BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Drinking alcohol every day is not a big deal—that’s what nearly half of U.S. teenagers think. A new study shows that alcohol and drug use among teens is heading in the wrong direction.

Kai Jackson has more on the troubling trend.

The words teens and alcohol never mix. But a new study is a sobering look at just how much young people are drinking.

The news is grim. Drug and alcohol use is up among young people in America, according to The Partnership at

“I guess it’s a problem. I guess a lot of people do it, mostly freshmen,” said Mary-Anne Nelligan, college student. did a study that found more than half of teens surveyed don’t feel that having five or more drinks a day is a big risk.

The average age teens have their first drink is 14, and 68 percent admit they’ve tried alcohol—experimentation that can have fatal results.

“Even people who party and go out a lot say ‘I wouldn’t do it every day,’” said Steve Pasierb, The Partnership at

Those we’ve talked to believe access to alcohol and peer pressure are two of the biggest reasons drinking among young people is so prevalent.

“They might see their friends and stuff drinking, so they might be influenced to drink,” said Arnold Costley, high school student.

“You’d be surprised at how many people go out and binge drink; it just seems to be completely normal,” said Melinda Knebel, college student.

Homeowners in Bel Air were recently charged with providing alcohol to minors as if they were running a bar.

The study shows that use of ecstasy and marijuana is also up among young people.

A local doctor believes he has a solution to teens and alcohol abuse.

“Teach them that there are responsible ways to drink as there are responsible ways to do other things, and I think we would eliminate a lot of this problem,” said Dr. Howard Bathos, Towson.

Research also shows that kids who learn about these issues at home are half as likely to use alcohol and drugs as kids who don’t.

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  1. mudslide says:

    Anyone who is surpirised by this bit of news has been living under a rock for the past 10 years. I am amazed that this being featured as news. I guess the next bit of news will be that these kids are having sex more frequently.

  2. sheriffwillie says:

    These lifestyles go in cycles. The biggest problem with the number of kids overindulging today is that they are easily bored, have way too much time on their hands & due to the ease of electronics have access to all sorts of bad behavior influences. What they are lacking is God in their life. A real sense of spirituality. I would venture to bet that their family life is pretty shallow as well. They may be good students academically, but stink as Christians.

  3. Herman Glimsher says:


  4. MaxR says:

    This article as well as the comments are hilarious. Of course, kids are drinking and it has nothing to do with religion or parenting. In today’s world drinking is expected actually some encourage it. As a 21 year old myself, I had a drink well before my 21st birthday. I agree kids need to learn to drink in moderation and telling kids to not drink at all is a waste of time. I’m sure many of you know when you are told not to do something you grow the desire to do it more. STOP telling your kids to not drink instead teach them moderation. In teaching moderation bindge drinking will resolve itself and the “first” drink kids have will not be fatal because they know moderation. TIME IS CHANGING AND INSTEAD OF FIGHTING IT HOW ABOUT TRY TO ACCEPT IT AND IMPROVE IT!!

  5. jack says:

    its stupid for these kids to be drinking everyday, for once a weekend is fine but any more then that is just stupid. All the teens i know just do this on the weekend or occaision.