Today, there are already signs that clouds are breaking up very early this morning as that low pressure system located near the Carolina Coast begins to pull away from the area. It’ll be cold today, but warmer tomorrow and especially over the weekend. We’re still looking at a high temperature of 50 on Sunday and the lower-50s on Monday. And while it’ll probably cool off just a bit on Tuesday, there should be a ‘second surge’ of mild air that could send temperatures soaring to levels near 60 degrees late next week.

The only thing I question is our temperature trend in the Sunday through Tuesday period. Most current models are showing some pretty good cold advection Monday as a strengthening low pulls away from the New England coast. If this is correct, Sunday would be the mildest day, then Monday would be somewhat colder. But given our track record of timing cold air (we always seem to be too fast), not to mention the models’ track record on details, I have left the temperatures alone for now.

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  1. Kim Brumback says:

    Last year we had 83+inches of snow. What is our total so far this year?

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