TAKOMA PARK, Md. (WJZ) — It looked like a scene out of a big blockbuster movie, but it was real life. A man tries to rob a bank in Takoma Park, taking a woman hostage and the whole thing unfolds before news cameras.

 Kelly McPherson spoke with people who watched the whole thing happen.

 A hooded, gloved, masked gunman took a back teller hostage in Takoma Park on Friday morning. Eleven officers were standing by, guns drawn as the Hispanic man in his 40s points a 9MM gun at the woman.

Police say the teller remained calm. Then the suspect slipped and she ran off.

Officers fired, killing the man. One bullet grazed the leg of an officer.

“When you see that handgun pointed at that individual’s back you have to make an immediate response,” said Montgomery County Assistant Chief Drew Tracy.

Forensics will check if the 9MM was working. Police say the suspect did not fire, but did pistolwhip a customer in the back who tried to take away the weapon.

When the suspect was out on the sidewalk, he had money from the bank, but an employee had put a red dye pack in the bag–that’s what you’ll see explode on the video.

“I’m sure this individual was going to spend a short period of time, did not want to go behind the bullet-proof glass, probably did not want to take hostages, but then it was chaotic.  Obviously this individual was not making correct decisions at that point in time,” Tracy said.

Bank customers say the busy plaza is not where they’d expect a robbery.

“It’s kind of odd for somebody to think that he’s going to do it and just walk away,” said Nelson Romero, bank customer. “Just nuts to even consider it.”

“It’s insane, that video.  That man was probably out of his mind,” said Cedric McDonald, neighbor.

The suspect also had two fake devices made out of copper wires, aluminum foil and duct tape. The hostage’s only injury was a scrape on her elbow.

Takoma Park officers were involved in the shooting, so Montgomery County is taking charge of the investigation. The suspect’s name will not be released until his family is notified.

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  1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Signs of the times when you are hearing about bank robberies on a steady basis. Before they used to be an oddity, not anymore

  2. moleman says:

    Desperate people do desperate things in hard times. Bank robbing??? Banks only keep records not money anymore.

    1. D. Bos. says:

      What Bank doesn’t keep money jerk!!!!

  3. Nicole Corvin says:

    Just glad that the hostage was able to get away safe.

  4. freddie m says:

    Parent will say this guy was a good father and man. yhea right

  5. Tracey Reitterer says:

    One less thug. No one will have to worry about him anymore.

  6. Jonathan Strein says:

    That will teach him to rob a bank! Police need to do that more often

  7. Terry Frazer says:

    No money wasted on a trail that could get him off

  8. jm says:

    What a coward. i hope he felt all the pain of the bullets ripping through his body. 1 more dirtbag down

  9. me on a good day says:

    He deserved everything he got, good riddance to his piece of trash and all other s like him – hope he rots in hell – if there is such a place.

  10. Crime Destroyer says:

    Whew! About a million tax dollars saved: No jail, no trial, no prison. Way to go police! thank you!

  11. Doug says:

    Give the cops a big bonus for saving us tax payers a fortune.
    I’ll sleep well tonight,knowing justice was served,American style

  12. CAMRY 1 says:

    That same Bank is gonna take the home from most of you on here that’s commenting because I know most of you can’t make your mortgage payments… hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Common Sense says:

    Wow you would think with all the jobs that Barrack Obama and the Dem’s
    have created that he wouldn’t need to rob a bank. Oh wait…..it is kind of tough to make a house payment and buy food and clothing on $6 an hour.

    You are going to see a lot more of this folks, this is just the beginning……

  14. bang bang says:

    His family will sue the state and win.

  15. Passing Through says:

    What a bunch of losers. Most of you sound like you have no idea what real life is about. And the financial mess we are in started with Bush, not Mr. Obama. President Obama is trying to straighten out the mess his predecessor left this country in. How in the world can you people not see that. Oh, I know, most of you are still upset because we had the nerve to elect a Black president to you United States of America. Well guess what, he won’t be the last.
    Don’t bother commenting back, I’ll be gone, don’t want to hear it.

    1. nacho mama says:

      And I bet ur black rite? No one said anything negative about Obama but u still felt the need to pull the black card.. and black people wonder y they get hated on.. maybe because they bring it on themselves..

      1. imyo daddy says:

        Yo mama raised an uneducated, illiterate, backwoods, idiot.

  16. roy johnson says:

    thieve robbing another thieve.. the banks are the first thieves who robe people and the poor working people. This thieve ( the bank) is the same thieve who rob your house, your poor pockets, reposes your car.. so who is the big thieve here.. what happened there is only as small thieve trying to take somethng for the big thieve.. porr mentallity thinkiing about money and criticising, knowing that the big thieves robe from them and they keep the mouth shut…. good luck victims… ( Amsterdam)

  17. nacho mama says:

    This should definitely happen more often.. one less jerk to worry about

    1. imYo daddy says:

      Yo mama raised an uneducated, illiterate, backwoods, impotent, idiot.