BALTIMORE (WJZ)—An undercover Internet sting leads police to an alleged serial burglar in Canton. Detectives say one man stole everything from computers to Ravens jerseys to a George Foreman grill.

Suzanne Collins spoke with police about this case.

When police learned that the stolen goods appeared on Craigslist, they decided to meet the seller.

Gregory Meseke, who’s charged in the string of burglaries, lived only a couple blocks from some of the victims in Canton. The arrest has residents of that neighborhood alarmed but happy there’s been an arrest.

“I was very concerned. The neighborhood is fairly safe and it just makes you feel unsafe,” said Tina Satterfield.

The house on Ellwood still has a board covering the broken pane in the front door where police say the 32-year-old smashed his way to the lock. The homeowner helped lead police to the suspect.

“He did indeed discover that a few of his items were on sale on Craigslist,” said Baltimore City Police Detective Kevin Brown. “He contacted burglary detectives, and they set up a sting and they captured an individual in relation to the case.”

An undercover detective arranged to buy a $700 camera the victim believed was his. When Meseke met the officer in Canton with the stolen goods, he was arrested. A search of his apartment on Fait Avenue revealed the extent of the break-ins.

“They discovered there were many items of value inside of the home, some computers electronic equipment, fine jewelry, a miscellaneous match of things he could easily smash and grab from area homes,” Brown said.

Apparently, the burglar also took liquor and even steaks along with the expensive items.

Meseke served three years of a 10-year sentence for a similar crime in Harford County.

Police say the suspect gave a taped confession.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Someone should track down the judge that allowed him to be out early (and other judges that let killers, rapist and molester’s out before their full sentence is served) and smash his head in…
    These judges need to suffer some serious or deadly consequences of their actions unleashing some of these predators back on society!!!!

    1. John says:

      I will have to fully agree with Lynn. After all they get out early for one reason or another only to offend again and again. I for one am tired of the fact that they are always in front of the judges which in turn give repeat offenders a slap on the wrist Time to stop giving them a slap on the wrist and making them do their full time.

    2. petfriend says:

      Lynn, You need to check yourself. You just made a death threat against an officer of the courts. deadly consequences? smashed in heads? wow. I agree with the gentlemen who suggested anger management. I certainly hope you rethink yourself before you hurt someone.

      1. Had Enough says:

        @petfriend: And perhaps Lynn’s suggestion is just what is needed. These Judges and PAs are COWARDLY EUNUCHS, and need to suffer at the hands of these ”mis-guided youths” that they are constantly turning loose on society.. BTW, I hardly consider age 31 to be a ‘youth’. He probably still looks young because he never had to do a days work in his thieving life.

  2. Ed says:

    Lynn, it sounds like it is you, who is destined to be the violent offender. Maybe a class in anger management at your own local holding facility would do YOU a world of good.

  3. Jeff says:

    Lynn sit back and relax!

  4. Tracey Reitterer says:

    I don’t blame Lynn for feeling that way. Repeat offenders are repeat offenders because they haven’t learned their lesson. And lessons will never be learned as long as this country remains so soft on crime. Ed, Jeff: perhaps you both wouldn’t be so cavailier on crime if you were the victims of home invasion burglaries & had things stolen you worked so hard for. I’ve been there, so I know the feeling. If I were the judge, I’d sentence this punk to at least 10 years for this crime, as well as the remainder 7 from the last one – with no early release. Let him sit in prison with the big boys a good long time to reflect on his actions. It may not change him after all, but in the meantime, it will be one less punk ripping off others.

    1. petfriend says:

      I have been a victim Tracy and I agree with the guys that Lynn sounds like a threat herself since she is so cavalier about smashing someone;s head in! People like that scare me worse than anyone who stole from me,, even the one who did so at gunpoint at my store. Violence begets violence. Ed&Jeff are not being soft on crime, just commenting on her desire to do something criminal and violent to the judge who failed to keep this guy in prison. She believes that someone should kill a judge because a guy burglarizes some homes, yet you would defend her action, while condemning them for saying it would be wrong to kill, because you think it so horryifying that someone stole?? It amazes me how messed up some people’s thinking is. I believe that Judges should be held accountable, legally and morlally, not violently. They should not be promoted or re-elected and should be reprimanded etc, when they fail us, not murdered. sheesh

  5. David says:

    You need to pray for family this youngman. I believe this Youngmen is little kid hurting inside that want love that acting out to these bad things at this time. We brother and sister in Christ need continue pray for him that gets his life staright out now be Jail. I pray that other Jail mates who know Lord in JAIL CELL MINISTER TO HIM AND THAT GET lIFE STRAIGHT OUT DUE SEASON. iT SAY IN BIBLE KNOW ONE IS GOOD ONLY BLOOD SHELD AND GRACE GDD WE ARE SAVE. GREG YOU BE IN MY PRAYERS.

    1. Had Enough says:

      @David: I pray the next house he hits will be YOURS. I hope that you are home at the time so that this ”youngman” won’t have to take the trouble breaking in. Then maybe you can point out all your valuables so he won’t have to search for them. Be sure to offer him a cold refreashment as he ”works” and lastly, as he’s raping your wife, gently point out that it is a sin (but forgive him). Oh what a pleasant Sunday visit you’ll have. God bless.

      1. David says:

        I rebuke you in Jesus name. I pray the Lord that he turn your evil heart around due season. I see have hate in your heart sir . That you have answer one day in judgement day in front of the Lord every evil though that comes out of your heart. THAT NOT MY SIN BUT YOUR.. .

      2. Had Enough says:

        @David: As usual, you entirely missed my point. And while I may have an evil heart (reality does that to you) on Judgement Day I can honestly say that I AM NOT A THIEF, unlike the ”youngman” you praise and codell. “THOU SHALT NOT STEAL”. Was that page missing from your Bible, or did God repeal that commandment and I simply didn’t get the memo? God bless.

      3. petfriend says:

        love the way you tell us all about the Thou Shallt not Steal commandment in your reply to David below, and yet you think the Thou Shallt Not Kill one isn;t very important when you condemned the judge to death when defending Lynn’s comment and saying that’s just what is needed. man you are a mixed up person. Christian attitude? violence is NOT the answer.

  6. bernard mc kernan says:

    Meseke once caught before, convicted of a felony & having served prison time has little if any options. No company will hire him with a record, no one will trust him with any responsible job handling equipment, money or sensitive material. He couldn’t support himself or a family even if a burger flipping job was offered to him so he did what every criminal in America does after serving time. They go back to doing what they know because there are no other options….In America, paying your debt to society is never forgiven once you made a mistake.

  7. JackEss says:

    served 3 years of a ten year sentence? wow, now he can serve another 3 to 5 and we’ll see him doing the same thing in 2016 or so

  8. Had Enough says:

    Ohhhhh, now he’ll get BOTH wrists slapped. I feel a good soloution would be to charge these eunuchs we call judges as accomplices when their repeat offenders are caught over and over.

  9. fedupwithitall says:


  10. david says:

    Had enough what you pray for against me that pray that my wife get rape that what I talking about loud and clear hear. That you already say you heart that wish wife get rape ect. That why say you evil heart here. You no better this youngmen robing people . What think in your mind then goes to heart then sooner or late you act on it. I think need repent before say things out on comment here.

    1. Had Enough says:

      @David: Sarcasm is lost on you. OF COURSE I do not wish you or your loved ones any harm. I was graphically trying to bring to your attention that your attatude towards this ”youngman” is only going to cause continued grief amoung us as a society. Even if you don’t mind being victimized, I would prefer not to be.

  11. tom says:

    I agree with David here

  12. Mary says:

    I agree david here to right on David I christain to !

  13. HC Victim says:

    I was a victim in Harford County. It is unfortunate that some of you feel sorry for this guy. He has a long history of criminal acts. He should rot forever.

  14. Had Enough says:

    @petfriend: And of course you missed my point entirely as well. First, I believe Lynn’s frustration with repeat offenders is why she responded in such a way. Secondly, I do not wish for MORE murders that have already been committed BUT, I repeat BUT, if these cowardly, complacent judges were to have THEIR own lives, and the lives of THEIR families at risk THE WAY OUR LIVES ARE they would seriously rethink unleashing REPEAT offenders over and over and over and over and over……….

    Think about it this way. You are a Christian. You know there is Free Will . Well, you should also know that there are criminals among us that will not repent and will continually go about their theiving, murdering ways AS LONG AS THEY ARE LOOSE IN SOCIETY. As sad as that is, it’s a fact.

    NOW, here’s where things get murky and people’s common sense goes numb. You are a Christian. I know you would never purpously kill another person. I know this. BUT can you not understand that by endorsing and having the courts releasing unrepentant killers on the streets you are undoubtably allowing more murders? The best you can do is keep them incarcerated , THUS SEPERATED, from people who do not wish to become their next victim. HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND?

  15. JohnMcCormack says:

    Playing home occupancy sounds on CD ( can deter burglars in the first place. Prevention is the most imprtant thing.

  16. Steven says:

    I have question how long will he get in jail time now that he is caught. Is it 10 years in Jail or more! Can anyone explain that to me. Just wondering!

  17. HC Victim says:

    He should go away for a long time. He was supposed to get 10 years the first time around and got out for “good behavior”. The punk is a pervert as well. I hope they charge him with additional serious crimes based on what was found on a laptop.

    I still cannot believe the comments on here supporting Meseke. If jail time couldn’t fix him the first time around, then there is no hope for him and he should rot there for the rest of his natural life. There is no hope for this punk.

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