By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A weekend shooting adds fuel to the fire city officials want to set to get stricter gun laws passed in Annapolis.

Political reporter Pat Warren has more on the muscle being used to get lawmakers to move in that direction.

An argument in a parking lot leads to a shooting Sunday morning in downtown Baltimore.  Police were at the scene and an arrest was made.  But while gun violence is down overall in Baltimore, quick action by police after the fact doesn’t go far enough for city leaders. It’s important to law enforcers that lawmakers see who, as well as how many, are victimized by gun crime.

“I have confidence they’re going to do the best they can to find out who killed my son,” said Sherman Hector.

They’d like to do better than that: stop the shooters from ever firing the gun with enhanced penalties for carrying a loaded firearm.

“We’re not trying to take people’s guns.  We’re after criminals.  We want to hold criminals accountable for their conduct,” said Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

But the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore consider a bill to make possession of a loaded firearm a felony goes too far.  At a firing range Monday, the group’s legislative vice president said they’re worried about unintentional consequences.

“It will impact the law-abiding citizen who unfortunately is caught transporting a firearm that does have a round of ammunition in it,” said John Josselyn.  “That’s a felony.”

Commissioner Fred Bealefeld considers the criticism unfounded but the challenge is making lawmakers see that gun crimes are not limited to Baltimore City.

“The same people that make Baltimoreans unsafe make people unsafe in Cockeysville, in Towson, in Frederick and in Ocean City,” Bealefeld said.

Bealefeld plans to meet personally with legislative leaders.

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  1. bernard mc kernan says:

    Guns, idiots = disaster.

  2. jmo says:

    black of course

    1. Char says:

      JMO.. black ppl aren’t the only ppl who shoot ppl., look at the tragedies that occur at the universities, colleges and other public places. People like you are who I stand clear of!!

    2. Adam says:

      jmo needs to get a clue. Racists suck.

  3. tylerjake says:

    Right, so let me get this right…. ban all guns so law abiding citizens can’t have them? Yeah, we’ve heard this before. Since Libs like facts and stats so much check this one out, states that have looser gun laws have LOWER crime. In fact since DC has repealed their outright ban on guns, crime has gone down. Criminals will get guns no matter what, do you think they care about gun control?!

    1. Adam says:

      Stupid liberals want to ban everything based on personal feeling, not fact.

  4. Chichi says:

    Just another law that criminals won’t obey. What we really need is criminal control.

    1. sheriff willie says:

      What this city & world needs is less stiff necked people like Chi Chi’s.

      1. Chichi says:

        The world needs less criminal coddlers like “sheriff willie”!

  5. tylerjake says:

    Agreed Chichi! Or perhaps a judicial system that isn’t a revolving door and actually punishes people.

  6. Kodie red says:

    He was not obeying the laws already on the books. Maryland is already a shall issue state which means, forget it you won’t get a permit to carry. So he should not have had it with him. In this state I believe, you can only tranport going hunting or target shooting. And the gun has to be in the trunk unloaded and the ammo in anouther area of the vehicle. So he was breaking the existing law anyway.

    1. Jay says:

      No, Maryland isn’t Shall Issue. Shall Issue means that if you apply for a CCW and are legally allowed to own a gun, you’ll be issued a permit. Also, you’re mistaken in regards to the laws governing transport of firearms within the state. Please get your info straight before commenting.

  7. Adam says:

    So…tighter gun control, so I REALLY can’t try and get a carry permit now huh? I just have to bend over when some criminal pulls a gun on me. Great. Thanks lawmakers, for keeping me safe. <3

    1. Chichi says:

      “sheriff willie” likes that scenario!

  8. MD Ex-pat says:

    Was the gun even legally owned? He certainly wasn’t legally carrying it – there’s no way he had a valid permit in MD. Obviously he wasn’t someone who would follow the law anyway so why does it make sense to place more restrictions on those of us that do?

    So glad I left Maryland. Where I am now, the taxes are lower, the city is clean, there isn’t the overwhelming desire to emulate the “thug life” culture, and I have all of my constitutional rights. Just the other day I had a couple of addicts first ask for money and then attempt to intimidate me when I simply told them no. Both were larger than me and started acting very aggressively, I honestly feel the situation was 15 seconds away from becoming an assault and robbery. They never saw what I placed my hand on in my pocket but clearly understood that movement combined with a hard stare. Never had to pull it and I don’t know how the situation would have gone down otherwise but I’m certainly glad I was carrying a gun that day.

    Explain it to me again: How does rendering me defenseless make you safer from violent criminals?

  9. Herman Glimsher says:

    Bealefeld is an idiot……………ban the criminals not the guns. Control the criminals not the guns. The guns don’t fire themselves you idiot.
    you gonna ban knives too since two people were stabbed recently over in Liberty Heights
    you gonna ban concrete since one of your detectives was killed by a darkie throwing concrete???
    The fact is you don’t have a clue how to lower the crime rate in Baltmore so you pick the one topic that makes you look good POLITICALLY…… ask for control of guns……….you’re a sad excuse for a law enforcement officer. PATHETIC

    1. Owings Mills says:

      “The fact is you don’t have a clue how to lower the crime rate in Baltmore so you pick the one topic that makes you look good POLITICALLY…… ask for control of guns……….you’re a sad excuse for a law enforcement officer. PATHETIC”

      This was very well stated, but you are slightly off base. Bealefeld’s main control of crime in the city would be violating people’s rights, like in the good ole days, so they fear the police through good old fashion beat downs. However, cell phone cameras and YouTube have ruined that policing strategy for him. You’re really going to have to start thinking hard Commish, although I don’t totally blame you. It’s about time the judges in Baltimore City starting maning up and putting violent criminals behind bars for a long time. The major problem in Baltimore City is the thugs don’t fear the police or justice system. Nothing will change until they do.

    2. Sheriff willie says:

      Herman you’re the idiot. Of course we would ban all criminals but unfortunately they look like you & me & are on this site. So, we do the next best thing & keep the guns from even being manufactured. People can’t kill if there’s no gun in their hands & the number of baseball bat murders nationally is so small they don’t even register

      1. scoobydoobydoo says:

        if u take guns away i’ll bet that number goes up…along with knives, and god only knows what else a maniac might do…i’d rather be shot then beat to death with a hammer. so your statement “people cant kill if theres no gun in their hands” is WRONG try again sheriff willie

  10. Bob Usher says:

    read Thomas Jefferson and you will understand that an armed public is the best deterence against a goverment becoming too powerful. What does the goverment really want? Criminals don’t obey any law so why add more?

  11. Owings Mills says:

    Yeah, gun control laws are going to fix the problem. What a joke.

  12. Bandofotters says:

    First pass as many Draconian gun laws as you can making most actions of a legal gun owner a felony then everyone’s guns can be taken away.

  13. Norman says:

    I was on the police department for 29 years. I have arrested many people that were in posession of firearms. In nearly every case, going to court to testify against those people was an effort in futility. Either there was ” plea bargain” that was set up even before I got to court,and the possible sentence was already in the bargain. I usually didn’t even testify, because they would hear the case on “the statement of facts” (reading the original report of the incident) Or, the “fix” was in already before court was begun, and the States attorney would tell you to go ahead home, that my testimony wasn’t needed, because the defendant was going to plead guilty. Normally, that would lead to a P.B.J. or dismissal, or suspended sentence. I can’t remember one time when a defendant went to jail for posession of a hand gun. So now, since so many people are being shot, the police dept. and Mayor want to start taking guns away from people that are in posession of them legally, and they want to do away with semi automatics, or any thing with a rapid fire capability.This is no more than a “feel good” effort on their part to save their jobs and standings in a society that’s out of control because of the leniency of the courts, and bleeding hearts. You can have all of the candle light vigils you want. No one can stop a homicide. If a person wants to kill someone, a sawed off shotgun or revolver does the job very well. Automatics are just a weapon of choice, but not necessary. Those that are in posession of a firearm ilegally, should get a mandatory sentence. But, we all know that won’t happen, because there are too many “good boys” or “straight a students” or “wonderful athletes” and interference from political pressures. Take it for what it’s worth. It will not make a difference in the homicide rate, until those people are put in jail to stay.

  14. unha says:

    Im with ya guys. personally I dont think I ever held or (besides seeing a police officer) even saw a real gun, But if the people who are not criminals could carry guns the criminals would be less able to get away with murder (walking at least). If I had one and saw someone hurting someone, LETS JUST SAY I AM A PROTECTOR AT HEART WHO STILL SUFFERS FROM PMS. I would not carry one personally but that should be our choice to protect ourselves on the streets.



    1. Jay says:

      Turn off your caps lock, you fool. Then, try working on your spelling and move on to coherent sentences.

    2. kris says:

      if they can put a gps mechanism in criminals…they will eventually do that with everyone, and police are too lazy to just stop by peoples house on their own at least where im from anyway cough harford county cough they would say they dont get paid enough to do that or something stupid but i like the idea of the registry, but honestly there are more good people with guns then bad people with guns, i know alot more people that go hunting or are in the military and own guns rather then kids or thugs or anything of that nature..the problem is the bad people carry their guns because they dont care about the law the good people dont carry their guns because we dont want to break the law this is the problem

  16. KottaMan says:

    No cigar Comimish on this one. Having policed since the late 1960’s, I can tell you that criminals will always get guns. Next, they could care less about the laws to begin with. Further, get the courts to pack these folks away. If a judge says there’s no place to send them, remind the judge that that is the MD DOC’s problem. Lastly, the community needs to step up, teach their kids values, and force the “No snitching” crowd out. More gun laws are NOT the answer. We already have enough of them on the books.

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