WOODBINE, Md. (WJZ) — Help for abused horses. That’s what’s needed right now after dozens were rescued in Queen Anne’s County.

Andrea Fujii explains those who saved them now need help themselves.

Zodiac is proof an abused horse can be saved.

“Probably the sickest horse we’ve had in 20 years,” said Caroline Robertson, Days End Rescue.

Zodiac was close to death after he was rescued in West Virginia in October 2010, but after seven months at Days End Horse Farm Rescue, he practically has a clean bill of health.

That’s the hope for 133 Polish Arabian horses seized on Friday from Canterbury Farm on the Eastern Shore.

“The horses are significantly underweight, parasites, need hoof work, dental work,” said Dave MacGlashan, Queen Anne’s County Animal Services.

Six horses had to be put down and the rest were placed at four different secret facilities around the state. Their care will be administered by Days End, but the nonprofit group is already caring for 60 other formerly abused horses and providing the new group with medication and food will be expensive.

It costs $2,500 per horse per month to rehabilitate. So within the first month they’ll need more than $330,000.

“It gets to be a big undertaking,” said Robertson. “Certainly, funding is a big deal, as well as volunteers.”

The horses are said to be adjusting well to their new homes, and with the proper help workers say they may all make a comeback like Zodiac.

Queen Anne’s County Animal Control says Canterbury Farm owners could potentially face criminal charges.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer with Days End Rescue, click here.

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  1. sheriff says:

    WJZ, Why are you bumping my post ? You Nazi censors.

  2. Colliemom says:

    I think they do great work, but suspect they have an inner core of people who they trust and don’t really seem to encourage newcomers. I drove out one day to donate (actually planned to set up an on-going fund for them to use for a designated purpose that I would keep replenished). Decided I would just go in anonymously and take the advertised weekly tour and if got good vibes then would speak to them about setting up the fund. There was no place to park, and when I parked by one of the barns someone came out and yelled at me; so…..I left. Maybe they’re real good with animals but not so good with people; some animal lovers are like that.

  3. Laura Shenk says:

    I have a friend that volunteers there and really enjoys it. I think, like most rescues, they just have many balls to keep in the air at once. Could have been a volunteer having a bad day that yelled. Could have been that a volunteer had a family emergency, and missed some of the emails from potential volunteers. Anyway, if you’ve really been put off by Days End, there is another rescue nearby called Horse.net. It is near New Windsor, in Carroll Co. I’m sure they would welcome your help.

  4. Susan says:

    The other locations caring for horses from this situation are not all that “secret”. Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in Mt Airy MD has taken in 10 starved mares. They are a 501c3 charity with 100% volunteer help (no paid staff) and could seriously use donations and volunteers for this effort. They may be contacted at their web site: http://www.GentleGiantsDraftHorseRescue.com
    phone number: 443-285-3835

    The Humane Society of the US is directing this rescue, not Days End. I do not yet have specific permission to share the other names of rescues caring for these horses. Will update when I do.

  5. summer says:

    hey i wana help how do i !

    1. Susan says:

      Summer, call Gentle Giants: 443-285-3835 and ask how you can help right now.
      web site: http://www.GentleGiantsDraftHorseRescue.com

  6. TS says:

    While I still support DEFHR and the amazing work that they do, I sadly encountered the same problem when trying to volunteer. Multiple emails sent over a number of weeks were never responded to. We had more than a few family members eager to join the ranks of the DEFHR volunteers but have just given up. We had really hoped to work with DEFHR because they do such wonderful things with the horses and share amazing experiences with their younger volunteers but in the end, we’re looking for another rescue group to share our time with.

    That said, my young daughter wants to try to raise funds to donate to DEFHR for the care of these Arabians and I will certainly encourage and help her.

  7. Kelly says:

    I have volunteered at DEFHR plenty of times and I’ve always had a good experience but they need people who don’t need their hand held. Once you take the volunteer orientation, they have told people time and again just to show up and sign in. One doesn’t need an email confirmation for that. As far as the parking, there is clearly a large parking lot in the front of the property in order to keep the barn area clear. That seems like a no brainer to me.

    Ever since the seizure of the critically ill horses from WV, they have been stretched really thin from barn staff to office staff. They are an amazing organization but their focus is on catering to very sick horses and they truly need people who have experience with horses and an understanding of how to take the initiative. I’ve seen on a few occasions that people come in expecting to do something with the horses directly but they are desperate for workers to get down and do the dirty work of cleaning stalls, moving hay and water, repair jobs that are the constant issue for farms. They are a worthwhile organization to donate to as well as a great place to do hard work that will have noticing muscles you didn’t have.

    1. TS says:

      I was told to send an email to schedule time to come out. Why would I take that to mean that I should just show up? If the policy is to just come whenever you can then they need to tell us that. I happen to have decades of experience with horses, from general day-to-day care to training all ages, so I think that I have something to offer. My daughter’s father, who has no experience with horses, was even willing to come out just to “do the heavy stuff”. But when you get mixed signals, how should you respond? It feels like a brush off which says to me that they don’t want us.

  8. RDNKKKGRL says:


  9. Margie says:

    I think Days End does a great job – I have been involved with them for years and they were fantastic with the starving horses from WV . What is with the negative comments? It is about the horses, not people’s petty little feelings and why on earth would you bash a rescue who is trying to make a difference? What kind of person does that? Believe me, there are enough horses in need so that if you don’t like one rescue, you can go volunteer somewhere else. Honestly, grow up!

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