ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — State Sen. Ulysses Currie’s former campaign treasurer has been sentenced to a year in jail for
stealing more than $150,000 from the senator’s campaign. 

An Anne Arundel County judge on Monday also ordered Olivia Harris, 65, who pleaded guilty in February to theft scheme over $100,000, to pay restitution. She has repaid nearly $41,000 and more than $9,000 for unpaid taxes. 

The State Prosecutor’s Office says Harris made more than 350 ATM withdrawals from the “Friends of Ulysses Currie” account totaling $157,350. Because she omitted the withdrawals from campaign finance reports, the campaign’s funds were over-reported and an attorney reported the funds missing. 

Prosecutors say Currie, who is charged in federal court with illegally using his influence to benefit a grocery chain, didn’t know of the scheme. 

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  1. Doug says:

    Another fox,left watching the hen house.
    Politics attracts the most corrupt,greedy ,power hungry people,
    in this once great nation.
    NOW !
    The punishment MUST fit the crime.
    This is treason against the people.
    Oliva Harris and any other like her,should be executed.
    Only then we will start to cleanse the corrupt ,out.
    And Currie,Chinese justice awaits you.
    We the Sheeple will NO longer allow the corrupt to rape Democracy
    and get away with a slap on the wrist and a pay check.

    1. sick of maryland says:

      Doug, don’t you know that the Culture of Corruption will not allow him to be punished like he should be? We keep electing these Democrats expecting different results, but the liberals here will not vote for an alternative, and will constantly ask why things don’t change

  2. RavenLude says:

    the judge probably belongs to the same country club as one of the politicians connected to this case. the one year in jail was probably suspended and the $150k will never get paid back in full.

    i agree w/ Doug….modern day politicians are crooks looking for money and power, nothing more.

    The founding fathers who were politicians in the early years of this country kept it real to there farming, business, and military roots. not this current day bunch of politicians who come from defense law, community organization, etc

  3. pigeon says:

    Such a disgusting verdict. She’s 65 and there’s no way between now and then she will ever be able to make full restitution (I would say short of selling her soul, but she’s already done that). Like I said previously, the law is more of a protection for the criminal then for the victim.

  4. sheriff willie says:

    Another Coon in the room.

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