BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s almost April, but temperatures are going down instead of up. Since last Wednesday, we have only averaged 45.7 degrees for our high. That includes Monday where we won’t get out of the 40s again. The normal average during that same time starts at 56 degrees and is now up to 58 degrees. So we are generally running 10-13 degrees below average. And if you like the warmth, don’t get too excited yet. The chill is going to continue. We may hit 50 for our high Tuesday, but then highs will be in the 40s after that for the rest of the week.

At the same time, the stormy weather track continues. There is one storm passing south of the state today and is responsible for the bands of clouds that are moving through. That storm heads out to sea tonight and we will see more sunshine tomorrow. However, three more storms are lined up to move our way the second half of the week.

The next storm will pass by Wednesday. It will give us the chance for rain, but there may even be some wintry weather mixed in across the northern tier of the state and from Hagerstown west. That one is a quick mover but will be followed immediately by another Thursday into Friday and then a third Friday into Saturday. It’s going to be a fine line, and one that we will track through the week, but it looks like the cold air will stay close enough that we have the chance for some wintry weather with each of these storms.

It looks like these storms will pull a new round of chilly air down behind them this weekend. Highs will likely be in the 40s again Saturday and may recover somewhat Sunday into Monday. That is, before another storm moves our way. Like a lot of you out there, Monday is a very important forecast day for all of us here at WJZ. If you aren’t lucky enough to be going to the O’s home opener, join us here at WJZ. We will have all of the pre-game fun and festivities starting at 2 p.m., immediately followed by the game itself. The early outlook is that a new storm will be moving out of the Rockies toward the East. It’s still too early for the timing of this event, but we will pinpoint that as we get closer. The timing of this will also affect our temperatures that day. Stay tuned…