BALTIMORE (AP) — The founder and CEO of Baltimore-based 1st Mariner Bank will step down as part of a deal with a New York investment firm.

Priam Capital Fund plans to infuse $36.4 million into the cash-strapped bank. The company said Tuesday that it would own nearly 25 percent of 1st Mariner under the deal.

The deal also calls for 1st Mariner founder Edwin Hale to step down. It’s contingent on additional capital to be raised from other sources and regulatory approval.

Federal and state regulators placed the bank under intense supervision in September 2009, requiring it to raise capital and deal with problem loans.

Hale launched 1st Mariner in 1995 and became a fixture on Baltimore airwaves and in the community. He declined to comment when contacted by The Baltimore Sun.

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Comments (4)
  1. Kim Tampoc (Haley) says:

    That’s ashame, I’ve know Mr. Hale ever since I was a child & it will be difficult not to think of him or see him when the commercials are on or when I see a First Mariner logo. He is a wonderful man & has a heart of gold. His presence will be missed.

  2. Baltimoron says:

    Well, just like the execs at Enron, the big men leave first…just wait a few weeks when it comes out the SEC will be investigating…

  3. sheriff willie says:

    Big Ed will be leaving with sacks of cash & don’t you feel sorry for him. Ed Hale always came first & was a great marketing presence in Baltimore. Unless he has real money in those sacks as he rides away into the sunset, he will be heard from again one way or another.

  4. DB of Joppa says:

    Folks that want to see different sports venues come to the Arena wont miss him!!!

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