BALTIMORE (AP) — A fight in the stands has forced a game between cross-town rival basketball teams in Baltimore to be suspended to be finished at a later date. 

Baltimore City College High School was leading Edmondson-Westside High School 48-34 with 5:36 left to play when
the fight broke out Friday night. 

Police rushed in to clear the gymnasium. 

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  1. tony toco says:


  2. Sophia Allen says:

    What happened to my school? This is what happens when you let your standards slip and start accepting everybody. If the principal doesn’t regain order of that school she needs to be let go because she obviously has lost control of City. When I was a student there was never a fight let alone and all out brawl with another school. I can honestly say that am embarrassed to call myself a City Knight today. So disgraceful…

  3. HG says:

    come on cbs, remove the slurs from your website. its been three days

  4. HeHateMe says:

    As a white person I almost feel I should apologize for all of the other degenerates in my race who wait for a story like this to be published to say racist and ignorant comments. We as people still have a long way to go unfortunately.

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