By Vic Carter

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—In less than 24 hours, Governor Martin O’Malley will address Marylanders about his vision for the next four years. But before he does that, he sat down with Vic Carter for a one-on-one discussion about his priorities.

When Governor Martin O’Malley takes the podium for his state of the state address, it’s with a different perspective than last year.

A resounding victory in the election gives him a second chance, but the economy and a huge budget deficit still loom.

Carter: Governor, what will we hear from you that will be different in the state of the state that we didn’t here when you laid out your legislative agenda?

O’Malley: What I plan to lay out is how we go from being a state that is stronger than other states to being a state that is stronger after the recession than we are right now.

Carter: The Gonzalez poll came out. You got some pretty good numbers– 58 percent.

O’Malley: That was before the people got stalled on the JFX.

Carter: Are you a better leader now than you were four years ago?

O’Malley: Gosh, I hope so. I try to learn everyday in this job. I think the day that as an elected official you’re not waking up in the morning hoping to become wiser and to learn something more is the day you should hang up your cleats and find something else to do. So, I believe I’m better at this.

Carter: Look in your crystal ball. Four years from now…

O’Malley: I wish I had a crystal ball. That would make this job so much easier.

Carter: Four years from now, I predict that you and I will have an opportunity to talk once again, and I will ask you what’s next.

O’Malley: I have no idea what’s next. I do know that for the next four years I’m going to throw all my energy into being the most effective governor that I can possibly be. I think these are exciting times.

O’Malley says despite the down economy, Maryland is still seen as a leader in education and scientific innovation and research.

Vic Carter

Comments (4)
  1. leo brown says:

    the govenor needs to address the maryland state pension system, system should be fully funded for both health and pension. cost for retireed state employees continue to go up in all areas. food clothing and shelter. retirees can not continue to go backwards.

  2. M says:

    You are so right Leo. I am a retiree and the system has failed us. The system’s employees took trip to exotic places to learn about investments and paying for this came out of our pockets. Then the CIO took a lavish bonus in October(Mansco Perry) and we are not a Trump empire here, this is a state agency that is facing financial problems. Mr. Kenderdine, you are s poor leader and you need to go. I am sick of hearing about money wasted in State Gov. yet they cry the blues because of the budget shortfall.

  3. Judith says:

    Wait, was that the whole interview or a preview? If it was the whole interview, you gotta be joking! Basically Vic stroked O’Malley’s ego, had a little laugh HAR HAR, but asked no real questions. Put me in a room with him and I’ll ask what really needs asking!!!


    Put on your hip boots everybody, the sh!t will surely be deep. How many times do you think he will kiss Obama’s rear end? And, WJZ, how can you all stomach the constant kissing of O’Malley’s posterior? Quite sickening