COLUMBIA, Md. (WJZ)—Pain at the pump. If you think gas prices are high now, there is a plan that could push them even higher.

Pat Warren tells us a hike in the gas tax could be just down the road.

A failed effort to increase the state tax on gasoline during the regular General Assembly session doesn’t mean the idea has gone away. The prospect of another bill may be proposed in a special session.

That’s right. Governor Martin O’Malley held a roundtable discussion on the transportation trust fund on Friday. And wouldn’t you know it, the gas tax came up.

This is where the rubber meets the road, and the wheel, and the axle and sometimes the muffler.

A plan to raise the state gas tax to cover road construction and repair was shot down in the General Assembly this session. As voters watched the price of gasoline go up and up, lawmakers backed off a plan to add their 12 cents to the existing 23.5 cents Marylanders already pay.

But that may not be the end of it. A special session in the fall could give the General Assembly another chance to pass it. But it may still be a long shot.

“There is one tax that the business community universally supports and that doesn’t matter what slice of it where you are and that is the gas tax. And there is one tax that the general public universally and unanimously opposes regardless of black neighborhood, white neighborhood, north, south, east and west and that is the gas tax,” O’Malley said.

But then, thousands of miles of bumpy roads could cause taxpayers to soften.

“I guess it depends on how much we’re talking,” said Katy Johnson. “It might be worth it. The roads definitely need to be improved.”

The money the state collects from the gas tax goes into the transportation trust fund, but that fund has been steadily depleted to cover budget deficits and put us on a bad road.

The General Assembly has to meet in a special session this fall to re-draw the lines for voting districts.

And when in session, other bills can come up.

Prices at the pump are creeping closer to the $4 mark. The WJZ pumpwatch shows we’re paying an average of $3.92 a gallon here in Baltimore. That’s more than 30 cents higher than prices last month.

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  1. Robert Gandalf says:

    I am so glad I moved away from Maryland. You suckers keep voting in these Democrats…you deserve what you get. I am glad I am in AZ in spite of the problems along the border, just a few miles from my home. On a recent trip to California, I say many cars with Uhaul trailers and trucks..folks voting with their feet. Just like I did. You can take the whole East Coast North of Virginia and form your own country for all I care. Too dumb to vote intelligently, too dumb to leave.

  2. Lynne G Siegel says:

    O’ Taxey will make sure to get taxes out of you one way or another. If it’s not the gas tax, then it will be another tax. don’t worry!

  3. jnsesq says:

    Interesting: No mention of party affiliation. As if a tax hiker has to be identified as a Demmunist — er, Democrat. Still, nice try at giving cover, CBS.

  4. Tom says:

    The greed of government has no limits. It is time to put an end to the spending, borrowing, taxing and printing of money so government can continue to pay off the unions, companies like GE, expand its interference in the economy and in the lives of a free people, and pay for the votes through the tax code and income redistribution.

  5. Irene Chapman says:

    Here in GA we are being hit with a gas tax hike that is automatic with the INCREASE in gas prices. I don’t know what ding-dong politician came up with this one. It allows a “not my fault” tax hike that Gov. Deal has said he will not freeze. At least for us, it is just 3 cents a gallon with an extra 2 cents for certain municipalities that have done the same type of automatic up gas tax locally. We also get the increase for “boutique blended” gas for the summer. EPA rules. Stay and see Georgia this summer.(because you can’t afford to go anywhere else)

  6. R. Bryan says:

    I know it’s already been said, but I’ll say it again: You Marylanders keep voting for dems – and you get what you deserve. Excuse me while I try to pick myself up from the floor from laughing so hard.

  7. franklin808 says:

    Stop your belly-aching. Here in Illinois, we proudly pay the 66% income tax increase knowing that Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has his heart in what is best for the people of Illinois. The state workers’ pensions are underfunded and I will gladly pay more knowing that my money is going to good use.

  8. Jack Kennedy says:

    Thanks, obama

  9. magnoliabel says:

    Until the people in Maryland stop electing the tax and spend Democrats, they will always pay higher prices and taxes than others. Maryland is one of the highest tax and fee states in the US.

  10. Harry Canyon says:

    My Favorite Martian

  11. whatnow says:


  12. Lourdes says:


  13. Lourdes says:


    1. FLFSHRMN says:

      STOP VOTING FOR LIBS! The states with the highest taxes in the United States are all controlled by LIBS. That is not coincidental. Thats why they are called “TAX AND SPEND LIBERALS” Enough is never enough!

  14. lady daffodil says:

    Anybody notice that when coffers contract it’s the essential annoying stuff that the state ignores, in order to impress upon us the need to raise taxes.

  15. charles harper says:

    A gas tax for all marylanders is perfectly acceptable. it’s only the government gettingg some of their money back because 75% of the people in md are on welfare, food stamps etc.

    1. FLFSHRMN says:

      Its not government money….its your money! You all need to start to realize that reality. The Government has only what they TAKE from the Taxpayers. PERIOD!!

  16. sheriff says:

    Any attempt to raise the gas tax should be met with marching in the streets to Annapolis & the governors mansion in protest. Write you law makers asking them to stop this craziness. People on fixed incomes & unemployed are drowning. The state of Maryland is awash in cash due to the federal spending by the gov’t. If you are a lobbyist, contractor or wealthy politician you are living large.

  17. FLFSHRMN says:

    Ohh my. Are we all shocked that “Tax and Spend Liberals” are Taxing and Spending? Get a grip! Take a stand for a change. Stop voting Libs into office and some of these problems will go away. I will admit that you will hear different lies but, they will be the lesser of the evils.

  18. Jsmith says:

    Y’all up in Maryland have fun. Now you can pay more for gas and know that the money you’re paying is off-setting illegal aliens paying in-state tuition.

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