BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was a bizarre bomb scare involving a toilet.  Now the man responsible claims he never broke the law.

Adam May has a revealing interview shot inside a state mental hospital.

Duane Davis claims he’s been wrongfully committed to a mental hospital.  In February, he triggered a bomb scare after placing a decorated toilet outside the Baltimore County Courthouse.  He was arrested on charges of making a phony destructive device and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.  He’s been at Spring Grove ever since.

“Jesus had a cross, Martin Luther King had a dream, Malcolm had a gun and Shorty had a toilet… ’cause we all have [expletive] to deal with,” Davis said.  “The toilets represent how America treats the underclass and the voiceless.  You treat us like [expletive].  No matter what color you are, how much money you got, how poor you are, everyone uses a toilet.  Picasso used soup cans; I use a toilet.”

Davis says he’s not mentally ill.

“They want to claim I’m crazy, deranged or delusional,” he said.  “I’m not diagnosed as bipolar, schizophrenic or nothing.”

State officials would not allow WJZ to speak with Davis’ doctor so we have no independent evaluation of his mental health.

“These people in this facility have talked to me, talked to me, talked to me and I’ve taken test after test and I haven’t failed a test yet.  I know what day it is, who the president is and I know what I did wasn’t against the law.  It’s my constitutional right, freedom of speech,” Davis said.

Davis admits he has sent a flood of letters to elected officials, including Governor Martin O’Malley, expressing his concerns about social justice.

“Never threatened anybody with anything,” Davis said.  “The only thing that’s going to hurt the governor is the truth.  I’m just telling my story.”

Davis has produced dozens of documentaries that can be difficult to understand.  He says they’re meant to expose racial and social inequalities.  Other videos feature nine other toilets he placed around Baltimore City over the last few years.

“I knew they were going to do something to me because I was naming public officials that use their power to deny the underclass their rights,” Davis said.  “I’d put the toilets out all over again, yes I would, because it’s my right.”

Davis has his first court hearing coming up in April.

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  1. philphan25 says:

    That interview was pretty hilarious. It was almost unreal, like an interview on the Colbert Report or a show like that.

  2. deadernie says:

    What Scott’s County meant to say is that he prefers his unemployed, drug using criminals to be clean cut looking.

    There are plenty of criminals that have done far worse that look much better than this man. By the way, one of the Las Vegas state’s attorneys was just busted for buying rock cocaine. Do you think he looked like this guy?

    And since when was freedom of speech a criminal act?

  3. Mike says:

    Makes sense to me. He has my vote as the next governor

  4. lulu says:

    Wow, I can’t stop laughing!!!!

  5. deadernie says:

    How come this guy gets harassed and locked up in the looney bin for voicing his opinion in a humorous and symbolic way but the a-holes with the Westboro Baptist Church get to do whatever they want.

    They would seem like a priority over this guy for a psychiatric evaluation.

    1. whatnow says:

      Very good point. I think it is because the government wants us to be a Godless society so they like looney pretend-Christians out there to hold up as an example of how bad religion is.

    2. Cecilcalvert says:

      Omalley will remove any and all inciteful people who voice their rights of free speech. Can’t wait for all the stories to come out about this man running our state. Think tv reporter, new York, lost baby in hit and run. Never found who did it.

    3. My opinion says:

      I understand everyone has the right to express themselves and if it was just the toilet he would’ve been fine, but because he attached wires to it, making it appear as though it was an explosive device he is where he is!

  6. Scott says:

    Unless you’ve walked a mile in this man’s shoe’s don’t be so quick to judge him. I agree with Mike, I’d vote for him.

  7. issac7 says:

    Would you want this lost looking Jamacian sould living next door to your teen age daughters?

    1. fred says:

      No more than I’d want you there, believe me.

    2. shortyrocks says:

      Real classy – judge people on their looks…why not actually listen to what’s being said?

  8. Cecilcalvert says:

    Like I have been telling everyone for the last fee years. Get in the way of omalley and you get picked up by the men with butterfly nets. I ema guv all the time but if he comes for me like that, a whole flood of info will get released. Stuff that the leeches dont want you to find out about or know. Same thing happened to walter abbott and an ex lawyer friend of moms. Locked up in jail and his family was never notified. I can put u in touch with those who know the whole story. Let them come for me and open the can of worms.

    1. willie man hanging says:

      Cecil, Why wait big fella let it fly if you got it or else STFU Wanker.

      1. cecil calvert says:

        Oh, not to worry, there are others who be telling more stories along the way. Just think, the man who would be king wants to be President.

  9. He'll Be Mayor in 2 Years says:

    The way this city is heading he’ll be running the show…

  10. johnjohn says:

    He most certainly has the right to his opinion, and to display it in any way he deems necessary. That toilet sat in that spot for over 24 hrs. Before some numbnut, decided it might be a BOMB. If the WESTBORO A**HOLES can demonstrate at the funeral of a soldier, then this man should be able to put toilets anywhere he likes!!!!!

  11. willie man hanging says:

    Toilet man is full of S…T….He’s just looking for some headlines & a spot on Oprah.

    1. shortyrocks says:

      pretty sure he just wants to help the underdogs – before posting such a biased opinion, research that man and see what he’s been through just trying to help out those without a voice

  12. susan says:

    you are right deadernie. Westboro can do their freedom of speech and nothing happens to them but private citizens get looked up. Sounds like a double standard or a payoff.

  13. Connerk1a says:

    LOL, am I the only one who finds this ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS??? LOL, where is he getting these toilets from?? But really, I think it’s messed up that people can heartlessly protest funerals, and this man can’t voice his opinion through toilet.

  14. RalphUP says:

    Duane’s right about social justice. He put a toilet on the median strip on North Avenue, across from the Baltimore City Public School Headquarters, it was there for a week before someone noticed it. In Towson it only took a couple hours. Why is that?

  15. cer says:

    Shorty is Shorty. I always enjoyed his stories while eating his pit beef and ribs. I miss him at the corner of Falls and Mt. Carmel roads.

  16. Mike3 says:

    he broke the law ! If you liter you broke the law. Get a permit for freedom of speach. Give “THE MAN “hell .(GOV.) Just do not liter near my house . Put it in his community . I happy. Is he crazy ??? I do not care . Jails are full now why do i want him in there. As far as Mayor ? He would better then the mayor and city concil . Hell better then the gov. and lt. gov ! How many toilts does he want? With lids or with out?

  17. He hates me says:

    Wow ! this lil mutha!?$&er is really CRAZY! Damn ! The guy head is the bowl and he is full of sh$t !

  18. Michael G. says:

    How is it that Mr. Abbott sends a clearly threatening e-mail to the head of the state of Md. and is out on bond? Mr. Davis, who did not threaten anyone, is CONFINED against his will at a mental institution. This is unreal. I love our America, but we need to seriously look at each case. I don’t agree with either man, but freedom of speech is prime to our rights.

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