By Tim Williams

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — It is the height of lyme and tick season, and experts in Anne Arundel County are urging you to guard against the potential dangers. 

Tim Williams has more on what you should look out for—no matter where in Maryland you are.

It’s an early onset of tick season and pet owners are well aware.

“Every time before you take them out, have a little towel and a little brush and you just check them because once a tick or fleas get into your house, they’ll jump all over,” said pet owner Charlotte Bland.

They’re only as big as the  head of a pen but deer or black-legged ticks can transmit Lyme disease, a potentially serious and debilitating condition.  This year, the season is starting early.

“Not being an entomologist, I think part of it is that we had a pretty wet winter but it wasn’t as cold as usual, so they’re more likely to come out a little bit earlier than usual,” said Dr. Peter Beilenson, Howard County Health Officer.

Beilenson says Maryland ranks among the 10 states most affected by Lyme disease.

“You have symptoms of headache, joint pain, fever or malaise, you should get checked, especially if you’ve been in an area where there’s likely tick infection and infestation,” he said.

Experts say this time of year is especially problematic for anyone spending time in the grass because ticks and fleas are at their smallest.  They say if you’re going to be out, follow the rules.  First, use a repellent with the ingredient “deet.”  Next, wear long sleeves.  Always check yourself thoroughly after being outside.  Remove ticks promptly with tweezers and call a doctor within one month if you become ill or develop a rash.

“You have to really, really be careful and I try to be,” Bland said.

Lyme disease is treatable with antibiotics if caught early.  For more information, click here.

Tim Williams

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  1. Doug says:

    So instead of walking in the park,please stay tuned to more glop on TV or here.
    The fear mongers of the news media,march on on your mind.
    Do you really think this tick is anything new on planet earth ?
    Got bit by this as a kid.
    Way over blown.
    They’re fast on their way to creating a paranoid society of
    Bubble people.

    1. ACP21 says:

      I’ve had Lyme disease, it’s rather debilitating. I used to hunt, been bitten by many ticks and never got sick before one about 5 years ago. Had a rash, didn’t think anything of it until I was hospitalized for almost 3 months from Lyme disease.

    2. Spring says:

      Paranoia? You’ve had your head in the sand. Lyme disease is a huge problem.. Yes, ticks have been around forever, and that’s why my parents would check my head thoroughly every evening after playing outside and that was 30 years ago. At that time he was worried about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. My son had lyme disease and was quite ill. We caught it in the beginning (with the rash). He’s fine now, but lyme disease is not exaggerated..

      Both my dogs had it, and were treated too late for it. So, one has bad arthritis from not being caught in time. Heads up, both dogs got the ticks in the winter, so I wasn’t using the tick guard at the time. Ticks are rampant around here and from my personal experience – it is not hype at all. Once someone has personal experience with it, they quickly realize it’s not just a media scandal.

    3. jt says:

      It is NOT overblown… husband is seriously ILL from this disease!!! Do some research before you state what you think are facts. You have NO IDEA how serious this is.

  2. Sam says:

    If you got bit by a tick as a kid and did not get sick, that tick was not a carrier of Lime Disease. I was sick for 12 years before being correctly diagnosed. It’s serious illness, not paranoia.

  3. Jay says:

    It’s amazing how ignorant some people can be for others. Just because they are lucky enough to not get Lyme Disease, they think its overblown. Tell that to the people who have had it, and almost died from it. I am one of those people. Ther are people who have died from it.

  4. deadernie says:

    Lyme disease is an increasing and spreading problem. Had been bitten by several ticks growing up and never had gotten Lyme disease until I was 38. And got it again a year later. And it was not fun. While I won’t be a “bubble person” as Doug suggest, I do take the extra precautions of using repellent and checking myself after being outside.

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m glad to see mention of Lyme as it doesn’t get enough attention. Most don’t realize how serious it can be until it affects them or someone they love. I had Lyme (along with Babesia, Borrelia and Ehrlichiosis – all tick borne illnesses from 1 bite) and almost died too. If diagnosed and treated right away it can usually be okay but when left untreated it can be horrible. I didn’t find out what was wrong until a few years layer when I’d already had my appendix and gallbladder removed, suffered from terrible neurological and gastrointestinal issues and lost so much weight I was about 90 lbs at 5’5.

    Don’t think it’s not a big deal, because it’s not unless you’re exposed and not treated. And ironically, the people most affected are not those sitting around watching tv or playing on the Interne;, typically it’s active outdoorsy types who ate unable to do the things they enjoy after getting sick.

  6. independent says:

    The tests for lyme disease are horrendous. Some estimates are 60-90% false negatives.

  7. vitaliy says:

    Here in Maryland Lyme disease is very common… One of the worst areas in the country

  8. Mona says:

    It may not be new but Lyme is the fastest growing infectious disease in the country. You were bitten as a kid? – probably not a deer tick (other ticks); and not all deer ticks carry Lyme. If not treated early on Lyme can be incredibly debilitating. I was misdiagnosed for 7 years and now have been chronically ill for 13 years. Before getting sick I was a very active & successful person — the past 13 yrs I have spent most of my time in bed. I suffer from fatigue, pain, cognitive problems, & neurologic & psych issues.

    I not only have Lyme but Babesiosis and other co-infections (all from the same tick bite!) I have seen the top Lyme specialists in the country and am making some progress but late stage Lyme is very difficult to treat. For those interested, I would encourage you to visit

  9. eduardo says:

    The real ticks are the pricks in government. They bite you & when you get sick, you don’t get better. Owe-Malley is the biggest Tick-prick followed by flea bags Bush & Miller.

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