GAMBRILLS, Md. (WJZ) — An elderly woman is at Shock Trauma Wednesday after being mauled by pit bulls in her Gambrills home.

Suzanne Collins reports two of 15 dogs found in the house are being deemed dangerous.

The 84-year-old woman was mauled by two of her granddaughter’s pit bulls, which are now being held in quarantine, declared to be “dangerous dogs” by the county. In all, 15 dogs were removed from the Gambrills home.

“There were a total of five adult pit bulls, there were six pit bull puppies under 4 months old, and there were four dogs that belonged to the elderly woman,” said Lt. Glenn Shanahan with Anne Arundel County Animal Control.

The shelter says some of the dogs are sick. One has eye problems. The shelter also says the puppies were underfed, but have recovered.

“They were emaciated, dirty, seemed like they were very hungry,” said Mindi Brocato, shelter employee.

The elderly woman tells police that the pit bull named Trinity started to attack her lab. That’s when the second pit bull joined in. There was a melee.  She was mauled and her lab was killed.

The victim, who’s still in serious condition, was finally able to tell officers exactly which dogs attacked her.

“The owner of the dogs—the granddaughter— has decided to take this before the Animal Control Commission to fight the danger orders,” Shanahan said.

To get the dogs back she must pay nearly $1,000 in fines. Dangerous dogs must be kenneled or muzzled, otherwise they’ll be euthanized.

Neighbors say they didn’t know so many dogs were inside. 

“A little 4-year-old child in a house with 15 dogs, 11 pit bulls. That’s pretty dangerous, I would think. Dogs react to children differently because they are small,” said Jerry Shai, neighbor.

“They could be dangerous if they got out,” said Bob Gruss, neighbor. “They could attack a child, I would think.”

No one answered the door Wednesday.

The granddaughter has also been charged with having unlicensed dogs and no proof of rabies vaccinations.

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  1. Denise Price says:

    Pit bulls should be outlawed from residential neiborhoods. Tell a parent of a child that has been maulded how lovable the are. And to the idiots that own them, God forbid they attack one of your own kids or your own dumb a…..

    1. ha ha says:

      Please present your factual evidence along with sources so we can all be enlightened.

  2. Coaster says:

    I would guess that the dogs were returned to the granddaughter because the grandmother did not press charges. Although the granddaughter mistreated all eleven of her dogs, and it’s possible that in the future, other charges may come up regarding the welfare of her own child because of this, she did or will, pay the fines. Unless the grandmother presses charges, that’s all that can happen. It’s so sad for her that her own dog was killed in this incident, and if she lives through her ordeal, how difficult it will be for her to go home and face her granddaughter knowing that it was her neglect that caused this.

    By that, I mean that grandmother’s dog probably was attacked because it got too close to one of those starving puppies and was attacked by momma dog. They should have been kept separate all along, and knowing how loyal and protective Pitts are, granddaughter should have been a little more caring about the humans in her life. What if it had been her daughter that had gotten in the middle of the dog fight, and not her grandmother? Would she still be fighting the charges if her daughter had been attacked and most likely died due to her smaller size? Some people have their priorities up their asterisks.

  3. Isabell Letronia says:

    Hoarder. Definately. I resent the comment women are hoarders since the illness runs in BOTH sexs thank you! Not ecven going to comment about the dogs breed. I have pit bulls and they are good family dogs if bred, raised and trained properly. You got puppies and 15 dogs in one house somethings going to give. Imagine the smell. ICK!

  4. Sarah Sams says:

    also check out this website to see actual akc temperement test on all breeds. its very interesting and it can educate a few of the fools out there who get their opinions from the media

    1. ha ha says:

      Excellent! Thank you for actually providing some kind of source for information! I hear a lot of dog bashing but no one can or will provide a URL or a credible source for their “statistics”. according to this, the breeds that failed more often than not (excluding the breeds where they only tested up to 10 dogs giving either 100% or 0% pass), were bearded collies. Hmm… not pit bulls, Rottweilers or dobermans. well, then.

  5. Leanna Carpenter says:

    That’s what she gets for hoarding animals. I mean really, they’re all probably in there running around trying to find food and fight for their survival. And they’ve become aggresive enough to take down anyone who is in their way. It’s the nature of all dogs, not just pit bulls. It sickens me to see only pit bull attacks on the news when I’m sure someone right now as we speak is getting attacked by a golden retriever or a german shepherd. It’s the way of dogs, not just the breed. I’m not saying they are the best dogs in the world. I’m just saying that before someone breeds or adopts a pit bull, they better do their research on how they are going to train that dog to not attack people. If not trained, they’ll do it. Those dogs get ticked off pretty easily. It’s just sad how steryotypical people are these days. I’ve met plently of sweet and loving pit bulls.

  6. barbara mills says:

    good thing the dog didnt have a gun they couldve have blamed gun laws on him too!we had a pit bull for 15 years and he was a wonderful loving friend whom i would gladly trade back for idiots who say they were born to kill!

  7. JET says:

    You never see anything about a Poodle killing another dog !! Pit Bulls are only wanted for one thing- to attack. Makes the owner feel BIG to walk their Pit Bull around. Now where’s my attack Poodle ?

  8. Janet Spink says:

    I agree with all the fine comments that say the owners of agreesive pitbulls are the blame. My sister has a pitbull that was mistreated as a puppy. It is the most loving and loyal dog I have seen. We need a law that bans owners like this from having animals at all. Other states do. We are so far behind in animal laws compared to other states. But then again when I see an animal abuser get rewards for having a cold and everyone knows who that is, it is not suprising.

  9. Baltimoredogdays says:

    Ok really people. I am a license and trained Dog trainer from an accredited school. As many of you stated it is the human that makes a dog the way a dog is. Pit Bulls are one of the most loyal and easiest dogs to train to due their drive to always please their alpha. I am rescued and rehabilitated Pit Bulls to from aggression to being child/baby friendly. You hear more about the negative actions by Pit Bulls as of the society we live in only reporting the negative aspects of any situation especially when it involves a Pit Bull.

  10. kacie says:

    that is so sad but it is not heathers fault that it happened she has adorable baby and she should not have to go through all of this stuff i m so sorry for u god bless your sole

  11. sklepy internetowe gdańsk says:

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