BALTIMORE (WJZ)—He served as Baltimore’s mayor and governor of Maryland. William Donald Schaefer is in the hospital. He was taken there after he was having trouble breathing.

Kelly McPherson spoke with Schaefer’s longtime friend and aide.

Former Governor William Donald Schaefer was rushed to St. Agnes emergency room Thursday evening.

His longtime aide and friend has been at his bedside during his treatment.

“I was at the symphony when they called me.  And so it was scary.  I got nervous and drove over here very quickly,” said Lainy LeBow-Sachs. 

Doctors say he has pneumonia, and medications are improving his condition.

“He’s feisty as ever,” LeBow-Sachs said. “He’s battling everything you want to do, so you know that’s governor Schaefer.”

Schaefer, 89, started in Maryland politics in the 50s, rising through City Council and the mayor’s office.

He is credited with revitalizing the Inner Harbor. He helped with Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium construction, too.

He served as governor for eight years.

He fell out of favor with some in the past decade with questionable behavior regarding Spanish-speaking workers, AIDS patients and women.

This first run-in with pneumonia should keep him in the hospital for another few days.

“They’ve taken very good care of him,” LeBow-Sachs said. “I feel comfortable.  I wouldn’t want him any other place.”

Schaefer lives in the Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville.

Comments (14)
  1. taxesmakeyoucry says:

    Mr. Schaefer is sick of taxes too. So sick he caught pneumonia.

  2. sillyman michaels says:

    hope everything is ok with you…one of the best mayors baltimore has
    ever had

    1. Ken says:

      and governor. Owe’ Malley would not make a pimple on his butt….

  3. lynn says:

    Does anyone with a live brain cell Really Care? HE** NO. Schaefer made a true statement about the onslaught on illegal humans in the USA but he was a tyrant, a whatever

  4. Doug says:

    As long as you put a pretty nurse on either side of his bed,
    he should linger on.

    1. Joe says:

      yea young male nurses

  5. Taxes4Votes says:

    Dear Donny please fix our 1.4 BILLION DOLLAR budget shortfall. -signed your fan the tax payer.

    TABLE 1:
    States with Projected FY2012 Gaps
    FY12 Projected Shortfall Shortfall as Percent of FY11 Budget
    Alabama $979 million 13.9%
    Arizona $974 million 11.5%
    California* $25.4 billion 29.3%
    Colorado $988 million 13.8%
    Connecticut $3.2 billion 18.0%
    Delaware $208 million 6.3%
    District of Columbia $322 million 5.2%
    Florida $3.6 billion 14.9%
    Georgia $1.3 billion 7.9%
    Hawaii $410 million 8.2%
    Idaho $92 million 3.9%
    Illinois $4.9 billion 14.6%
    Indiana $270 million 2.0%
    Iowa $186 million 3.5%
    Kansas $492 million 8.8%
    Kentucky* $780 million 9.1%
    Louisiana $1.6 billion 20.7%
    Maine $436 million 16.1%
    Maryland $1.4 billion 10.7%
    Massachusetts $1.8 billion 5.7%
    Michigan $1.3 billion 5.9%
    Minnesota $3.8 billion 23.6%
    Mississippi $634 million 14.1%
    Missouri $704 million 9.1%
    Nebraska $314 million 9.2%
    Nevada $1.5 billion 45.2%
    New Hampshire DK na
    New Jersey $10.5 billion 37.4%
    New Mexico $450 million 8.3%
    New York $10.0 billion 18.7%
    North Carolina $2.4 billion 12.7%
    Ohio* $3.0 billion 11.0%
    Oklahoma $500 million 9.4%
    Oregon* $1.8 billion 25.0%
    Pennsylvania $4.2 billion 16.4%
    Rhode Island $331 million 11.3%
    South Carolina $877 million 17.4%
    South Dakota $127 million 10.9%
    Tennessee DK Na
    Texas $13.4 billion 31.5%
    Utah $390 million 8.2%
    Vermont $176 million 16.3%
    Virginia* $2.0 billion 13.1%
    Washington $2.5 billion 16.2%
    Wisconsin $1.8 billion 12.8%
    States Total $111.9 billion 17.6%
    Note: Kentucky and Virginia have two-year budgets. They closed their FY2012 shortfalls when they enacted their budgets for the FY2011-FY2012 biennium. California’s shortfall includes an $8.2 billion shortfall carried forward from FY2011. Oregon and Ohio’s shortfalls are one half of the states’ total projected shortfalls for the 2011-2013 biennium. Estimates of Ohio’s two-year shortfall range from $6 to $8 billion. DK means that a state is projecting a shortfall but its size is unknown.

  6. Lady Shirley says:

    Get well quick, Don. Hope you are feeling better & back home. soon. Next time I am in Baltimore, lunch is on me.

  7. pigeon says:

    Prayers for speeding recovery or God’s will.

  8. Nicole Burns says:

    He’s a turncoat. Now maybe if his nurse is male.

  9. MDneedsRevolution says:

    the only thing he is in bed with is the unions just like the other dems

  10. leslie says:

    Some of the comments on here are pathetic. Can you just for once comment on the story at hand? He was a kick butt kind of guy and no mayor/governor will ever be like him. Honestly I wish he would have run for president. Whatever comments are being made about current taxes and inappropriate comments about nurses etc are simply a reflection of the type of people that exist today. You are rude and immature. Grow up. And comment on the story at hand. I hope you feel better Willy Don. You were the best public official that Balto/ MD ever had

    1. Agit says:

      yea why don’t you ask that reporter who ended up in the bottom of the bay back in the 70’s who was investigating organized crime and Willy Don’s relationship. Maybe he’s fighting so hard to avoid the inevitable, his judgement day.

  11. truecrimeisdemocrat says:

    the chesapeake bay foundation is a mob front. the more money we give them the dirtier the bay gets so they can hide their bodies at the bottom of it and feed the crabs.

    most useless org. = CBF.

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