BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A teenager was tasered by a Baltimore City officer and fell off the roof.

Derek Valcourt explains the moments leading up to the 16-year-old’s fall.

That teen had climbed out onto the roof of his home trying to run from police. Internal Affairs is now investigating why an officer tased the unarmed 16-year-old.

Tasers are designed to help police subdue suspects threatening harm to officers or anyone else. A teen found himself on the receiving end of disabling volts of electricity. It happened Tuesday morning in the 4400-block of Wrenwood Avenue. As the City Warrant Apprehension Task Force came looking for the teen who had violated the GPS home monitoring punishment he received for a handgun violation, police say their officers were given permission to enter the home by the boy’s mother. But as detectives went upstairs to find the boy, he tried to run away.

“He ended up going outside to the roof of the house. A confrontation between a detective and the suspect ensued and the detective was compelled to fire his taser. As a result, because he was on the roof, the suspect fell to the ground and suffered some severe neck and back injuries,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.

Police say their officers are allowed to use tasers when someone is unruly, noncompliant or has the potential to cause a risk to the public, the police officer or themselves. Including accidental discharges, officers fired their tasers 146 times in 2010. A police spokesman says their Internal Affairs unit is investigating to determine if this was a case of excessive force.

“What Internal Affairs needs to do now is talk to the officer, talk to the suspect, figure out what type of confrontation ensued, why, and why was the officer compelled to use the taser,” Guglielmi said.

The teenager’s name is not being released because he’s a juvenile. He was transported to Sinai Hospital for treatment, but then taken to another hospital, where he underwent major back surgery.

His condition right now is unknown.

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  1. joe silvestri says:

    here we go race card pulled again just shoot him next time

  2. Howardthe duck says:

    Well spoken Billiam, All Blacks are not bad . It’s the young out of control gangsta rap emulators that are the problem. No respect for authority & all their role models are dead or living the Puff Daddy life out in L.A.

  3. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Losers make excuses, winners get results.

  4. Amy says:

    He is a 16 year old ALREADY being charged and CONVICTED of HANDGUN violations. Forget the taser….the cop should have shot him…….The taxpayers wouldn’t then have to worry about all the future crimes he WILL commit once he gets off of his home monitoring….
    Enough said.

  5. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Isn’t it ironic how the more people that come on here and condemn this poor young man the less we hear from Deaira Rogers…..his cousin. What a joke to first off claim someone is your relative but then act as though you know the entire story. The worst part is…he probably broke a nail and now his welfare receiving parents will be living the high life after the law suit. I guess A Dwight Pettit or that other radical ambulance chasing lawyer who is always on TV will come to the rescue.

  6. Kanard killed omar says:

    If this bad ass kid had a gun in his hand on that roof i strongly believe he would have shoot the cop. If he cut off his gps and also tried to get away from the cops, in his mind he wasnt going back to jail. Mr officer please dont let this make u gunshy. One of these animal will hurt u. My tax dollars pay u to keep me safe and u clearly did bmore 1 favor of many needed. Stop means stop

  7. Bernard mc kernan says:

    He’s an arrogant gangsta wannabe that is broken beyond repair. He learned these traits from his Daddy / Mommy , video games & street thug pals. Now he has a lifetime of misery to think about his actions. A few seconds of pleasure / poor decision making = his plight.

  8. Shannon says:

    So the main question for everyone is were you there to actually see what happen? Have any of you talk to the people that were involved before you started judging him?

  9. D. Bos says:

    That Cop shouldn’t have Tasered that kid on the roof of a house! A different set of people and this wouldn’t have been the outcome! People of Color are HUMAN BEINGS, DAMMIT!!! STOP USING EXCESSIVE FORCE, PLEASE!

  10. Michael TheJin Blick says:

    I don’t know about all of these race comments, but I will say that I would have sided with the boy up until the point where he started to run away. While I am a young African American myself and have been stopped several times by Baltimore County and City police on routine checks, I have never been detained. There may very well be a few bad seeds among those officers, but for the most part I do believe that sometimes that swift type of justice is a necessary evil. I have seen plenty of these “kids” out here who live life as if they have nothing to lose. Gangs run rampant throughout Baltimore City because these kids are not being properly educated from the very beginning. These kids are not able to make smart, informed decisions because they are not being informed at young ages. It was a horrible decision to run away from the officers attempting to apprehend him, and while I am definitely saddened by this tragic event, I am more saddened that he and so many others grow up in a system that does not do it’s best to drill in proper morals and values and their importances earlier on in life. It certainly could have prevented the bad decisions that had this kid, and so many others in such a position in the FIRST place. So I will not shun the officers for detaining him because 16 or not, he was previously detained for possession of a deadly weapon. I don’t even know how handguns are so easily obtainable in this state. Perhaps that is more of an issue. I wouldn’t expect major change in a city like Baltimore to happen overnight as it pertains to getting these kids in a better system which will prepare them better for their futures. I would however expect that more could certainly be done to keep handguns and ammunition out of the reach of our youth. It seems pretty stupid that so many of these kids are able to obtain them so easily, and rather upsetting that the only solution we can come up with is to lock them up. Is there any possibility to take these convicted criminals and put them into a system where instead of simply being locked away forever to die, they can be placed in something of a “Big Brother” system where they can be properly mentored by someone who has been in their shoes and can teach them the importance of values and the meaning of life? I don’t mean suggest it to them or simply make these types of programs available, but I mean FORCE them to do it. Detain them and force them to do it. They can then become role models to other kids later in life who had been faced with the same difficulties. Everyone is so quick to point the finger of blame…how about actually helping?

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