BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Caught in the act. Police say a man trying to break into a truck was confronted by two warehouse employees and it turned deadly.

Suzanne Collins has more.

One employee who tried to stop a possible theft is run over and dies. Police say it’s the suspect who ran him over while trying to get away.  

At a warehouse in the 2700-block of Hollins Ferry Road, two workers confronted a possible thief.

“We’re doing some work outside of the warehouse,” said Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore City Police. “They heard a noise, went around to the side of the building, and that’s where they encountered one suspect who they believed was attempting to break into one of their vehicles.”

The suspect came to the warehouse in a box truck and police say he tried to leap back into his own truck and get away. But the two workers in their 50s tried to stop him. One was run over and died a short time later at Shock Trauma.

The second employee was dragged by the truck and later taken to a local hospital. He is expected to survive.

Later Saturday night police got a lead.

“A short time later, detectives were able to locate a vehicle, which we believe is the suspect’s vehicle. And we also have a person of interest who is in custody at this time,” Silbert said.

The victims are not yet identified. Police are still questioning the suspect who has yet to be charged.

Police aren’t identifying the company targeted in the theft, but there is a garden supply firm and a cleaning company located at that address.

Comments (9)
  1. cb says:

    Bet you wish you didn’t try to stop him from robbing TRUCK now, don’t ya?

  2. Donna Marie Hurley says:

    so so sad!!

    1. Joanne Scott says:

      i agree. those poor men. what a shame!

  3. tomz says:

    Dumb SOB’s. Leaving their own truck behind. Get ready for the slammer where your butts are going to get slammed by big Rufus & his 12″ pole.

  4. Robin says:

    People shouldn’t try to play hero especially when you are only an employee and not the owner. Those items could be replaced but not your life. You never know how desperate a person(thief) is not to get caught and this is one example. My thoughts and prayers go out for the victims and their families.

    1. Jenny says:

      They were the owenrs. They were brothers who owned the warehouse/company together.

  5. RavenLude says:

    what a shame. too bad maryland isnt texas. both employees would have been armed and after being in fear for there lives, they would have killed or wounded the suspect.
    FYI-this case was not a robbery, rather a theft from vehicle. maybe one day the media and general public will be able to decipher the differences between a theft and burglary, from an actual robbery

  6. Shelby says:

    The man who died WAS the owner. The other man was his brother.

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