ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Same-sex marriages are on the verge of becoming legal in Maryland. Lawmakers took a key vote Thursday—one that almost clears the way for tens of thousands of couples to get married.

Andrea Fujii explains what this all means.

After hours of debate on the Senate floor, the same-sex marriage bill passes.

“We should pass laws that treat each and every one of Marylanders as equals– no matter who you chose to love,” said Senator Victor R. Ramirez, (D) Prince George’s County.

This is the closest the state has ever been to legalizing gay marriage. The emotion was clear across the Senate floor.

“This is not about discrimination.  This is about core values that we carry with us,” said Senator Edward Reilly, (R) Anne Arundel County.

“Even Webster’s dictionary provides two definitions of marriage—marriage between a man and woman and marriage between those of the same sex,” said Senator Catherine Pugh, (D) Baltimore City.

The final vote: 25 to 21. 

Now that the bill has passed this major hurdle, it will be considered by the House of Delegates.

“I’ve been around the General Assembly enough to say that nothing is ever a done deal.  But I think we’ve got the momentum,” said Senator Richard Stuart Madaleno Jr., (D) Montgomery County.

Just like in California, opponents promise that if this becomes law, they will put the question on a referendum next year.

Senator Nancy Jacobs says she intends to fight the bill.

“Monday we’ll get to work,” said Jacobs, (R) Cecil & Harford counties. “Oh, you betcha, as soon as we have the wording and the petitions available. I told my husband that we’re not going on vacation until we get them.”

“I think it’s going to be a very exciting general election and it’s going to enhance the vote on this matter,” said Sen. President Mike Miller, (D) Prince George’s and Calvert Counties. “I think it’s going to enhance it in a negative way.”

“We welcome it because I think the majority of people want us to have the same rights as everybody else,” said Cindy Grim, gay rights advocate.

Gov. Martin O’Malley has already said he would sign the bill into law. It would go into effect this October.

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  1. Babs says:

    This State continues to go down the drain. Marriage is sacred and will alwasy be between man and woman. If a man wants to live with another man, and a woman wants to live another woman, so be it. But do not continue to shove this in our faces. They should not enjoy the health or retirment benefits of a husband and wife.

    1. Boise says:

      what difference does their health and retirement benefits make to you?

      1. Babs says:

        Why should they have the same rights as husband and wife. This State does not recognize common law marriages and those individuals are not entitled to same rights as Man and Wife. So why should we allow the same beneifts to gay couples. OMG you must be gay

      2. Orophin says:

        Babs, you don’t make any sense. You stated that the law doesn’t recognize common law marriages in terms of health or retirement benefits. That is because the two individuals had a right and an opportunity to get a marriage certificate from the state entitling them to those benefits and more, and the two refused. When it comes to gay partners, they do not have the option to file for a legal marriage so you can’t compare common law marriages to gay couples. It’s comparing apples and oranges.

    2. Joules Duncan says:

      Why should they have the same benefits? What makes you so entitled? If they pay the same taxes they should have the same rights. Change your words to black or Jew instead of gay and see how disgusting your way of thought truly is.

      1. T says:

        Ooo, well said Joules! Bravo! (And P.S. – I’m straight and Catholic)

      2. CL says:

        Exactly! Well stated. It’s all about equal rights. Why does a gay couple deserve less than a straight couple? Everyone who has to adhere to the same laws and taxes. They should also have the same rights.

      3. Shanel says:

        I am in a same sex relationship right now but ive also grew up in a non demoninational christian surrounding. I appreciate joules and matts opinion. Babs is just stating what she believes in but babs isnt right for forcing her beliefs on others. there is so much more going on this world that should be addressed like drugs, sexual abuse, domestice abuse, and how about those gas prices. its just so much more in this world that the concern of who sleeps with who should be the last thing on peoples mind. So babs is catholic eh?? then acknowledge othr abominations and stop trying to distinguish gayety as the worse. Guess what……its not. fornication, lieng, adultry are all abominations as well. and yes it shud be man and wife but God also gave us free will which means we choose what to do in our life.

    3. Kerrie says:

      why do you care what benefits same sex couples receive? It’s not affecting your benefits so don’t try to deny the same thing to others

      1. Arnetta Dedmon says:

        Amen, what someone does behind closed doors is there business!!

    4. Matt says:

      Babs, you heartless holy-roller, you are just callous to your neighbors’ everyday lives. A gay couple that has been together for 40 years should have family rights — right to visit each other in hospital, enjoy the spouse’s pension. Under the current law, Britney Spears got more rights in her 30 hour marriage than a long-term gay couple get their whole lives! Equal rights for gays! Love and compassion for everyone! Go waggle your finger elsewhere, and if you want a system that imposes the holy rollers’ views on others, check on the Taliban for tips.

      1. Babs says:

        Matt I am not a heartless holy-roller. I am a Catholic who was raised in believing that only man and woman should enjoy each other. IIt seems to me that you can not stand it when an individual is entitled to his or her freedom of speech which we are allowed here. I don’t care what gay people do behind closed doors, but as long as the State of Maryland does not recognize common law marriages, why should they recognize gay marriages. Perhaps you should crawl back into the hole where you came from.

      2. Matt says:

        Babs, I am a Catholic, too. I fully support your right to live your Catholicism in complete liberty. But as a person who enjoys the liberty to live your faith, I would expect you also to support the right of others to live out their faiths, even if their faiths differ from yours. So, while you may personally oppose divorce because of Catholic teachings, we have laws that permit divorce because not everyone subscribes to that belief and it would be unjust to require others not to get divorced because of your personal divorce beliefs. Same goes with same-sex marriage. You may personally oppose it from your Catholic beliefs, but why should your beliefs restrict the liberty of others who have a different belief? The fact is, you can’t demand liberty to be Catholic, while restricting others’ liberty to exercise their faith differently. I don’t doubt your right to “free speech,” but your touted “free speech” is to advocate that others live their lives less freely by having a government prefer your personal morals over theirs. To me, that’s just hogging liberty and asking the government to adopt your personal views. There are gay families facing real horrors because of the lack of legal protections, and they could use love and understanding, not judgment and a waggling finger of condemnation.

      3. Chris says:

        Way to go MATT, why is all the holy rollers out there are the ones not giving a human being the rights that they deserve. And to the people out there quoting scripture and saying what marriage should be???? To those ones I say wasn’t it Jesus who said love one another as you would love yourself, or do not judge others???? I say lets give everyone the same benefits as every other human being!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Lulu says:

      I am actually shocked at the amount of hatred and bigotry that is in your post. I will agree that the state should also recognize common law marriages but I don’t think anyone should be denied the right to marry. Love is love. God created us all equal so please don’t judge because of someone’s sexual orientation. I can only say that 1. I hope a very close family member of yours comes out and you have to face it and 2. That I hope to God none of your family members ever have to battle a life threatening illness with no insurance because they are gay and don’t deserve it according to you. Think about it…

      1. Babs says:

        I have been exposed to a gay family member as well as a gay friend. . Guess what they dont’ flaunt it like the other ones do. They are both very successful businessmen here in Maryland and California.

        Get off your holier soap box.

      2. Matt says:

        I am very glad Babs is not in my life. She considers two people who love each other wants to commit their lives to one another to be “flaunting.” I guess I should send emails to all the heterosexual married couples’ weddings I’ve been to (and in) that they need to stop flaunting!!! I mean, it’s one thing if they want to love each other in private, but to flaunt their heterosexuality in my face by making me attend their wedding and dance at their reception is just disgusting.

      3. andy botwin says:

        lulu your not taking your lithium again—-Dr.Vinnie

    6. RJA says:

      Marriage is not sacred. Divorce rates continue to rise, If the money being spent on this had been spent on a worthy cause, a lot of people would be helped. Just get the vote over and get on to more pressing issues!

    7. Ken Ayers Jr says:

      How many times have you been divorced…..

    8. DK Robbins says:

      Remove your religious views, should two people have the right to the same freedoms as everyone else? Should those two people be able to see the other in the hospital, should they have the rightsto their pension.

      All these answers are yes. The majority of gay people do not “flaunt” anything. They are only wanting to live their lives as normally as you do.

      I agree the state should in fact recognize common law marriages but I also say to those folk that Domestic partnership does include them as well should they not want to legally marry.

      The divorce rate has changed from 1/2 to 2/3 of marriages in my lifetime. Gays are not included what so ever in this calculation so those that advise that allowing Gays to marriage would hurt the sanctity of marriage; I challenge you to explain the increase in the divorce rate!

    9. The Reel Deal says:

      Can anyone please show me where it says marriages have to be between people of the opposite sex? Church and state are separate, so do not cite any sort of religious text. There have been gay people since the beginning of time for heaven’s sake!

      If the law changes, it only applies to gay couples and will not effect straight people at all. If you chose not to attend gay weddings, that is up to you and the bill will allow churches & their facilites the right not to perform gay weddings.

      This does remind me of back when people thought their world would end when women got the vote, Black people got to sit in the front of the bus or Jewish people joined their country clubs. Wake up, people, this is the 21st century and you do not have to agree with a gay lifestyle, but all people should have the same basic rights such as being allowed to marry the person they chose.

      I am not gay, but I believe in equal rights for all and it will not effect me at all if gay people marry. If nothing else, all those weddings & those who come from out of state to marry here will generate jobs & revenue.

      1. Arnetta says:

        Thank you! Babs, how long were you in a Domestic Relationship? I feel sorry for you that you are not happy and what ever didn’t happen in your life, like…MARRIAGE. I hope you do become happy one day and don’t KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED IT!! Is it that Same Sex Couples seem to get along better and stay together longer and are TRULY HAPPIER?

    10. Derek Benesch says:

      Babs, sacred is just a word. I think you have a lot of nerve claiming that Gay Rights supporters are shoving this in your face. Can you tell me how what you are doing isn’t “shoving your own religious beliefs in the rest of society’s face”? You don’t support it because you chose to be an ignoramus who I can guarantee hasn’t had one sit down discussion with a Gay person to learn more about it … then fine. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

    11. Mel says:

      Hey, BABS: You write, “I have been exposed to a gay family member as well as a gay friend.” You have been EXPOSED to them as if they were a contagion or a virus? I feel so sorry for you and for other insular minded bigots like you. I am Catholic. I am straight. And I believe that every single person on earth is entitled to their own individual choices in lifestyle and marital legality. I will pray for you, that your spirit will somehow miraculously open up to a more Godlike acceptance of others. In the meantime, I certainly hope I will never have to be EXPOSED to you or others of your despicable ilk.

    12. Len says:

      Babs, your capacity for Christian compassion is truly moving.

    13. Dami says:

      As long as bigots like you live in this state, this state is already down the drain.

    14. Brian says:

      For those who claim “the sanctity of marriage”…are you telling me that Hugh Hefner, Elizabeth Taylor, Larry King, et al uphold the sanctity of marriage? All those who cheat on their spouse uphold the sanctity of marriage? Give me a break.

    15. CIERRA BURR says:

      HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!! what gives you the right to think you should be able to tell people who they decide to live the rest of thier lives with legally?from what i have seen thru the development of this issue is that same sex married couples stay together twice as long as heterosexual married couples so obviously they are doing something right. i am a transexual woman who has been with my HUSBAND for 9 years and the moment they pass this i will be legalizing it. it really upsets me when people are so selfish that they cant stand to think about others being happy. do you realize how much the gay community has lost just because the person they choose to love is the same sex!!!! look this is not the 1960’s. not only is this a new year its a brand new century!!! times are changing and so is the views of the world, so get off your pedistal and realize that there are other people in the world who want to be afforded the same benifits as everybody else!! the GLBT community are people too and its time for people like you to see that!!!!!!!

      1. CIERRA BURR says:

        that was at babs!!!!! by the way. and mel i totally agree with everything you said.

    16. Ray says:

      You are an idiot. No one is shoving anything in your face. You are overreacting. This law will change nothing for you. You have no respect for humanity. You are a bully. Go to a pride rally with a sign that says what you wrote here. Maybe you’d learn something.

    17. Rebecca Karner says:

      No where in the bible does it say gay persons should not be allowed to benefit from their spouse or not obtain their health insurance or pension.

      Have you read the bible.. ever? Do you know how many gay references there are… or anything about sodomy?

      I do not believe in catholisism, i do however know a lot about it. Do your research. It is extremely hipocritical.

      gay or straight doesnt exist, you love who you love. plain and simple. No one chooses to be gay.

    18. Steven Cville says:

      Waste of time and money even voting on such an issue. Anyone can turn power of attorney to who ever they like for there affairs already. You don’t need to be married to enjoy those rights. If it going to be jammed down us can’t they call it a Partnership Contract and leave the word Marriage out of it.

      1. Tim W says:

        Obviously you are uniformed. Marriage confers over 1000 rights and privileges. One great example is if my husband loses his health insurance I cannot pick him up on mine because we aren’t legally married. If he is charged with something I could be compelled to testify against him where a spouse is not. The list is long but these are 2 examples.

    19. Guest Writer says:

      No offense, but can you give an real reasons why they should not marry and have no health and retirement benefits? I mean other than the same old tired husband and wife bit? It is people like you who continue to say the same old things and can never ever expand on them.

      It tends to look or sound something like:

      “Because it is wrong”. Why is it wrong? “Because marriage is between one man and one woman”.

      Why is that? “Because that’s the way it is was meant to be”.

      Why is that? “the good book says that is the way it is intended” (oh boy, the last resort when backs are up against the wall, and people and don’t want to their faith to be questioned. And the same people who do not even question their own faith and teachings.)

      The answers go around and around with no credibility and bunch of nonsense.

  2. dj says:

    Why shouldn’t gay people have the right to have the same problems as the rest of us.

  3. KT says:

    So I ask everyone, why do we even have a Constitution or Bible?

    1. CL says:

      You are aware that not everyone is a Christian and not every American citizen follows the Bible right? And that not every founding father was Christian right? Just because the majority of Americans are Christian doesn’t mean that those beliefs need to be forced on everyone as a whole. That’s why there is a separation of church and state.

      1. rgf says:

        democracy means what the majority says goes. the majority always wins in an election. its the same here. the majority are Christian, and to Christian people, God intended marriage to be for the purpose of bearing children

    2. Ken Ayers Jr says:

      WE (americans) don’t have a bible.

      1. rgf says:

        you don’t have a Bible. most americans do.

      2. hvillage says:

        Yes, most Americans do, and yet they can’t even agree which version of their bible is the right one. Let’s look at this statistic: between 79-82% of Americans call themselves Christians. Clearly the majority of “Christians” disagree with your opinion.

        Now, I think we would all like for you and the others who feel the need to oppress other people to tell us about all of your sins and we will judge you and decide how the government should treat you and your families. Divorced or have children out of wedlock? I think the government should take your children and give them to more moral people. In fact, unless you are living an exemplary life, you should be very careful about what you wish for lest it’s you under the microscope.

        Someone here said something like, “stop shoving your lifestyle choices in our faces”….. I’m pretty sure that is exactly how consenting adults who wish to share their lives with each other feel.

    3. CL says:

      So because the majority of people didn’t want desegregated schools and interracial marriages it would have been okay to stay that way? A majority of people did not support equal rights for blacks but what was wrong. The government steps in and makes sure that even the minorities are represented. That is the case here. The majority doesn’t overrule the minority when it comes to being equal.

      Also, this country was built on freedom of religious. That means that all religions are safe here and that you can’t force one religion onto the nation as a whole. There is separation of church and state as well. It doesn’t matter if the majority of Americans are Christian. Christian values can’t be enforced and put on everyone. Christians can vote, of course, and try to make the changes they want in the US, but you can’t force everyone to follow Christian values.

  4. AFF says:

    I’m totally against legalizing this relationships. We are getting more closer to Sodom and Gomorrah because of these politicians who just wanted to be reelected regardless any principles. If 2 people of the same sex would like to live under the same roof, it is surely their own choice. But to legalize it and call it “marriage” that’s just so wrong, because it changes the definition of “marriage” which is meant to be between a Man and a Woman. That’s how we know it since the beginning of the world, and who we are to change the purpose of it NOW.

    1. CL says:

      The definition of marriage is always changing, just like an word and institution. Marriage was not always a religious thing, certainly not only a Christian thing. Society changes with time, as do the meanings of words. Allowing equal rights for gay citizens who are not harming anyone and only trying to have a fulfilling relationship shouldn’t effect your own marriage or its sanctity. No one is forcing churches to perform gay marriages. Is everyone guaranteed equal rights in America?

    2. KMAD says:

      Ok wait – let’s go with the bible here. St. Matthew 6: 2 “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

    3. Arnetta says:


  5. MP says:

    So that close minded people like you can refer to it in order to keep the rest of us from enjoying the freedoms, rights and liberties that were given to us by our fore fathers. Maybe you should read the consitution yourself and read your bible more often….I doubt God would want you to hate others just because they are not like you. For your sake, you had better hope that being kind to others is not the primary way you get into heaven.

    There are many religious leaders who support this bill. Pehaps you should ask them why?

    1. EAM says:

      I’m pretty sure even JESUS would be ok with this if people actually read the bible.

      1. PD says:

        Apparently you all who refer to the Bible have not actually read it. If you had, you would see that God clearly states that man is not to be with man and woman is not to be with woman. If gay people want to be together, don’t call it marriage and don’t expect the world to bow down at your feet for what some of us would consider a sinful practice. I love how gay people think what they are doing is fine, but if the whole world were gay, we would ceast to exist. If you want to be gay, be gay, but don’t try to make the rest of us conform to your ways.

      2. Herx says:

        Since when is anyone forcing you to be gay? But you must accept gay couples. Why? Because they exist! It is a simple fact.

  6. DB says:

    We have a Bible because some people wrote some stuff down 2,000 years ago and some people still choose to live their personal lives by it. Fine, but it has no business being incorporated into the laws of our secular government that all citizens of every faith and no faith have to live by. And we have a Constitution so that the majority is prevented from trying to enforce their views on everyone at the expense of the minority’s rights.

    1. rgf says:

      majority vote wins. do you know politics at all?

      1. Tim W says:

        Actually they don’t rgf and you obviously don’t understand the way our republic works. If majority vote ruled we’d still have slavery in some states and interracial marriage would still be illegal. Luckily our founding fathers created a system to protect from the tyranny of the majority.

      2. rgf says:

        actually i do tim w. if the majority doesn’t win then why does voting exist

    2. Amy says:

      Those people who wrote stuff down 2,000 years ago are called prophets or men of God. Do not mock them.

      1. Kacey Coffin says:

        The people who wrote stuff down 2,000 years ago were not all prophets.The bible was translated between cultures, languages, and by numerous people. Those who re-copied it omitted or added things per their own beliefs. Those thousands of pages were not written over and over again by the same person and are not a verbatim account of anything. That should be kept in mind when reading the bible.

  7. Mike says:

    The Gay Marriage issue is another example of the Libs thinking with their Hearts and not their minds. I understand that this really is about same-sex benefits for workers, especially in the government sector. If I was gay and had a significant other I would be fighting to have my Healthcare, Retirement, Life Insurance cover my partner as a beneficiary. That is certainly the heartfelt side of the debate. The other side is costs. Have these Democratic Senators considered the additional cost impacts of these increased benefits to government employees all at the expense of the Maryland Taxpayer? Of course not. Are the Unions pushing this? Absolutely. The bottom line is Maryland tops the Country in taxing its citizens with its blinding “political correctness”. Coming soon……….a “smoke-free” Ocean City Beach. Ocean City loses tourist revenue as all the smokers go to the Delaware beaches. Ocean City raises taxes to offset the revenue loss and blames some Republican for causing the problem. WELCOME TO MARYLAND. YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTED FOR.

    1. Kerrie says:

      Your concerned about costs to the taxpayer, so therefore we should deny marriage to a certain minority?? I have a better idea, how about instead of restricting marriage rights to heterosexuals, let’s just restrict it to people who have at least an average IQ. That would block MANY more marylanders from being able to get married and we would save a lot more money by not letting idiots like you ever collect on these “heartfelt” benefits.

      1. Mike says:

        Hey Kerrie. As a conservative I am respectful and understanding of others opinions. Obviously, you don’t share the same values and prefer to attack those you disagree with. I am simply raising the issue of fiscal responsibility. Than again, I guess you could care less about the cost as long as you get your way. Pathetic.

    2. Tim W says:

      By your reasoning the state could save tons of money by not covering any spouses at all. So why don’t they do that? And are you even sure the state doesn’t already cover domestic partners? If so your point is moot. Pretty weak argument to justify discrimination.

  8. OP says:

    It’s going to be a wash financially for Maryland and possibly even a gain. It’s the slots thing in reverse. Think about all the money Maryland will rake in when all of the gay couples from Delaware, West Virginia, Virgina and PA come to Maryland to get Married. If all you’re worried about is your pocketbook then this would be the time to start a catering business or a flower shop!!

  9. Our Great Liberal State says:

    Just what we need, more people flocking here. Schools, roads, etc. are already overcrowded. The illegal immigrants are already draining our resources. Why would I want to open a flower shop or catering business? Marriage is a religious sacrament between one man and one woman. I do believe that same-sex civil unions should be legalized however. Next, I suppose that polygamists will be moving into Maryland as well. Then this great liberal state can offer all types/flavors of marriages/unions/families.

  10. rob says:

    whats next me being able to marria my brother or my sister this is nuts

    1. Johnny says:

      You’re obviously a moron because there is language in the current heterosexual marriage law which forbids people who are related from marrying and the same wording will be in the new marriage law. There are also rules forbidding marriage to more than one person, so there won’t be any incest or polygamy issues because of this. It’s not happening in Masschusetts, Vermont, Iowa or any other states or countries where same-sex marriage is legal and it won’t happen here. This is just another ploy by the conservatives to scare people into being against same-sex marriage without really knowing why. Try doing your own research on the matter before you start regurgitating something you heard from some other small-minded individual.

      1. rgf says:

        Johnny i dont think you understood what he meant by that. He meant that it is very ridiculous for a man to be in a relationship with another man and he compared this ridiculousness to marrying your brother and sister. He did not refer to any sort of law. it’s great that you want to try to act like you know things, but when you state them at places that don’t warrant them you lose your credit

    2. Ronald Lee Norman says:

      As of now you can marry your sister. You are a man and she is a woman

      1. The Reel Deal says:

        It is illegal to marry a biological parent, aunt, uncle or sibling, regardless of the genders involved. This makes sense since the offspring would be much more likely to have genetic problems. In some states (not here) it is also illegal for first cousins to marry.

  11. ME says:

    I just have to laugh at all of these comments.

    Wake up people, you all are thinking with your Bibles and not with your brains. Stop trying to infect your religious beliefs into the government of my state.

    Not everyone believes the same beliefs as you.

    Let me put it to you in a way you might comprehend better: If “God” didn’t want to create gay people, then “God” wouldn’t have created gay people. He makes no mistakes, so stop judging Him.

    So, please start thinking for yourself and NOT how you’ve been told to think at whatever church you attend regularly.

    God is probably ashamed in all of you for not loving thy neighbor. He’s probably ashamed that you are insighting unwarrented hate into your own lives and infecting others with that hate as well.

    And besides, this society doesn’t think too much of marriage anymore. A 50% divorce rate is laughable when it comes to this whole “holier than thou” facade.

    Spread love. Stop spreading hate.

    1. Nell says:

      ME Nailed it! Case CLOSED!

    2. Our Great Liberal State says:

      Ummm…. I am not trying to infect my religious beliefs into the government of your state. I am entitled to my opinion as you are to your opinion. Just as you say God is probably ashamed of me for “insighting unwarrented hate”, he may just as ahsamed of you for doing the same towards me! Make sense?

      I stated that I support legal same-sex unions. I do believe that societies have laws and regulations for a reason. If one accepts gay marriage, then one should also support polygamist marriage as well. After all, I am hearing that this is all about equal freedom and civil rights.

      As for the divorce rate, I believe that it is also high in the states that do allow gay marriage. We could go on for volumes about why the divorce rate is so high.

    3. Jeff says:

      I do believe we can find higher numbers on the divorce rate in states that don’t allow gay marriages than those that do.

      1. Johnny says:

        And we can also see that the states that do allow same-sex marriages have also seen a steady population increase since those laws went into effect. So exactly how has same-sex marriage going to cause the end of reproduction? People do have children without the benefit of marriage too, people. Having sex and creating a child does not require a license!

      2. Why Not Same-Sex Civil Union? says:

        Of course you can. There are many more states that do not allow gay marriage than do. I have not seen any statistics which show that gay marriage reduces divorce. In fact, I recall reading a while back that gays have a high divorce rate as well.

        As for the person who mentioned no decrease in population, that is another point to be debated. Same-sex couples cannot naturally reproduce. It is also true that one does not need a marriage license in order to have sex/produce a child. It is also true that not all married individuals have children by any means.

        I still don’t understand why a civil union for same-sex couples will not suffice if all legal benefits are offered.

    4. rgf says:

      God didn’t create gay people. Most gay behavior is a choice. every gay person i know (many) sleep around with many people of both sexes because they “cant make up their mind”

      1. Tim W says:

        Really??? I doubt you know any gay people. Probably the stupidest comment you have made on here yet.

      2. Crabby1 says:

        & all the people I know named rgf are slow evolving home schooled bigots

      3. brenda walsh says:

        “Most gay behavior is a choice.”
        LOL what!?
        yeah, thousands of people CHOOSE to be repressed, abused, criticized and demonized by hateful people like you.

      4. rgf says:

        did i say i hated anyone? no. all i said was that based on my experience and the gay people that i have known, it seems like it is a choice.and tim, calling my comment “stupid” proves nothing lol. and brenda. people will do anything to stand out and get attention.

      5. Crabby1 says:

        If you’re so in tune as to what god created and what is right from wrong based on a book written by man, can you explain why we don’t have slavery any more?? because it CLEARLY TEACHES YOU in the bible HOW TO PROPERLY BEAT YOUR SLAVE…

        (Exodus 21:20-21) – “And if a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod and he dies at his hand, he shall be punished. 21 If, however, he survives a day or two, no vengeance shall be taken; for he is his property.”

        shouldn’t you be busy getting ready for the rapture?

      6. rgf says:

        um Crabby… that statement actually doesn’t “teach you how to beat your slave.” it simply acknowledges that slavery exists in this world and explains what will happen when you have a slave

      7. Crabby1 says:

        It’s amazing you know how to get online and put letters together to make words.

      8. Kellie says:

        Sometimes I think it is a choice too. You are entitled to say what you want, who cares what others say about it. People should watch what they say about God. They are so disrespectful. You don’t mess with a child of God. I would hate to see what happens to them!!

  12. pigeon says:

    “Gay Marriage Debate In Senate Turns Heated” – and well it should. If ANYONE votes for this, and it isn’t in their heart to do so, need to hang their heads in shame (and change their name is Judas).

    1. pigeon says:

      Correction – “change their name TO Judas”.

    2. Kerrie says:

      oh right, because voting for a bill that allows the same legal benefits to all marriages is the same thing as betraying your friend for some money.

      If Jesus were alive today he’d probably be voting for it as well.

  13. Matt says:

    Gays deserve marriage. I am disgusted by the holier-than-thou Christians who seem to think that their personal religious beliefs should govern other people’s lives. If you want a theocracy and no personal freedom. join the Taliban!

  14. Alex L. says:

    To all that favor civil unions over civil marriage:

    (1) While both options achieve the same “equal rights,” I say this… Separate yet equal is still NOT equal!

    (2) From a practicality standpoint, amending every bill that mentions the word “marriage” to now include “civil union,” is fiscally cost prohibitive. In the Federal Code, there are 1040 laws that reference the word MARRIAGE. That is ONLY the federal government…NOT including state or county. It will cost the State LESS to pass Civil Marriages than it would to pass Civil Unions.

    From the Conservative point of view, that is a NO BRAINER. Enough Said.

    1. Great Liberal State says:

      What about the financial ramifications of same-sex marriage? There are many legal forms that ask for mother/father etc. They will need to be changed to mother mother or father father or ??? I just don’t see your points for NO BRAINER.

      So what is the not equal part that you are speaking of? Most posts I have read state that gays want the same legal benefits. This does not seem to be true. Those posters keep bashing others who have a different perspective on the issue–that is the hatred I am seeing here. There is more to it than what they are saying. That is part of why others do care about this issue–the hidden agenda!!

      1. brenda walsh says:

        um, pretty sure they could just cross it out…what about kids that are raised by an aunt and uncle? grandparents? pretty sure most forms now just say legal guardian, so your point with that is kind of stupid.

  15. Johnny says:

    Marriage is a legal contract with over 1100 rights and protections offered to the married couple. It is not about religion – stop making it about religion. A wedding ceremony can be religious, but there are people who don’t get married in churches or have religious ceremonies. Does this mean their marriages are not valid? Are the marriages of couples who choose not have children or physically can not have children invalid as well? It’s time to separate the antiquated notion of marriage as a religious institution from marriage as a legally binding contract between two consenting adults and the state. People will not stop procreating if gays are allowed to marry. Heterosexual marriages will not be dissolved because gays can marry (although divorce breaks up more marriages than gays do). It’s time to move out of the Dark Ages and actually start behaving like Christians and love and accept all people. Do you think God is really pleased with the way Christians are acting in his name? You’ll all find out on your own Judgment Day. You may be surprised at where you end up for being so hateful.

    1. T says:

      Johnny I’ve said that same thing all along – marriage is a legally binding contract between two consenting adults. THAT is the bottom line. If it were purely religious, you’d hire a priest/pastor to dissolve your marriage, not a divorce lawyer.

      People need to calm down. This really won’t be as big of a deal as they think. In fact, it’ll likely generate revenue for the state and local businesses, especially once people from outside MD come here to marry.

    2. PD says:

      Not wanting gays to be “married” does not mean Christians hate gays. You can choose to not support something, but that doesn’t mean you hate it. As Christians, are we allowed to have an opinion and be given the same respect for our opinion that others want from us? In my opinion, Christians are hated and disrespected more than gays. To the point where gays are encouraged to speak up and Christians are discouraged from voicing their beliefs. Why is it okay for a gay person to fight for their beliefs, but wrong for a Christian to fight for their beliefs?

      1. Oi Veh says:

        Because in this situation, gay people are fighting for secular equality at the expense of no one, and Christians are fighting for religious rights in a secular argument at the expense of gay people. The difference between the two is rather large.

        Personally, I don’t care if you (general, not specific) are gay, straight, bi, trans, white, black, purple, or polka-dotted. Nobody should have the right to anything at the expense of someone else. Of course, this could just be my religious belief that all humans are interconnected poking through. Who knows.

      2. Thinker says:

        PD – Simply because “Christians” are trying to force their religious beliefs on all other people by creating laws forcing non-believers to live by “Christian” “Values”.

        Gay Marriage supporters are not forcing “Christians” to follow their values – they just want the same rights that all other people have – the right to live together as a family, with all the legal rights and benefits that you take for granted.

        Not everyone believes the same things you do – should THEY be able to decide who YOU can marry? Why do you feel YOU have the right to make that decision for THEM?

        PS – Quoting YOUR Religion/Bible is NOT an answer (remember – not everyone believes in your little book)

      3. rgf says:

        Thinker.. think about this. if it was natural for gays to exist, then why can gay people physically not parent their own child. Nature did not intend for a man to sleep with a man.

      4. Our Great Liberal State says:

        Well said!!!

  16. Peggy says:

    God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He does not change just because people think he should. His instruction for our lives was and is worded the way he wanted it. It is called faith.
    There has always been the right and wrong thing to do. None of us is perfect, we all fall short.
    Political corectness has made a mess of this country.
    Is this the only way politicians know how to keep their jobs. How very sad.
    I do not believe in gay marriage. I do not hate gays, I have friends who I love that are gay and they respect my feelings. Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Some things are not ment to be. There is a reason two people of the same sex can not produce a child.
    When does all this stop? If everyone is entitled to everything, soon there will be no law in fear of offending someone.

    1. CL says:

      Not everyone believes in your God and our country has separation of church and state for a reason. You can’t force the religious beliefs of one group, majority or not, on the nation as a whole. Saying that a religious text is against gay marriage doesn’t mean much of anything since we aren’t in a theocracy. Also, gay marriage hurts no one. And are infertile people also not allowed to get married? They can’t procreate.

      1. Erik says:

        Although I don’t think that government should sanction marriage between anyone straight or gay, there is no separation of church and state. It is nowhere to be found in the Constitution and only appears in a letter from Jefferson to the Danbury church. Please stop propagating this as Jefferson was only one man. Separation of church and state was not written into the first amendment because it was not approved and ratified by the majority.

    2. Ronald Lee Norman says:

      You are right. Two people of the same sex can not produce a child. BUT what they can do is adopt the unwanted and abuse children that the stright people did produce. And believe me there are 100’s of children being raised by gay couples. Would you give that chance to unwanted children. Or would you turn the other cheek on them.

  17. RJA says:

    Why do non-gay people care so much? Same-sex marriage does not take away anything from anyone in an opposite sex marriage, Am I missing something?

  18. Shut up says:

    “F” your GOD !! Dude because I am Catholic and Straight and obv, your God is not the same GOD as my God because my God would be appalled by your hateful, selfish, 1 sided racist words…. In the Words of Corey Taylor….”I swear if some of you would read back to yourselves what you write on some of these message boards, you would have to be tested for idiocy.”

  19. Ronald Lee Norman says:

    Remember all you stright bigots. You just want to benifit and take from the partner of your dead family member. We want protection. And don’t say a damm thing about a will because you would contest that too.

  20. Shut up says:

    I am married and I am straight and I want to know why you are so worried over who gets married, You all keep bringing up GOD… You are soo worried about 2 people that love each other and want to make their union legal (and no they should not have to settle for a damn civil union like they are beneath you) but me who got married simply because my boyfriend was in the military, I was pregnant (yes people pre-marital sex) and oh did I mention I got married on 06-06-06 and hit the movies to see the Omen right after…. Now thats okay with the bible thumper’s… As long as I didn’t marry another vagina !! Idiots !!

    1. Ronald Lee Norman says:

      Very well said. Thank You

    2. rgf says:

      why should something that is unnatural get the same benefits as something that is natural. Biology. Human anatomy. Study it. By calling what gays do “marriage”, then you are insulting the act of heterosexual marriage. Why should you insult us, when we are doing what nature intended for us to do?

      1. brenda walsh says:

        Uhhhh who are you to say what’s natural and what’s not??
        BEING GAY IS NOT A CHOICE, it’s genetic, just because you disagree it does not make it so.

  21. Erik says:

    The bottom line is this: Government should not be sanctioning marriage by anyone regardless of sexual preference. Government should not be in the business of sanctioning marriage period. That is a job for religious institutions. Some can go ahead and sanction marriage if their religion condones it and some will not. That’s ok. I am a heterosexual male of good faith and I really don’t want or need the government sanctioning my marriage. I just want my marriage to be between myself, my wife and to God. That’s it. Government is involved to get their hands into my wallet. Hey government, get lost! This isn’t your jurisdiction!

    1. CL says:

      The government needs to get involved because marriage is not just a religious institution. It also entails many, many legal rights, such as a hospital visitation, inheritance rights, pension rights, etc. While the government regulates these rights marriage will always be a civil issue. If you want marriage to be governed by the churches alone than the government needs to back out of marriage all together and make it a purely religious right. Until that happens gay marriage should be legalized.

    2. brenda walsh says:

      well i’m an athiest and i want my marriage to be between myself and my husband. maybe a gay person wants his marriage to be between himself, his partner, and his imaginary-sky-friend of choice. TO EACH THEIR OWN, buddy. don’t like it? move to Iraq.

      1. GCF says:

        Brenda,have you ever been involved in a scissor fight? Come on,be honest!

  22. Cypres Rhicin says:

    Who or what people want to live with should not be anybody business. As humans we keep evolving and our established traditions change. We do not live like our ancestors. We worship very differently from them. We are lucky the marriages are happening between humans. What if someone said I want to marry my dog or a tree?
    The government has to get out of marriage business and leave it to witnesses and notaries that some people have agreed to live together and share their income. When someone broke the contract then courts will intervene.
    Also polygamy and polyandry should not be a crime. We should not order how many, who or what to marry to people.
    About retirement it should be individual and not linked to marriage. Why married people should have more benefits than singles?

    1. Our Great Liberal State says:

      Actually, married people do not always have more benefits than singles. Some couples cohabitate and purposely do not marry so that they can continue to receive benefits that they otherwise would not receive. Thinking of single mothers here who would lose benefits if they got married…

      Do you truly believe that a person should be able to marry as many different people of various ages, genders, etc.? Just think of what our society would be like.

  23. ralph says:

    I’m a african amerian DEM and I will not vote for any DEM that support this,I will vote again u and so will my family and friend. What hell is the purpose of getting married for. Two men or two women can not make a child. I was for civil union.this just destoy married. PRAISE for these poor ABUSED children. I would Have rather been dead than raised I this kind of household. POOR CHILDREN!

    1. LL says:

      The NAACP called, they think you should read your ancestors history.


    2. Matt says:

      Ralph – Did you ever take the time to notice that the same arguments used against interracial marriage (the Bible, God made races for a reason, it’s immoral) are being recycled against same sex marriage (the Bible, God made gender for a reason, it’s immoral). Does that at least make you pause? Or is it just so much easier to not think about it and casually accuse people you don’t even know of being child abusers? Thank God society no longer tolerates that kind of hate about race, and shame on you for allowing yourself to be so unfair and unkind toward your gay neighbors and fellow citizens.

  24. yuck says:

    im not a religous person and at all and i am against gay marriage its just wrong and weird marriage is between man and wife when you go to get married what are they going to say i know pronounce you man and man or gay and gay yea how about no

    1. brenda walsh says:

      you’re kinda slow, eh?

      1. yuck says:

        slow i am not aggravated i am why cant gays just be happy and stay in there own little world the only reason they would like to get married is share health benefits and shove it in everyones face that being gay is acceptable when it is not

      2. GCF says:

        I bet your kinda fat,Brenda is a fat girl name.

      3. brenda walsh says:

        GCF, not my real name:) Brenda Walsh wasn’t fat either, Dylan McKay sure fancied her:) But I see you have a problem with fat people too, huh? You must be a perfect Greek god!

        Yuck, how is wanted to be legally married “shoving it in everyone’s faces?”. Me marrying my husband is not shoving my heterosexuality in anyone’s face…it’s wanting to be in a legally binding contract of marriage. And why should they not share health benefits? Why does this affect you so much?

    2. be decent says:

      yuck – so, wait, when straights get married it’s an affirmation of love and romance, and when gays get married its “to get benefits” and “shove it in people’s faces”? how does that work? please go read a book, i beg you. or listen to one on tape if you can’t read. and then go please take a lesson on decency.

      1. yuck says:

        You want to talk about decency then be straight! Thats all im saying it is nuts how many gays there are and how people accept it now days gosh i wish they would all just stay in the cloest it is disgusting and horrofying. Man o man what is this world coming to.

  25. SD says:

    I really don’t see why it should be a problem for ALL people to have the same rights. If we are going to say that we are a country that does not discriminate, then we should actually make sure that we are not discriminating against any individule group. If the main problem is in calling what a gay couple has a “Marriage” then call it something else, but give them the same rights as everyone else. As for the comment about common law marriage, those people that are affected still have the RIGHT to get married if they wanted to.
    To me the ceremony of marriage that my wife and I went through at church had very little to do with the legal act getting married.

  26. Orrin Silverman says:

    For all this talk about religion…

  27. Amanda Plaine says:

    hey yuck you’re an idiot

  28. yuck says:

    hey atleast im not a gay lmao rather be an idiot then disgusting

    1. brenda walsh says:

      I think you’ve got both bases covered.

      1. chill, peeps says:

        amen, brenda walsh!

      2. GCF says:

        I think you probably have a really big ass Brenda,come on be honest.

  29. majo says:

    You know, everyone has there views but the answer should be on the ballot and then we can vote for or against and that would settle everything!
    I am a bible person and that answers what I feel and believe, but the people need to speak.

    1. yuck says:

      I agree about having it being voted for like the slots. I am just one of those people i am not afraid to say whats on my mind and it disgust me

  30. Taylor says:

    So what do you expect of gays if the law is not past? Do you expect them to go and marry of the opposite sex? I don’t think so! I did and resented doing it for nearly 50 years. Never would I do a stupid think like that ever again.; What a miserable life that was, with a woman. Ugh!

    1. yuck says:

      no they shouldnt go to the opposite sex maybe make a law for gays to have some of the same things married people do but dont let them get married thats for a man and women not man and man and woman and woman>

  31. Orrin Silverman says:

    The rights of the minorities should never be voted on my a majority… Common sense, people!

    If slavery was a Vote then the south would still have it today. This is not the same thing realllly but the general concept is there.

    1. Terri Sevison says:

      Orrin, that is what a Democracy is. The voice of the People.

  32. Tom says:

    Despite the liberals and the government’s attempt to normalize gay lifestyle, it will never be normal behavior! They should not encourage this lifestyle on the children or adults. Government should stay out of the bedroom! Gays should stop trying to desecrate the marriage institution.
    Here is a deal for them. Let them have civil unions with tax exemptions like marriage and then go back in the closet were they belong.

  33. Terri Sevison says:

    Same sex “Civil Unions” should be allowed in my opinion. They should have all of the same legal rights as a Married Man & Woman. I do not think it should be termed Marriage & I don’t believe religious groups who oppose it should be forced to perform the service.

  34. ron says:

    the fudge packers think they are entitled to nothing

  35. Hypocrite Benson says:

    Does Senetar Joanne Benson as a black woman think that inter racial marrtiage, womens right to vote, or slavery should have been decided by a public vote? What a hypocrite. She wants her equal rights but wants to deprive others. She should be worrying more about all the corruption in PG County. (and maybe she should give back the all the taxes gays pay if she doesn’t want them to have rights)

  36. Shocked says:

    Here are some things to think about regarding the idiocy of this debate:

    2. There is no such thing as “traditional marriage”. Marriage existed long before Christianity came about. It often involved the forcible union of a woman (or multiple women) to a man, allowing her no right to divorce or fight back against abuse. She essentially was to become property of a man and bear him children to work on and eventually inherit his property. IS THIS THE SACRED TRADITION YOU WANT TO UPHOLD? Marriage is not a static, unchanging institution. It’s gone from being an informal, social practice, to a religious practice, to a legal and financial union which is ALL IT REALLY IS in the eyes of our government today.
    3. Maryland still allows first cousins to legally marry. Think about that one.
    4. If you are willing to deny Maryland citizens their rights because of the potential costs of their marriages, you need to set your priorities straight or find a new place to live, because the last time I checked, the US was about providing rights and freedoms, not saving you money.
    5. Maryland also allows atheists to marry. Why does this not upset every God-fearing Bible-reading Christian?
    6. If you’re so set in your “Christian ‘traditional’ marriage” ways, why aren’t you out protesting the legality of divorce?
    7. For those that say marriage is for the sole purpose of bearing children, are you saying that women who are unable to have children should not be allowed to marry? Shouldn’t heterosexual couples who do not want children be barred from the institution of marriage? You can’t deny one group the privilege of marriage because they cannot naturally bear children, but then allow other groups who will not have children to get married. That’s a little something called HYPOCRISY.

    1. Crissy says:

      Sen. Joanne Benson said, “… that marriage really is designed for people who love each other and who want to have children.”

      Okay, so gay couples can’t have kids ‘naturally’, but they can use surrogates or adopt a child. But if your going to look at marriage as only being for those who want to have children, then does that mean that the heterosexual couples who can’t have kids shouldn’t be allowed to marry either?

      Or what about the straight couples who CAN have children, but who choose NOT to have any. Does that mean that because they don’t want kids, that they shouldn’t be allowed to marry?

      You can’t deny gay couples the right to get married for that reason, but allow another group that right when the reason against it is the same for both parties.

      The Declaration of Independence stated, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      By denying gay couples the right to marry, you are denying them the liberty to live their life as they choose. If they choose to get married to the person that they love and want to share their life with, then who the hell are you to tell them they can’t?!

      By refusing them this right, you are denying them something that could make them extremely happy; you are denying them their right to pursue their own happiness.

      Honestly, with the way some American’s are still so narrow-minded about this issue, I’m surprised that the Declaration of Independence doesn’t say that “all men are created equal…. as long as they are heterosexual.”

      You have the right to live your life the way you want, and you don’t want anyone telling you the way you should live it – so why do you take so much pleasure in telling others how to live theirs?

      IMO, the gender of the people involved in the marriage shouldn’t matter – it’s the love that they have for each other that matters. Love is what makes a marriage; gender has nothing to do with it.

      1. Crissy says:

        I meant to add that I agree with your post, Shocked.

        My response was just my thoughts on the whole ‘marriage and children’ issue that you mentioned in your post.

        I’m sorry if there is any confusion; or if it looks like I was attacking you, which wouldn’t make sense considering I agreed with you lol!

  37. Somebody says:

    If a man and man union and woman and woman union feel like they should be as misrible as a man and woman union, well I say let them. Once they get the legal right then they will have nothing else to fight or march for.Just think, no more gay parades or ralleys. I can finally drive down pratt street again without worrying of a detour due to a gay ralley. YAAAY. I mean what else could they possibly have to ralley for once this is over? I say they will find out that they arent getting any attention and the gay divorce rate will sky rocket.

    1. GCF says:

      It won’t end even when they get their way,just look at the blacks.

  38. Ed says:

    Wow, I’m almost ashamed at this.

    As a Gay man, I can assure you that there are a lot of us who are not happy about this news either. You see, we look at the bigger picture. It’s not up to a government to decide who gets the rite of marriage and who doesn’t. Marriage is a sacrament\rite of passage in many faiths. There are some of us that appreciate the separation of church and state more than “equality”. I’d prefer a civil union.

    I get my lifestyle is unorthodox in regards to religion. I won’t go any farther than that, because arguing theology wouldn’t really do anything at this point.

    What’s disgusting about this, is the level of ignorance from the public. We got one guy here complaining about the government pushing this just so employees get equal benefit rights and another screaming about her Catholicism being disrupted by this…

    What everyone seems to miss, is when did government get the right to sanction religion?


    1. GCF says:

      Ed, is “DOCKING” really being done between gay male lovers these days?

      1. hvillage says:

        GFC, what is “docking” and why do you care?

  39. Julie says:

    The two women in this video are my Sister and Sister in-law. I 100% support them having the same rights as myself and a husband would have. They have been together for 15 years, and are obviously totally committed to each other and to their children. I have watched them struggle, and celebrate, as every family does. They are the most dedicated parents I think I have ever met. WHEN they get married, I will be the first one lined up to congratulate them. 🙂

  40. jennifer says:

    Don’t agree with same sex marriage, never wrong. The problem with this world is that the christians don’t have a backbone to stand up and stand firm in their beliefs enough to encourage politicians to not vote for these ridiculous bills. Quit being concerned about their environmental concerns and hold them responsible and vote on whether they believe in abortion, or supporting these lame same sex marriages. Its wrong, and ya’ll are going to hell if you don’t turn from the sin you willingly and grossly do.

  41. HARLEY says:

    Maybe they will receive the same punishment as ex-mayor Shela Dixon. Terminate with full pension to start UPON TERMINATION. They may also try to get her lawyers.IF THIS IS TRUE I’M ANXIOUS TO SEE HOW THIS COMES OUT. MAYBE IF THEY WERE PAID A DECENT SALARY IT WOULD HELP, Lets see if they are found guilty of anything first.Anyone willing to bet?

  42. Maryanna Price says:

    If the only reason the government has a reason to be vested in marriage is for the production of children, why do couples past the age of reproduction, infertile couples and couples who don’t want children have the right to marry?

    It’s about time, Maryland!

    P.S. I’m Christian, and the Bible I read from says to love everyone and that only those without sin can cast the first stone.

  43. ron says:

    i dont want my child in a class with two gay men as a kid father boy or girl. that is not right in my eyes period. people want to change things around and make it as so its okay but its not. its not okay for two men to raise a child and they see them kissing and things like that. for one that child will get teased in school then its a problem. i dont agree but thats there life so let them live it

    1. Tom says:

      Yeah Ron it’s gross. If they want to do there perverted thing, do it is California where anything goes! You can marry your dog there too!

      1. Ed says:

        Come on’ guys…

        If you’re going to argue on this at least do it on the basis of debate.

        You wonder why people don’t buy American cars…
        See? Is that productive to my point of view? or is it just a crude generalization of people like you?

        Step back and make an avid statement about it and try not to embarrass your side of the debate with a blinding display of ignorance.

    2. caramel says:

      Ron- I don’t want my kid in a class where one of the other kids has a closed minded moron like you for a parent, but we can’t have everything.

      Exactly how will seeing two men or women kissing hurt a child?

      Please let all of us know how you will hide the fact that there are gay people in the world from your kids and how you will make sure their school does not hire any gay people. Looking at how you write, you are certainly not qualified to home school, so good luck.

  44. ParkvilleMom says:

    Why should it be ok for a man to marry a woman, cheat on her, beat her, and scare her into keeping quiet. But it’s not ok for two people who love each other and who have fought for equal rights to marriage to legally be recognized??

    Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Britney Spears had a 55-hour marriage, and Jesse James and Tiger Woods, while married, were having sex with EVERYONE. Yet, the idea of same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage?? Really???

    1. andy botwin says:

      jesse james married annie oakley, larry king has been dead for 6 yrs elizabeth taylor is still married to michael jackson get your fact straight

  45. dale says:


  46. JRD says:

    Take off your caps lock!

    The road isn’t narrow, your mind is. All that junk you are spouting off is your personal religious beliefs and has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. “God” is not a reality or any sort of absolute, it is just a mythological figure some people chose to believe in. You act as if your personal religious beliefs are true, when they are not for many people. People do tend to get testy when you try to shove your religious beliefs into their faces, pretend they are facts or think that laws should be made according to what your religion says. This is not a religious forum, so keep yours to yourself.

    1. dale says:

      wow ?? hope you feel better ,take off your caps lock????really, why because you dont like it . i didnt judge you i didnt shove any religious beliefs in your face i gave you my faith just like you gave me yours but its ok for you but not for me are you going to take my rights away now

    2. johnjohn says:

      I’m fine with Caps lock I think we should make a law saying we can do it and others can’t complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. GCF says:

    This is all pretty gay

  48. Blinky says:

    Isn’t it a hoot how the bible says judge not lest ye be judged, yet so many Christians are the quickest to judge others and think the world should be run according to their standards?

    If you subscribe to that god created man stuff, doesn’t it mean men, women, gays, straights, child molesting priests and axe murders too?

    Come to think of it, the Christians are the ones that annoy me by leaving junk trying to recruit me stuck in my door and not the gays.

  49. somebody says:

    What I will never understand about christianaty [ hope I spelled that right] They head honchos will point the fingers and smyth the gays of the religion, but when a fellow pastor touches a little boy they turn their heads the other way. I just don’t get it. As stated earlier, I’m glad that they are one step closer. Hope fully it will pass fully and then we can rea about some real news, Like BGE saying they are broke so they need to raise rates and how the ceo gives him self a raise along with the higher anarchy of BGE.


  50. somebody says:

    HAHA BLinky, How funny would it be if the Gays started going door to door recruiting more gays? Just like most religions do and are known to do.

  51. Dan says:

    Abnormal : not average, typical, or usual ; deviating from a standard. This is exactly what gay marriage is and should not be happening. How can someone who exhibits this type of behavior live a normal married life? Marriage has been a union between a man and a woman for a long tme, therefor the “norm” or proper way. Gay marriage is an oxymoron meaning the words are contradictory. Why is it so hard for people to see this for what it is and not try to cover it up?

    1. Blinky says:

      People who are born blind are abnormal. Deaf people are abnormal. People who only have one kidney are abnormal. People over seven feet tall are abnormal. Should we shoot them or what or just accept them and let that have the same rights as everyone else? Since when is there anything wrong with being abnormal? Most all of us are abnormal in some ways, that’s the beauty of diversity and exactly what nature intended!

      What standard are you talking about? In some places arranged marriages are standard or men may have more than one wife or marry 13 yeard old girls and so on. Slavery used to be standard here and acceptable for a long long time, are you saying we should bring that back or maybe it is OK when standards change? Since you are so fond of the dictionary, what does it say marriage is? It says two people, not just a man and a woman. Your oxymoron logic defies me, I thought marriage was about two people who loved each other and wanted to spend their lives together and both gay and straight people can do that.

      Proper is a moral value and not an absolute. If you do not believe in gay marriage that is fine and you will never have to marry someone you don’t want to. Many gay couples live perfectly normal happy productive lives just like many straight couples. Isn’t it NORMAL for people to want to feel happy and loved?

  52. Blinky says:

    No, the best will be if someone will try to pass a law to make bigamy legal and the bible bangers will scream the loudest…. only most bigamists in this country are Christians and they say their bible says it’s OK. Go figure!

  53. johnjohn says:

    It is wrong in every sense of the word. Marriage was intended for a man and a woman.

  54. johnjohn says:

    Why do they have to take their CAPSLOCK off does that offend you?

  55. John says:

    Senator Pugh must think people are so stupid. Of course Webster’s dictionary updated the definition of marriage to help push the agenda. Anyone with an old version of the dictionary can see that the definition of marriage has always been “between a man and a woman”. In a few years the definition will change again to include “between a man and woman, same sex, adult and child, man and animal. I know the gay marriage issue is only about getting spousal benefits, there are other laws that can address those issues without having to recognize the marriage of gays as legal. They are legalizing immoral, abnormal, deviant and disgusting behavior.

    1. happy says:

      Actually, Websters is evolving just like the rest of the country and the world. Sad for you that your brain does not have that capacity.

  56. Supporter says:

    Religion….here are some demographics as of 2000:

    Roman Catholic 23% Jewish 4%
    Baptist 18% Other Christian 3% Muslim 2%
    Methodist 11% Other Religions 1%
    Lutheran 6% Non-Religious 11%

    20% of Marylanders are not even Christians….so apparently, according to the religious argument-20% of Marylanders can’t even be married….wonder how many of the 80% of the Christians are gay?

  57. Roy G. Biv says:

    Election day people…make sure you know who voted what on this issue!

  58. Mel says:

    I’ve patiently read this entire thread. The majority of opinions have been stated with courtesy towards others and with thought provoking commentary. I cannot help but notice that the blatantly rude, unbelievably insulting and unnecessarily hateful posts have ALL been placed within this debate by people who are obviously threatened by and opposed to the concept of same sex marriage. Why is that? My only conclusion is that these seemingly intolerant people are less educated, less evolved and less mature than the general public. It saddens me to see such mean spirited statements such as those posted by an excessively horrid man who calls himself “GCF” … the only way to excuse such bad behavior is to assume this man is mentally ill. Shame on each and every one of you who slobbered while you typed your nasty, close-minded, socially unacceptable garbage. Let everyone adopt the lifestyle that suits them. Do not be judgmental, for you too may be judged for your illiteracy and your redneck tendencies. GCF, you are a pitiful, wretched, demented bigot.

  59. Adam says:

    Marriage is a religious institution and has no place in law and government.

    1. Blinky says:

      Then why is it you have to go to the court house for a divorce and not the church? Do priests/ministers/rabbis etc have the power to grant a divorce?Where do you go to get a marriage license? All marrianges are, in effect a civil ceremony and are registered at your local court house. If a couple decides to get married by a religious official in a church that is their choice, but many marriages are performed by people paid by the govenrment.

  60. ascendance says:

    where in the bible does it say being gay is wrong?

    google says nowhere.

    case closed.

    1. Bruce says:

      Leviticus 18:22
      Leviticus 20:13
      Romans 1:24-27
      Jude 7
      Timothy 1:10

      God meant for a man to be with a woman, that’s why He made us like He did.

      1. Blinky says:

        What your religious figure said is irrelevant as we are talking about a civil right and not religion.

        PS- Haven’t you heard of evolution???
        Deuteronomy 14:3, 7-8,10 & Lev 11:7 – ever eat bacon?

  61. PAUL MICELLI says:

    We are witnessing “THE BEGINNING OF THE END”. I hope GOD is merciful. Don’t forget 12/21/2112 is just around the corner.

    1. Phillip says:

      Actually, it’s over a 100 years away….likely after anyone commenting on this board is long dead.

  62. chalkie says:

    Look I don’t have a problem with people spending a life together with someone special. I have a problem that religion and the government are supposse to be separate and not interact with each other. Marriage is a religous thing not a law thing. The church has recognized that thier are gays in the church. And I feel the religion should dictate if you are allow to marry someone. not the state. I am sure the way things are going that most religions in time will except gay marriages. I feel that to get married the service should be preformed by someone of religous background. Not a judge. We have judges marrying people, and they cannot even do the jobs they are suppose to be doing like enforcing the laws of the land and help keep society safe from the trash breaking the laws. Instead murderers, rapest, and child molesters do evils against people and never get the punishment they deserve. Now our lawmakers are worried about this instead of important isssues that affect everyone in this state and not just the few. Our law makers are worried about changing names of mountians and gay marriage, instead of cut spend to get our budget in line,which will affect they everyday person . They want to raise the sin taxes on items like cigarettes and alchohol or tax gasoline even more. Why don’t they just create a tax that everyone has to pay thier fair share of instead of taxing the few for certain items, not everyone drives or drinks or even smokes. Well if there is a sin tax , not to be ignorant but wouldn’t gay marrage come under that it. Because the sin tax was creatated to put taxes on things that are against religous beliefs. Just another cash cow idea for the state.

    1. Tim W says:

      Chalkie you ignorance of how things work is astounding. First there is a difference between civil marriage and religious marriage. If you go to a church and have a marriage ceremony but have not filed the paperwork with the state you may consider yourself married but legally you are not plain and simple. The state is the authority on legal marriage not the church.
      As for your rant about judges marrying people you obviously are uneducated because people in the state of MD who choose to get married by the state are married by a Justice of the Peace not a judge. This option is available for those who are athiest or who like my father did not want a big church wedding.

  63. Somebody says:

    For the people who say marriage is a religious right. I’m no where near religious, does this mean I can not get married to my Girlfriend?

  64. Shelby Dilley says:

    Have we devolved that far. First the Gay community does not flaunt itself in anyone’s face. We prefer to be left alone, just family and good friends. We do not wish to take over your church or your church views on marriage. Actually I think we are cool with civil union, it’s the press and the straights that keep stating we want to use the word Marriage. And all you Christians who are griping about Sodom and Gomorrah, or us wanting you at our feet. I think you all need to look behind your robes, little boys and girls in your faith seem to be spending a lot of time on there knee’s alone with your STRAIGHT PRIEST?MINISTERS. instead of worrying about my partner and our child having equal rights maybe you all should be trying to find away to protect your own children in your own faiths…

  65. barnyard says:

    Opinions are like a,,,,,holes, Everyone has one & I have witnessed many on this thread & they all smell.

  66. millertime says:

    another step closer to the fall of the roman empire. history is repeating itsself. way to go you worthless politicians in the state of maryland.

    1. Virus says:

      I agree…It is like the Ayatolla Khomeni said after the overthrow of the Shah of Iran in the 70’s. “We do not worry about defeating the United States because in time it will decay from the inside out”. The time has come.

  67. Jason says:

    God doesn’t exist. All you Xtians are going to be so disappointed when you die. Well, actually, you won’t be able to be disappointed, because you’ll be dead. If I am wrong, than I am sure I will be seeing all of you “good” Xtians in Hell. See you then!

  68. Taylor says:

    I for one cannot understand people when they say don’t throw this in my face. Who’s throwing what into whose faces? Stop putting your 1 cents worth into with your rediculous comments, mind your own damn business and just accept it because it is going to happen regardless. From little up I felt something strange about my interest in the male body. I carried it until after my wife died. Now I’m free and living a happy life. I believe I made a horrible mistake by marrying just to hide my identity. I’d never in this wide world ever do it again.

  69. Pound says:

    OK everyone is jumping on Babs for her views and you all don’t understant that you are doing the same thing you are accusing her of. I know that this is a touchy issue for a lot of people and for the record i’m against gays getting married. But lisene way is it that gay people always seem to need affrimation from others about their relationships. If someone told me they didn’t like me and my wife being together I would raise my middle fingure and keep it moving because frankly I DON’T GIVE A DAMN…. I believe gays should start feeling the same way. God bless you all and leave Babs the hell alone

    1. hvillage says:

      Wrong. Babs knew what she was getting into when she shot the first arrow. See the first post.

  70. Daisy says:

    Whatever the debate we have amongst ourselves, God’s word will prevail. He decided what a marriage is, and he is the only judge. As a Christian, I cannot support gay marriage because I don’t believe it to be a marriage. It is not a matter of benefits or rights. It just is what it is. God will judge who is right, or wrong. Every man has the right by God to make choices for his life, which is why he gave us free will. I choose to live by his word. It doesn’t matter what others think. I hope that everyone can stop hurting each other with angry words and judgmental thoughts.
    Ephesians 4:29-32 says:
    29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

    1. T.M says:

      Yes Dasiy I have to agree with you to some point that and that is marriage is between man and woman period. So no matter what Law is past God has the finally say. I do not descriminate and I wish those who choose that path the best but we have bigger issues in my eyes

  71. Rebecca Karner says:

    I am so proud to live in a state that is trying this hard to pass such a wonderful bill.

  72. B says:

    i dont see why it is such a big deal.. i know plenty of same-sex couple who are more in lovee with each other than most married couples. U want to talk about marriage bein “sacred” what about all the men and women bouncing from one spouse to another prime example Kelsie Grammar he just divorced from his 3rd wife a week and a half ago and got married to his 4th wife yesterday.. i dont see why anyone cares if same-sex couples married if they arent hittin on u why do u care. if u see them showin a little PDA then turn ur head. why should they not have the same rights as others. i understand some people have stronge religious beliefs n all but if they are not botherin u then why should u care. its like if u dont believe in interracial couples when u go out in public do u make comments to them about it, no i dont believe so. if they want to have the same problems as hetrosexual people then i say go for it!!

  73. T.M says:

    I really do not understand why so much time is being wasted on same sex marriages I mean really! Why should we re write history and our morals just to satisfy a few. I can care either way but I think in no way should the definition of marriage be change as it is between a man and a woman and that is just the hard fact. I think that is the probably with the world today so many changes to whats happening and things are a mess. I just think unemployment, wars and ect deserve more air play than same sex marriage. I mean really thousands of peple are ready t o kloose healthcare due to the economy so really who cares I know I do not.

  74. Angel says:

    same sex marriage law falls under equal rights, its not any different from back in the day when slaves were freed and fighting for rights and women were fighting for equal rights… EQUAL RIGHTS is the key here.. and the people it have negative things to say its not your place to judge others.. Only God can judge us.

  75. M. R. Lobato says:

    It hurts to see all this pain being passed from one side to other, its all for not, folks. Look who is leading the band, Busch and Miller, think they care what you think about this issue. They want the votes and they will get them, gays, gay marriages, or what ever!

  76. Mike says:

    There is no reason for any debate on this topic. The Democrat Politicians in this State could be disciples of Satan and the voters would still re-elect them. With that sense of immunity, they can do anything they please….including raising taxes on gas.

    1. Tim W says:

      Heaven forbid. You sound like my brother who shares your name. Hypocrites who rail about the sanctity of marriage as their own crumbles around them. It’s frankly amusing. Only one other couple in my family has been together longer than my husband yet we can’t get legally married.

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