BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A police chase leaves a Towson graduate dead. Now the victim’s family is suing for millions of dollars.

Weijia Jiang has details of their case.

The family of Haines Holloway-Lilliston, 27, says they’re confident his death could have been prevented.

The Towson graduate was killed last July when the motorcycle he was riding collided with a Baltimore police cruiser.

“I’m distraught, out of my mind,” said Connie Holloway-Johnson, victim’s mother. “Constantly just can’t keep myself together.”

On Wednesday, his mother spoke about the horrific crash for the first time—moments after filing a $40 million wrongful death lawsuit against the officer behind the wheel.

It claims 10-year veteran Timothy Beall aggressively chased Holloway-Lilliston’s bike along the Jones Falls Expressway from the city to the county, trying to catch him for speeding.

They wrecked at the Dulaney Valley Road exit.

The family’s attorney says Beall was not only out of his jurisdiction, they say he was violating a strict no-chase policy despite orders to stop.

“For some reason, after he acknowledged the order to stop, he kept on,” said William “Billy” Murphy, family’s attorney. “He was at the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing to our client.”

The family is also suing the mayor and City Council since Baltimore owns the patrol car.

Even if they win in court, Holloway-Lilliston’s family says nothing can ease the pain of losing him.

“I spoke to Haines several times any given day,” said Quincy Holloway, victim’s brother. “Not to have that any more is traumatic.”

“He was my youngest son, and he was a great guy. So much future, so much promise, so much everything for him going,” said Connie Holloway-Johnson.

The police department does not comment on pending litigation.

The state police crash report says Holloway-Lilliston did not have a motorcycle license and the bike was registered to someone else.

Last year, the Baltimore County state’s attorney determined he would not pursue charges against the officer.

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  1. stop suing says:

    I understand that the officer was wrong, but so was the man on the motorcycle. why didn’t he just pull over? responsibility falls on both parties, and suing the police department only makes the lives of taxpayers harder. because a good man wasn’t good enough to just pull over.

    1. Agreed Stop the Suing says:

      I am a police officer with 16 years of service. I am also a RESPONSIBLE sportbike rider. Every year I have sportbike riders run from me for ridiculous riding. Speeds 100 plus all the time, weaving in and out of traffic, doing wheelies. Try this the next time you see a group of sportbikes, try and locate a registartion plate. Good luck they hide them or they’re not there at all. This guy made a choice not to stop for an officer. It’s plain and simple he did this to himself. If the officer died in a crash chasing a reckless sportbike rider could the officer’s family sue the rider’s family? No they would simply say it’s the inherent danger of his job. Stop the nonsense drop the suit. It’s all about the money not the memory.

      1. Damon Kunzone says:

        Actually hs didslow and obey the traffic laws, that was when the police officer ran him over as he was slowing in the travel lane. So you don;t think that is a traffic violation to not pay attention and run into the vehicle in front of you? Typical police apologist don;t let the facts get in the way you never take accountability for anything

    2. D. Bainbridge says:

      EXCUSE ME the man was breaking the law correct ? The police officer was enforcing the law right ? Now the family and their ambulance chasing attorney are not saying the biker was guilty but instead the family is saying the officer was wrong for trying to enforce the law correct ? All they care about is getting some blood money which they do not deserve. I truly doubt the mother is actually shedding any tears thinking about the blood millions she is trying to get. THE LAW IS THE LAW AND SPEEDING IS AGAINST THE LAW CORRECT ?

    3. Damon Kunzone says:

      The police department won;t take responsibility for their actions if they are not sued, they think this officer is above the law, we was out of his jurisdiction and disobeyed direct order and policy and ran over the motorcyclists because he was distracted and not paying attention, he should be in jail for manslaughter like anyone else would be if they ran someone over.

  2. What a Joke says:

    Well said !

  3. C. Magess says:

    Too bad that “great guy” didn’t have enough sense and/or respect for those around him to just pull over. Had he crashed immediately upon hearing the siren or just moments afterward, would there still be a lawsuit? Probably. Lack of personal responsibility… Makes me sick.

  4. Diane Stafford Hoback says:

    I completely agree – contributory negligence is how I see it. The officer should have stopped his pursuit, but the guy should have pulled over. Makes one wonder why he didn’t???

    1. drboomer says:

      Thank You, Diane. I asked this question when this was first reported and got a few “whats wrong with you” responses.

    2. Paul says:

      Read the article! He didn’t have a license to ride a motorcycle and he was speeding. This “good man” was violating the law therefore making him a “bad guy”.

      1. Diane Stafford Hoback says:

        This article appears to have been ammended with that info…earlier today there was no mention that he didn’t have a license. Still, seems to me that a simple ticket for not having a license would have been better than what happens when you evade the police. Really – we’ve all seen these chases play out on the news. They almost ALWAYS get caught. Unfortunately for the family, this one ended tragically. He made a bad choice and paid the ultimate price. I hope the kids he taught are learning that bad choices can have tragic consequences.

    3. Damon Kunzone says:

      speeding is not a capital offense, the officer did not have the right to be judge and jury and RUN HIM OVER.

  5. All you want is money says:

    Its all about the benjamins isn’t it! This law suit is a joke!!!!!! Why didn’t he stop? If he had he would be alive! This is the way of the world try your best to make someone else responsible. Ask for 40 million maybe get 10 million and your rich to make up for it. Hey why not donate any money won in a suit to motorcycle safety education. Ya think it’ll happen?

    1. Mo money honey says:

      Or dead from a gun shot wound, with a pistol conveniently left near his person that the cop would say he pulled on him.

  6. whocares? says:

    If he had survived or not been pulled over…he probably would have ended up plastered on the backside of a vehicle or on a barrier eventually. A**holes on those stupid crotch rockets casue way too many problems and here is a fine example. They can speed all they want with no fear of being pulled over due to a “no pursuit” rule for police because pursuing them is deemed too dangerous. One officer gets fed up with that s**t and decides to stop it. The guy could have pulled over. He didnt. He died. Oh well. Let it be a lesson to others; and the parents. TEACH YOUR KIDS.

  7. truth says:

    There is a great guy with the same name that shows a resisting arrest/interfering arrest and disorderly condust in April of 2010. 2 months before this chase. Is it the same guy? I am sorry for the family’s loss but it sounds like a big portion of the blame falls upon the choices he made.

  8. Bottom Line says:

    It’ s a good thing that he didn’t kill someone else too. Any “great guy” that I know would have pulled over immediately. It’s never an option to run from the police!

  9. VWGirl says:

    street bikes should be illegal and I hop esomeone from this guys selfish a$$ family reads this. What if the cop died during the pursuit? Would it be ok for his family to sue your family? Money Grubbing A$$ holes!

    Street bikes should not be legal. Why are they still? I dont get it.

    Not that this guiy deserved to die….but he shoulda pulled over. Im sure the outcome would have been way better than death.

    But Im sure that if someone from his family reads this they will make some backhanded comment to excuse themselves of their pathetic greediness.

    Im sure they know good and D@mn well that if he had driving a vehicle and got stuck by someone driving a bike and he was killed, theyd be suing that guy too.

    All this shows is that you didnt value his life that much….because your doing eveything in your power to benefit from his death. HE made a mistake that cost him his life….get over it! Teach you kids…and grandkids not to drive these death traps.

    1. B Baker says:

      Illegal? Why should street bikes be illegal?

      1. zac says:

        there is no reason for them to be illegal. People just want to restrict everything people abuse. I guess if we made everything illegal everytime someone did something stupid it would be a pretty miserable world.

    2. MONEYLESS says:


      1. Billiam says:

        Clueless, too, in addition to moneyless

  10. Mike says:

    Its all on him. If he had a beef, then stop, do what the officer says. Then if there’s an issue, then call a lawyer.

  11. Gman says:

    Did the family give an explanation on why he didn’t just pull over when he saw the police behind him instead of trying to out run the police? I know a lot of nice guys that have had the police behind them at some point or another because they had a traffic violation and none of them tried to out run the police, they are also all still alive.

    1. THINK BEFORE U SAY says:


  12. Laurel says:

    another one trying to the milk the system…hope they will not win a cent…

  13. Ex-Baltimore says:

    “Attention all cars! When confronting a suspect just back off because he might sue you for doing his job as an officer of the law! So just let the rapists rape, the robbers rob, and so on…”

    I have no sympathy for this moron! His dying in the accident did us all a favor. No tax money wasted on prosecuting him and no more of his genetically defective seed being spread to produce more criminal idiots like him. Now, we just have to deal with his equally stupid family filing a frivolous law suit that just implies that criminals are not responsible for getting hurt or killed while acting like stupid irresponsible idiots while committing crimes. But, forgot: America is now the land of blaming others for problems you cause.

  14. Jammy Ross says:

    I understand the story… and i understand the hurt of the lost.. i agree with other coments on here but .. but what i dont understand why sue? its not going to bring the loved one back and there is no justice that is needed be brought due to the guy shoulld of pulled over in the first place instead of running.. that make him guilty

  15. jeff says:

    OK. Lets clarify the most misunderstood fact here. It is illegal to run from the police. It is NOT illegal for the police to chase motorcycles. It is merely a violation of department policy/GO’s. It is perfectly legal for the police to chase anyone who runs from them. At the most, the officer should be punished administratively and/or possibly terminated. This idiot is the only person to blame for his death. Let’s be serious, people.

    1. KAYE says:


  16. J says:

    Yes his death was preventable…if had pulled over.

  17. geti -up says:

    cops are like politicans over paid , too much power,

    1. Gotta say says:

      Hey geti-up. Cops-overpaid? Get serious! How much should someone be paid for putting their life on the line everyday so idiots like this can endanger everyone? Someone pulls a gun on you, who you going to call?

    2. Rachel says:

      Seriously? The Baltimore city cops are UNDERPAID for what they deal with EVERY single day. Until you risk your life day in and day out trying to make the city safe you really have NO right to comment on how these courageous amazing people are paid.

    3. KarlaB says:

      What a joke1 They are underpaid!

    4. hdg says:

      if you don’t like police officers,next time you get assaulted or beaten and robbed, call a sportbiker!

  18. ZX7 Rider says:

    I sure wish I was riding with him that day because he would still be alive and just pulled over…..Having a bike is not just having a bike, its a brotherhood and we look out for our own. Bad judgement ruins lives R.I.P Brother he f**ked up and paid the price……”Burn Rubber not your soul”



    1. concerned17 says:

      I’m sorry for your loss. Don’t let us Internet Trolls take away your memories. We all make mistakes. If we’re fortunate enough, we can be remembered for the good that we have done and not the few times we take a bad step. Mr. Haines being a coach already showed where his heart was at…in his short life, he touched more in a positive way through his coaching than many of us trolls have with our opinionated, base comments.

    2. Steve says:

      I guess he decided dead was better than jail. It just seems that no body wants to take responsabilities for their actions, and just blame every one else for their stupid decisions. I have been stopped for speeding A LOT of times, and I never even considered running from the police. I was brought up to believe that this one of the stupidest things you can do. And I guess this is further proof of that.

      1. Paul says:

        How many times have you been taken to jail for a traffic violation? He’d most like have gotten a fine for speeding and a fine for driving without a license. Not felonies therefore no jail time.

    3. kaye says:

      Thank you for seeing the family side

  20. concerned17 says:

    One way or another, it seems the commentators work overtime to find fault with any and all black victims. Some even go so far as to look up cases in the MD Court Cases database. And always if called on the bigoted arguments the commentators ramp up to the next level. Don’t believe me, then search out “convicted” or “crime” on Google or Yahoo and start digging at the race of the alleged criminals; gather all the facts and then start to read the comments. I’ll guarantee that any and all crimes committed by whites on other whites won’t contain the amount of bigoted or racist comments that you’ll find with “minority on white” or “minority on minority” crimes. And most definitely they’ll never approach the hate of comments made in any white on minority crimes. Typically, if a minority is hurt by someone white in the commission of a crime by the white criminal, commentators will find something negative to say about the minority victim. I’d love it if this wasn’t the case, but it is sadly across all of America.

    Years of demonizing minorities done throughout the US’s history have resulted in this, but no one considers the everyday consequences or absurdities. White people carry concealed weapons with a hair trigger around anyone black or brown skinned; kids shot dead by white officers during “no knock” searches because they looked liked they were armed; minority drivers shot dead because they moved suspiciously as the white officer with a gun drawn for a speeding ticket approached from behind. There are countless scenarios where this madness plays out in the real world with dire consequences. Think I’m just grabbing at straws, then search out stories on overturned convictions due to DNA testing. Often someone of a dark skin color is found to be innocent after years of their lives wasted in prison.

    All of us have are faults and are strengths. Each story written should have all participants judged on the facts presented and not assumed or manufactured because of a need to spread hate. Should every white person involved in any and all reported incidents only be seen in the light of the multitude of evil whites who’ve lived before, or should they be judged as individuals acting independently – as is typical.

    This guy broke a speeding law, he attempted to avoid capture as many young minded thrill seekers do and paid the price with his life. He learned his lesson forever. His grieving mother is trying to move on, but after a legacy of one country’s racism and bigotry she feels there was more to a chase than just an officer trying to do right by the public and serve a ticket. She wants to make such bigotry fueled actions stop…one way to try in America is to make them hurt in the wallet. It will help her, but it may never help us as a nation because some have had racist directed blinders put on at birth and won’t see things any other way but in the way they’ve been taught to see things. It’s sad, but very true. Wake up!

    1. Really Annoyed says:

      Oh great.. the race card comes out. Nicely done concerned17. Instead of focusing on the fact that this “great guy” ignored the law and as a result is dead, let’s focus on the fact that he wasn’t white. Fabulous.

      No white guilt here, but nice try on your part. The guy, regardless of his race, skin color, religion, sexual preference, gender, etc, etc…. paid a high price for his crime. It’s a shame, should have just paid the ticket and saved his family from the enormous pain they must now endure. I find it quite appalling that you would attempt to make this lawsuit somewhat palatable by cloaking it with a “bigotry fueled action” argument.

    2. Paul says:

      Concerned17, maybe you should remember that african-americans pay taxes as well. So just who is paying for bigotry in this country when the “wronged” families of those who died while commiting a crime sue? This lawsuit has nothing to do with race and everything to do with money for the family. As far as looking up old cases, how many people share the same name who are “NOT” related? I can name more than five, myself included.

    3. Jammy Ross says:


    4. moran says:

      the only person who needs to wake up is you.

    5. Appalled says:

      Given the temperatures outside, he was likely wearing a coat and long pants so unless he was breaking another law and not wearing a helmet, the officer probably had no idea what his color was.

      Also, to say that “white people carry concealed weapons with a hair trigger around anyone black” is appalling, ludicrous and the type of statement that insights continued racial divides. I have never in my life been afraid of someone because of their skin color. Their actions perhaps but never the color of their skin. Why don’t you wake up and realize that just because it was a white cop and a black perpetrator he was chasing, that the race card doesn’t necessarily apply. Seems like you may be the one with the blinders on, taught to believe that if opposing sides are of different colors then racial motives must be at work.

  21. Common Sense says:

    You know what is sad…the fact a U.S. Court would even listen to this case.
    This guy was not a kid, he was 27 years old, when I was 27, I had already been married for 5 years and owned my own home. The youth of today are immature beyond belief, and think they are invincible. Well, guess what, I think he found out the hard way, he is not. So we are supposed to feel sorry for this man-child who didn’t have the common sense to 1. Get a friggin’ motorcycle license 2. Obey the speed limit 3. The simplist thing of all, stop for a cop when he attempts to pull you over. That’s what is really sad……..

    1. Fireman says:

      Easy on “all the youth”. I am 22, work full time as a firefighter/paramedic, am going to college full time. Own my own car and pay all my own bills. Am getting ready to buy a house and hopefully in the next few years my girlfried (of 3 years who owns her car, works and attends a university full time) will be getting married. I am working towards med school and she towards a high profile government agency. Please don’t stereotype. . .I work hard just like you. Maybe you should use a little common sense before making comments.

  22. Roy says:

    Here’s the way I see it, the law was passed to not chase bikers, sure if he had not ran he would have been here, but remember it takes a strike of a match to start a fire, the officer made the strike, the officer had duties and rules to follow, he broke them, where human all decision aren’t good ones, don’t act like u shouldn’t been punished for wrong decisions in life! Somebody must pay for a crime and I say the last man standing! Life in prison or 40 million a punishment was maid! And by the way I’m a biker and stand behind my riders right or wrong..

    1. Enough Said says:

      Sorry Roy, but you said you stand behind your riders, well the way i see it, he was not a “rider” because he did not have a license. This is a bad situation all the way around because he lost his life because of a stupid mistake, and we all know we have made stupid mistakes, we have just been fortunate enough not to die. The reason the rule was made for cops not to chase is because of this very situation, but the cop would not have had to chase if the guy did not run. I hope all of us have learned a lesson so hopefully this doesn’t happen again. I feel for his family but i have to agree with the majority on this that they should not sue us for his fault, he ran and broke the law not us. I am paying enough taxes now i don’t need to pay more. Does anybody remember Rodney king? Enough said.

    2. Really says:

      The “strike of the match” as you put started when the guy decided to run from the police. Cops pull people over everyday that do not run from them, therefore him doing his job did not “start the fire”. Also, there is no law that says police can’t chase bikes. There is a law that stats no vehicle, BIKES OR OTHERWISE, can run from the police. Maryland Transportation Article 21-904(b) Failing to stop vehicle.- If a police officer gives a visual or audible signal to stop and the police officer is in uniform, prominently displaying the police officer’s badge or other insignia of office, a driver of a vehicle may not attempt to elude the police officer by: (1) Willfully failing to stop the driver’s vehicle; (2) Fleeing on foot; or (3) Any other means. I found the law that the motorcycle operator that you support right or wrong broke, I’m challenging you to find that law that you claim the officer broke. Something tells me you’ll be unsuccessful!

  23. ratm33 says:

    concerned 17 u are the racist piece of sh** for even bringing race up. nobody said anything about race till your stupid coment. u are the black trash that makes us racist. u make everything about race. if u dont like this country and u think we are racist, grab a flight to africa and see how good they treat u over there, they hate black americans because of the way u act. get a life and stop worrying about the white man.

  24. truth says:

    Roy you stand behind bikers right or wrong? You just made your points invalid!

    Concerned17 I am a minority but unlike you I dont use it as an excuse! Wrong is wrong and what is real should not be ignored. I sure you hate that his arrest history was discovered it hurts the “Great Guy” argument.

  25. pamme says:

    I say to his family, do what is right by your child, ppl. have had enough of Baltimore City corrupted dirty cops that swore to up hold the law and has not. They think they are above the lie. Don’t u all watch the news and see how many cops get in trouble. The officer was wrong He gave chase all the way past baltimore city lines into the county and was told to stop and did not comply. He needs to be off the street..what if it was child he hit also then What? Ppl stopgiving the law so much power when they are wrong wrong wrong.

  26. Pamela D. Mellison says:

    I say to his family, do what is right by your child, ppl. have had enough of Baltimore City corrupted dirty cops that swore to up hold the law and has not. They think they are above the lie. Don’t u all watch the news and see how many cops get in trouble. The officer was wrong He gave chase all the way past baltimore city lines into the county and was told to stop and did not comply. He needs to be off the street..what if it was child he hit also then What? Ppl stopgiving the law so much power when they are wrong wrong wrong.

    1. Keith says:

      Not stopping reckless motorcycle operators give them freedom to operate recklessly and maybe harm you.

      Far fewer police officers get in trouble than other people. The difference is it is news when a police officer does it. If you want better police officers you need to tell your legislators to pay for it. The pay and benefits are so bad that fewer and fewer expectational candidates apply. \

      Assaults and line of duty deaths are up for law enforcement officers across the country. While the job is more dangerous the equipment is outdated and overused.

      Law enforcement is a hard job, few people like you, few people respect you, few people care about you. It all changes though when a law enforcement officer is needed by someone.

      Can law enforcement officers be better yes. Can society be better yes. I will take my share of the blame as a law enforcement officer, but I am tired of society not taking theirs.


  27. Adam says:

    Let’s see how this works:
    1. he was speeding
    2. on someone else’s bike
    3. without the proper license for the vehicle he was driving
    4. he was running from the police
    He must not have been doing anything wrong.
    1. Gave chase with reasonable cause, (doing his job)
    And why should the police not chase bikes, every time I see a crotch rocket on the roads they are well in excess of the posted speed, and like everyone else they should be stopped.
    Sometimes doin the right thing just aint doin the right thing!

  28. Keith says:

    Maryland is a contributory negligence state which means the lawsuit will not be very successful. The key is both contributed to the events that led the death.

    One poster was correct, the officer did not violate state law in the continuation of the pursuit of the bike out of jurisdiction. Fresh pursuit covers him in this case. He may have violated department policy and a direct order but that is department policy.

    I will not second guess either ones actions but it appears they both made mistakes.

    The sad issue her is that society has made it okay to disrespect the law because they feel like it does not apply to them. Society its self is to blame.

  29. Dennis says:

    Thanks for finally bringing up that the bike was registered to someone else… you know, sort of like if it had been stolen.

    1. Keith says:

      I do not think the bike was stolen. I know at least it was not reported stolen at the time of the incident.

  30. Richard Washboard says:

    I hope the officer sues the family for being just plain STUPID! Unreal abuse of the judicial system.

  31. Barry Bolinito says:

    Concerned 17 … It appears to me that you are acting like the racial bigot here. Grow up and get a life that does not fill you with hatred. Shame on you for playing this card in this situation … people like you make REAL race situations invalid in the publics eye. You do more to hurt your perceived cause than you do to actually help the real injustices in the world.

  32. eeshhh says:

    Concerned 17..pitty you were not riding pillion.

  33. BaltCitizen says:

    I feel bad for what happen to this Guy. He was smart enough to try to run; with all that is seen on TV one never knows if they are going to be the victim of the next police beat down. There are too many cops high on testosterone. These cops believe they are 24’s Jack Bowers, the last line of defense to next big threat against humanity; however, when real crimes are committed these cops are nowhere to be seen. Perhaps we should check the doughnut shop.

  34. skye says:

    As others have pointed out, the officer did not break the law, he violated department policy. A policy put in place because of irresponsible riders having accidents when evading police and the bad press which followed. Not that I have a great love for all officers. I have certainly seen enough of them speeding with no lights, weaving in traffic and generally behaving badly. I also accept that this does not apply to all officers and that as part of their job, they have a duty to serve and protect those of us who do abide by the laws. Is it possible the officer felt that not pursuing could have lead to an innocent by-stander being hurt? Do we now accept that it is ok to break the law if it is dangerous for the perpetrator if an officer to attempts to stop them?

    I truly am sorry for the families loss and I wish them comfort in their time of grief. I just don’t think that comfort should come in the form of monitory compensation. The young man was breaking the law and while he may have done great things as a coach, as a son and as a sibling it does not negate the fact that he was not abiding by the laws set out to keep society as a whole safe. Would the family be offering up $40 million to a victim or their family if he had struck and killed someone else?

    We must all be accountable for our own actions and accept responsibility for our decisions. We may not like accepting that the young man made a very poor decisions and is responsible for the actions he took which lead to his death, but that is part of being responsible member of society. That said, there should be some punishment for the officer for disobeying an order. It was internal policy he disregarded and they should have a system in place for disciplinary actions.

  35. Mopar Man says:

    This is just another instance of wasting taxpayers’ money. Here is a guy that was riding someone else’s motorcycle (maybe stolen???) without a license. He just needed to stop, get his ticket (and go to jail if the bike was stolen). Now the city and the officer is being hit up for 40 million. Remember this is America; anyone can be sued for anything anytime anywhere. BUt I do think it’s ridiculous. It’s sad to see what happened to him. But it could have been different…

  36. mike says:

    she’s right. The death was absolutely avoidable. Don’t run from the police…don’t drive like an idiot…either would have saved him.

  37. unreal says:

    For those who read this. It is a shame someone loss there life, but this guy was in the wrong, speeding away from a cop riding without a license. Do you think he was above the law. Now lets sue because it is everyone fault but his. If this guy would of made better decsions then he would be alive today so the only person to blame is the guy riding the bike that had no bussiness being on it in the first place. AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE EITHER, since so many people always have that to say. Think about this what if he would of just pulled over, or better yet stayed off the bike, He be alive today

  38. Shannon says:

    Seriously! 40 Million?! What is wrong with this family? Their son died from his own wrong doing and they want millions of dollars! Yes the cop was in the wrong too for going out of his jurisdiction, but he was trying to catch a lawbreaker. It would make sense to have just received a ticket and/or fine for not having a license, then to pay with his life. I seriously doubt he’d have done jail time for no license, if that’s what he was even worried about.

  39. Mike says:

    “”The family of Haines Holloway-Lilliston, 27, says they’re confident his death could have been prevented.””
    Your 100% right it could have been prevented had your son not been into the things that had the chase start in the first place, if your son had not ran from the police and actually done what they said yea it could have been prevented. Love how these type of people blame the Police when in all honesty if they didnt do wrong in the first place, and did not run and complied with officers they would not have to go to this extent. I hope the family rots in he.ll as well.

  40. Somebody says:

    I guess freedom of speech prevails and my comment was removed YAAAAY

  41. Debbie Marcus says:

    If he was “such a great guy”, he would not have beeenbreaking the law in the first place! Maybe the police department should sue the parents for not teaching their children right from wrong..These behaviors start at home!. He was 27, old enough to know better. The city should take that money and give their officers and firefighters a raise.

  42. Not going to take it says:

    Of course they are…

  43. Billiam says:

    ..and the best part is they now have Billy Murphy representing them – that’s an even bigger joke. He only takes the highest profile cases or those which will give him the “limelight” so to speak. Now he’ll be on television spouting off about how this family is a “victim” of negigence and authority gone out of control. Not once have I heard any of these family members of the man who died say anything other than the police officer was in the wrong. What about the responsibility the man had to his family and children. This was a perfect time to set an example, take the punishment and live to see another day with your children. I’m sure he was a good man, but none of that matters now.

  44. VWGirl says:

    It’s called pain and suffering. That cop should sue this family for the pain and suffering they are causing him….It was not his fault that this guy dies, but Imp sure he thinks about it every second of every day.

    The reason that street bikes should be illegal is because most, not all, but most people who drive them, do so very dangerously, and a lot of time, without a whole lot of knowledge about them at all.

    I have one question, had the cop been the one killed in this incident instead of this man, would the family expect for his family to sue there beloved> No? Money hungry A$$ Holes! All you are.

    Also, MONEYLESS….do not imply that I am broke just because I am against money hungry JERKS!!!! And also do not imply that anyone’s broke when your screen name is MONEYLESS! Dumb A$$! I can almost guarantee that I make a lifetime more money that you EVER will. You don’t know me! Also go back to Elementary school where you go to learn basic vocabulary and spelling….that’s where I learned it and it worked out pretty good for me. I’m sure many others would agree.

    And for the person who knew this man as a friend/coach….I am sorry for your loss….but that does not excuse how this cop, who was doing his job and trying to protect the public from some body who was putting them in danger is being treated by this family. They need to understand, that good person or not, he was in the wrong….he died doing something that he loved doing…why can’t it just be left at that? Thank god no body else was hurt.

    This is not ok, and there going to feel like real A$$ wipes when they lose in court. Because there is no way in hell they will ever get paid for this.

    I’m sorry if you disagree…but if you do, you either:

    A) Have no sense or logic
    B) Are just as ignorant as this fellow was
    C) Your in serious denial

    All I have to say to those who are defending this family for what they are doing…I understand…it’s hard to think straight with your head up your ass. I also understand that you can’t fix stupid. GOOD DAY!

  45. nic says:

    Concerned17 is right
    if it walks like a duck quakes like a duck well them more than likely it is a duck

  46. nic says:

    And when i rob a bank i’m going to sue because they put the cuffs on too tight

    where is this country going???

  47. Gene Walsh says:

    What were they thinking?
    Two wrongs dont make it right….both people did things that they shudnt have and now its time to go to Court…..where civilized people discuss what happened and put the blame on someone …..shud the cop have stopped chasing him….Shud the Biker have just pulled over…by time this gets to court we’ll all have forgotten about this….I just hope the next time someone decides to run from the cops he doesnt get killed

  48. Money dont make it right says:

    40 million dollars…thats what that biker’s life was worth according to his mother’s attorney….so then what …the City writes a check out for 40 million to the mother and we call it even? We call it justification? When the Police turn the lights on I pull over …I dont try and get away…isnt that what were supposed to do? or do we go so fast and endanger everyone else’s life on the freeway that the police just stop….can you imagine if thats what we all started doing…sorry for the Mother of the Dead Biker but I think the outcome of the speeding away shows why you shud always pull over…..better to pay the fine then creat a Funeral procession

  49. TiredOfThisOneSidedness says:

    I cannot believe you racist az people!! It never fails when I read a story about a black or hispanic person, the the hate and lies you caucasians show towards them.. This racist officer had orders to pull back, knowing that he was out of jurisdiction on top of that!! THIS SHOULDN’T EVEN GO TO COURT! I WOULD HATE TO BE THIS IDIOTS BOSS, I know he was fired… They call it “INSUBORDINATION”!! Thank you

    1. justme says:

      Could you please state what lies you are referring to? And where is all this hate you speak of? I don’t think it matters if the rider was black, brown, white, yellow, or red. People would still feel outraged at this story. It is absolutely ridiculous for this family to try and blame the officer for enforcing the law and doing his job. The main reason there is a no pursuit policy is because of ridiculous lawsuits like this. We tie the hands of our LE personnel by making them reactive, instead of proactive. We cause them to have to weigh every move they make. Then we want to complain that they aren’t doing enough to stop crime. One of the basic lessons we should all learn at an early age is that actions have consequences and sometimes they are not good, especially when we break rules and laws. This man had a choice to make that day. He made it, now he has paid the ultimate consequence. I am sorry that he lost his life, but he and only he is to blame. This is what is wrong with this nation. No one wants to accept personal responsibility anymore. (As for the officer, it is up to his commanders to discipline him as they see fit for not following departmental policies and that is it.) For you “tired”, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. All you can do is accuse and blame others just like this family. As for those lies and hate, how about you look in the mirror?

  50. BaltimoreCountyPirates says:

    If George Bush Jr. Ran America’s economy into the ground, then why is he richer than ever???? Can you idiots answer that!!!!

  51. What? says:

    The title of this story cracks me up. What does the fact that he was a Towson graduate have to do with anything related to the story other than you must not have to be too smart to graduate from Towson.

    1. What? says:

      Sorry, first line of the story, not the title.

  52. TooManyInternetThugs says:

    Lawyer Billy Murphy is going to eat this case alive.. They’ll settle, thanks to the cop being an idiot.. I know you people are mad az heII.. HOW DARE A BLACK PERSON WIN A LAWSUIT!!!

  53. VWGirl says:

    TiredOfThisOneSidedness and TooManyInternetThugs,

    we all know your the same person, beings that your comments under both names are equally stupid, and poorly written.

    Shut up you RACIST piece of $h*t!!!!! If you had more respect for your fellow black or hispanics, you wouldnt be so quick to think that thats why everyone is blaming him.

    Yup, Im caucasion….but thats not why I am blaming him. Im blaming him cause he was stupid, so is his family…and so are you.

    I can say the same thing about you…..your NOT blaming him because he is black. If he was white…you wouldnt give a $h*t now would you?

  54. William Harrington says:

    Those people on the sportbikes deserve all that happens. They endanger the public by the way they ride, they have absolute disregard for the law and authority. The parents should be charged as facilitators in their son’s death. They are as much responsible for his death as he is. They are the ones who fostered his disregard for authority and now are refusing to take responsibility and be held accountable.

  55. fluege vergleich says:

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