BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Stepping in the right direction to stop school bullying. One Pennsylvania man is walking hundreds of miles passing through Baltimore to stop the potentially deadly trend in its tracks.

WJZ caught up with him downtown and Andrea Fujii has the story.

This is mile 180 of 600, as George Ewing combats bullying with every step. He’s walking from Scranton, Pa. through Baltimore to North Carolina.

“We need to change and make it unacceptable for bullying behavior to be tolerated,” said Ewing.

Ewing was inspired by Brandon Bitner, 14, a Pennsylvania teen who killed himself by walking in front of a truck after he was bullied in school.

“He did that specifically and had planned to do that to get sensational news for anti-bullying,” said Ewing.

Sensational is what Ewing’s walk aims to be, bringing attention to the nationwide problem.

He cites five Scranton students who’ve all committed suicide in the last six months after being bullied at school. He calls it “bully-cide.”

“Whether it’s being pushed at school or the cyberbullying, and people aren’t supporting them to help it stop,” said Courtney Campbell, anti-bullying advocate.

“I want to be an inspiration to folks to take action,” said Ewing.

Thursday Ewing is in Washington, D.C., speaking with politicians about anti-bullying legislation.

His walk ends with a big rally at the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, N.C. May 31.

To learn more about the walk or how to help, click here.

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  1. williejoe says:

    Bet he gets his a$$ kicked along the way.

    1. C.S. says:

      Exactly why George is doing this. DB’s like you. Hope you get Zangief’d in life. Soon. Keep up the great work George!

    2. guest says:

      Bet he can kick your a$$ with one arm

  2. not williejoe says:

    Williejoe did your boyfriend tell you to write that?

    1. williejoe says:

      Not,…No but meet my friend Ben Dover.

  3. Dewey says:

    Interesting to see that there are some good people in this world who are trying to make a difference. The problem however, begins in the homes and up bringing of those who enjoy humiliating or hurting others. It’s sad to think that the parents of these kids are where the real problem is. Children only learn what they are taught.

  4. MommyOf3 says:

    I love this! He’s doing a very inspirational thing. I hope that people will start standing up to help people they see being bullied. We all need to come together to make this a better world.

  5. Bruno the bully says:

    Bully-cide? Its amazing the stuff these people come up with…gimme a break! This guy obviously has no life, no job, no family and nothing else better to do than walk 600 miles….he is doing it for attention and it looks like he’s getting his 10 seconds of fame…..he should team up with that idiot mom from lansdowne who encouraged her kid to fight, maybe their related, they should walk hand in hand and she can cheer this guy on along the way…i can hear her big mouth now….”swing your legs…..get mad and move George, bang that pavement with your feet, keep moving and fight this walk, 400 miles to go, moveeeeeeee!” Only problem is she wouldnt last one mile!!!!!!

    1. guest says:

      Maybe this energy would be better spent beating the snot out of bullies across the US

      Just remember,some of us adults arent afraid to knock the f*ck out of a punk a$$ kid

      1. guest=coward says:

        You like to beat up kids…does that make you feel like a tough guy? You prob beat the snot out of your old lady too, dont you? COWARD!!!!

  6. twyatt says:

    you know when you all talk it just shows your education level. pretty dam sad. people like you make this world as messed up as it is today!! people need compassion and tolerance. The only one that can pass judgement on me is the man up above.

  7. Tammy Simpson says:

    Let me start by saying George had a job. A good job at that. He also has a family, wife and two young children. He decided to do this walk to raise money for free bullying programs in schools. He was told if he did this walk he would not have a job. He decided this was too important not to do it. I admire him for what he is doing and I think everyone else should too. I lost my son due to bullying and if you were a parent, friend or anyone that has had to live with a suicide due to bullying you would feel the same way and support this walk. I hope for the people that have never lost anyone to bullying or have known anybody that have been bullied you never have to go through this. George is doing something special here and people need to supprt it not make an ass out of him.

  8. guest says:

    Please this is is a load of bull. If kids cannot handle bullying in schools, then they won’t be able to handle anything in life that could put them in the same position as bullying. In my opinion the kids who can’t handle it and commit suiccide at such a young age, would do it later on in life. When they are grown up and think that someone will bail them out of it. But when kids leave high school, they are out on their own and are going to be bullied and they will be wondering were they can turn to, but in reality they won’t have anyone to turn to. So I say let bullying continue in schools it will prepare them for the real world.

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