By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — She’s a legendary waitress and if you’ve dined at Sabatino’s you probably know her. “Peachy” Dixon is a hometown favorite and now she’s written a book.

Ron Matz reports on “A Peachy Life,” a true Baltimore story.

Peachy Dixon is a Baltimore encyclopedia. For 40 years she’s waited on customers at Sabatino’s. Some of her customers are pretty famous people.

“I’ve been at Sabatino’s nearly 40 years. I’ve waited on Frank Sinatra, Al Pacino, Stevie Wonder, Bill Murray, among others. The restaurant used to be open every night until 3 in the morning. So when the stars came to town this was the only place they could get a decent meal after the performance,” said Lenora “Peachy” Dixon, writer of “A Peachy Life.”

But it’s her family she loves the most and that’s the focus of her new book, “A Peachy Life.”

“The book is about my family. It’s all about the love and the protection that my mother and father gave to me and my brothers and sister all through our life. It’s all about being together, being with your family, keeping strong and having wonderful homemade Italian dinners all the time,” said Dixon.

A priest gave her the nickname “Peachy” when she was seven.

Life hasn’t always been a party for Peachy, but 300 people showed up at Sabatino’s for a book signing.

“I had two brothers and one sister. One brother passed away of a massive heart attack. His name was John, and he was 45-years-old. I felt like a piece of my body was gone. It was crushing to the whole family. I loved him so much,” said Dixon.

“Just the outpouring of support and compassion that we saw Tuesday night for Peachy at the book signing, I was so impressed. Sabatino’s has the most wonderful customers in the whole world. The employees like Peachy and customers like I saw here Tuesday night, I have everything in the world,” said Lisa Morekas, Sabatino’s Restaurant. “I’ve known Peachy since I started working here in 1982 and even before that when I came here as a child with my family and she waited on us. She’s been a part of my family my entire life so to see something good like this happen for someone like Peachy, it’s just heartwarming.”

“A Peachy Life” was written from the heart.

“I hope readers will come away with realizing the importance of staying connected to your family. The way things are today, everybody lives so far away from each other. The family is the most important thing and that’s what I wanted to stress in this book,” said Dixon.

Peachy Dixon’s next book signing is Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Knotty Pine Inn in Highlandtown. A week from Saturday she’ll be at the Pratt Library’s main branch on Cathedral Street.