim Crow era is a blight on the perception of what the U.S. stands for today but it happened. I believe great strides have been made but there are many more that need to be made from both sides. The laws need to be equally enforced and bias because of race or class. I think a viable solution needs to be giving so that Black Americans can really heal from the pains of slavery and Jim Crow. Although, I was personally persecuted I still have a nagging depression of what happened to my fore-family. Just as any human being would. I think that empathy needs to be shown from those who weren’t victims, I stress empathy and not shame, because no one living today were actually slave masters. I feel that until there is understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, and resolution from both sides that we have reached the peak of intergration, and are now on a path of regression. The N word needs to be abolished from every and anyones vocabulary, but this is a country that allows freedom of speech no matter how hurtful and heinous. Black American PARENTS should teach their children the truth behind this demeaning word. If a slave was resurrected there is no way he/she would ever condone being called the N word by ANYONE. I would love to see a world where people can accept that all people are individuals and being an individual gives each person the right to decide what he/she believes and practices.

      1. jack says:

        Freedom. we need more people like you. God bless.

  25. Jimi says:

    Why I this country so divided? The answer: Groups like the NAACP, Black America contests, United Negro College Fund, Black History Month, Etc. It supposedly being OK for black people to use the N-word to be buddy buddy with each other. Not trying to conform to the rest of society when it comes to dressing like normal human beings. Segregation is being caused by the race of people who are complaining about it! Equality my butt! Black people want their own set of rules! If everybody else would stop giving in to these stupid ways of life and racial biased programs and earn your way on hard work and effort we may have equality one day. Come on everybody lets just get along! Live by the same rules! Enough of these programs based on race! Lets live as one! I don’t really believe this is what our great past & present leaders fought & are fighting for. Stop the divided! God Bless The USA! We need it!
    Thank you

  26. brenda walsh says:

    lol..they “disfigured” him? really? get over it. kid was up to no good and he was stopped in his tracks. if this was howard county and a mexican kid was peering into a black person’s house looking for something to steal, got caught by a white or black person and hurrtt his wiiiist would this be a hate crime? NO.

    let bernstein do his job and deal with REAL crimes.

  27. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    This coon like most are always looking for a open door or an unlocked window. Its their nature & ingrained culture of “Something for nothing”, The welfare generation after generation are raised this way because Blacks have no family structure. Daddy is in jail or knocking up another Ho, mom is a crack head letting grandmom raise the kids which all have different last names & will grow up uneducated & criminal activity street creed. I see youngs blacks all day long hanging on the corner with no jobs but they all have $200 sneakers, leather jackets & a cell phone shoved in their ear planning the next heist. F……K roaches.

    1. Mike says:

      I see you are another one of those hide behind the computer racist! You know clearly that if you were out in public in front of people you would not have the sack to say that. Then again you probably would… a Klan meeting. Get yourself together!!!


        WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A KLAN MEETING AND A NAACP MEETING ? you guys get everything you want….a black tv station….black college fund….more blacks in the nfl….mor blacks in baseball….more blacks in jobs….more blacks more blacks…..more blacks getting welfare…..but…picture this,,,,,,WHITE WATER FOUNTAIN….WHITE BATHROOM…..WHITE WHITE WHITE…..thats discrimination…….we have to giove you what you want,,,,or you will burn down a city or many…..they state it on tv….picture this….WET….WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION……wouldn’t work right ?? no way…..and try to mak an organization… help white people beat discrimination as the NAACP does….wooooooooooo…no way…..CP IN THAT DOES MEAN COLORED PEOEPLE….why havn’t you changed that yet since we can’t call you that…how many more times we gonna change that by the way ? we can’t say the N word……but….YOU CAN…AND YOU DO…..please stop saying they say nigga……THEY DO NOT !!!!! YOU JUST WANT IT SO WE CAN’T SAY IT……AND YOU STILL CALL WHITES NAMES……DOUBL STANDARD…..IT WILL NEVER WORK…AND AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T …NOTHING WILL CHANGE……WHY AREN’T WE HAVING IRISH MONTH ??? THATS MY NATIONALITY…..THATS WHERE MY ANCESTORS ARE FROM……CAN WE MAKE ST. PATRICKS DAY A NATIONAL HOLIDAY ? OR HOW BOUT A PRESIDENT WHO CHANGED OUR WORLD…REAGAN….he was not violent as some we know !!!! Can my child hav lessons on my heritage ?? YOU ARE IN AMERICA AT CHRISTMAS…CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS…..evry year its something new…to mak your tribe different than AMERICANS !!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND……EQUALITY ??? YOU WANT IT ALL…THATS WHAT YOU WANT !!! AS USUAL/////PEOPLE ARE WISE NOW…LOOK AT OUR NEIGHBORHOODS…..ITS SAD WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO OUR CITIES !!! ESPECIALLY BALTIMORE…..MY GREAT CITY IS RUINED…..AND NOW YOU RUN THIS GRAT CITY……SAD…SCHAEFFER PROBABLY CRIES DAILY !!!

    2. freedom says:

      Education is clearly lacking here..Bernard there is always a way to get your point across without being hateful and disrespectful. Your statement clearly shows that you lack self-esteem because you find meaning in belittling others. Your comment could possibly have some merit if it wasn’t riddled with insults.

      @ You are discriminating against a Black American I can see that unfortunatley there is a double standard, however; you can not deny that an unfortunate history is what warranted it. If slavery, segregation, mutilation, lynching, and Jim Crow Laws never existed we wouldn’t be where we are today. Unfortunately, the foundation of this nation is tainted and until it has been demolished and reestablished then we are stuck with what we have. your comment seem to be riddled with resentment..more blacks in the NFL, more blacks in the baseball, could it be because they are more talented in those areas, there are more whites in gymnastics, more whites in swimming, more whites in tennis, blacks participate in those sports and get in where they fit in. Maybe its more in the are of football, basketball, and baseball, because that is what is offered to them. No need to hate, just enjoy the entertainment of it. Just as we enjoy watching Micheal Phelps do his thing. Secondly, get your statistics correct there are more white americans on the welfare system always has been. we are the minority and therefore we have less numbers. This is a free country and you can call me whatever you would like to, however; if its something disrespectful then just be ready for the consequences of your actions and take responsibility for your actions. ..Personally I don’t think the N word is appropiate for anyone to use, its a hurtful and hateful word. if you didn’t know the history behind the month of Black History month, Black History Month came into play because African American history was excluded from US History. I’m not really sure what your heritage is, but I know during my 13yrs of Public School education I learned more about European History than any other history and if it wasn’t for my mother giving me extra lessons in my own history I would have never known about the Great Nations of Africa, or the Kings and Queens who flourished in history with the same skin color as my own. Until you are able to accept that all people are individual and have a right to believe and practice as they want, until you have tolerance for all races, cultures, ethinicities, and beliefs then you will continue to be uncomfortable and miserable. Learn about others then you will understand others.

      1. Mike says:

        Thank you freedom. YOU ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME
        seems to not know his history or just wanted to overlook it just to have something to say. And another thing about television. Television is white america. How many Blacks own television channels or stations. Just as with everything else, had Blacks not been excluded from everything by Whites, there would not have been a need to have all of this. And how many NAACP meetings have you seen with Blacks with hoods on their heads being cowards and burning flags and crosses and preaching Black power? Bet you seen alot of that at Klan meetings

      2. ghj says:

        Freedom……well said. Bernard obviously is just as bad as the “reverse racists” that he claims to hate so much. You’re part of the solution or part of the problem. It is clear where Bernard falls.

      3. barnyard says:

        What a croc you are. Know the meaning of history. I learned it in school, know more about blacks than blacks know about their own Malcom X, King, Eli Whitney, Do blacks even care? Some do but not enough. The majority of blacks are inbred lazy I want it, & I want it all now crowd. Their family structure has disappeared. I don’t have time for their slothful lazy ways.

  28. EQUALITY says:


    1. Madeline Eichelberger says:


      1. Brad M. says:

        Shut Up Madeline E. You’re probably just a hypocrite!!

    2. Madeline Eichelberger says:

      BRAD M – Let me guess your a WHITE male in the Klan??!!

    3. RTY says:

      Funny how the NAACP has jumped on cases that didn’t turn out how they thought, and after things changed in the case, the NAACP couldn’t even offer an apology to people that were affected. FOr example, a couple of years ago. a noose was hung in a Baltimore City Firehouse with a note attached. After it made the news, the NAACP jumped on the story before it was investigated and labeled the Baltimore City Fire Dept as a “Racist Organisation.” During the investigation, it was discovered that a BLACK fire fighter put the noose up himself. Did the NAACP frown upon the actions of the black fire fighter? Nope. Did the at least retract their statement that the Baltimore City Fire Dept was a “racist organisation?” Nope. Did they at least apologize? NOPE.

      One more……what about the famous Duke Lacrosse players and the black stripper acusing them uf rape. The NAACP was all over that. When it was discovered that the black stripper fabricated the whole story the NAACP did nothing to denounce the actions of the black female or apologize to the Duke lacrosse players for calling the racist rapists. The plays had their lives torn apart,

      I understand that the black minority has under went unimaginable racism, but the NAACP needs to be more responsible if they want to be seen as a legitimate organization, otherwise they are fueling the problem as much as they are trying to stop it. No one person locally is more guilty of this then DOC CHEATHAM

      1. Owings Mills says:

        Very well said.

      2. barnyard says:

        Nothing but a crutch. Blacks have been moaning for reparations for years now. Still looking for a handout that their great, great ,grand daddies earned. The Irish, Italians Jews all have been discriminated in this country. Nothing new here. Blacks, stay in school, get educated & succeed. Put away the pimp cars, guns & the dreams of the Snoop dog lifestyle.

  29. joe silvestri says:

    wow it just never stops the only people to blame for stuff like this is the person or persons who do the crime everyone should be treated equal

  30. Sean F says:

    These comments are the best… Lol

  31. BS says:

    This is not racism! Where is the black community protesting the gangs in the city? Gang violence in the city is the number cause of death and harm to black youth in Baltimore.

    Also, last summer an 20ish year old Asian man was beat horribly by a gang of black youth in Federal Hill. Many witnesses, including the victim said the attack was completely racist by the black youth. They screamed and shouted racist words at the Asian man while they beat him. Why was this all covered up and forgotten by the P. Jessemy? Simple… you can’t blame black youth for anything because, “they are always sad products of the community with no opportunities in life” blah, blah, blah

    1. Nick says:

      Patty was voted out by all voting Americans from every race and religion. All law abiding citizens want justice and an end to repeat offenders release. The first family kids are not hanging out on some corner–so make sure you keep that thought that there are law abiding black americans that want justice. Bernstein has a lot but lets make this year a safer year.

  32. JOHNJOHN says:

    Mike, are you a broken record? You have the same comeback for every post!!!

    1. Mike says:

      Guess that bothers you cause you are another one just like hih, huh/

  33. blacky says:

    Not a coward.. I voiced my opinion in November. We marched in the streets. Since 2008 black violence has rocketed up. We got a bunch of thugs on the corner driving down property values.
    BTW this is the USA. Not Somalia on Kenya, we have freedom of speech.

  34. blacky says:

    luckily next year when the republicans get total control WELFARE WILLL END…

  35. pigeon says:

    And I protest the protestors!

  36. JOHNJOHN says:

    Like a previous poster said. Blacks should try to emulate someone like Bill Cosby, Dr. Ben Carsin, or Condoleeza Rice . Not some lowlife no talent thug rapper. If tis would happen then the U. S. would be a much better place.

    1. whatnow says:

      Your statement is absolutely 100% correct. Every young black child should have to read Condoleeza Rice’s autobiography. What a different world it would be.

  37. blacky says:

    why do that when you can have 10 kids by 10 different guys or gals, and jump on welfare get a basically free place to live, food and still blame the white man?

    luckily 2012 that all ends

  38. JOHNJOHN says:

    HERE HERE!!!!!!!!!!

  39. cms827 says:

    You know that kid was up to no good, but I am sure had he broken into one of those house and someone was home he would have killed them, break his wrist, break his legs I don’t care anymore, everytime I see a black man come into a small convenience store I bolt, sorry my daughter was robbed twice at a bank both by black men/teenagers they have no regards for anyones life they will kill you for a dollar, tired of hearing no family structure, guess what that is not my fault and they can all rot in hell.

    1. s curie says:

      When I enter a room full of orhodox Jews I have to go home and take a shower. They stink!

  40. Not so fast says:

    I’m sure the young man was from a broken home, that is why he was on the streets. I didn’t hear any news that he was a juvenile delinquent. Don’t know if it was a race issue or not, probably more on the lines that a stranger was in the neighborhood where he didn’t belong. Police your own neighborhood and we will all be safer. Ever wonder why most crime occurs at night in the less desireable neighborhoods?

    1. Nick says:

      crime did not occur at night. his school is there and iprobably from that he lives in that area. Get the facts straight let Bernstein proceed.

    2. barnyard says:

      Not so fast. That kid at 16 has a lengthly rap sheet (criminal record) for the educated whites.

  41. jeffrey says:


    1. smurffy says:

      i agree MAZEL TOV

  42. s curie says:

    An American citizen was beaten by a forigner on the streets of Baltimore. As Americans we blacks, whites, yellows, Jews, should be all protecting and be on the side of the American citizen. Unfortunately most Jewish Americans being Jewish first than an American are not capable of doing so. Shame on you! Time and time again you proved to be not loyal to USA!

    1. Owings Mills says:

      Being Jewish is a religion NOT a race.

  43. What? says:

    Worst thing the white man did was bring the black man out of Africa. Should have left them there and let natural selection run its course.

    1. scurie says:

      First slave traiders were Jewish! They did ithat immorality in the name of money!

      1. smurffy says:

        the first slaves were hebrew(JEWISH) and the slave traders were egyptians and romans as well as the slave owners you nut case.

  44. Robert Antreasian says:

    After 94 comments, its obvious we live in a divided America. There is plenty of extremism on both sides of this and every issue. 50% of the comments are ignorant rhetoric to defend either white racism or black racism. Will a rational middle of the road, all humans are created equal, and all groups have faults approach ever take hold.
    IN this case it seems to me that a neighborhood should have the right to defend itself from a crime regardless of race. But Shomrim’s job is to CALL THE POLICE. not be breaking wrists. If they are guilty let them pay for it. The penilty would be small and both sides would have education and justice. We don’t have to take sides. We can all respect the law

  45. whatnow says:

    to Mike: if you think TV is white America, maybe you should get cable. You are missing a lot!

  46. Pierre Gibbons says:

    I think the protesters should be at work and not unnecessairly walking the sidewalks. Thats the problem. people with way too much time on thir hands. Black, white, brown or yellow.

    1. swen says:

      or walking their own neighborhoods to keep their neighbors safe

  47. jesse says:

    Protesters are making to much of this incident. These two kids were watching their own neighborhood which means what belongs and what doesn’t. These guys did not go to the black kid’s neighborhood to break his wrist on purpose or out of hate. This is not a hate crime at all.

  48. peace_officer says:

    It’s time for another Crown Heights incident.

  49. smurffy says:

    Does p.diddy wake up in the morning feeling like Kesha????

  50. piece_officer says:

    Or is it another Jones Beach incident? Peace.

  51. trueamerican says:

    Of course the naacp and acorn criminal orginizations are behind this. This is what your tax money goes to, orginizations that blow an incident all out of proportion for their benefit. I would’nt be surprised if acorn sent this kid in there to cause this incident so they could make a race issue over it. There are going to be incidents occuring where the outcome is’nt going to be in the blacks favor,like 99% of it is now,get over it. You want to be equal or have the same standing then do it by your own merit,not by twisting the issue to your advantage.

  52. trueamerican says:

    I agree totally with the new city attorney. Im glad to see that there not being intimidated into what some want to happen. We need to pay attention to what is just, not just what is politically correct. Let lthem protest,everyone has a right to peaceful protest, but dont fear doing what is right because of some objection.

  53. swen says:

    When blacks start their own watch groups to defend god-fearing, law abiding folks from crime, the media demonizes groups like the guardian angels. The Jews have always protected their own with volunteer groups. Bottom line: this kid was probably looking for an opportunity and was in this neighborhood because these folks were of better means than folks in his own neighborhood.

  54. barnyard says:

    Sean F & Mike, I’m not bitter just a helluva lot more experienced than you clowns. I’ve witnessed my Father almost beaten to death by a group of blacks for a few dollars. My daughter raped by an insolent ignorant porch monkey just looking for a good time. I honestly believe that the large proportion of Blacks can be educated to be successful but the non existent family structure that currently exists will never accomplish that end so, jail & kill if necessary the no conforming niggas!


    I fully agree completely..

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