BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s a decision in the trial of a man charged with killing an off-duty police detective. 

Weijia Jiang reports jurors found Sian James guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

James testified he threw a concrete block at Detective Brian Stevenson in self-defense during a dispute over a parking space.  Stevenson was out celebrating his birthday in Canton when he and James got into an argument. 

James said the rock-throwing was self-defense and he thought the officer was going to shoot him.  He said the officer was threatening him and his friend.

“Facts indicated he was surrounded, he feared for the life of his friends and his life,” said defense attorney John Denholm.

Jurors found James not guilty of first- and second-degree murder and not guilty of voluntary manslaughter. 

Stevenson’s family say this is not the outcome they were hoping for.  They were stunned and broke down in the courtroom.

The sentencing is set for July. James faces a maximum penalty of 10 years.

Stevenson was an 18-year veteran of the police department.  He leaves behind a wife and four children.

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  1. Amanda Plaine says:

    umm Shut up you’re the clown my friend if you think a cop or anyone for that matter deserves to have there life lost over a parking spot you’re a joke how about when you go to park I bash your head with a rock would you get what you deserved? I think not wake up moron

  2. Tony Ross says:

    Not saying the officer deserves to die but after the tragedy at the Red Maple wit the officer murdering an unarmed man and the incident at Select Lounge then ppl should not be so quick to deny the young mans story that he may have feared for his life.

    1. Kimberly Green says:

      all cops are not the same. That mf lied in court to save his ass. He has a history of violence and he didnt want to go to jail for life. Dont u dare say my cousin was a bad cop.

      1. Tony Ross says:

        And dont you dare misconstrue my words. No one said that your cousin was a bad cop. Im a young black male myself but i also hate when i see dudes with a lengthy criminal history still out commiting crimes. But ive also been in incidents wit overzealous off-duty and on-duty cops that may feel that they are above the rest of us get a lil violent. I wasnt there so i wont pass judgement but it seems that everytime an officer is involved in something alot of ppl assume them to be in the right. I was only pointing out that recent history has shown us otherwise.

    2. Xavier says:

      He didn’t fear for his life, he celebrated at Mosaic after he fled the scene…. I was at the club and he and his friends were there “popping bottles” and having a good time as if nothing happened.

      The justice system failed the Officer and even moreso his family! Another tragic case of Baltimore being an awful city.

  3. pigeon says:

    If he feared for his life then he shouldn’t have been out on the streets of Baltimore in the middle of the night!
    What an horrible outcome. Like I said previously – justice is blind, not for the victims but for the criminals.
    This jury did nothing but slap their fellow citizens in the face. Good Job Jerks! Let’s see what you think when something like this happens to one of your family members.

    1. Brent Hutchinson says:

      it was his birthday and it’s Canton. Not exactly West Baltimore….

  4. Charles says:

    Baltimore Police needs to start worrying about who they put on the streets as law officers….yes we have some good one but you have alot of bad ones….I call then uniform thugs..Now the officer should not of had his life taken…but baltimore needs to do something about the bad ones that they have in the department….

    1. Kevin Mack says:

      well said

      1. Dontshootme_justscratchingmyass says:

        You just hit the problem right on the nose. If one guy gets drunk and makes an ass of out themsleves then everyone that drinks also has to live with that stigma attached to them. The same with Cannabis. One guy smokes too much and walks around with a simpleton look on his face, then everyone assumes that its the Cannabis that made him stupid rather than his own lack of self control.

        The issue with the police is the same thing. One off duty cop walks around with a chip on his shoulder decides to pull out his gun in the middle of a bunch of kids and kill someone elses dog because he “feared for his dogs life” makes people think that all off duty cops are pyschos.

        The cop was professionally trained. He should have practicied what he preached and walked away from the situation before it turned into an unecessary shooting match in the middle of a populated area.

        The police should start policing there own as a matter of protecting their own image and security. But as we all know the unspoken rule among cops is to arrest civilians for one thing and turn there backs when one of their own does the same thing. This is what that type of behavior leads to.

  5. K.Cubin says:

    This story wouldn’t have even made the news if the victim wasn’t a police officer. This kind of thing happens every night in Baltimore due to the hatred that’s clearly been displayed in the comments above. This city doesn’t need god or jesus, it needs an enema.

    1. williejoe says:

      Watch out , here comes the Brown rain!!!

  6. Ex-Baltimore says:

    White, Black, or whatever. This whole thing is just a symptom of our entire violent Black American culture and our stupid justice system. For all those Black thugs who are all so happy with this verdict, hold your smiling ugly faces. What will now start to happen is that the prosecutors in furture cases like this are going to claim is that the citizens of Baltimore are not good potential jurors due to most being incapable of impartial verdicts because there is so much hate and distrust for cops in Baltimore city by its Black citizens. What you are going to start seeing is change of venue to have future high profile trials like this moved out into Baltimore and Howard counties where there is a higher pool of college educated White people. Also, the thug city that you all so love is going to start having business leave and more angry cops shooting and beating down young black males. This whole thing is not good for anyone: Not the Black people of Batimore, not the whites, not the cops, but no one. This whole thing just goes to show why I have declared myself “Ex-Baltimore.” This city is as hostile and unjust as Afghanistan. Not that the cop had a right to threaten anyone over a parking space, but dude had no right to hit the man in the head with a chunk of concrete either. This was just another sad example of Baltimore’s horrible Black on Black murderous crime. You young Black dudes scare this Black man more than any White man in a White sheet ever could. And that’s really sad.

    1. Brent Hutchinson says:

      Black thugs don’t hang out in Canton. The cop probably pulled out his gun and threated him and this is why it happened. The “thugs” don’t think this is a win. It’s not like he shot the cop, he threw a cinder block at his car because he was threatened.
      The kid looks like a college kid and he made a mistake, and I think the jury deliberated well.

    2. Dontshootme_justscratchingmyass says:

      “because there is so much hate and distrust for cops in Baltimore city”

      So are you saying that all of this hate and distrust is unfounded?

      Or are you saying that because of all of this hate and distrust the public isnt issuing “innocent” rulings carte blanche anymore just because a police officer is involved?

      The police can be scarier than the civilian thugs on the street sometimes. At least with one of them I can defend myself and maybe get 20 years in prison. But if it happens to be one of the beligerrant GOD almighty off duty police officers walking around armed and he decides to point his gun at me because I parked in his space and I decide to defend myself, then im facing life.

      Maybe we should see this for what it is, yet another glaring example of why police need to leave there badges and guns at the office when they clock out every night.

  7. NICOLE says:


  8. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Yeah, Nicole. I live in the burbs. Once I graduated with my two college degrees and got my 100K plus job, I fled this extraordinarily mean, hostile and violent city. I now live with my equally high paid wife in an exclusive part of Baltimore County where mostly well educated and quiet living white collar Caucasions live. Out here, I can actually sleep at night with no gunshots heard or bullets wizzing past my bedroom window. I can actually walk my dog down the sidewalk at midnight and not ever encounter another person. I’ve tried mentoring and counseling youth into better life styles that would keep them out of prison and an early grave, but when you have to compete with Lil’ Wane, 50 Cents, and NBA thugs, I just couldn’t bring many to their senses. Some I did though, but I got tired of trying to raise the kids of irresponsible ladies man hip hop thugs who do nothing but drop their seed to create more future illigitamate criminal hip hop gangsta’ thug savages. Now, I just look out for me and my own family and just watch the little White and Asian kids in my neighborhood grow up to be truly productive citizens. My neighbor’s daughter just got her Masters Degree from Harvard. So while the Baltimore mothers of violent hip hop gangster thugs see their kids off to prison or the undertaker–we watch the White and Asian kids here go off to college and corporate America. This will be my kids one day–off to college. Thank God I was able to leave the hood. Good riddance!

    1. whats up says:

      I am also a prior Baltimore City resident but I still have to say to Mr. Ex-Baltimore you are a stuck on yourself hight and mighty want to be, With your attitude and snotty self your kid will most likely be the one driving a BMW to the city to pick up his crack because he/she has to deal with a narcisstic parent. Get over yourself, you are not all that!!

      1. whatnow says:

        Yes, he is all that! He gets it.

    2. Kevin Mack says:

      typical racist who think he’s not

    3. Brent Hutchinson says:

      You should more somewhere else. It’s easy to talk about your accomplishments over a computer screen with no verification. If you were that educated you wouldn’t blame a whole culture for societies’ problems. I’m from Baltimore and live in NYC now. A melting pot of different races and cultures and the only violent crimes that happen, are in the poor communities.
      You seem like you have a chip on your shoulder and maybe you should move…

    4. jj says:

      You gonna be the one who’s daughter ends up pregnant in high school. And if you have a son who says half of the things you just said out of your mouth, he’s going to get his ass whipped every place he goes. With such a closed mind, your kids are never going to learn anything productive from you. I’m from Baltimore, and I have degrees as well, but there are people who sacrificed for me to be there, and I owe it to them to try and make Baltimore a better place. Living in the suburbs doesn’t mean anything. You can take the trash out of the trash can, but it’s still trash.

    5. MPB says:

      i feel that you are an egotistical ass and remember the same ladder you climbed up you can fall down. You are not all that. Get over yourself JERK.

    6. blah blah blah says:

      sure….you also have a Nobel peace prize and were awarded the medal of honor, have 2 blond, blue eyed children, a boy and a girl, who are gifted and talented. leaving Baltimore changed your life forever.

  9. Kimberly Green says:

    my cousn didnt deserve to die. if that mf felt threathened then he should have used his fist like a man not concrete like some punk ass nigga.

    1. Ray says:

      say the same about your “cousin” threathening an unarmed guy with a gun and a host of friends backing him.What a real SUCKER,he deserved just what he got “KILLED”

      1. Kimberly Green says:

        \he was murdered over a parking space dumb ass. he didnt have a gun, he was off duty. He lied in court to save his ass. Now four kids have no father!!

      2. a friend says:

        he was murdered after senselessly fighting over a parking space= darwinism at work.

        lets hope those kids didnt get any of those aggressive genes

      3. shane says:

        i know sian for about 10 years.. sian is a very kind and loving person if you get to know him,i think if the police did get the chance to pull his fire arm who what could happen i;m sorry that the dude die.but gods knows best so am going to leave everything in is hand it so clear that sian is not guilty of one offnce thank you jesus set the young man free.. that is karma who how evil that cops may have done in lives..take control of the hold situation lord. we are praying for you sian..

  10. a friend says:

    hey Ex-Baltimore, you should really read Richard Wright’s Native Son, or better yet, The Outsider…

  11. a friend says:

    …maybe after reading those novels maybe you will have a better sense of exactly whats actually going on…

  12. Jeffrey H. Marks says:

    Detective Stevenson didn’t deserve to die over a dispute about a parking space. If the argument got hot and James felt threatened, the right thing would be to give up the parking space and leave. It’s one thing to throw a chunk of concrete at someone who is threatening to rape your wife or girl friend or robbing you. But it’s something else to murder someone over a parking space. And we should remember that James may just be covering his butt. Det Stevenson isn’t here to tell his side. I strongly feel that James got off much too lightly with just involuntary manslaughter and I sympathsize with Det Stevenson’s family.

  13. Kimberly Green says:

    he didnt have a gun on him ,he was off duty

    1. a friend says:

      just because he was off duty doesnt mean he wasn’t carrying his service revolver. i know many officers who do just that.

      what was he even doing talking to james in the first place?

      1. a friend says:

        …a parking space hardly seems worth it now, to either of them

      2. Kimberly Green says:

        I think they got into a argument cause james’s girl and him pulled up to the spot at the same time as my cousin and james wanted to prove a point.

    2. a friend says:

      well…you should, like your cousin should have, just let this go. it won’t bring him back. raise those kids and make your cousin proud instead of spewing racial slurs which only illustrate how uneducated you are

  14. Kimberly Green says:

    yea this is tragic and i dont knwo how my family is gonna get to get hrough this now

    1. BOOTS says:

      You will get thru it trust me. It will be hard but togetherness willingness to help the children and wife, his mom , dad, and other close famlly memebers. Also, never stop listing to anyone who wants to talk about the lost person, now or everyday for next 50 years. I am sure both were acting a bit out of control over who gonna win the parking spot but just give it up you never know what a stranger might do, so move on.

    2. commonsense711 says:

      If he would have been home celebrating his birthday with his wife and kids this would never had happened. Oh and Baltimore city cops have to carry their service weapon even when off duty.

  15. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Hello, “a friend”:
    I am familiar with and have read both, “Native Son” and “The Outsiders”. Both are excellent books that deal with class divides and the social-economic expectations of persons from the upper and lower strata of human society–in these cases of 1930’s and 60’s America. Yes, it’s very complecated to discus in this message board, but I get the idea of what your implying: you are a product of your environment and the expectations of others. However, I don’t always buy it. I too grew up in bad neighborhoods and had a father who skipped out on me and my mother when I was young. We too, lived on welfare for a time, but through my avoiding a life of crime and actually staying in school to graduate and go go to and graduate from college–I am now successful and affluent and actually contribute to society and not take from it. Well into my 40’s, I remain criminal record free and pay taxes back to my country. Thanks for those exceelent book references.

  16. Reality Check says:

    To Ex-Baltimore. WOW! You make over $100K and live in the BURBS with the Asians and Caucasians. By the way, you are so educated that you spelled the word Caucasian wrong. You still do not have the status of Bill Gates, Oprah WInfrey and the other BILLIONAIRES.. There are plenty of people who live in Baltimore, make over $100K and choose to stay in the city. YOU HAVE NOT ARRIVED.

    1. Brent Hutchinson says:

      Indeed. Just move…(to Ex Baltimore)

  17. Law1 says:

    For all of you idiots who insist on saying the Brian stevenson got what he deserves do me a favor and eat a fat D—!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of you knew the man. He was one of the few cops that didnt even carry a gun when he was off duty contrary to what most of you beleive. This B–ch couldnt even go head up cause he was a sucker!!! First you know hes lying any ididot with common sense would have ran if he thought someone had a gun. Im sure hes smart enough not to try and hit a dude with a rock that he claimed he thought had a gun. So that BS story can kick rocks BEE stevens was a good dude. This chump i wish it was me there i would have beat the brakes off him!!! Hell Suspend and charge me

    1. sheriff willie says:

      People, the only reason James beat this charge is because his all Coon jury was protecting the brother. Sad as it is in Baltimore, that’s the way they want to play it. Well I wouldn’t want to be the next tree jumper arrested by the police anytime soon because those wankers will get the snot kicked out of them & all future jury’s will be going to the burbs if Bernstein has anything to do with it.

    2. Dontshootme_justscratchingmyass says:

      WIth that kind of mentality its a good thing that your not a cop too Law1.

      Could be that Stevenson was thinking the same thing, i.e. beating the brakes off of the guy because he couldnt have the parking space. Thats called assault and when assaulted some people fear for there life.And if they dont have agun they will defend themselves with whatever they have available.

      Show us more of your beligerance please. Or set a better example for everyone else to follow.

  18. Ex-Baltimore says:

    No, I have not “arrived” Reality check by the satndards set forth on BET for driving around in a rented Lamborghinni because I am very happy with what I have and I am not greedy for more than I deserve. Just think: When Bill gates and Oprah die, none of their material s–t goes with them. So who will even care a hundred years from now? What I am happy about is that I don’t have to dodge bullets out here in my lilly white safe community that my hard work makes me able to afford to live in. That’s all I care about is peace, quiet, and safety. A high income makes this a relaity for me. I do not care about Bentley’s, Benzes, and B—ches. Also, Who care about misspellings on an informal message board. Only a distracted Ultra-Liberal Democrat idiot allows himself to be distracted away from such an important topic over one misspelled word. Just goes to show that you truly don’t have anything of substance to add to this conversation. Caucasian, Caukasien, Caukusasian. Who really cares? Idiot!!!

  19. Jenn says:

    @Ex-Baltimore: God has a way of humbling creeps like you. Just because you don’t live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t be touched!!! You are truly not that naive are you?? Crime is EVERYWHERE buddy and its gonna show up on your front porch sooner than you think for being such a **hole!

    Smirk about that! 🙂

    1. bernie says:

      Jenn, God doesn’t get involved in cases like this, hence our “Free Will”. He will however clean up the mess in the end. People who put themselves in high places get bruised very quickly when they fall such as yourself.

      1. Kevin Mack says:

        God will take care of all the racist on judgement day

    2. whatnow says:

      Yes, crime is everywhere but only because the idiots leave the city and come out to the burbs to bother us law abiding, tax paying citizens. I can’t believe how threatened everyone is by Ex-Baltimore. I think perhaps it is actually envy and low self-esteem that has you attacking someone who is trying to show you a better life.

      1. Raphael says:

        You are half right. Let’s not forget that most serial killers come from the ‘burbs, and domestic violence rears its ugly head in ALL neighborhoods.

        That said, I will also defend Ex-Baltimore. I saw nothing uppity about his post. He told it like it is. I was one of those black kids whose parents raised me in the ‘burbs, and it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I don’t think I’m better than anyone, but I sure do recognize I was better OFF than many, and for that I am simply grateful. It IS true that it is tougher when life hands you lemons, but it is still YOUR choice to make lemonade, and that’s what Ex-Baltimore did.

        As for willwilburwanda and sheriff willie (who are probably the same person)
        — you are just a plain ol’-fashioned redneck racist. Please crawl back into your hole.

  20. jimbo says:

    Ex Baltimore is not off the mark at all. I live out in the county and work in the city. 2 weeks ago i’m sitting at the red light on Monument and Ensor st going to work and 2 young 14-15yr old shoot at me and blow the window out of my truck. Welcome to Baltimore Whitey.

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