BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Money other than U.S. currency may soon be circulating in an area near you. They’re called BNotes and they were unveiled Friday.

Andrea Fujii explains why supporters say they’re so important and how you can get your hands on some.

It may look like play money, but it’s real.

Baltimore Notes or BNotes were unveiled in Hampden.

It’s an alternative currency created by nonprofit group Baltimore Green Currency Association. Its goal is to promote local business and can only be used at businesses that accept them, like Breathe Books.

“It keeps everything circulating right here, which creates greater health and wealth in our community,” said Susan Weis-Bohlen, Breathe Books.

“It’s really money that can be used locally to support small independent businesses and it keeps our wealth local,” said Jeff Dicken, Baltimore Green Currency Association.

Consumers can start using BNotes in April. Right now about 30 Baltimore area businesses have signed on to accept them.

Another benefit of using the green currency is the exchange rate. For $10 in U.S. currency, customers can get $11 in BNotes.

Supporters say there is no disadvantage to using them.

“This is really to make people think about where people spend their money. Do they want it to be spent at big chain stores and be drawn out of their community?” said Dicken.

To skeptics they say there’s nothing wrong in trying to build up the little guy for the good of all.

BNotes are legal. It’s only illegal to mint coins.

To find or purchase BNotes, click here.

Comments (3)
  1. Bmore Saver says:

    this is great news for the Baltimore community, and hopefully people will take notice!! Support local businesses!

    (….saving Baltimorereans money since 2011)

  2. Damien says:

    Glad you’re excited about the Bnote, Bmore Saver!

    There’s only one thing holding this project back: we have to raise at least $8000 by March 11 to cover the cost of printing the first series. We’re running out of time!

    Here’s the link to our fundraising campaign:

    We’re confident the Bnote will quickly gain a life of it’s own, but first we’ve gotta pull together to get it over the hump. Take a stand for your community. Make a statement for local prosperity. Kick in whatever you can ($5, $25, $200?) and share this link with friends and family. We can do this.

    Damien Nichols
    Baltimore Green Currency Association

  3. frogluvr2009 says:

    ok so let me get this right u want to use the not so green money to make ur green money that can only be used in the local stores. ok so not think about this taxes is going up and so local store is going to have to raise then prices to make some type of profit then u got the local drug dealer that is going to have another reason to kill some one becuase they just recived this funny money, look the local drug dealer will be carring the regluar money (didnt get the memo of new money) and crack comes up with new money with 11 on 10 yeah they dont make change so then the bullets r going to fly then over a dollar change.. for real come going think about it..

    then u got the school that need the money more for things like water and ac during the warm mothes and camras on the bus but yet o malley wants to raise taxes to get ass out det so really local stores isnt going to help the local schools so why would it be worth it to waste the really money to help u make funny money??

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