BALTIMORE (WJZ)–A dog set on fire. It’s a crime that outraged people all over the state. Now the two teens charged with that abuse go on trial.

Suzanne Collins was in court as the officer who extinguished the dog wept while telling that story.

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The puppy Phoenix was clinging to life shortly after she was set on fire in West Baltimore in 2009. The case created an uproar that led to a special commission on animal abuse.

“Her tongue, her eyes, her pads are scorched off,” said Dr. Marcella Bonner, Swann Animal Hospital.

Prosecutors told jurors that Tremayne and Travers Johnson are responsible for the cruel act. A street camera video was played. The state’s attorney says it will help prove the defendants were there. Detective Syreeta Teel recounted seeing smoke as she patrolled, jumping out to wrap the burning puppy with her sweater.

“We saw this dog. It was black and brown, in flames and he was screaming, rolling around,” Teel said.

The detective cried in court describing it.

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Defense attorneys say it’s a case of mistaken identity and a botched police investigation.

The defense attorney did get police officers and an animal control officer to admit no crime scene evidence was collected, no photos taken and a detective was not assigned to the case for days.

A woman on the city animal abuse commission with the Snyder Foundation for Animals says the case brought changes.

“One of the things that will be forthcoming from this is the animal control officers themselves will receive training from the American ASPCA in New York, which will help them to document evidence,” said Ann Gearhart, Snyder Foundation for Animals.

Several other animal advocates were in the court.

“I’m just here because I believe it’s important Phoenix have a voice and not be forgotten,” said one advocate.

The family of the Johnson twins was in court, but chose not to speak.

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The trial is expected to go into next week.