BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland’s largest farmers’ market has kicked off its season sooner than ever before.  The Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar has been around for more than three decades.

As Tim Williams reports, vendors and customers are thrilled for the early launch of the new season under the JFX.

With the dawn of  the first April Sunday, comes the beginning of a new season for Baltimore’s historic farmers’ market.

“I didn’t think it was open until next week, but a friend of mine came and knocked on my door and told me about it. I ran right down here,” said Ray Glock, patron.

While it is a little bizarre that the market and bazaar have kicked off so early, it was not a half-baked idea.

“Yes. This is the first time the Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Craft Bazaar has opened in April, so we’re getting a little jump on the season,” said Tracy Baskerville, Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts.

For 34 years, regional farmers and merchants have looked toward the venue with hopes of subsidizing their incomes from spring through fall. Opening early is considered a win-win for vendors and shoppers alike.

“Yes. I love it. I couldn’t wait. I was so happy when they said it was starting early,” said Rachon Newell, patron.

“It’s freezing, but it’s a time of year when no money is coming in and tons of money is coming out. So it’s good for us,” said Libby Longendorf, Zahradka Farms.

In the end, coming out slightly ahead of schedule means business will bloom with the season.

“I thought they’d be a little bit more limited on the vegetables and that kind of thing, but it’s looking good, so I’m pretty excited,” said Jake Gazurian.   

The market will continue every Sunday through Dec. 18.

Tim Williams

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