ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration has accepted 667 voluntary buyouts from state employees to save about $29 million in the state’s general fund, which is less than the governor had hoped to save.

The administration announced Friday that there were a total of 1,389 applications for buyouts, but only 1,102 could be considered eligible.

O’Malley assumed a savings of $40 million in his proposed fiscal year 2012 budget. The administration says the $11 million variance can be accommodated because the state has a $120 million fund balance.

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  1. Signtopia says:

    O’Malley “assumed” a savings of 40 million, eh? He was off the mark by 11 million. In other words, when he speculates. he speculates wrong.

    My guess is that these “voluntary buy-outs” are not something that State employees just came up with out of the blue without the State ASKING for them to make the request. In other words, the State offered to buy out and the result was that not all of the employees were so willing to cave in to the “offer”.

    Furthermore, it is obvious that some of the employees that were not eligible want to retire early……hmmmmm…….imagine that.

    In the photo, what is the Governor doing? Crying?…….or playing Peek-A-Boo?

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