By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—There are no signs of improvement with Japan’s nuclear crisis.  Engineers at the crippled nuclear power plant have deliberately dumped 10,000 tons of contaminated water to make room for water that is even more radioactive.

Workers are trying to stop water from leaking and ultimately restart cooling systems that would stabilize the plant’s reactors.

Radiation from the crippled Japanese nuclear power plants has been found in Maryland.

Mike Schuh traveled to the area where it was detected and has more on if we should be concerned.

It blew into Maryland from 6,700 miles away, across an ocean and a continent. Radioactive iodine 131 is found in four of the state’s eight detectors and in Baltimore’s rainwater.

The monitors registering radiation are designed to pick up emissions from an accident in Peach Bottom plant in Pennsylvania.

The level of iodine detected at the Whiteford monitor near Pennsylvania and three other sites is thousands of times lower than what would cause health concerns.

“So the answer is no, we’re not in any danger from the radiation,” said Dr. Clifford Mitchell, Maryland Department of Health.

Nonetheless the word radiation draws concern.

“I’m kind of scared at times,” said Joy Walker, who lives near Whiteford.

The health department urges calm.

“Current levels are not dangerous in any way, shape or form,” said Bill Wiseman, Howard County Health Department.

They have a stockpile of potassium iodine tablets in case of an accident at a nearby plant. But this detection isn’t even close to warranting distribution.

The owner of a restaurant in Whiteford says he’s waiting for officials to tell him when to worry.

“When authorities say it’s a problem, when we gotta get out of here, we’ll get out of here,” said Lorenzo Mannio.

“We do not expect this is going to become a public health threat to people here in the United States,” Mitchell said.

As long as the reactors continue to give off steam from emergency attempts to cool them, airborne radioactivity is expected to continue.

Comments (19)
  1. sheriffwillie says:

    How do they know it came from Japan? Did it speak Japanese or have a rising sun cloud over it? Real load of B.S. from some scientists who were having a slow day at the lab.

  2. Doug says:

    Oh,is that what the government would have you believe.
    A joke.Smoke and mirrors.
    Look into all the nukes we have fired off in this country.
    Some into the atmosphere ,some deep into the ground.
    If there is any radiation detected,it won’t be the first time we’ve been poisoned
    by our trusted government.

  3. Shane Cooper says:

    they are able to tell it came from japan because that reactor was the only one that was using fuel, that when it breaks down, creates the iodine 131.its kind of like doing a paternity test on a nuclear plant. im just saying.

  4. Mike says:

    Due to all of the regulations of nuclear materials, they all have unique signatures per se. Radiation detected can be traced to where it was produced. We have the capability to determine where nuclear fuel came from so we know who to blame if it gets into the wrong hands.

  5. Shane Cooper says:

    Thnx mike for the added comment! Was my explanation pretty accurate?

  6. Bill Adams says:

    Eat Kelp, or Kelp Pills has natural Iodine. But its a problem. They just admitted Iodrine 131 has a half life of 2 weeks. We will be getting fallout for a while. Till they You can load up yoru thyroid with some Iodine by placing a drop of iodine Tincure on your arm and you will absorb it though your skin or eat some kelp pills and ect. But dont drink Iodine Tincture because its bad. But yeah this is serious. Iodone 131 can destroy your thyroid.

  7. Pixels says:

    Unless you have a filter, most likely the home you’re living in contains some amount of Radon (radioactive gases from the soil.) The people that really need to be concerned at the moment are those in Japan where its concentrated, not dispersed and diluted in the air like here in the states. Unless you seal yourself in a plastic bubble, you’re going to be exposed to varying amounts of radiation. Everyone on EARTH has a trace level of radiation thanks to the above-ground nuke tests they used to run. Classic example of overreaction and a sense of self-importance.

  8. Tammy Smith says:

    What I’d like to know is what are the long term affects of having this continueously blow over us and in our rain water and being expossed to this radiation / iodone 131 over the long term. .shouldn’t we be taking precautions now to prevent long term exposure? what affects is this going to have on children and there thyroids/bodies/health. I am really concerned about this and would like some answers. I think it’s been down played enough.


    ‎~ LOW DOSE MY ASS TOO !!!~
    If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
    ~Adolf Hitler~


    As Captain Spalding would say ” If I wanted to have smoke blown up my ass I’d be sitting at home with a pack of cigarettes and a long length of hose ”.

  11. Rabbit says:

    Do some research. If each one of you who have posted a comment on this story would attempt to make an informed comment, you might add something to the story versus detract from it, with the exception of Pixels. Now that I think of it, I believe that I am better off drinking the water here in Tokyo than the water in Baltimore… Of course I base this statement only on the ignorance of your comments. @ Bill – Kelp is not a viable to protect yourself from I-131. If you’re over 40 you should not even think of taking KI unless you’re living next door to Dai-Ichi. If you want to destroy your children, give them KI. The only thing you will accomplish by doing so is cause acute hypothyroidism that will effectively halt their grown and cause them a lifetime of illness. @ Mike – Stop watching movies, they do not make you a credible source. @ Tammi – There is nothing long term to concern yourself with. I-131 has an 8 day half life. That is 8 days from when it was created as a product of fission, not 8 days from the time it hits the ground. I am in Japan, am I taking KI? No. Should I be taking KI? No. Am I worried about long term affects? No. You are exposed to more radiation as part of you normal activities of daily living that you will ever be exposed to as a result of the situation here in Japan.

  12. I would be really careful what I eat and drink because of the effects of radiation poisoning. I know the levels of radiation in rain water are high, even in the United States and Canada right now. It’s sad the the fish may be contaminated with radioactive iodine 131 and other contaminants. I’m choosing to be safe rather than really sick.

    I’ve found an article that back up and expands this information.“>Radiation Exposure

    1. Rabbit says:

      Dear I Did Not Pass Medical School (so not I deal in homeopathics),

      Those articles are nothing more than baseless paragraphs of fear mongering. I am sure you spend the majority of your day bouncing around the net from news site to news site spewing this nonsense. First off, there never was a nuclear ‘explosion’ ever involving any reactor in Japan… ever. I am not going to sit here and pick this apart bit by bit… I am positive that your bunny petting, tree hugging friends will believe exactly what you say and I am sad for them because of that. If there are no widespread cases of radiation sickness in Japan, how in the hell are we going to see them on the west coast, let alone in Maryland? Thats right, we’re not.

  13. S. Sheppard says:

    @Rabbit -who are you working/blogging for? just sayin ….. you sound like the mass media BS in America. Down-play … no worries …. don;t be concerned … yeah … whatever!

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