BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A massive robbery ring has been shut down in Baltimore County. Now two men are in police custody.

Weijia Jiang explains one man’s fast thinking may have saved his life during one of the attacks.

Police say Kyle Powell, 28, and Michael Spencer, 26, are the masterminds behind a massive robbery ring in the Baltimore area, confessing to at least 19 robberies in Baltimore County, three in the city and one in Anne Arundel County.

“These suspects targeted fast food places, pizza delivery places and Game Stop stores. They picked their victims very carefully and cased those locations very carefully,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore County Police.

Aleksandr Katz works at one of the targeted restaurants–Salvino’s Pizza in Pikesville–which has nine security cameras in place.

“If it wasn’t for the monitor, we would have been robbed at gunpoint,” said Katz.

Katz says he saw Powell and Spencer on a screen with weapons in hand. He says all he could think of was his newborn baby.

“Kind of scary for my son, living without a dad,” Katz said.

Katz says the two men got into the building through an emergency exit but in the few moments it takes to get from there to the back entrance of the restaurant, he was able to close and lock the door so they never made it inside.

“It was three seconds when I closed the door and three seconds when they turned the corner and would have seen me,” Katz said.

Others weren’t so lucky. Charging documents show some incidents were violent. Victims were tied up with rope, punched in the face.  At least one was choked.

WJZ was there when investigators tracked the pair and their getaway car down on Feb.17, putting a stop to yet another robbery attempt.

Powell and Spencer are held at the Baltimore County Detention Center without bond, facing multiple charges of robbery and assault.

Police are investigating whether the pair is responsible for even more robberies in the area.

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  1. Sheila Flanigan says:

    thugs yet their mommas will claim they were good church going young men. horss==t

  2. Jester Bey says:

    What is with black men and these stupid looking dredlocks and braids. Is it a standard issue hairstyle for black male thugs and criminals? Whenever I see black men with these hairstyles, I alway bet that he is a criminal with a low IQ and a criminal rap sheet at least a city block long. Oh, and let me not forget with at least three out of wedlock illegitamate future criminal children just like him. It’s time for this God awlful hairstyle fad to end and black men again try to look civil and decent. You come to my place of emplyoment looking like that for an interview and you can bet, I’ll throw your application right into the trash because that’s what you look like to me with that kind of thug hairstyle–a low IQ idiot who has been unemployed for a reason. For me, appearnce is everything. Look like a thug and be treated just like one.

    1. kellee says:

      wow, wat a stereotype, but it is your opinion, which u are definitely entitled too.

      1. Brittney says:

        I so agrre with kellee

    2. glenn edwards jr says:

      well can i get a job really looking hard out here for one

    3. Brittney says:

      To me thats rasist and you also just admitted to discrimination so I hope someone sees your comment and you get fired!!!!!

      1. DT says:

        How is that being racist?

        He never said anything about being black with dreadlocks… that assumption came from your OWN mind.

        Sorry hunny, you are the real racist.

      2. Reesy says:

        AT DT…..IT was in the first sentence “whats with these BLACK males”

    4. Disgusted says:

      Wow, where to start?!?!? I could say the same for creepy looking Caucasian men who look like pedophiles, but that would probably make me a racist right? You sound like an over-educated bigot who has nothing better to do than just that, judge by appearances. I know plenty of well-educated, articulate & successful black men who have dreadlocks and they do not carry themselves as thugs. You sound like a fool and I pray that you’re three little children who were born to your pretty little trophy wife that you must have, don’t grow up to be like you.

    5. friend says:

      I know a black man who wears his hair in braids and he is one of the kindest, most gentle, sensitive man (aside from my husband) I know. It is his choice to wear his hair however he likes.

    6. deltasweetiepi says:

      Not always true. There are quite a few men in my graduate class who wear the locs and dreads. They are very smart and articulate with great paying LEGAL jobs. I think it is wrong to put everyone in a box because of a few rotten apples.

    7. Marlene Brown says:

      Not all black men with dredlocks possess a low IQ, have a criminal record, illlegitimate children or are thugs.

      I find your comments deplorable and find that all short sighted people who think like you are ignorant red necks.

    8. Bullfrog says:

      I think that both of these young men look nice, their hair is styled in dredlocks and looks neat and clean. Both of these men look clean and well dressed. You on the other hand are an
      ASS and I do not need to see you to know that!

    9. RDNKKKGRL says:

      i agree with jester bey but ide rather see the dreads than the afro puffs they call hair!!!!

    10. Some people says:

      Wow you must have a very low IQ to say something so stupid. What does a hairstyle have to do with anything. My husband works two jobs is a faithful member of church, doesn,t had a criminal record and works at a jail and he has braids. Mother & father inlaw been married 47 years.We been married 8 years so don,t judge a book by it cover . I see alot of criminals with close cut hair and they are in jail.

    11. Black Man says:

      Who the hell is this racist jerk that made the comment about black men and hairstyles. Hairstyle does not define a person character or educational achievements You are hearing this from a 33 years old black man with 18+inches of dreadlocks. Oh! and Im also a very successful self-employed person with a master’s degree

    12. Rob says:

      Sir you are a bigot.

  3. kellee says:

    Criminals are so stupid. No matter how smart you cannot really outsmart the criminal justice system. Your crime will eventually catch up with you, and you will get caught. Sad to say I must agree with derrickman, that the sentence, if convicted will probably not be equivalent to the nature of the crimes.

  4. Brittney says:

    Aw Mike how could you! Smh

    1. Reesy says:

      You knew mike? Wow its not all true there was only ONE weapon i can tell you that

      1. RDNKKKGRL says:

        yeah well u can gauren damn tee that weapon was stolen from someone cause think about it if ur gonna be stupid enough to rob something or someone u sure as heck aint gonna go in with a registered gun thats in ur name

  5. cantrice mckenzie says:

    Jester your a racist.

  6. Courtney says:

    WOW that’s crazy i went to school with these guys a damn shame.

  7. Derrick says:

    I know these dudes and guess wat they are far from being thugs. Kyle and Micheal both graduated fromhigh school. kyle was a captain and mvp of his football team in high school. and micheal was the starting goalie for woodlawn varsity football team. This guys made a dumd ass decsion that now has cost them their families and most important their freedom. And to address the RACIST issue i just say this. IF YOUR STILL STUCK ON BLACK OR WHITE YOUR FIBLE MINDED….. REVOLUTION….

    1. nicole says:

      dirty, i’m still tripping off this. very sad smh

    2. Billiam says:

      Derrick and for that matter, Nicole – so they played football in high school and so he was the mvp and so one was the starting “goalie” for the varsity football team. They CHOSE TO PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY in 20 (or more) robberies of their own valition! It doesn’t matter if they are white, purple, black or snowcone pink – they chose this “hood-type lifestyle” because that’s what they wanted to do. It doesn’t matter why kind of hair they have, how many tattoos they have – that is irrelevant. I will not allow myself to pray for them because they don’t deserve it. I would pray for the victims and their families; I would imagine until you have had a knife or gun drawn on you, you can’t speak for how each of these people felt. So leave racism out of it – it doesn’t matter if they are black or white – what matters is that the judicial system needs to take the steps necessary to see they can cause no harm in the future. But one thing is very clear – they don’t appear to be remorseful.

      1. toshina says:

        I Agree with u billiam!

    3. jerryenowitch7 says:

      Derrick, you are a fool you turd.

  8. nicole says:

    wow, i went to HS with both of them and its shocking and sad. Kyle played football and was very good at it. Prime example of the wrong path. Times are hard and people take matters into their own hands. Pray for their families because they are definitely hurting right now.

  9. from the shore says:

    Derrick they did not make one bad decision they committed like 20 plus robberies. They are thugs stop defending them. How about ptaying for the people they victimized! I get the victims probably weren’t good at football in school so they probably deserved to be robbed right?

  10. Cathy says:

    Yea!! even though some of you said they were good guys and there parents are problaby going to say the same thing,but the fact of the matter is,they planned this,they just did not get up and say man I need money and do it one time,they robbed many places

  11. from the shore says:

    Nicole how about saying a prayer for the people who were tied up, punched, choked and wondering if these two guys were going to KILL them during these robberies. Those people can never have those horrifying moments of there lives back. If they went down a wrong path they helped pave that path. Robberies like this have been going on in the Baltimore forever. For some reason people like you make sound like these guys had no choice, THE VICTIMS HAD NO CHOICE!!!!!!!!

  12. Angelicsins says:

    Okay my 0.02. Jester up there, was not being racist. As an employer he has a right to judge people how they look becuase they will be working in his store or wherever. Appearance is everything. If i had any man, white or black, come in with his pants arounds his knees a shirt thats way to long and hair thats all over the place, Yea im throwing his resume and all in the trash. I dont care if he worked for NASA. If you come in with a suit and tie and dress slacks and shoes and nice hair and present your self well. Then i would most likely hire them. Doesnt matter. These two look like thugs, they are going to be perceived as thugs.

    1. Stacey says:

      So if i had a really great resume and was extrememly great at what I do…you would not hire me because of what I wear or what my hair looks like. Ok first, to start off saying “black me these days: yes that is pretty racist. I knew both these guys and they were so stupid but you can not judge anyone by how they look. guess ur mother never taught u to never jjudge a book by its cover.

      1. Angelicsins says:

        Actually yes i wouldnt hire you. what makes you think people want to go into a store were the employees walk around and look like thugs and all. i wouldnt.

      2. jerryenowitch7 says:

        Oh Stacey, You sound sooooo boring. Come up with something better than that remark. Anuone with an ounce of brains knows you dress according to the industry you will be applying for employment. Example: A rapper would not dress like an accountant if looking for work & vice versa.

  13. jerryenowitch7 says:

    Just another couple dumb ass niggas, trying to be cool.

  14. from the shore says:

    Jerry how many rappers go to interviews? You sound sooooo stupid!

    1. sb says:

      seen lots of rappers interviewing on American Idol

  15. jerryenowitch7 says:

    SHORE, Rappers audition, sorry, but stop picking the rat poop out of a comb dumb ass, you know damm well what I meant.

  16. lindsey says:

    I would not want someone working in my store looking like that. Being an employee your represent the company you work for. any they all wonder why they don’t have jobs…

  17. Rapper Z says:

    You will still be able to see them soon in their orange jumpsuits picking up trash on the highways.

  18. from the shore says:

    Jerry after that “dumb ass niggas” coment you made no one has taken you seriously anyway so don’t worry about it.

    1. jerryenowitch7 says:

      Shore, I speak the truth for all the world & you know it too dumb ass.

  19. RS says:

    That quick thinking Mr. Katz did not only helped his business, but most likely saved his life. These guys could’ve robbed him, and things could’ve gone wrong to where Mr. Katz would’ve wound up dead…It’s a shame these two thugs had to rob places like this, because they think it’s the best way to earn cash quick. Never do they think about whom they’re hurting. And if they do, 95% of the time they just don’t care.

  20. phillysally says:

    Geez, quit with the racist comments already.. The real story is getting lost in worrying about how these guys are wearing their hair and what some of you refer to as ‘racist comments.’ All I can say however, is here we go AGAIN… I bet so many of you will jump on this comment too saying that it too is racist but that is what people tend to do these days.. Mention the word “black” and you get verbally attacked and labeled as a racist.. What a pathetic world we live in.. Quite honestly I’m sick of the stinking reverse discrimination.

    1. jerryenowitch7 says:

      Philly Sally, Tell me toot’s why then is it 99% of the time a Black male16-35 years of age with a drug problem? How many white guys do you see with dreadlocks eh? Get real or get going lady.

      1. phillysally says:

        Jerry.. the post was meant to have a sarcastic tone.. You and I know who is committing the crimes but we aren’t allowed to say it because that is discrimination and we may offend someone. Quite honestly it was meant as a sarcastic post because the minute you mention anything about blacks they jump all over it and call it racism.. I didn’t want to offend anyone if you know what I mean. Apparently it was too sarcastic.. So sorry that you couldn’t decipher the ‘real’ meaning in it..haha..

      2. RDNKKKGRL says:


      3. Cb410 says:

        jerry i honestly think your an idiot, i also dont see how you talking about 99% of black men between certain ages having a drug probably (which is false) has anything to do with dreadlocks, this completely imagined drug problem that you gave 99% of these men has nothing to do with there hair preference and if that is indeed the case, im pretty sure at a minimum 80-90% of white males over the age of 18 use/cook/sell/or distribute Meth

    2. Cb410 says:

      Sally i don’t think this comment is racist, i also believe some black people are overly offended by the word black, however, i agree the hairstyle have nothing to do with the crime, i don’t really see any difference between what these men did and what Alexis Neiers did with her friends and the “Bling Ring”….except these men are stereotyped, called niggas, and insulted by there hair choice, and she got a damn TV show on E!, there’s your racism

  21. Cathy says:


    Nice people here in B-More. I’ve seen thugs like this walking around and I got ta tell ya There not nice. Sooner kill you then look at you. It looks like the streets are Just a Little safer. There are more then just these two out there. Look around- turn them in. Summers coming. Do you want your kids playing out side with these types of people on the street?Black or White

  22. Mykel Aye says:

    We Love u Kyle Powell and Ur Family and Friends Miss u and are here by ur side:)

    1. angie d says:

      Of course you do.. Let me guess, they are both good boys who were just trying to get money for food, right??? I certainly wouldn’t expect your dear family /friends to have to work and earn an honest living like the rest of us… Hopefully they will serve big time in the slammer.. I’m sure they will make a lot of ‘friends’ who will also want to be by their side.

  23. Jenisse says:

    This is so typical the comments above were racist no matter how you try to butter it up. The bottom line is we have criminals that need to be prosectued it does not matter the race or how they wear thier hair are you serious? Its sad that black men are viewed this way and unfortunately they face these challenges each and every day. One question to everyone did Madoff wear “Locs”? I think not and he stole millions of dollars from his investors. So don’t fall into the sterotypical ignorance because I think some of you have. So if you hire someone based soley on the appearance you could possibly be hiring someone that will bottom out you company….

  24. from the shore says:

    Alright Jenisse. I think I see your point. I don’t agree with making a race issue or hair issue out of this. All i am saying is that it seems rediculous to hear how many people are making these two out as victims of something. For those who are praying for these two I don’t believe it is their first set of crimes. Look up Kyle Powell o Maryland Case Search! As far as Madoff goes i hope he never the outside of jail again. I don’t beieve anyone was writing in defending him.

  25. Reesy says:

    To all who don’t know them, DON’T judge them…It was probably a time in their life where they had to go to the limits to make away for their homes…I know it is not a good decision but it happened and they are paying for it…BIG TIME…..I wouldn’t be surprised if you were watching this thinking OH HOW COULD THEY or WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? but you can’t honestly say anything because you don’t know there situation.

    I know Mike very well and i do admit i am mad but i know he tried to at least get out but got caught up

    1. Cathy says:


      These two where out to be local terrorist in the public Eye. There first start was to do it for kicks and liked the haul so much the first time they kept going. There are a lot of these hoods in the hood.
      Try turning one or two in instead of patting their hands/ OH you POOR bad boys. How did this happen to you nice kids?. Bull cookies Thugs are thugs. I’ll be looking to see the sentencing date once found guilty. How long they get?Most likely not long enough

      1. reesy says:

        Im not patting their hands i am just tired of hypocrites saying they are thugs when everyone knows one regardless

      2. RDNKKKGRL says:


  26. WHOAMI says:

    I went to school with these to young “men” and I am ashamed of both of them. They WERE way smarter than this……I don’t care how hard times are, you don’t put another life in danger or put your family in a situation where they have to suffer for the rest of YOUR life. Who would’ve known that they would turn out like this. I just wonder what made them chose this path knowing the outcome and consequence. And to the so called gentlemen with the racist remark, I would comment, but I don’t respond to ignorance.

  27. Cathy says:


    They started for kicks and the dare.That’s all there is to it. And then got greedy

    1. Wally says:

      Okay, so now there is an excuse for their stupidity?? Sounds like another dumb excuse to me.. How pathetic

  28. sb says:

    Many comments on here suggesting a person doesnt have to look respectful when applying for a job . Just proves the loss of respect in this world today . I would never go to a jpb interview and not look respectful . Why would somebody want to give you the job when the person who came in before you showed some respect and dressed like they cared about getting the job . . I dont believe the person themself is what would be the final decision maker its whether or not they had the decency to show some respect . If all you have are pants that fall off your A## then put a belt on . Dont think your going to get the job when there was someone else applying too who showed some respect and dressed appropriatly . You think your the only one who will be applying for the job .

  29. smokey says:

    learn to spell, Is this Milly Vanilly?

  30. aj says:

    your innocent until proven guilty, so let it be and let them face it, you people need to stop being so racist and fighting among each other and move on.

  31. Sezmane says:

    Actually appreciate a comment like that it wakes you up to the kind of people in Maryland it’s better they are upfront with there racism then to hide it and it comes out when we think it’s all good.

  32. Ronin says:

    Just moved down from New York, guess what, Blacks steel, Whites steel. The only real color is Green, Money Green. Everything else sounds like ageda. You people need to stop pointing fingers and try and help each other. Stop the cycle and maybe your children will have a fighting chance



  34. Drew says:

    They was cool little guys when I grew up. Always playing sports. I know they would never kill anybody….. They just needed money.

  35. toshina says:

    well it’s sad that this man went out an did these things.he has three beautiful girls that will not have there father out in this cruel world..But on that note you do the crime u do the time!!!!God does not like ugly..

  36. KarmicTheIrony says:

    “Damn Homie. In high school, you was the man, homie. Fkuc happened to you?”