LINTHICUM, Md. (AP) — Authorities in Anne Arundel County seized more than 22 pounds of marijuana this week after intercepting four packages at a mail sorting facility.

The Annapolis Capital reports five people were arrested in two busts.

The first began after a drug-sniffing dog identified the marijuana packages at the Linthicum facility. Police delivered the packages to the intended address, the La Quinta hotel, and then arrested a woman who picked the packages up.

Authorities had the woman deliver the drugs to the Westfield Annapolis mall, where they arrested a man who had arrived to pick them up. A third person was arrested after police found cocaine and firearms at the man’s house.

Two others were arrested in a separate bust that police say began when packages of suspected crystal methamphetamine were found at the sorting facility.

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  1. ratm33 says:

    What a free country we live in. You get locked up for smoking a plant that grows naturally but, it is ok to drink alcohol that kills people every minute of every day. Legalize pot and make alcohol illegal.

    1. Teajay says:

      ratm33 they were your new supplier ?

  2. pigeon says:

    Hot damn! Law enforcement did a great job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  3. fedupwithitall says:


    1. pigeon says:

      And listen to them laugh at you. Then watch hell freeze over! Do you REALLY
      think our representative in Annapolis are going to listen and do this. They haven’t listened to the general public for years, they sure as heck aren’t going to start now, unfortunately.


      Ok FedUpWithItAll……..I’ll start the registry:

      ELI LILY

      This is getting boring oh wise one. Is their a point to this or are you just being stupid?

      1. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

        Our government spends $135,000,000 per day on this ridiculous war on drugs. but it only focuses on one herb that is not only harmless but medically and therapeutically invaluable.

        Annual cost to enforce the prohibition:
        35,000,000,000 (billion per yr)

        Annual cost to feed 1,000,000 non violent cannabis users, now converted into wards of the state:
        58,275,000,000 (billion per yr)

        Rough estimate of number of non violent citizens removed from taxpayer status and converted into non taxpaying prisoners:
        1,000,000 non violent citizens and millions of their family members forced into poverty (the cost of which is not included in any of the stats stated here).

        Value of cannabis sales in the USA alone, with currently every dime of this going to the criminal cartels that manage of nations number one cash crop
        36,000,000,000 (billion per yr)

        Either legalize it or criminalize everything else including the legal drugs that are responsible for all of the damage to society. The current situation is offensive to anyone with a higher intelligence than a chimpanzee. It’s damaging our society and bankrupting our country.

        I’m NOT seriously advocating the criminalization of another part of human culture and the trampling of more of our rights. But I only offer the following information for the purpose of showing how irrational the prohibition of cannabis really is.

        Alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals are responsible for 40-60% of all violent crime REPORTED in the world, according to the UN, WHO, CDC and every police force in the country.

        Our government allows Big Pharma to produce 100 times more synthetic heroin (oxycontin) than is legally prescribed! It has no nutritional or therapeutic value and is intended strictly for extreme pain relief. Big Pharmas main consumers of this product appear to be the illicit drug trade.

        The abuse of alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals leads to violence, poverty, soaring divorce rates, massive deaths of innocent lives, broken families, reliance upon social services, etc. Its a plague on society yet perfectly legal.

        Alcohol causes close to 1,000 deaths EVERY DAY due to intoxicated drivers stoned out of their minds. The cost to the public is in the billions.

        Pharmaceutical drugs even when used as recommended cause an equivalent number of deaths. The cost to the publich health system is in the billions.

        Big Pharma takes the profits and spends it on their families. They do not reimburse the tax payers for all of the damage that their products cause.

        Alcohol is one of the leading causes of illness and medical problems. The cost to the public health system and taxpayers is in the billions.

        No one benefits from the war on cannabis except for the 1/2 dozen guys that own pill factories and the politicians that they bought and paid for.

        Cannabis can be used to make bibles, fine paper, linen quality clothing, beverages, ointments, nutritional supplements, saddle blankets, diapers, backpacks, rope, sails for boats, and 20,000 other products.

        Ending the prohibition of cannabis has the power to turn the United States back into a Manufacturing Superpower which is exactly what was needed to pull us out of the first great depression and exactly what we need to pull us out of this one.
        Call your representatives and demand that they end this blatant abuse of powers entrusted to them by the citizens of the United States of America. The time for change is now. We’ve been beaten, abused and imprisoned into poverty. The politicians need to understand that they work for us and not for the benefit of Big Pharma and other corporate elites.

  4. ratm33 says:

    teajay, No i grow my own. money is tight.

    1. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

      Be veery veeery careful cause here in the USofA Johnny Law can shoot you in the face for grwing the wrong herbs in your garden. And then if they think that you are growing in your house, 20 fully armed military style dudes will throw incendairy or tear gas through your windows, then break your door off of its frame and come running insde, killing everything that moves in ways that they do not approve (including reaching for a light switch during all of the confusion).

      Your better off going to the bar, there you’ll most likely only get stabbed, berated or beaten, and occasionally shot on the face for looking at someone the wrong way.

  5. truthteller says:

    do we have a shortage of cows in the US?can anyone tell me why a gallon of milk cost more than a gallon of gas?should we start drilling for milk?

    1. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

      Because 2 years ago when the price of feed soared and the wholesale price of milk plummeted they started slaughtering all of the dairy cows. Its true. So yes their are less dairy cows now.

  6. truthteller says:

    what about all the drug activity on PENNINGTON AVENUE?

    1. FedUpWithItTooGrrrr! says:

      What about all of the drunks driving back and forth on the public roadways to millions of bars all across the USA?

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