BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — A Baltimore City police officer has been arrested and is facing serious charges.

Andrea Fujii explains the accusations.

A man accustomed to enforcing the law has now been accused of breaking it.  Kevin Rowland, a Baltimore City police officer, has been charged with sex abuse of a minor, fourth-degree sex offense and second-degree assault.  Harford County court records say the abuse happened inside the 44-year-old’s Edgewood home beginning last September up until a week ago. 

No one would answer the door Wednesday night.

Rowland has been suspended with pay.

“In this particular case, it’s not a case that we investigated but certainly again, we’re going to hold our members accountable,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

Bealefeld says this should be another sign that the police can police themselves.  Further action may happen as the court proceedings go on.

“Our holding our standards and vigorously pursuing people who have crossed the line—again, I think actions speak louder than our words,” Bealefeld said.

Rowland’s Myspace page says he is married and has two sons.  He has been on the police force for at least seven years.

As of Wednesday evening, Rowland is still in custody in Harford County.

Anyone from the public with further information concerning this investigation is asked to contact Tfc. Michelle Workman at the Harford County Child Advocacy Center at 410-638-3294.

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  1. Pooh says:

    gjm, Thanks for your service to our Country. I don’t agree with all of your opinions, but that is what they are, your opinions. USA, free speech, I love this Country, which is why I too joined the Army. The officer is innocent until proven guilty. What I can’t seem to get is, how could a married man (with children) risk ruining his career, marriage, and life just for a few minutes of sick pleasure. How?

    1. gjm says:

      Pooh, I wish I could argue that with you but I can’t. I’m not trying to defend this particular officer, especially if he is in fact guilty. I just don’t understand how people feel that all police are bad because of the actions of the few bad apples. As fellow military, you know of the “10%” that ruin things for everyone else. Its the same thing with police. The majority I fully believe to be honorable people but unfortunately there are some that disgrace the uniform they wear.

      Pooh, thank you for your service as well……

      1. TJ says:

        >>>> I just don’t understand how people feel that all police are bad because of the actions of the few bad apples>>>

        its actually destablizing our country and its a bit unnerving. Double standards and intimidation have a lot to do with. And everytime an officer abuses his powers he not only makes his own job more dangerous but also all of his fellow officers lives as well. If they understood that, then they would be policing themselves instead of living by the special code of police or whatever they call it. You know the rule where one cop doesnt nark on another cop even if its obvious that hes a threat to the community. The pack mentaility is proving to be dangerous to everyone, both civilian and uniformed. The times are changing and people are paying attention now.

  2. truthteller says:

    better check the headlines GJM, it seems as though another innocent (non lieing) cop has been charged with a sex crime again with a child.BUT HOW CAN THIS BE??? COPS DONT LIE!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT???????

  3. Pooh says:

    Yeah, and that one is suspended without pay, why is that? Maybe he admitted to doing the act and this officer denied it. Who knows.

  4. truthteller says:

    well POOH,you know how we be doing things in baltimore city,ASS BACKWARDS>

  5. Dreamz says:

    Yo I no Kevin. Me and him shoot hoops and ball the ho’s. Yo what up Kev.

    Yo ho you said you waz 20. What up wit dat.

    Pece out.

  6. amanda says:

    I’ve known this officer for about 10yrs or so. And I honestly am having a hard time believing that he would do something like this. He doesn’t seem to be that kinda guy. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds in court because it just dose not sit right with me.

  7. Skye says:

    There are two sides to every story so lets make sure we have the facts before we lynch the guy. An accusation was made and he was put behind bar, where he is still being held. I understand that false accusations are made against officers, but the young person who has claimed the abuse happened should be heard and believed so long as the facts hold up to scrutiny. Knowing that police officers have protection from false accusations causing them to lose their pay is fine but I think if convicted, they should have to pay that money back with interest.

    I don’t think all cops are the same and have met several who I have a great deal of respect for. On the other hand, the cops that fly past doing at least 20 miles over the speed limit with no lights on, who use their badge as a shield to commit acts which are not appropriate have no business being officers of the law. If you can’t follow the laws, you should not be enforcing them. They are public servants who seem to have forgotten that their first duty is to the citizens who’s tax dollars make up their wages.

    While I agree, innocent until proven guilty, I also believe in equality under the law. It doesn’t matter what his job is or who he is. What matters is whether or not he committed the crime.

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