BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — A Baltimore City police officer has been arrested and is facing serious charges.

Andrea Fujii explains the accusations.

A man accustomed to enforcing the law has now been accused of breaking it.  Kevin Rowland, a Baltimore City police officer, has been charged with sex abuse of a minor, fourth-degree sex offense and second-degree assault.  Harford County court records say the abuse happened inside the 44-year-old’s Edgewood home beginning last September up until a week ago. 

No one would answer the door Wednesday night.

Rowland has been suspended with pay.

“In this particular case, it’s not a case that we investigated but certainly again, we’re going to hold our members accountable,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

Bealefeld says this should be another sign that the police can police themselves.  Further action may happen as the court proceedings go on.

“Our holding our standards and vigorously pursuing people who have crossed the line—again, I think actions speak louder than our words,” Bealefeld said.

Rowland’s Myspace page says he is married and has two sons.  He has been on the police force for at least seven years.

As of Wednesday evening, Rowland is still in custody in Harford County.

Anyone from the public with further information concerning this investigation is asked to contact Tfc. Michelle Workman at the Harford County Child Advocacy Center at 410-638-3294.

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  1. Herman Glimsher says:




    1. johnsonj3 says:

      I agree wilth you total.

    2. Mike says:

      i hear you loud and clear . i am 16 years old and this may seem like a lie but i can swear on my life its not. i lived 2 streets up from this man and he played basketball a lot with me and my friends. i never really thought he would be so twisted like this, he always spent time with his sons and seemed preety cool . i had lived in edgewood for 7 years before i recently moved to crofton maryland.

      1. JimmyDaMouth says:

        gimme a break….wasn’t she 17? she’s such an innocent flower but next monday on her 18th birthday me and a few homies can actually bang the walls out officially! sure it’s messed up when a cop do dirty stuff, but alot of cops are dirty anyway. and Mike as far as you….he wasn’t tryna fuk u anyway.. why u stressing over it? and what’s a 4th degree sex act?….patting her on the butt is a 3rd degree sex offense so i guess he texted her something nasty or something??

  2. moleman says:

    Suspended with pay, very nice vacation, great show of leadership Bealfeld.

    1. Dr. Phil says:

      Yes moleman, suspended with pay. However much I agree with your sarcasm, the officer is suspended with pay rightfully so. Even though this is a serious charge, don’t forget one of the greatest principles in this country is ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

      This guy may be a horrible person and that horror may have just been brought to light, however this man is not yet a criminal until proven so.

      1. njhome says:

        Ah men!! I’ve seen many “false” allegations on police officers before. Can he at least be proven guilty before everyone crucifies him?

      2. Leah says:

        Then suspend him without pay pending the investigation. If he is found not guilty on ALL charges, then pay him retroactively. As it sits now, when/if he is found guilty…the city of Baltimore can’t get back the money they already paid him.

      3. Matthew Lohr says:

        If I was charged with a crime and incarcerated my employer would not pay me while I was sitting in jail so why should the people of Baltimore as his employer pay him.

    2. gjm says:

      Just did some research online about suspension with pay. Police are afforded certain protection by law when accused of a crime since they are often targets of false claims. If you were being accused of sometihng that you didn’t do, would you want to loose you pay while it is being investigated? I bet you wouldn’t. Obviously, I can’t say that this officer is innocent and if he isn’t, it is unfortunate that he still is getting paid. On the otherhand I can see why police are afforded this protection when people make up stuff quite often. Again, if this officer is guily I’m not saying he should get paid, just pointing out why they get paid and that it isn’t some conspiracy. i thought it was odd too when I saw he was still getting paid but after looking online I see why it is done they way it is.

      1. gjm says:

        Correstion to above….police have rights when accused of something that occured while working as a police officer. I don’t think it extended to off duty situations such as this but I’m sure there is something covering off duty too.

      2. Joe BobJr says:

        gjm… working for the police damage control unit this evening? hahaha

      3. njhome says:

        I’ll tell you how they decide… if accused of a misdemeanor they receive full pay. If accused of a felony, they are suspended without pay. Its that simple. But you are absolutely right gjm, let him be proven guilty before deciding. I dont know if he did it or not, but can we give him the same luxury we give to drug dealers before we rush to judgement…. a fair trial?

    3. njhome says:

      Its not up to Bealfeld, its per contract. Bealfeld has no say. Only felonies are suspended without pay. So crawl back in your hole, mole.

  3. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Corruption, crime, intimidation and that is just among the police officers.

    1. gjm says:

      If you can do a better job Leigh, why don’t you give it a shot. I hear the city is looking for quality females at the moment. You’re part of the solution or part of the problem. Where do you stand? If they are SOOOO bad, then you shouldn’t have any trouble doing a better job. Something tells me though that you don’t have the guts to do the job, you can’t do a better job and I’m willing to bet you would have a differenct outlook if you walked a mile in their boots.

      If this officer did what he is accused of, he DESERVES to be in jail and he DESERVES all the critizism in the world. Just this officer though, not all. Police as a whole aren’t guilty of this individual’s crime.

      1. JR says:

        >>>and I’m willing to bet you would have a differenct outlook if you walked a mile in their boots.<<<

        Your right gjm! I for one would have a hard time going to work and shooting someone in the face for smoking a mariuana cigarette and then going home later that evening and downing an icey cold six pack of my favorite violence inducing drug, but anything for a buck I guess. excuse me.

      2. gjm says:

        LOL….yes JR, I’m sure police shoot all dope smokers in the face and head home for a six pack

      3. JQP says:

        Dude, seriously… like we’re supposed to trust you? let’s see, these people who applied for and took positions as protectors of the citizens in this city…paid with our tax dollars… have so far in the last few months, killed a marine, killed one of their own, conspired to rip off it’s citizens, killed a civilian while under the influence of alcohol… you know, yeah, I can do a better job… I do a better job of managing my life every day, and you don’t even have to pay me to do it! Don’t come off all holier than thou just because you applied for and get paid to do a job… you don’t like the job? then get out…

      4. gjm says:

        As said below to you’re other comment, you’re right BUT does that mean all officers across the country are of the same caliber? The city has its issues no doubt. To make it more clear what I mean, look at all the stories from the city recently. There are quite a few. Now go back in time and can you say that you heard similiar stories about the MD State Police or any ot the other county agencies? Nope.

        If your problem is with the city police specifically, well, its hard to argue with you. My comments are based around police in general.

      5. RDNKKKGRL says:


  4. DOCSRUS says:

    Your making this way to easy OMalley. You wanted to be Marylands Commander and Chief yet you seem to have your noses in all the wrong places. Why dont you a leash on these guys. And you want to impose stricter gun laws on the honest citizens of the state? Whos going to protect us when the only people that are permitted to carry guns are criminals and corrupt officials.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      DOCSRUS, Oh please blowhard, not you again although this time no long Gettysburg address speeches. I’m no OMalley fan but get a grip he is not the problem with the Baltimore city police. They had these problems before you & I were born. Don’t put yourself in situations where you won’t get shot such as Black violent club scenes, doing drugs, robbing etc.

      1. countyrez - thank goodness says:

        ….Yeah, you tell ’em Bernard, cuz we all know that everyone that was ever a victim of a violent shooting were hanging out a those “Black Violent club scenes”. And BTW, if you’re “selling drugs or robbing” people, I don’t care if you get shot and I doubt that anyone else does either,

    2. RDNKKKGRL says:


  5. truthteller says:

    but remember cops DONT LIE ………..right ?????right????????well maby not.

    1. gjm says:

      Hey jacka$$, like ALL professions, there will always be that 10% that do stupid stuff like this. Just because there are some cops like this that choose to shame themselves, that doesn’t mean all cops are bad. I once lived on a street with a lawyer that was arrested for child molestatio, Does that mean ALL lawyers are bad now? I know of an accountant that was arrested for domesic violence. I guess ALL accountants are wife beaters now…..well, at least by your standards.

      I’ll be honest, I know very few cops personally, but I refuse to believe they are ALL liars. Unfortunately, there are just too many idiots like you that llike to Monday morning quarterback the actions of police, when in reality, you don’t have what it takes to do a kob like they do.


      1. truthteller says:


      2. Tami says:

        gjm….Your profession is obvious by the gdalmighty attitude and the effortless flow of derogatory comments directed at a citizen with an opinion. And its that same attitude that creates the hostile environment that you and your fellow peeps now have to work in slick!

      3. gjm says:

        Actually Tami, I’m military, not law enforcement. I respect what they do because I know all to well what its like to have people second guess your decisions from the comfort of their home when I’m forced to make the decision in a split second when under fire.

      4. truthteller says:

        hay GJM,sounds like you know lots of criminals , of course , theyre only criminals when they get caught. untill then their good friends of yours.ill bet you have some good sh….t in your closet your a JOKE!

      5. gjm says:

        Truthteller, you can do better than that. Lol. I don’t recall stating in my above comment that either example was a friend. If you’re going to try and find something to pick at, find something a little better. That was weak LOL

      6. JQP says:

        but people in ALL professions aren’t held to the standard to which you are…. see the difference?

      7. gjm says:

        JQP, you’re absolutely right; however, if one police officer commits a crime or does something to shame himself, should all police be generalized for that officers’ offense? That is my point. Many people generalize police on here because of the actions of an individual. I can’t deny that there has been a lot of bad incidents with city officers in the last months but you can’t say because of that, all pollice country wide are bad.

      8. shiv says:

        @gjm, reading thru your comments i pretty much agree with what you are saying. as a former Airman in the USAF and have family members in the police force, i have a bit of insight into the life. your statement “either you’re a part of the problem or part of the solution” should hit home with most people. it is VERY easy to be the armchair quarterback, you NEVER make any mistakes right?

        Police officers put their lives on the line EVERY time they pull someone over or go into any kind of situation. personally, i think drug dealers, rapists, murders should get instant justice, one (or two) shots to the face. less time in the Public Criminal System for sure. would we spend more on cleaning supplies?, probably, but i am willing to spend tax dollars on THAT.

        the one thing i DO disagree with you on is your comment on lawyers, do you REALLY have to ask “Does that make ALL lawyers bad now?” 😛 LOL

      9. gjm says:

        Thanks Shiv. I’m glad someone seeing what I’m trying to say and understands that police make tremendous sacrifices that largely are unknown and unappreciated. I’m sure you’re proud of your family background, not only you being fellow military, but your family ties to police.

        What out though Shiv, you’re now guilty by associating for agreeing with me on here so I’m sure you’ll hear from trueteller now. LOL

        After countless deployments it will soon be the end of my military time. Maybe I’ll do law enforcement afterward. I’ll invite all the police haters to my police graduation of I do! LOL

    2. DOCSRUS says:

      shiv……I completely agree with you about exterminating all of the drug dealers on the spot. But if you start killing all of the bar owners and liqour store owners it could effect our economy in ways that you havent yet considered. Its an awesome idea but we need to think these things through before we start extreminating huge portions of own population.

      1. DOCSRUS says:

        shiv…..and then theres the whole pharmaceutical thing. I understand that Big Pharma is allowed to produce 100 times more synthetic heroin (oxycontin) than is legally prescribed but if we moved on and started murdering all of the pharmacy owners then what would the 1 out of 100 people who geniunely need those drugs do? Join in Bernard if you have anymore of those intellectural brainstorms that ive come to know you by.

  6. jessica says:

    Im willing to bet the girl made it up. I’m always right in these. and as it read…innocent until proven guilty. jess

    1. Joe BobJr says:

      are you one of those psychic people I see on tv?

    2. Leah says:

      of course she made it up….remember that when it’s you, your sister, your daughter or some family member.

    3. countyrez-thank goodness says:

      Jessica, where did it say it was a girl? Why do we always blame the victim. Next, I guess you’ll say she was asking for it on her way to school with her tight shirt, or she seduced him with all of her kid knowledge? Great job.

  7. Sezmane says:

    Lets wait to see the evidence before we convict him. Same thing happened in Howard county guy was just cleared.

    1. RJ says:

      cleared….you mean like settled out of court?

  8. chalkie says:

    How can he be suspend with pay, when he is being held in Harford Co. lockup. Even Social Security isn’t this dumb. Go to jail benefits are cut. He is under investigation for a crime in his private life, has nothing to do with his job. So he cannot work while this is going on. Well this isn’t the city problem, so why are they paying him. Thats right, this is the only city to have a mayor found guilty in court, then they offer her a plee bargain so she can keep all her benefits. So I guess thats good for all city employees now. What a joke!!!!

  9. andy botwin says:

    thats a long time to be making it up, since last september!

  10. CHALKIE says:

    Now here is a really good question. Lets say he goes to court and is found guilty. Does he have to pay the money back to the city. Or is this some way he does have to pay it back. I mean the city hasn’t been payed what they owe into the fire and police retirement system. They talk abot they need money and the city is broke, WELL HERE DON’T PAY HIM FOR HIS MISTAKE AND JUST SAVED THE CITY ABOUT 50K FOR THE YEAR!!!!.

  11. Greg says:

    Even if he is innocent, Harford County will find him guilty. The State’s Attorney Office up there will keep him locked up until he accepts a plea bargain deal. Harford County does not believe anyone is innocent!

    1. RDNKKKGRL says:


  12. Dmz says:

    I agree not all cops are in the wrong but there are alot who abuse there authority & think cause of the job they do there excluded from breaking the law like everyday civilians… My personal experience is I try not to look @ every cops wrong doing as a whole but I lost a family member to a cop responding to a call & it was proven that he did not have his lights &sirens on @ time of impact,along with a survalience video showing his fellow cop turned the lights on after the crash occurred & before any other units arrived. Once again to me he should of been found guilty but was put back on the streets after the investigation. My family was even sent a letter stating this was not his first incident that a month before this happened he was transfered from another station due to hitting a pedestrian..So I guess there will be another family that will fall victim since our lovely system don’t punished there own but let it have been one of us everyday civilians & we be sitting in jail right now ! I have seen this officer since this happened he was on foot patrol @ a location I won’t mention & needless to say i wanted to confront him but my Fiancea restrained me from doing so….Oh & before I close he never did offer a apology to our family or her children either !! Coward….. I don’t know how a human being lives w/there self everyday knowing they took the life of a mother,grandmother,daughter,aunt, & sister.. Bottom line is whether your a cop or other law official you are no different then the rest of us !!!

  13. ravenmamniac881 says:

    Since the officer has been chanrged with 1 felony count he will have a suspension hearing in front of the comissioner. At that time he CAN be suspended without pay…and probably will be. Officers are afforded a law that many of you know nothing about. They have a Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights. It is very complicated and judging by some of the CREATIVE writing skills I have read on this thread nonoe of you would understand even if I tried to explain it to you. You have to wonder how people get out of school.

    1. truthteller says:

      ravenmaniac881,you need correct your spelling of the word (NONE); i have got to wonder how you got out of school.

      1. gjm says:

        Really truthteller? You’re going to pick on spelling? LOL. I think everyone on here has a couple grammatical errors. Here are yours….you need TO correct your spelling, not you need correct your spelling; hey not hay; they’re not theyre, until not until; don’t not dont ; maybe not mayb……I won’t even touch on your use of punctuation. We all make grammatical errors, ass.

  14. Steven M says:

    As an out of stater somewhat new to md I guess I have a different view and by the looks of things on here ppl will rip me up for it. Oh well……here goes.

    This officer if found guilty deserves jail. I think most can agree on that. Where I grew up in the south ppl have a lot more respect for the police. People raise their children to have respect for authority whereas here it seems quite the opposite. I think that is where the problem starts. People here are disrespectful and over critical of police. It seems like you want them to fail so you can say I told you so. I can’t see why anyone would want to be cop around here when everyone is against you. Good people that would make good cops never make it to the hiring pool. I think people in this area are just as much to blame. You provide no support and push good ppl away from police work. In my 3 years in md I have been pulled over more than I care to admit and I have never been treated badly.

    1. Jane says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but Maryland is in the South, honey.

      1. Steven M says:

        Yes Jane, Md is south of the Mason Dixon. I realize that but I think its fair to say its not though of the typical southern state. In the future I’ll be more clear.

      2. RDNKKKGRL says:


    2. Derek says:

      LOL you have been pulled over a few times and use that to justify that all Maryland police are good people? Please learn to live in reality. I grew up in Charlotte, NC, the South just as MD is like Jane said, and it was all the same as here. Much corruption in the police departments. Where did you grow up? The DEEP South like the middle of nowhere Mississippi where the good ol’ sheriff and two other guys who are friends with your dad make up the entire police force? Please.

      1. steve m says:

        I’m sorry Derek, I’m not a career criminal so my police contacts are limited to traffic offenses. From what it seems, real criminals will do whatever they can to avoid responsibility for their crimes, to include claiming police corruption to avoid responsibility for their lawful arrest.

        As for me, greenville, SC. Far from the deep south stereotype you hinted at.

        It’s terrible and disgusting what this officer did but its not how all police live their lives.

      2. Derek says:

        Sorry, Steven, you’re out of touch, man. This state, being the liberal bastion that it is, is full of police corruption… as well as career criminals that you mentioned. Worst of both worlds guess. Of course it isn’t how all police are, but there are plenty who think they are above the law here.

    3. tami says:

      They dont respect the police in the south, they fear the police in the south. Look it up if you dont understand the differance.

      1. RDNKKKGRL says:


  15. Baltimorebob says:

    You people make me sick open your eyes there will come a day four him in court and then go from there with all cruel and stupid thoughts about the case and also why dont all u people rember innc until proven guilty

  16. truthteller says:

    HAY GJM, if you would have read the comment that RAVENMANIC881 leff prior to my comment you would have known why i left the statement i did in the first place.but there you go AGAIN .isint it time for a diper change ?.i cant belief they let sissys like you in the service. what a DIC.

  17. gjm says:

    I’ll make you a deal truthteller, if you can provide one fact why all of the nearly 700,000 police in the U.S. are liars, ill post nothing else. A fact, not an opinion. In the meantime, I’ll go change my diper. LOL.

    1. DOCSRUS says:

      Hey GJM…..I can help you with that question. But you seem to be a fairly rational guy and I find enjoyment with some of your posts, so please do stop posting if my answer makes too much sense.

      Id like to dedicate this to our good friends and fellow frustrated Marylanders Bernard & Ed_thebed! (hows that zipper problem you mentioned DOCScoming along ed?)

      Our government spends $135,000,000 per day on this ridiculous war on drugs. but it only focuses on one herb that is not only harmless but medically and therapeutically invaluable.

      Annual cost to enforce the prohibition:
      35,000,000,000 (billion per yr)

      Annual cost to feed 1,000,000 non violent cannabis users, now converted into wards of the state:
      58,275,000,000 (billion per yr)

      Rough estimate of number of non violent citizens removed from taxpayer status and converted into non taxpaying prisoners:
      1,000,000 non violent citizens and millions of their family members forced into poverty (the cost of which is not included in any of the stats stated here).

      Value of cannabis sales in the USA alone, with currently every dime of this going to the criminal cartels that manage of nations number one cash crop
      36,000,000,000 (billion per yr)

      Either legalize it or criminalize everything else including the legal drugs that are responsible for all of the damage to society. The current situation is offensive to anyone with a higher intelligence than a chimpanzee. It’s damaging our society and bankrupting our country.

      I’m NOT seriously advocating the criminalization of another part of human culture and the trampling of more of our rights. But I only offer the following information for the purpose of showing how irrational the prohibition of cannabis really is.

      Alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals are responsible for 40-60% of all violent crime REPORTED in the world, according to the UN, WHO, CDC and every police force in the country.

      Cannabis users dont even factor into any of the aforementioned violence according to the same sources qouted above (UN, WHO, & every police force in the country).

      Our government allows Big Pharma to produce 100 times more synthetic heroin (oxycontin) than is legally prescribed! It has no nutritional or therapeutic value and is intended strictly for extreme pain relief. Big Pharmas main consumers of this product appear to be the illicit drug trade.

      The abuse of alcohol and legal pharmaceuticals leads to violence, poverty, soaring divorce rates, massive deaths of innocent lives, broken families, reliance upon social services, etc. Its a plague on society yet perfectly legal.

      Alcohol causes close to 1,000 deaths EVERY DAY due to intoxicated drivers stoned out of their minds. The cost to the public is in the billions.

      Pharmaceutical drugs even when used as recommended cause an equivalent number of deaths. The cost to the public health system is in the billions.

      Cannabis has never killed a single soul due to overdose according to the Center for Disease Control. So if the war on cannabis isn’t politically and financially motivated then what exactly is the rationale for wasting so many of our dwindling resources to fight it?

      Big Pharma takes the profits and spends it on their families. They do not reimburse the tax payers for all of the damage that their products cause.

      Alcohol is one of the leading causes of illness and medical problems. The cost to the public health system and taxpayers is in the billions.

      No one benefits from the war on cannabis except for the 1/2 dozen guys that own pill factories and the politicians that they bought and paid for.

      Cannabis can be used to make bibles, fine paper, linen quality clothing, beverages, ointments, nutritional supplements, saddle blankets, diapers, backpacks, rope, sails for boats, and 20,000 other products.

      Ending the prohibition of cannabis has the power to turn the United States back into a Manufacturing Superpower which is exactly what was needed to pull us out of the first great depression and exactly what we need to pull us out of this one.
      Call your representatives and demand that they end this blatant abuse of powers entrusted to them by the citizens of the United States of America. The time for change is now. We’ve been beaten, abused and imprisoned into poverty. The politicians need to understand that they work for us and not for the benefit of Big Pharma and other corporate elites.

      1. DOCSRUS says:

        Hey GJM….sorry, this answer might provide more clarity into the question of why the public seems to have lost there patience with corrupt officials (there murdering us in our own homes for the sake of a dollar).

        Personally I just think we need a major turnover in our government to solve some of these issues but some people are obviously getting impatient and pis sed.

        Most of these angry folks so stop long enough to understand that the police arent making these laws, there just enforcing them. But some folks think that the police are acting like hypocrites and when guns and civilian deaths are involved (they consume violence inducing drugs such as alcohol one day then shoot a non violent cannabis user the next) the hypocrisy can become threatening or downright insulting to some.

        White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske argues “legalizing Cannabis would not be the cure-all proponents make it out to be because the black market would adapt to offer tax-free marijuana”.

        But the White House seems to be missing the point. Ending the marijuana prohibition is more about the return of personal freedom & justice that was forceably removed from our citizens by means of fraud, intimidation and extreme violence.

        Ending the prohibition is about creating an environment of peace and security for our citizens. Sending squads of armed swat teams complete with military grade weapons into the homes of peaceful citizens in search of a bag of marijuana is not only cruel but it is a threat to civilized society.

        The corporate owned media vary rarely report on SWAT raids gone wrong. But it happens every day. There are numerous examples on Youtube and other privately owned media websites that host thousands of videos of SWAT teams breaking into the wrong house and killing the occupants, killing sleeping children, firing on puppies running for their lives, killing family members, etc. If this was happening in any other country our government would be making plans to occupy it and “save” the people from their evil oppressors.

        We live in a Federally controlled police state that has been infiltrated by a ruling class of wealthy international figures who swear no allegiance to any particular flag. They are motivated and guided strictly by greed and for the desire to monopolize and dominate.

        True patriots would not violently attack, intimidate and imprison their own countrymen for the sake of the almighty dollar.

        The majority of Americans are strongly opposed to these policies and want them ended now. The majority of Americans citizens do not condone the imprisonment and killing of non violent citizens. The current laws are unjust. They were not created by, nor designed for the safety and security of Americas citizens.

        Ending the prohibition would result in a boon of innovation and opportunities that would inject billions of dollars amongst the general population and at ground level. The resulting “trickle up” effect is a proven yet frequently overlooked method that will stimulate our economy in ways not seen since the end of the first Great Depression and the beginning of WWII. Literally tens of thousands of products can be made with Cannabis including bibles, fine paper, linen quality cloth, beverages, ointments, fuel, nutritional supplements, and many more items too numerous to mention.

        Collecting a sales tax is only one of the benefits. We can iron out the wrinkles as we move along just as we do with everything else.

      2. DOCSRUS says:

        GJM….This was intended to say please DO NOT stop posting! Stick around awhile, all of the one liners get old after awhile but your comments are rather detailed.

        “so please do stop posting if my answer makes too much sense”

  18. truthteller says:

    GJM,first show me where i stated ALL cops lie. maby its time you got off the drugs……. just a suggestion .please stop makeing yourself look i know why you went in the military during peace time.

  19. gjm says:

    You’re first post generalized police as a whole. Why I went into the military during peace time????? Are you kidding me!!!! Lmao. Dude, you’re out of you’re mind!!!! Did you forget about Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya???? And i’m the stupid one? LOL.

    Anyway, I thought you were a little off but now that I know you think its peacetime I know its more than just being off. LOL. I can’t argue with you anymore knowing you are that clueless. Lol. Good luck to ya!

  20. truthteller says:

    go be nice to a cop.

  21. Pooh says:

    gjm, Thanks for your service to our Country. I don’t agree with all of your opinions, but that is what they are, your opinions. USA, free speech, I love this Country, which is why I too joined the Army. The officer is innocent until proven guilty. What I can’t seem to get is, how could a married man (with children) risk ruining his career, marriage, and life just for a few minutes of sick pleasure. How?

    1. gjm says:

      Pooh, I wish I could argue that with you but I can’t. I’m not trying to defend this particular officer, especially if he is in fact guilty. I just don’t understand how people feel that all police are bad because of the actions of the few bad apples. As fellow military, you know of the “10%” that ruin things for everyone else. Its the same thing with police. The majority I fully believe to be honorable people but unfortunately there are some that disgrace the uniform they wear.

      Pooh, thank you for your service as well……

      1. TJ says:

        >>>> I just don’t understand how people feel that all police are bad because of the actions of the few bad apples>>>

        its actually destablizing our country and its a bit unnerving. Double standards and intimidation have a lot to do with. And everytime an officer abuses his powers he not only makes his own job more dangerous but also all of his fellow officers lives as well. If they understood that, then they would be policing themselves instead of living by the special code of police or whatever they call it. You know the rule where one cop doesnt nark on another cop even if its obvious that hes a threat to the community. The pack mentaility is proving to be dangerous to everyone, both civilian and uniformed. The times are changing and people are paying attention now.

  22. truthteller says:

    better check the headlines GJM, it seems as though another innocent (non lieing) cop has been charged with a sex crime again with a child.BUT HOW CAN THIS BE??? COPS DONT LIE!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT???????

  23. Pooh says:

    Yeah, and that one is suspended without pay, why is that? Maybe he admitted to doing the act and this officer denied it. Who knows.

  24. truthteller says:

    well POOH,you know how we be doing things in baltimore city,ASS BACKWARDS>

  25. Dreamz says:

    Yo I no Kevin. Me and him shoot hoops and ball the ho’s. Yo what up Kev.

    Yo ho you said you waz 20. What up wit dat.

    Pece out.

  26. amanda says:

    I’ve known this officer for about 10yrs or so. And I honestly am having a hard time believing that he would do something like this. He doesn’t seem to be that kinda guy. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds in court because it just dose not sit right with me.

  27. Skye says:

    There are two sides to every story so lets make sure we have the facts before we lynch the guy. An accusation was made and he was put behind bar, where he is still being held. I understand that false accusations are made against officers, but the young person who has claimed the abuse happened should be heard and believed so long as the facts hold up to scrutiny. Knowing that police officers have protection from false accusations causing them to lose their pay is fine but I think if convicted, they should have to pay that money back with interest.

    I don’t think all cops are the same and have met several who I have a great deal of respect for. On the other hand, the cops that fly past doing at least 20 miles over the speed limit with no lights on, who use their badge as a shield to commit acts which are not appropriate have no business being officers of the law. If you can’t follow the laws, you should not be enforcing them. They are public servants who seem to have forgotten that their first duty is to the citizens who’s tax dollars make up their wages.

    While I agree, innocent until proven guilty, I also believe in equality under the law. It doesn’t matter what his job is or who he is. What matters is whether or not he committed the crime.

  28. BILLY MUYRRAY says:


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  30. slacker says:

    Awesome blog, I’m going to spend more time researching this topic