FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ)—Killed in cold blood. Investigators say someone murdered a Burger King worker who was just trying to do her job. It happened in Frederick County.

Gigi Barnett explains it’s the city’s first homicide of the year and detectives want it solved.

Frederick investigators say this homicide started as an attempted robbery. Now police are searching for the shooter.

Before the breakfast crowd arrived at a Burger King in Frederick on Friday morning, police say an armed robber showed up first. By the time the robber left, one female worker, who was opening the restaurant, was dead.

Soon after, employees on the morning shift  discovered her body.

“It appears to be a robbery or an attempted robbery that we’re now looking at as a homicide,” said Col. Kim Dine, Frederick Police Dept.

It’s Frederick’s first murder of the year, and detectives are scrambling to solve it.

“This is a horrible, senseless, unacceptable tragedy,” Dine said.

Customers agree.

“You can’t even go to work and make an honest day’s living without knowing what’s going to happen. It’s unbelievable,” said Reshard Scott, Frederick resident.

Scott lives minutes away. He hopes the homicide doesn’t mean a turnaround in the city’s low-crime rate.

“It’s just a shock to me to know that something like that happened this close to home,” Scott said.

Police say the next step now is informing the victim’s family about the homicide and searching for a suspect. Meanwhile, investigators say the Burger King will remain closed until they’ve continued gathering all of the evidence they need to crack this case.

Frederick police say anyone with information should call their tips hotline at 301-600-8477.

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  1. whatnow says:

    How far has this country sunk that you can’t even go to work without being gunned down.

    1. pigeon says:

      Where have you been hiding all your life?

  2. Kurt says:

    Sheesh, you can’t even feel safe working at BK anymore. Maybe we should have right to carry in this state? It’s a shame that the state does everything in its power to keep you from being able to defend yourself. For those of you that want to argue that the gun could be used on the victim, in this case the argument is a moot point. It would have at least possibly given her a fighting chance. : (

    1. KRISTEN says:


    2. SMH says:

      Hate the fact that the gun laws are different in every state………

    3. Niko Bellic says:

      so true, only people that have guns are the cops (which are never there when you need them) and the criminals. Maryland need to reform there carry laws.

      1. Armand says:

        That is correct. the criminals have guns. We as law abiding citizens can’t carry a gun, even though I can carry concealed in 35 states with my CCW, I am not allowed in Maryland. Just wonderful. Criminals guns, citizens with CCW no guns. Makes really good sense for morons.

  3. Ric says:

    I don’t know the facts of the case yet, but I’d bet my last dollar the perp has a violent history and prior convictions that he’s only served a fraction of time for… This state is very soft on violent criminals. You can do as little as a 7 year stint here for murdering someone.

    1. jim says:

      YEA you are right ric and now they want to try or thinking about closeing a jail to seve money. Putting more back out on the street!!!!!

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Kurt, I completely agree with you. It’s not right that citizens cannot carry a gun for protection. It’s a fact that you’re not safe anywhere anymore.

    1. pigeon says:

      If you have a GOOD reason to carry then you need to apply for the license to do so. It is bad enough I have to lock my house and still wonder if I’m safe. There are people out there who have license and shouldn’t. I would dread the thought of walking around knowing there are an unknown number of people also walking around armed/carrying. No thanks. And yes, I believe people have the right to own firearms, LEGALLY!

      1. whatnow says:

        Where have you been hiding Pigeon. There is already an unknown number of people walking around armed – not legal citizens, JUST THE CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!

      2. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

        You don’t need a GOOD reason. the 2nd amendment allows anyone to carry. Marylands gun laws are unconstitutional

  5. Kevin says:

    I agree with Rusty. Citizens should be able to defend themselves. The drug addicted criminals have no problem getting guns and the police are strapped doing what they can.
    PA, DE & VA have concealed carry. Why is Maryland so …..?

  6. pigeon says:

    Sorry, don’t mean to be cold. Completely lost track of the jest of the article. My prayers for this lady’s family, friends & co-workers.

  7. Baltimorebob says:

    I say when u find the person they should be flamed broiled

    1. What He Said says:

      I agree with you on this one Baltimorebob,
      I too, think you should have it your way, at Burger King.

  8. Lady Shirley says:

    I’m from Baltimore (MD) but live in Ireland now. The Garda (police) here do not carry guns but the criminals do. Now I ask you, how stupid is that?

    1. Val says:

      real stupid…and we thought the usa was the dumbest country around. Hope you are safe

  9. Em says:

    For safety’s sake no one should ever be working alone. Especially in the early or late hrs. Sad it has to be that way.

  10. Bri Dad says:

    Activate the death penalty in Maryland and these kinds of crimes will be reduced! The bleeding heart liberals in Maryland are brain damaged if they can’t figure this out! I pray for the family of this lady, and also pray that justice will be served, here on earth, or in the hereafter!

    1. shiv says:

      @Bri Dad, “they” say that Capital Punishment does not deter criminals. i respectfully disagree, i figure there is an 80-85% chance (conservatively) that THIS (executed) criminal won’t do it again. DEAD criminals do a lot less crime than the statistics would lead one to believe. and since there seems this world is being OVERpopulated what better way to help curb it than to get rid of the dregs of society?

      1. Hear Ye, Hear Ye says:

        By God, Watson! Thats brilliant.
        Why didn’t the courts think of that?

  11. Lex says:

    And, I ask What are WE doing about it? Why do we allow the politicians to do whatever they want? I went out the other night (power outage) in an attempt to get gas for someone’s generator…and I took my unregistered gun. I was willing to be tried by 12 and not carried by 6. We need to take CONTROL of our country. And, that starts with kicking out politicians who continually FAIL to work for us but instead work solely for themselves and pimping themselves out any way necessary to get more votes to stay in office.

    1. We need truth in sentencing: If someone is sentenced to 40 years, they need to serve at least 80% of that 40 years.
    2. We need to stop the bullshyt over the death penatlty. I know the system is biased along many lines..most visibly class: the poor unable to get solid representation by the many charlatan lawyers that pollute our land. But, in many instances, a fair trial has been provided and this BS with Life Sentences is STUPID. Most of those humans will not serve a LIFE term. If the crime is heinous enough to warrant LIFE, then it is worthy to be put to death for!!!

    Those two actions alone….actions that WE, THE PEOPLE, can MAKE politicians adhere two would go a long way in US living in a better society.

    So, I ask…..Are you going to vote for the SAME lying, cheating, politicians you voted for last time in Annapolis, Congress, the Senate? Or, are you going to buy, borrow or …steal….a ball or two and Let the Dumbocrats and the just as vile Repuklicans know that the party (their party) is OVER!!!

    I will not vote for any District 30 politicians in Annapolis, Not for the same Senator or Congressmen. It is time to get these long time charlatans OUT of office and try something new……even…if it turns out to be the same ole same ole. We Have much power we fail to use..
    That’s the challenge…..what are YOU going to do?

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