The warm front got stuck over Maryland today. Not only did it bring in rain today, it destroyed our forecasted high temperature. There is warmer air just off to the south of the front. We thought that we would get into some of it today. However, with the front stuck right over us, that blocked any warm-up. We did hit 62 for a high before the rain knocked it back down to the 50s.

Rain and drizzle will wind down overnight as the front finally edges off to the northeast of Maryland. And temperatures are not going to drop much overnight with patchy fog forming. Even though the warm front will be gone tomorrow, we will be wedged between that one and a cold front off to the west in the Ohio Valley. Expect clouds to mix with limited sunshine and there could be a shower or two, but some thunderstorms could get going later in the day with the front close enough to us – especially in western Maryland.

The cold front will sort of lift off to the north without clearing through Maryland, so temperatures will start climbing tomorrow and continue climbing on Tuesday. That is, before a different storm comes our way. There will likely be thunderstorms later Tuesday and then some rain overnight into Wednesday before this storm leaves. After highs getting close to 80 on Tuesday, we will only be in the 60s again Wednesday with the rain ending.

Thursday will feature a nice break in the weather with seasonal temperatures in the upper 60s. But another storm will come our way starting Friday.


Our fourth annual Weather Field Trip Day at Camden Yards is right around the corner. This year, it will be Thursday, May 26. If you are unfamiliar with the program, it’s a day full of fun. We start out with an action, graphics-filled weather program on the field that features helpers like Nicole Sherry (head groundskeeper), Chris Strong from the National Weather Service and, of course, the Bird. Then, everyone takes a lunch break before enjoying an afternoon Orioles game.

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