BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ)— Criminal and civil charges are pending against two Harford County residents suspected of hosting frequent underage drinking parties.

Harford County law enforcement busted an underage drinking party in the 700-block of Fox Bow Drive in Bel Air at about 9:30 p.m. Friday. There they found 30 people, some of whom were minors under the legal drinking age of 21.

The 10-day investigation began in response to several anonymous complaints received by the Sheriff’s Office concerning ongoing regularly scheduled underage drinking parties at the location. 

The drinking parties were promoted on Facebook under a business category billed as “The Laughing Duck.”  Police believe the parties have been going on since September 2010. 

Charges pending against the two residents include providing alcohol to a minor and providing alcohol without a license.

Juveniles at the party were given civil citations for consumption of alcohol under the age of 21. Party attendees were also given breath tests to determine if they were able to drive away from the scene.

This investigation was part of a cooperative effort between the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Harford County Office of Drug Control Policy and Prevention and the Harford County Liquor Board.  The program is being funding by a grant from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention designed to combat underage drinking.

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  1. Jack says:

    Old enough to go to war but not old enough to drink. How dast they? Dreadful, dreadful behavior, oh my yes. And the people who provided the alcohol? Obviously cultural terrorists of the worst ilk. Straighten up America, be on your guard! Our enemies are everywhere- protect your precious bodily fluids!
    And remember, *never* drink fluoridated water. That’s how the Commies get you.

    1. Bullfrog says:

      Yes America protect your bodily fluids because DRUNKS kill thousands every year.

      1. Kimberly Blackwell says:


    2. Bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Hey Jack, is your last name Off?….Kids go to war on their own because there is no draft & it’s all volunteer Army knucklehead. Kids all want to be different but wind up emulating their parents. Makes a lot of sense eh?…..Do you eat bananas every day like your parents did in the jungle Jack- Off?

  2. USNsnipe says:

    Old enough to go to war, yes. But I HIGHLY doubt any of those KIDS are in the service. They want to drink adult beverages? Fine. Better cowboy the f&^% up and start acting like one.

  3. Frustrated says:

    Is this story for real? What is CBS putting this on the news for? How about we investigate how everyone that works at CBS DRANK WHEN THEY WERE UNDER 21. We all have done this and it is not worth a headline. Now we are supposed to villify people for doing the exact same thing everyone did when they were younger. This is the end of a free society.

    1. Dave says:

      don’t say everyone…don’t categorize all in one….cause I can tell you that I did not!

      1. pigeon says:

        Thanks Dave! Me either! I had respect for my parents and there is no way I ever wanted to disappoint them. More parents today need to stop and think about the vibes they are giving their children. Need to stop being friends and start being parents.

    2. Mike S. says:

      This is a local story — not a national one. This is WJZ not CBS. Free Societies are governed by laws. Is it legal to steal, speed or get high on illegal drugs? Dogging CBS or its local affiliate(s) is no way to express ire towards this subject. If you are an adult and you have liquor available this is fine. It is legal (for those over 21). When you offer it to minors, then it becomes a no-no; there is ZERO TOLERANCE. Compare this to cigarettes; it is unlawful to selll them to minors. It always has been. I wish that they enforced the tobacco laws the right way when I was that age. Then maybe today, I wouldn’t be hooked on them. You see kids all the time smoking cigarettes. Does this make it right? NO!!! To pass the buck & say “I’ll bet they did this & that when they were young…” is childish nonsense. Come on — get a life. I would nuch rather be here with our free society than in Libya where those people are trying to figure out if they are going to even wake up the next morning…..

  4. jack says:

    Yes, The U.S. and U.S. kids can absolutely improve things by “cowboying up”. That approach is working for really well for all of us these days. Life isn’t a comic book.
    Check this out: there’s a bunch of countries, like, in a place called “Europe” and apparently a bunch of other countries in a bigger place called “the rest of the world” that don’t have legal drinking limits. And they’ve been around a good couple thousand years longer than ours. Like France, which had their democratic revolution BEFORE ours, and FUNDED ours.
    Granted, there are also countries that DO place restrictions on alcohol consumption- and they are called “Islamic Fundamentalist Regimes.” I look forward to seeing you vote for candidates that truly represent your beliefs. Obviously they will make your personal life MUCH more pleasant.

    1. Dave says:

      you are comparing us to those countries….fine…then compare us… far has the U.S. come in 235 years? How far has those countries come in your “thousands” of years? Yes, we have far out done those countries and hav become more advanced than those countries in our “short” time! So please don’t compare us to them…

      1. jack1 says:

        Right Dave, I take it back. You are correct, our drinking age laws make absolutely perfect sense and there is no point in comparing any of our national policies to any other nation’s approach, ever. Our ideas are always the best no matter what decisions we make. Just like like Prohibition, which was clearly a very good idea of ours and worked really really well.
        I’m extremely glad you’ve just proved beyond a doubt that our (historically very recent) national drinking age laws are absolutely right, no matter what.. Thank you.

    2. USNsnipe says:

      Like I said, If someone wants to drink alcohol…thats fine. Age aside, it more of a mentality issue. I really don’t care what country does what about consumption. I’ve been to some where if you can sit at the bar…you get served. Now again, like I said before, If you choose to drink you should be prepared to be treated like an adult and be held accountable for all your actions. So before you start ranting about islamic fundamentalists and who people vote for just shut up. No one really wants to hear your psycho babble bull $hit.

  5. jack says:

    Ok, really stupid mistake I made- the French Revolution didn’t happen until 1789. The French aristocracy helped fund our revolution, not Robespierre. I’ll throw you this- but there was the Enlightenment, which was the inspiration for Washington, Jefferson, and the founding fathers. And the Enlightenment was 100% Europe. What a bunch of drunken fools they were.
    I just tried posting this comment- but I used the “b” word. It’s good to see we’re also being protected from foul language.

  6. Jon-Paul says:

    Whew! It sure is ugly when there are respondents on this board that don’t know their history; moreover, their geography is a mess! Check this one out: Europe is not a country. Surprised? Just remember to always start with the continent first and work from there. Just because a nation has been around longer than ours is nothing more than chronologically happenstance; Who is to say that France, a nation on the continent of Europe, arrived any sooner than North America did? Although a nation may have existed, what the deal? And lastly for today, the French Revolution started AFTER the American Revolution: HINT: The French were tremendously helpful to the USA becoming the USA; as such they had an huge deficit considering the USA couldn’t pay them back as quickly as necessary. And btw, the French asked the USA for help in their war; but the USA couldn’t respond because of its poor economic condition.

    Sorry, missed one point: It was the entire workings of my generation that got at least beer legalized for soldiers. Cheers!

  7. Really says:

    Oh No teens drinking underage. Call call the cops like non of them drank befor they were of age.

  8. getyourfactsstraight says:

    I really enjoy living in a country where the government can tell me what I can and can not put in my body. YAY DEMOCRACY! The articles being posted about this story do not have all the facts straight, and are clearly biased. As fas as I’m concerned it shouldn’t be anyone’s business what those over the age of 18 are doing in a private residence. There were only 2 citations given out, meaning that of the 30, 28 were capable of driving home and isn’t drinking and driving really the only crime we should be worried about?

  9. Jack says:

    Jon- I did say “countries in” Europe- the “like” was an ironic use of teen speak. And note my immediate follow-up, as well.
    Of course, I blame alcohol for any lack of clarity.

  10. crawdog says:

    Hey Jon-Paul there are many countries/ nations in Europe. Just as Jack wrote, learn to read man, come on man, get off your soap box. Your the one comparing North America to France. Pull your foot out of your mouth, looks as if you will need two hands. God bless our troops and also our freedom.

  11. donald holloway says:

    Bel Air has been a parting place for the past fifty years. Kids are kids and party
    time is the way of life. I know I grew up in Bel Air and I am sixty tw years old.
    So I say if there is a party these kids will find it.

  12. jack says:

    Right on, Mr. Holloway. The biggest effect of a drinking ban is to make drinking seem more exciting (by forbidding it) and making teens hide their drinking- which makes instances of teen alcoholics that much harder to track.

  13. Herman Glimsher says:


  14. Mike S. says:

    Oh My God people — Are these comments for REAL? Old enough for war but not to drink? This is a good analogy but not good common sense. For those of you old enough to remember, there was a time when the legal age to drink was 18. Flash back to the late 70’s & early 80’s. For a time, during my generation anyways, the youngsters took their driving a motor vehicle seriously. Back then when parents dictated kids actually listened (or els!!!). Then in the mid 80’s, the young set started to lose all the sense that God gave them. they got rowdy, as well as drove after belting down several beers. The result — many accidents. Kids tended to think that they were high & mighty — that nothing would happen to them. Then one night in the mid-1980’s, a car full of teens crashed up on the Capital Beltway, causing many deaths. This caught the attention of thos in Washington. Federal laws started to dictate what each state could do. They could either raise the drinking age back to 21, or lose much needed highway funding. This was a no-brainer, the states raised the age back up. Ironically though, DC was of the last to do so. This is why for a period of several years, kids from MD & VA went to Georgetown to drink. This also caused underage accidents. Fast forward to modern times. There are all kinds of wonderful things out there kids can buy legally to make them feel good. Remembere the energy drink someone bought not too long ago that killed them? That got the government involved again to ban its sale nationwide. If today’s young spent more quality time with the friends and the like, doing things that were popular when at least I was that age 30 something years ago, then maybe they would feel better about themselves. It’s not much fun going to an illegal party always having to look over your shoulder anyways. No I never got tied up into illegalities that would have landed me in jail. On the other hand, later in life, I feel better having landed a good job as a result of being clean rather than working in a carwash somewhere. The bottom line here is this — underage drinking is ILLEGAL — no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

  15. yup. says:

    Are YOUR comments for real? There are teenagers of any generation that think they’re invincible, but that doesn’t mean all of them think and behave that way. You’re making a huge generalization by saying that in the past few decades drinking and driving has become of a problem because teenagers lack respect, when the problem actually has to do with the fact that 50 years ago there were not as many people, cars, or as strict of laws.
    In response to this specific story there were only 2 people at the party who had any alcohol in their system, and only one who blew over the legal limit. So of the supposed 30 people there that means 29 were capable of driving home and that single person had a ride with one of those 29 people or could have spent the night at the residence. Awesome they are ruining the lives of two people by breaking up a party of one drunk person.

  16. Sheila McGrath says:

    Bottom line this is illegal. I live in the neighborhood and wouldn’t want to put up with all of those cars showing up every weekend. So for those of you who thinks this is ok, have one of your neighbors host parties like this and see how you like it.

  17. truthteller says:

    what about all the drug dealers and gang members on PENNINGTON AVENUE ?

    1. Sheila McGrath says:

      Maybe if the people in Have de Grace reported illegal activity and helped the police like they did in Bel Air, then maybe things could be cleaned up. Too many people don’t want to be snitches.

  18. truthteller says:

    why does a gallon of milk cost more than a gallon of gas? is there a shortage of cows? should we start drilling for milk?

  19. Bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Belair is a smug Republican county & here is an example of the conservative right saying one thing to its citizens & doing another.

    1. Sheila McGrath says:

      I have to agree about some people being smug in Bel Air. Have lived here for 21 years and have hated every minute. Hopefully I will only have two more years than I am going to move. But not every Republican does what you are saying. My daughter did not have any parties and believe it or not there are liberals who live in Bel Air. Maybe it was one of them.

  20. Bill says:

    Hello people, Just for the record this is the fourth such party busted in Harford County this year! They are at various locations;but still within Harford Couinty! Since the beginnig of the year Fallston, ForestHill regions have made the local news. The problem is not having a beer or two, it is the binge drinking that is associated with these parties.; many young adults in college die each year from these choices. We must set better examples for our children. The earlier they start the more likely a problem may develop later in life. Drinking is a privilege and not a right for anyone regardless of their career path. Remeber,I’m sure there were other things at that party that have not been mentioned.(Check the Septic Tank)?

  21. Garrett says:


    If you don’t like how conservative Bel Air is… Leave! ALL of Harford County is Conservative, not just Bel Air (Which btw Bernard, is not its own county, just its own municipality). Everyone drinks, and when you make it illegal to drink under a certain age, you just make it that much cooler! If anything conservatives are far less likely to have parties than liberals. Think about it for a second, are Roman-Catholic parents more likely to host underage drinking parties than than Protestant parents? I don’t think so. Your daughter may not have hosted any parties, but I guarantee she went to a few.

  22. Sheila McGrath says:

    Yes she went to one, at the end of her senior year. I know this because she still does not drive and she is almost 20, was too busy getting good grades and working. She told me the next day and knew I wasn’t happy. Her older sister read her the riot act. All of my friends could not understand why I was so upset. They told me all the kids do it. I told them just because they do doesn’t mean she needs nor has to. We are very close and she tells me a lot. Trust me, somethings I would have been better off not knowing.

  23. pigeon says:

    No matter what you say, point is the adults should NOT have been serving alcoholic beverages to any underage “child”, even their own. 9 chances out of 10 the majority of the underage “children” are high school student. Hopefully they stop this kind of “fun” so they will live to enjoy their school years and graduate to become productive citizens. It’s a shame a couple of the parents of the “children” involved don’t provide comments on how they feel about this situation. To all parents, it’s the same old same old: DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD IS?