UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — The Maryland State Board of Education says school board officials in Prince George’s County were correct to have censured a board member who visited a high school to investigate a truancy complaint.

The school board had earlier issued an unpublicized decision reprimanding Edward Burroughs III, who at 18 is its youngest member. That decision was reaffirmed Thursday by the state board.

Burroughs in January visited High Point High School after receiving a complaint about truancy. The district superintendent and the board member who represents the area where the school is located had asked Burroughs to let them handle the situation themselves. After the visit, the school’s principal called the superintendent to complain.

Burroughs tells The Washington Post that he “got the job done” even if┬áhis actions upset others.

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  1. Shoddy Reporting? says:

    I am appalled at the lack of information provided by this news article. It seems as if the writer may have spent 3 minutes on the phone with both parties and concluded by recording this account of the events.
    Incidentally, what is the purpose of disclosing Burroughs’s age? He is an adult, according to our system’s legal definition. Regardless of age, it would appear that he felt as if he possessed the legal authority to conduct the visit.
    Are we to conclude (based on your reporting) that Burroughs had nothing more to say, with regard to his actions, or would it be prudent to conclude that you simply did not ask him?

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