Someone flipped the switch… but it appears the house wasn’t wired properly and now winter has returned with a fury. Fortunately that fury is in the form of wind and colder temperatures as opposed to snow and ice today. Unfortunately that changes later on, but first to the wind. A sharp cold front pushed through overnight with temperatures just now beginning to nosedive as of this writing. Temperatures will continue to fall as arctic air rushes in, and winds are well aligned throughout pretty much the entire depth of the atmosphere with the inversion setting up around 6,000 feet… meaning wind gusts in the neighborhood of 50 mph! Quite a cold, blustery day — especially when compared to yesterday’s gem!

Monday will feature a decent bit of warmth to the south with conditions a bit cooler for northern areas. A warm front will push to our north Sunday night and become a stationary boundary on which a weak wave of low pressure will ride during the day Monday. Rain will overspread the area, but with the focus for lift well to the north it doesn’t appear too bad with the cold front pushing southward through the area during the afternoon.


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