ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A man on trial for sending Governor Martin O’Malley a threatening email is getting a groundswell of support.

Suzanne Collins reports they don’t agree with the tactics used but do agree with his frustration with the state government.

Walter Abbott wrote an email to Governor Martin O’Malley saying he’d lost his drywall business and his home because illegal immigrants undercut his prices.  He wrote, “I would like to wrap my hands round your neck and choke the life out of you.”

“I’ve been going about it every legal way, every way I can.  I’ve…called his office, written letters, never get a response.  All I did was send an email that was a little, you could say, harsh,” Abbott said.

Abbott is back on trial in the Baltimore County Courthouse after an earlier conviction was overturned.  More than a dozen supporters are by his side, people who, like Abbott, believe the state has hurt taxpayers but given benefits to those who don’t pay taxes.

“Walt’s frustration, I share it as well.  When I go out to bid work, I can’t compete with these guys,” said Tom Young.

“Maryland spends over a billion and a half dollars annually on illegal aliens.  This is for schools, health care—they’re trying for in-state tuition,” said Brad Botwin.

Abbott’s supporters say they do not agree with the email Abbott sent the governor or the words he chose, but they say they do share his frustration over illegal immigration.

“It is an issue about free speech and if you’re going to kill somebody, why would you put your name, address and phone number in the letter?” said Judy Bach.

Abbott, who’s getting financial donations for legal expenses, says he turned down three plea bargains, including no jail time.  He says he wanted to go on trial.

“What’s going to change if I take that plea?  Am I going to have a job tomorrow?” he said.

Abbott’s supporters include people opposed to illegal immigration, Tea Party members and constitutionalists.

Initially, Abbott was held on $2 million bond, but after about a week he was released on his own recognizance.

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  1. Barbara Vogt Chandler says:

    Who wouldn’t want to say the to OWE’MALLEY????

    1. sven says:

      “say the?” what to O’Malley?

      He shouldn’t of been overcharging his customers in the 1st place in he’d still be in business!!!!

      People are not illegal.

      1. FED UP says:

        you are full of it, SVEN..what are you an employee of the governor’s office….

      2. sven says:

        No, I’m a law abiding, tax paying citizen of this State. You better hope the Hispanic’s who will be in the majority soon treat your children with more respect and sympathy than your bigoted a$$ treated them.

        Racist like you are what is ruining this country for the rest of us citizens. I put my life on the line so that fools like you can sit behind a screen and spout off about being FED UP. If you don’t like it move to Mexico or anywhere else in South/Central America and find out why these PEOPLE are fleeing their home countries.
        More minorities enlist in the service than whites do, so put up or move.

      3. TrueAmerican says:

        If anybody is a racist it’s you the idiot sven! You sound just like one of the green freak liberals that has no self esteem and likes to be led around by the nose! say the?” what to O’Malley?

        He shouldn’t of been overcharging his customers in the 1st place in he’d still be in business!!!!

        People are not illegal.

        Lets hope your kids dont get into college because an illegal alien has taken their seat! How are you going to feel about illegals then sven. I think the way you talk you are an illegal alien!

      4. Stephen Reader says:

        My goodness Sven, why so angry, I am a LEGAL alien who took the necessary steps to live and work in this country so why shouldn’t they? I too am upset at the situation in Maryland, do you realize that tax paying American citizens who live close to the poverty line do not qualify for the assistance that non tax paying illegal immigrants already get?.
        Sven, I do not care about a persons race, it doesn’t matter if they are Hispanic, Caucasian or any other race, I care about the legality and equality of the situation and as for your comment “If you don’t like it move to Mexico or anywhere else in South/Central America and find out why these PEOPLE are fleeing their home countries” .Countries don’t change by their inhabitants leaving, they change by PEOPLE taking action, that’s why America no longer pays taxes to Britain, Americans fought and died for change.
        They should either take steps to become legal citizens or stay in their own country and work to change it.

  2. Barbara Vogt Chandler says:


    1. sven says:

      @ TrueAmerican, O how you hurt my feelings by calling me a liberal.

      This clown choose not to be competitive and that is why his business failed. He will most likely fail at every endeavor he undertakes. He then like a true Republican has to blame his failure on someone else.

      I would never classify a self-centered, selfish bigot like yourself as any type of American, even the most lowly WASP. You and everything your hooded cohorts stand for is what has ruined this great nation.

      My children have not only graduated from local colleges (yes I support our State’s economy)they have spent time doing SERVICE WORK FOR THOSE LESS FORTUNATE!

      You may need to look that up to see what serving others is all about. I have no esteem issues, but I do have pity for shallow corroded conservative individuals like yourself.

      Like I’ve said earlier, I hope when you are no longer in the majority, these PEOPLE take pity on you and treat you like a human being.

      I know ignorance is a learned behavior and you are nothing more than a by-product of your parents (which is not entirely your fault), so all is not lost for any offspring you may have created. Heaven help them!

      Please continue to spew your hatred if that is what makes you feel like a productive member of society.

      The idiot who decided to threaten our GOVERNOR will get what he truly deserves. I have many latino friends who may have a job for him cleaning bathrooms or cutting grass but he probably couldn’t make the grade.

      Good luck with your next cross burning. The days of racial intolerance are over, grow up and get a life.

      I certainly enjoy living mine.

  3. FEDUP says:

    It is time to clean HOUSE with the governor and all the other House and Senate

    member that support illgal immigation. We need to vote them all out of office.

    Because none of them know what Illgal means.

    1. NO ILLEGALS says:

      They know what it means, FEDUP…Democrat votes for them.

  4. Harry Quade says:

    I predicted this. I had wrote our leaders this was going to happen if they keep on doing what they doing, and not serving the people. Many Marylanders will rebel if this keeps up.

    1. Cecil Calvert says:

      spot on

    2. sven says:

      So, who gets to choose which “PEOPLE” ?

      1. LEGAL says:


      2. sven says:

        Once again, clown there are no ILLEGAL PEOPLE. What gives you the right to pick and choose who is able to live or who should die?

        LEGAL BIGOTS like you and your RACIST offspring will have a real hard time when you’re no longer in the majority! Your children will pay for your sins 10 fold.

        HA HA HA HA


  5. Linda says:

    Step up Maryland
    GO WALT !!!!!!
    Your a real man

    1. are you illegal says:


    2. sven says:

      I thought “real men” looked out for their fellow men?

      I guess that is only if you agree with the color of their skin. HUH LINDA??

  6. Brian says:

    We all know who voted him in. He has relied on the uneducated for votes.
    All he has done is increase tax and support illegals, gays and other minority causes. As a legal immigrant it makes me sick to hear OWE Malley support the cause of illegals. He is a lawyer he should know the law and support the law and have these people arrested, jailed and thrown out of this country.
    It’s about time politicians supported the majority not the minority

    1. sven says:

      Well Brian, according to your post, he is supporting the “majority” of us uneducated people if we garnered enough votes to keep our Governor in office.

      You sound like a warped man and I hope you find comfort in your bigotry and hatefulness.

      1. RG says:

        Sven, why do you turn everything into some sort of racial issue? Maryland is a sanctuary state that encourages illegal immigrants to settle and work here. When enough of them settle and work in one area, they do undercut the prices of established businesses, forcing many of them out of work,
        O’Malley was elected by a huge minority vote because he promised free welfare handouts to illegal immigrants. What’s racist about what I just said? That’s the O’Malley platform, not “racism.”

      2. sven says:

        I must of been out of the country when this promise was made! Where do find this in writing? In your head that is where. I guess just making things up is how you get your facts.

  7. Jackie Aurburn says:

    I remember approaching o’malley at one of his rally’s where he bribed state workers with time off to go rally with him and hold up his green signs and I asked him why he gives $2billion tax $$ a year to illegal aliens. O’malley’s reply>We have to treat everyone fairly.. Can’t figure out what he meant by that remark. Whats fair about taking from taxpayers to give to illegal aliens?

  8. Patriot Sister says:

    I support Abbott. O’malley and his merrymen are out of control. They are selling out our state. Illegals are law breakers feasting on our childrens future. Mr. Abbott was desperate. What he did was wrong but doesn’t rise to the torment him and his family has been dealing with. Good luck Mr Abbott and I hope in the end you will be vindicated and O’malley will be in the unemployment line.

    1. Cecil Calvert says:

      I was there today in support of Mr. Abbott, and clearly the Governors Email person, Alison Moore, in my opinion was not being fully out in the open in regards to the number of threats the governor gets. This governor is a POS and thinks he can do whatever he wants. Wait until TMZ gets a hold of his dirty laundry should he run for Prez one day. The High Court of Appeals in Maryland already overturned the verdict once in Walts favor, and now the state is arguing the same thing, which again will be overturned by the high court of appeals. When is this state going to stop persecuting the legal citizens and start concentrating on the true law breakers, Casa De Maryland and their Lobbying Delegates and Senators.

      1. Cecil Calvert says:

        correction, special court of appeals.

  9. Cecil Calvert says:

    Clearly the wrong man is on Trial here. It should be OWE Malley for allowing the Illegal Alien Criminals to destroy our Blue Collar work force and bully tactics of this Governor. It was okay for him to threaten Chip Franklin, but a citizen cant do it to him? Only in Maryland does constitutional law no longer matter. This Governor is a criminal and OAG Gansler is his little puppy.

  10. bananafish says:

    Martin O’Malley is the one who needs to be on public trial for aiding and abetting illegals, ruining the lives of citizens by taking their jobs, causing tremendous tax burdens on the people of this state, lying to us about the economy in last July’s jobs reports, and running a dishonest and unethical re-election campaign. If I were his parents, I would cry myself to sleep every night.

    1. Cecil Calvert says:

      AMEN to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cecil Calvert says:

    So, being at the hearing today, its quite obvious the States Prosecutor has not clue about US Constitutional Law and how the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church on grounds of Freedom of Speech, but apparently, your Freedoms are limited to what ever is on the Governor’s mind that day. Sociopaths change their minds often, but the end result is always the same, its all about me, me, me. I was always taught that the US Constitution trumps all state constitutional laws, regardless, but apparently, they don’t feel that way.

  12. ratm33 says:

    O’malley is an idiot and he does not respond to anyone who tries to contact him about any problems they have. One day everyone will finally understand that we can control everything. If we all get together and say this is it just like other countries are doing we can control.We need to start by going to O’malleys house and throwing him out on the strees. I think that everyone who is not rich agrees with this man and I would love to donate to his lawyer fund. I hope he kicks O’malleys but.

  13. Not Going To Take It Anymore says:

    I amazes me just how many people are against Owe’Malley and his band of Merry followers, but he was still voted in. HOW? I think Walter should have used different phrasing, but I think we all feel the same way. Hopefully during the next election everyone remembers this and votes for ANYONE who is for this illegal B.S. Maybe we can turn this State around, if it’s not too late. I support Walter and wish him the best during his trial.

    1. Dawn says:

      How did he get voted in? That is easy.. he depends on those who are dependent on the govt’ … As long as we have a large amount of takers (and you all know what I mean) People like O’malley will always get the vote. He gives away our hard earned money and we don’t vote enough to get him out… but those whom he gives money to, obviously vote! When will we learn to take a stand… As for this case, I wonder why he was singled out… I feel bad for the guy… I have good friends who moved out of state for the same reason Walter is upset. He lost his business to illegals… So Sad!

  14. Help Save Maryland says:

    End illegal immigration in Maryland. Join

  15. Bernadette Z says:

    O’Malley is the one who should be on trial for aiding and abetting illegals in Maryland..they are taking jobs from citizens, particularly in the construction industry..Look at any construction site and they are all illegals who undercut the wages of our citizens, while our state officials look the other way. O’Malley took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution..It is shameful that he looks the other way while thousands are many do we really have??? Nobody know cause they do not check. Walt’s email was a cry of frustration, echoed by so many citizens who have been displaced in the workforce by these people who will work for so much less…Walt’s choice of words was poor…was it a real threat against the one who lives in the guilded mansion in Annapolis..absolutely not…PEOPLE, GUARD YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT & ELECT POLITICIANS WHO WILL PUT CITIZENS FIRST….

  16. Sharon1234 says:

    A registered Democrat did not vote for O’malley in last election and plan to never vote for him again for any office. Absolutely do not like his support of illegal immigrants in Maryland. The voter and tax payer must be first to our elected officials. Maryland needs to follow Missouri…No illegals equals no housing, health & food, or education benefits. I suggest everyone should call the feds when you see suspected immigants working. Customs & Border Protection 1-877-287-8667 or

    1. Jackie Auburn says:

      Sharon, I am a democrat also shamefully so .. The democrats of yesteryear deserted us. now we need to desert them starting with Omalley, viva la babs, cardin, ruppersburger, ivey, guittierez, ramirez, vallario, leggitt and all the other corrupt officials who cater to illegal aliens for their votes.. Yes they are voting in md. the horrors of our cess pool state thanks to these people in office.Estimated $2billion a year go to illegals in md. Hense the need for all our high taxes, fines and fees. Md is 4th highest taxed state of our country and on the way to taking 1st place honors.

  17. Joseph says:

    Lol keep crying all you kkk members! Blame others for the miserable life y’all got!

    1. Dave W. says:

      Joey, you make an absurd assumption. You should live in your home and sleep there as well with your doors unlocked. And give up your job to someone who would be willing to do it regardless of wage. Whe an illegal takes a job, they quite often do not take any benefits, nor do they have taxes or unemployment insurance nor workmens compensation. And they live in homes stacked up, 6,7,8,9,even 10 or more at a time, they leave their homes where their wives and children live, leaving their children effectively orphaned, and while here being men, start having children here! They then push the young women they get pregnant to go on welfare, medicaid, and housing assistance, because they can! And legitate businesses who have a vested interest actually do something extreme: they follow the rules, even to their own detriment! And quite often continue playing house. Oh, did I mention they broke in to this country, steping on front of those that were and are doin things the right way.

  18. linda says:


    When you see your buddy today. Tell him he is a american sell out.
    Make sure you wipe the brown off your face,

  19. sharon says:

    Hence the word “ILLEGAL”. what is the government doing? what rights do the illegal aliens have? Hello! they are here ILLEGALLY.!! what kind of government supports that???? If the illegal aliens want to be treated fairly then go through all the processes to become legal, otherwise, they are not entitled to “fairness”. they aren’t following the rules.
    if someone is guilty of a crime, aren’t they punished? well then why doesn’t that apply to the illegal aliens. Shouldn’t they be punished for being here illegally and not rewarded with all the so called “free” benefits they receive from legal immigrants who are hard working tax payers? Where o where is the government for the rights of hard working people?

  20. Fedupwithallstateleaders says:

    Its bad when you contact a offical everyway possible and get no reply. I have written a couple of our state leaders from local on up to senate and have always gotten a reply one way or another, even if it was from one of thier aides. Its a shame that this man had to go to the extreme to get any type of reply. It just shows who O’Malley really caters to. We need to start flood the offices with phone calls and emails from our local officals to our state sentators to get a revote and get O’Malley tossed out of office. But the we need lots of people to do this, not just the few of us commenting on here. We need thousands to do this for several days in a row. I have already started talking with friends and family to start doing this. We need to get the word out and set a start date for this to happen. We need numbers for this to work. You need to basically shut a offical down so they cannot get any work done. When you are causing him or her to be that over worked and where thier aides cannot keep up with all this, your message gets heard hard and fast. But its a numbers game, if we do not have enough people doing this it will never work. You need a commitment to doing this, not just makking or sending 1 email or making 1 phone call. You have to be willing to write several people and still call thier offices on top of it. We need to do something soon so we can get this on this years vote by October.

  21. whatnow says:

    What this man wrote was wrong and I can understand them checking him out to make sure he wasn’t a genuine threat. But after that, why is a state that is broke and trying to get in my pocket even deeper wasting all this money on multiple trials for a guy who obviously isn’t a threat?????? OweMalley has the biggest ego of almost any politician in my lifetime.

    1. Dawn says:

      That is what I was thinking … if we are in such debt, why are they prosecuting this guy… once they checked him out… why did O Malley feel that he needed to make an example of this guy? Like a spoiled child!

  22. Steven Barrett says:

    ileagal aliens need 2 go where theye came frome they come hear and have kids and the tax payers have 2 pay for theas kids becouse the mexican workforce is sending 9out of 10 dollers they earn under the table back 2 mexico for there familys back home so HOW IN THE HELL DOES THAT HELP ARE GOVERMENT?????????????????????????????????????????

  23. susan says:

    This why the state’s unemployment rates are up. Illegals are getting paid for these jobs that we as AMERICANS want.. Maybe how Walt went about it was wrong, but he was exercising his 1st amendment right.

  24. FD says:

    Just another guy blaming someone else for his problems.

    Gee, a dry-waller is out of business after the biggest housing bubble in history? Stop the presses.

    If this guy actually had marketable skills that you can’t train a high-schooler, or an illegal alien to do, he might still have a job.

    1. Cecil Calvert says:

      I suggest you contact Walt and speak with him directly, you are man enough to stand by those words, because, unless you know all the facts, which the press cant get out in a couple columns, you have no idea what you are talking about. If you want to email him, let me know, I will provide you his info.

      1. FD says:

        Yeah, I think I’ll pass on speaking directly with the man who threatened to choke the governor to death.

        I try to stay away from the violent and ignorant members of society.

      2. wilford p wellington says:

        FD sounds like you are all type and no hype. CHICKEN

    2. MEL says:

      Excuse me – But you really don’t know what your talking about – my husband is in the same boat with well over 26 years experience in his field and has his throat cut each and everytime he bids jobs by ILLEGAL immagrants that don’t have to worry about paying their state fees, dues and taxes. Let me guess, the illagals haven’t gotten to your line of work just yet, but they will.

      1. NO ILLEGALS says:


        LET THE ILLEGALS PAY FOR IT ALL…LOL..this state will be bankrupt in less than 5 years.

  25. Spike says:

    I hope they throw his racist arse in jail for a long time.

  26. Spike says:

    The $2 Billion going to “illegals” is a lie that was debunked long ago. The racists just think if they repeat it loud and long enough somebody might actually believe it.

  27. Steve says:

    The only reason that O’Malley is in office is because he is a democrat and that’s it. For some odd reason the state of Md. wanted a democrat in Annapolis and now look what happened. I am a democrat, but DID NOT VOTE FOR O’Malley. This guy is soft on crime and is not tough enough to run our state. How can you have a state like Md. with the violent crime that we have and not want the death penalty? How do you support illegals and then pick and choose when you want to enforce the law? Congratulations to all who voted for this loser.

  28. Spike says:

    He is a lot better than the alternative would have been.

  29. Perry says:

    Actually the “illegals” myth has not been de-bunked. It has been proven thruout history that illegal immigration DOES NOT WORK. Those that believe that it does are mindless, uneducated people that the democrats and liberal left have brainwashed with there garbage. Calling people that are against illegal immigration racist is another bullying tactic that the left tries to use against people that are concerned with the well being of their country and state. I have plenty of friends that are minorities as well as legal immigrants that are against illegal immigration. Ask a native american, if you can find one, what illegal immigration has done for them!!!!

  30. fraught says:

    I don’t care what his political or philosophical affiliation. If he sent me an email like that there would be no legal process to save his cowardly behind. O’Malley is a wimp for not punching this clown personally in the face.

    1. Cecil Calvert says:

      Yeah, your right, OMalley De Casa made threats as well, but, he got away with it.

  31. Spike says:

    This poor guy is just a dim witted pawn being used by the hate groups like Help Save Maryland

    1. overtaxed says:

      Playing the race card and claiming “hate” against people who disagree with Democrats is the only defense Dems can come up with. Not wanting illegals here is not racist.

      Spike is just a poor dim witted pawn being used by Maryland democrats to keep their stranglehold of power, just one of the liberal sheeple that supports the Culture of Corruption

  32. Spike says:

    The only problem with your rant is that I am not a Democrat.

    If he had spent more time worrying about his ne’r do well son and less time worrying about the “illegals” the world would be a better place.

    How many times has his kid been busted for burglary? I’ll take an “illegal alien” anyday over a convicted criminal.

    1. overtaxed says:

      If you are not a Democrat, and supported O’Malley (as you said before) then you must be really confused about life in general.

      But I don’t believe you, because you attach hate to anyone who disagrees with liberal idealogy. Standard operating procedure for the Dems.

      1. Spike says:

        “Liberal ideology” Thats too funny. Who was the first person to grant illegal aliens amnesty?

        That great Liberal Ronald Reagan

      2. overtaxed says:

        Deflection is another liberal tactic. Bringing up the mans son, what Reagan did, yada yada yada. You have asserted that anyone against illegals is a “racist”.

        And you betray the lie of not being Democrat with the Reagan retort. Dem through and through. O’Malley has twisted the discussion into liberal ideaology with the “new american” moniker.

        I didn’t necessarily make a case for or against illegals, I am just calling you out for claiming racism on those who are against illegal immigration,

  33. J says:

    This is typical. Almost all the comments on here don’t even touch on the real issue. He’s not on trial for illegal immigration. He’s on trial for threatening an elected public official in writting. That’s what the trial is about. You can be mad about illegal aliens all you want and argue your points, but that doesn’t change what happened nor justify it. You can disagree with your elected officials in the stances they take, but you can’t threaten to kill them. There is a law in place that addresses this issue, it’s clear. You can spout off how you hate O’Malley and you don’t like illegals and that you agree with the guys comments and that’s your right. But you can’t openly threaten an elected official.

    1. Robby Douglas says:

      Good point. I think the nature of these sensitive issues trump your point, though. At least in the “public domain” anyways. It’s not necessarily right, but it is what it is…..

  34. petfriend says:

    If you make a serious, bonafide threat against an elected official you belong in jail. This email should have evoked an investigation for certain…However if they investigated and found out this guy was just a foolish guy spouting off and did not pose an actual threat of carrying out a harmful act, then read him the riot act and let it go. I understand frustration, and I am not a supporter of Governor O’Malley, but it’s stupid to threaten the Governor or anyone else to try to make a point…not going to solve anything, just cost himself grief and the taxpayers more $$ for all the trials etc. If you don’t agree with an elected official you can demonstrate, protest, vote etc, but leave the threats out of it.

  35. Spike says:

    Like I said. this poor guy is just a dim witted pawn caught up in the virulent hate speech that hate groups like Help Save Maryland espouse. I imagine he is an Obama hater too.

    1. overtaxed says:

      You are so full of it. I just looked up that website, and geuss what? NO HATE SPEECH. Simply put, they have a different opinion than you do, but to modern Democrats, a differing opinion means hate. “I imagine he is an Obama hater too”. No hate speech, which lends me to think they are not a hate group.

      Like I said, another dim witted pawn supporting whatever the Dems want you too, and when someone disagrees call them a racist or a hater.

  36. KottaMan says:

    O’TaxME is a worthless, spineless, leftist POC and should be on trial for impersonating a real politician. Marty, go back to playing in your band as you haven’t got the guts to face the real music for all the disastrous decisions you have made.

  37. Doug says:

    It’s a scary place,here,on this thing called the internet.
    It’s all new to a lot of us middle aged.
    Some times I sound off,as well.
    Say things I don’t really mean.
    Vent my anger,ramble
    on this rectangle.
    I say let him more on with his life.
    I feel for him.
    O’Malley is answering to all the companies that put him in office.
    Drop it, O’Malley.
    Drop it.

  38. Joe McBride says:

    I like Martin’s wig.

    It most certainly is wrong to threaten the governor, although I’m quite sure it has been blown out of proportion. 2 million bond reduced to ROR, seems a bit fishy.

  39. Wilford P Wellington says:

    It doesn’t matter what the subject is, it always seems to turn to race. Why is that? The story could be about two kittens being abused, somehow someone would find out there was one black kitten and one white kitten, and it would turn into a racial shouting match. Why is that? Is it every idiot in the world has to have their 2 cents put into it, whether it pertains to the story or not?

  40. Robby Douglas says:

    Why did the majority vote for him, again? OWE Malley!

  41. jobless in Maryland - but still paying taxes says:


  42. bernadettez says:

    You are full of sh-t… about if an illegal takes your wanna get paid $8 an hour like my husband was’d be singing a different tune then.

  43. bernadettez says:

    you are full of it, SVEN..what do you do for a about if you get paid $8 an hour like my husband was offered..Jose will work for nothing…yet Jose isn’t paying a mortgage and paying his FULL share of’d be singing a different tune if an illegal took your job..but then again you’re probably not even working…your governor is a total failure. He coddles criminals.

  44. dave glenn says:

    if you check the MD court records site, it appears that a man with the same name but different DOB lives at the same parkville address. the younger, according to this site, has a burglary conviction ($2300 worth) victimizing a parkville neighbor. this possibly explains the 2 million dollar original bail. now you know the rest of the story.

  45. butter says:

    more taxes for marylanders, yum tastes like revolution.

  46. TrueAmerican says:

    sven is a omalley butt kisser that has no self esteem!

  47. TrueAmerican says:

    Chris is another like sven a liberal obama idolater with no self esteem! Spoken in the manner of a true green freak liberal having a tantrum!

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