BALTIMORE (AP) — The trial of a Baltimore police officer charged with shooting an unarmed man to death outside a nightclub has been postponed a second time.

Officer Gahiji Tshamba had been scheduled for trial Monday, but online court records show it is now set for May 31. He’s charged with first-degree murder in the June slaying of Tyrone Brown, an Iraq war veteran.

Tshamba is being held without bail. Police say he fired 13 shots at Brown, 32, from his department-issued handgun, hitting Brown 12 times. Tshamba’s attorneys don’t dispute that he shot Brown but say he was acting as a police officer. They say Tshamba saw Brown grope a woman and decided to intervene, and the situation escalated from there.

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  1. uni7 says:

    Bad man he is. Give him fifty years with no parole.

  2. Scott's County says:

    Still another example of Baltimore’s violence plagued black nightclubs. I used to attend this club before Baltimore’s uncivilized underclass discovered it due to 92Q’s “outting” this club on the radio for all the local thugs to ruin–this includes this psycho homicidal cop!

  3. gfh says:

    This man is an embarrassment to law enforcement. There is no excuse for his actions. He gives the rest of law enforcement a black eye. He deserves life.

  4. more problems says:

    I use to go to high school with this officer and he was a really good guy I even seen him several times since our high school years I have no idea as to what happen to him but he comes from a good family foundation he wasn’t apart of the drug life and he didn’t hang with the thugs on baltimore streets he wanted to make a difference in baltimore that’s why he joint the baltimore city police department

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